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Hi Folks.  I often wonder what equality means.  If it is financial I can see how that sharing, co operation, altruism, political will could implement this.  However when it comes to intelligence, acuity and other health and philosophical, cultural and religious issues, then to my mind it becomes somewhat more complicated. Some say karma, others destiny, some say its all in the genes. You know what, I just a get a headache thinking of it.
The saying that the 'other persons grass is greener' may be apt here. Many of the issues about equality maybe in the 'mind of the beholder'.  One's desires and dreams, ones greed or contentedness, so many factors that determine equality.  I suppose equality maybe simple, we are born and die, maybe for Mum the birth of her child is easy or hard is not equal, and maybe if you feel the foetus, babe in the womb picks up on trauma, or has a choice in pre life agreements, or just is at the whim of nature and its genetic structure sets me or maybe you dear reader to ponder these sets of questions.
A quote often used in my life is 'it is not for me to fathom the inscrutable ways of providence'.  Hey there you go.  
Fear of the Brown Planet
Sort this out in Australia------Oh Boy.
Stars War Auditions for the Cantina Band.  Love the zany humour if you've seen Star Wars.  
I appreciate the convenience of a mobile / cell phone, however the link above and videos will shed light on the more dangerous aspects of the use of these phones------please take care of your wonderful selves.  Life is precious and we see around the world, the cheap value of people and the torture, abuse, poverty and reckless death.  For the sake of your health please at least limit the use of ALL electronic devices.  Death and ill health lurk everywhere, pollution, chemtrails, Depleted Uranium Cancers, GM foods, additives and preservatives, medical drug side effects and addictions and allergies by the million. 
Dear friends, 

The pressure on a few of my staff at Avaaz is reaching a breaking point: they've received death threats, had their computers and emails hacked, been threatened on television and radio, and one even had his car tampered with! Our campaigner Wissam was detained at the Cairo airport while delivering our call to stop Egypt's largest mass execution in recent history, taken into a windowless room and interrogated for hours -- drilled with chillingly well-informed questions about his personal life, travel, and work with Avaaz! 
I've gotten threatening messages and hacks, but nothing compared to the threats these campaigners face. Let's stand behind these brave people who speak our community's truth to power. 
The threats will get worse as we become larger and more effective, taking on some of the most entrenched and powerful players on the planet. That's why Avaaz needs to triple-reinforce our security systems, including legal counsel to stand ready for emergencies, media support to raise the alarm if people are threatened, better encryption, and the resources to move staff to a safe location when the pressure gets to be too much.
It shows the bully thugs are getting worried when they have to resort that kind of behaviour above. If one is so sure of the truth of one's beliefs be it political, religious, scientific, philosophical, converting or attacking people by fear is a sign of those perpetrators, deep down being fearful themselves, so instead of owning their fear they 'give it away' project it onto others.  They are frightened of being alone and need the energy and group / tribe / cult / religion / power tactics to thrive and survive.  A kind of maligned, twisted and perverted sect or community, a family of abhorrent indecent thugs and bullies. 
Yes school bullies grow up to be thugs and despicable, some get a lesson or two in Life and become reformed. Many just become more subtle in their abuse.
Many bullies get to have a gang or group around them and they may not necessarily use physical force but use words, innuendoes, 'make bullets for others to fire' a old cliché which may fit the bill.  
Then we come to the office bully,  the Cyber bully, phone bully, wife / husband /relationships bully. The link below shows electronic surveillance and intrusion which is a control and command facility another form of bullying.
I mentioned in my past blogs in the 'grid' that some channelled messages could be 'Governmental Implanted' some by biological chips, some by the diagrams above. Since 1954 these have been do-able in some form of course now very sophisticated.  With the GCHQ, NSA mobile phone masts everywhere, WI FI, Skype, computers, cell / mobiles, tablets we all could be living in the MATRIX.  We could already be living in the world of Posts 135 A and 136. The bully governments who send their covert agents to 'stir up' those natural thugs who want to threaten, pillage and rape, socio psychopaths who are fed 'nutrition of hate' and their sublimated bullying instincts come out to the fore and what's more get to play with guns, weapons, sabotage and the like, backed up by ' a legitimate cause and Government'.  Austerity measures, high taxes are all signs of power mad people who are basically cowards and have a lack of self worth and make themselves big by putting down others. You know what they become so arrogant they couldn't care less, as long as they get their own way, if caught out they seek retribution by what ever means and without mercy.
Do-able 1974
Bioelectric Resonance Frequency.  Information induced through modulation.
Motor Control Cortex--10 Hz. --Motor Impulse co-ordination.
Auditory Cortex --15 Hz.----Sound bypasses ears.
Visual cortex---25 Hz.-----Images in brain bypassing eyes.
Somatosensory---9 Hz. -----Phantom touch sense.
Thought Center------20 Hz.--------- Imposed subconscious thoughts.
I posted the above diagrams and articles years back in energygrid with fuller explanation.  Mentioned the films 'Bourne Trilogies' 'Men who Stare at Goates' and interviews with Duncan O'Finioan and Camelot series scroll down in Post 19.
Imperial decay.  A simply brilliant, brilliant 9 mins. It depicts the fall of Empires, again I wrote a lot back in the 'grid'.  ee my Inverted V, Tipping Point, Dec. 2012, and most of all
So we have this situation of immortality, eternity and constant movement and evolution. This also gives way to Prigogine Dissipative Structures with: When a system becomes 'saturated and can hold no more' as intakes like food say, and has to eliminate as in defecation, then the system gets to a point when it can no longer contain the input and so expands, goes into chaos, and if it is done correctly as it were, from chaos[which like the chrysalis] forms a new higher form, the foetus[stages of evolving foetus], the baby, the child, adolescence, adulthood, senior adult and death. The system can also breakdown and not also rearrange Itself.
This then equates to the 'tip over' and my Inverted V theory. When reaching the apex, it then is saturated, has outlived its present form, and then goes into chaos and synthesises into a a new form, unlike that of its predecessor. The baby is nothing like its foetus form and so on, the caterpillar to butterfly. I feel we are very near to this a world community of Earth, Humanity, and Nature. Just how we will pan out remains to be seen. From the chaos which if any higher form will we evolve to? (From July 8th Update 2 2011 energygrid.)
Another opinion on MH 370
This opinion does not mention Diego Garcia, the scientists as in the Rense video Post 157. Interesting to compare both.

RAF Croughton in Northamptonshire
RAF Croughton dish (Photo from
In this link the headline is ( what an ugly monster that dish is---it fits the ugly minds of those who conceived it).  Mind you other countries have their monsters s well.  So the game of chess goes on. A friend of mine who has now passed on worked in one of these hubs and with other colleagues ended up with voices in their heads and throat cancers.  It took years to come to court and they lost their case like so many war veterans on 'lack of scientific evidence' and technical law anomalies. 

British MPs demand scrutiny of US military bases amid spying reports

Markets! Finance! Scandal! Keiser Report is a no holds barred look at the shocking scandals behind the global financial headlines. From the collusion between Wall Street and Capitol Hill to the latest banking crime wave, from bogus government economic statistics to rigged stock markets, nothing escapes the eye of Max Keiser, a former stockbroker, inventor of the virtual specialist technology and co-founder of the Hollywood Stock Exchange. With the help of Keiser's co-host, Stacy Herbert, and guests from around the world, Keiser Report tells you what is really going on in the global economy.
In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss trading houses for silver, but not gold, in China and gold hoarding houses in London. In the second half, Max interviews Ben Dyson of about what the ec...(see them on You Tube and RT.COM.  EPISODE 603 MAY 20 2014 RT.COM
This is amazing.  There are many different models coming out around the world.
It is an exoskeleton suit.
This is where technology is so beneficial.
Let us be thankful for our health and well being.
Be Well.  Geoff
Courtesy Google Images

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