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Hello.  Well a good mixture of intrigue, conspiracy or is it, and some news about the flip of the sun's poles, low energy output and yet still very active and powerful bursts as below. 
Powerful CME
Just glanced the Earth yet very powerful.  Have written so much about this in the grid. Very interesting correlation between the sun and human behaviour.
The more we understand the people-planet connection, the more we can achieve mental and emotional stability andwell-being.

  • The earth’s magnetic resonances vibrate at the same frequency as human heart rhythms and brainwaves.
  • The earth’s constantly changing electromagnetic fields may be affecting your day-to-day health, feelings and behavior.
  • When the sun’s emission of a 2.8-gigahertz radiowave frequency is increased we tend to feel better.
  • Geomagnetic field disturbance is associated with lowered heart rate variability, indicating our nervous system is not functioning as well.
The Recent Flip of Solar Poles’ Recent Flip
Sometime around the end of 2013, the sun’s north and south magnetic poles completed a flip. This reversal of the sun’s magnetic field occurs about every 11 years, at the peak/midway point of a solar cycle.
Despite the current solar cycle now having begun its wane, the first few months of 2014 saw the unleashing of several large solar flares. The biggest was an X5-class flare on Feb. 24. X-class solar flares are classified as the most powerful flares; a video from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatoryshows the explosion:
The Recent Flip of Solar Poles’ Recent Flip
Sometime around the end of 2013, the sun’s north and south magnetic poles completed a flip. This reversal of the sun’s magnetic field occurs about every 11 years, at the peak/midway point of a solar cycle.
Despite the current solar cycle now having begun its wane, the first few months of 2014 saw the unleashing of several large solar flares. The biggest was an X5-class flare on Feb. 24. X-class solar flares are classified as the most powerful flares; a video from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatoryshows the explosion:
Effects of Solar and Geomagnetic Activity on Humans
As we have reported in previous commentaries, solar and geomagnetic activity can affect human health and behavior, including social behavior and unrest around the world. There is strong and convincing evidence supporting this.
For example, we witnessed an increase in social unrest, revolutions, insurrections and uprisings during the upswing of the current solar cycle. The most prominent example is the Arab Spring, which started in December 2010. By December 2013, rulers had been forced from power in
Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Yemen. Civil uprisings erupted in Bahrain and Syria, and there were major protests in Algeria, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco and Sudan.
NASA has speculated that the sun reached its peak around the end of 2013 and the downswing of the cycle is now under way. As observed by Russian scientist Alexander Chizhevsky, also known as A.L. Tchijevsky, most of a solar cycle’s effect on human health and behavior occurs within about five years of the cycle’s peak. His observation appears to be consistent with some current events in the world.
Notable among these are recent events in
Ukraine and Venezuela: Tensions between Ukraine and Russia boiled over in November 2013, culminating with violent clashes in the streets, the president’s ouster and finally the Russian annexation of Crimea. In Venezuela, violent demonstrations began on Feb. 4 and rocked Venezuela for weeks.
Further indications of the turmoil that can occur around a solar cycle’s peak may be extreme weather events of 2013 and early 2014: Intense drought persisted in California and other U.S. states, while record snowfall was recorded in the central and northeastern states; there were record highs in Australia, extreme drought in New Zealand and exceptional rain in Spain and China.
With continued social unrest in so many areas of the world and abnormal weather patterns around the planet, the question arises: Do humans have any input in or control over what is happening?
GCI hypothesizes that geomagnetic and solar activity not only affect human health and behavior, but also that Earth’s magnetic field is a carrier of biologically relevant information connecting all living systems. GCI also hypothesizes that every individual affects the global information field.
Information Transfer Via Electromagnetic Signals
HeartMath’s research shows that animals and the nervous systems of people in close proximity can detect the heart’s electromagnetic field and that a bioelectromagnetic field such as that radiated by the human heart and brain can affect other individuals and the global information field environment.
Research conducted in our laboratory has confirmed the hypothesis that when an individual is in a state of heart coherence, the heart radiates a more coherent electromagnetic signal into the environment. Additionally, when we are in a coherent state we are more sensitive to detecting the information in the fields radiated by others.
Recent scientific studies involving
DNA, water, the environment and magnetic fields, lend support to the hypothesis that magnetic fields can carry biologically relevant information. The authors of a 2011 study conducted by Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier et al., say DNA in their experiments teleported itself to distant cells through electromagnetic signals. Furthermore, they indicated that this information could instruct the re-creation of DNA when the basic constituents of DNA are present and coupled with extremely low electromagnetic frequency fields.
Such low electromagnetic frequency fields, ones that are able to stimulate
DNA information transfer, could come from sources such as Schuman resonances, which occur naturally in the earth’s electromagnetic field spectrum, starting at 7.83 hertz. Thus, some scientists surmise, solar and geomagnetic activity could affect human health and behavior – down to the level of the DNA.
DNA signaling can be stimulated by the Schuman resonances and brain and heart frequencies overlap with those frequencies, it raises interesting questions about how we all are interconnected with each other through solar and geomagnetic frequencies.
Other scientific research has explored the nature and interaction of ecosystems, water molecules and electromagnetic fields.
In Conclusion and Looking Ahead
It remains uncertain when humans finally will move away from the current global unrest and instability to a more stable and peaceful planet. There clearly is an urgency, however, among millions of people to discard old structures that do not serve all sentient beings and the planetary environment. We are in the midst of a paradigm shift in consciousness and on the threshold of a new era of personal and global harmony.
Solar activity not only has been correlated with social unrest, destructive climatic conditions and other adverse events, but also with periods of great human achievement, including in architecture, arts and science and positive social change.
We can learn from past mistakes and consciously choose to harness such energetic influences for human flourishing and advancement and humanitarian efforts. The Global Coherence Initiative employs multiple strategies for increasing personal, social and global coherence. Through
GCI’s internet-based global network, a rich array of people around the world are connecting daily to radiate heart consciousness around the planet to shift global consciousness toward a more harmonious and peaceful future.
It is with gratitude and appreciation that all of us at
GCI thank you for your continued support as together we seek to increase global coherence.
Annette Deyhle, Ph.D., and the
GCI Research Team
If this is what is happening to the beautiful butterflies.  The tip of the problem. This could be the start of world contamination.
  • The monarch butterfly is about to go extinct, as genetically engineered crops and agricultural chemicals have largely eliminated the perennial milkweed, which is the monarch’s sole food and breeding source
  • To help you grow a habitat for monarchs, I will be sending out a free packet of milkweed seeds with every domestic order from now until the seeds run out.
  • Action item: sign the petition asking EPA, USDA, and President Obama to protect the monarchs’ breeding habitat by stopping approval of glyphosate-resistant genetically engineered crops
  • More than half of garden plants attractive to bees sold at Lowe’s are pre-treated with pesticides that could be lethal to bees. Please sign the letter asking these companies to stop selling these toxic plants
  • To avoid harming bees and other helpful pollinators that visit your garden, swap out toxic pesticide and lawn chemicals for organic weed and pest control alternatives(Thanks to Dr Mercola)

Bill Gates.
Some references that implicate this smiling assassin and his buddies.
Post 48, 105 and 110, also look for transhumanism, eugenics.  Please scroll through the Posts to pick out things like David Icke's brilliant long video, Jane Burgermeister and stuff about the sun.  Also there are statements by Henry Kissinger and others about population reduction.
The jig is up.
This clip is part of an increasing trend to 
expose geo-engineering by an array of 
mainstream professionals, such as 
To deny the ongoing atmospheric spraying 
programs is beyond ridiculous at this point.
In this very short 4 minute video below, at 
least one weatherman is moving toward 
disclosure of the truth. 
"Limited hangout," YES. But better than 
straight-up lies.
Meteorologists Begin to Admit to Climate Engineering (Courtesy Forebidden Knowledge--Alexandra Bruce)
UK SPRAYING.  (most, most most urgent.)
Dear Geoff,  
I've read that the Tea Party and other 
Libertarian groups are funded by BOTH 
the extremist, right-wing, corporatist, 
utterly heinous multi-billionaire Koch
Brothers (one of whom is married to 
George W. Bush's sister, Dorothy) and 
ironically, by the currency-manipulating 
arch-criminal and equally disgusting 
"Lefty," George Soros.
It's not so ironic, when you understand 
that the right/left "divide and conquer"
tactic enacted against the US public 
by politicians whose campaigns are financed 
by think tanks, PACs and NGOs, funded by 
the exact same entities as those noted 
above, plus the flabbergastingly abhorrent 
Rupert Murdoch - and that their true purpose 
is to polarize and destabilize the body-politic 
of the US. 
This would go a long way to explaining the
tragic farce that is the present-day US 
Government, both domestically and abroad.
I urge readers in the US and in every country 
where similar trends are seen, to *truly see*
these manipulations, for what they are: 
programs to destabilize communities and entire 
nations, in order to gain more government 
control over the people and to strip individuals 
of whatever rights they still have left. 
The only logic behind a government acting 
against the interests of its own constituents 
would be an agenda that has infected such 
a government; an agenda to bring about the 
dread "One World Government" or "New World 
Order," as shrieked about, in Tinfoil-Hat, 
Conspiracyland for decades - nonetheless, 
becoming truer by the minute, regardless of 
your choice of dystopian headgear.
I think Americans, both Conservative and 
Liberal can all get behind the Constitution 
and the Bill of Rights - and the importance 
of maintaining these laws in force - and to 
reverse their ongoing erosion, especially in 
the wake of the most blatant false flag 
operation in recorded history: the 9/11 
Maintaining the Founding Documents of the 
US should be paramount to all Americans at 
either end of the political spectrum and 
everywhere in between, in favor of people 
getting obsessed with polarizing issues, which 
would be best resolved, if the laws enshrined 
in the Founding Documents were duly 
observed and enforced.
InfoWars has broadcast numerous news 
stories centering on US military documents, 
describing Continental US ("CONUS") 
Operations against political dissidents, 
authorizing "deadly force" and emphasizing 
that, "Warning shots will not be fired."
In addition, there is the February 2010 Army 
Field Manual 3-39.40, entitled "Internment 
and Resettlement Operations." 
The Federal government has been in a big 
hurry to build a 300-acre city in just 2 years, 
at an expense of $96 million to train the 
military "for problems we don't even know we 
have yet." Yes, Sir! That would would be a 
"Need to Know." Wouldn't it?
Army Field Manual 3-39.40, coupled with the 
construction of this perfect replica of "Smalltown, 
USA" as a training ground, make it crystal clear 
that the military is training for martial law, 
here at home.
Snopes has repeatedly "debunked" all notions 
of anything unseemly about Army Field Manual 
3-39.40 (all evidence to the contrary) and the 
globalist, Foreign Policy Magazine attempted to 
blow it off, but it did not actually  
supported the legitimate concerns raised by 
the unconstitutional provisions encoded in 
the Patriot Act and in the most recent National 
Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), that indeed,
"Something is rotten in the state of Denmark." 
                  -- William Shakespeare, 'Hamlet'
US Military Trains for Martial Law (again courtesy Forbidden Knowledge ---Alexandra Bruce)

ory at-a-glance

  • Recent research shows that genetically engineered (GE) soy contains high levels of glyphosate along with a poorer nutritional profile, leading the researchers to conclude that GE soy is NOT “substantially equivalent” to non-GE soy
  • On average, GE soy contained 11.9 parts per million (ppm) of glyphosate. The highest residue level found was 20.1 ppm. No residues of either kind were found in the conventional non-GE and organic varieties
  • Processed foods undoubtedly expose you to this toxic contamination, courtesy of the GE soy and vegetable oil, GE high fructose corn syrup, and/or GE sugar beets used
  • Compared to conventionally-grown non-GE and GE soy, organic soybeans contained higher levels of protein and zinc, and lower levels of omega-6
  • Argentina has become one of the largest producers of GE soy and corn, and along with it, the country has experienced an explosion of miscarriages, fertility problems, and abnormal fetal development
    • Three of the 14 members of the Dallas city council finally agreed that water fluoridation in the city deserves a closer look
    • Suddenly area reporters, who had previously refused to air the ‘other’ side to the fluoridation debate, featured the news and even highlighted concerns about fluoride research findings
    • Researchers Grandjean and Landrigan have added fluoride to the list of 11 known industrial chemicals that harm brain development in human fetuses and infants
    • Once viewed as a ‘paranoid conspiracy,’ the movement against water fluoridation has gone mainstream
    • Since 2010, more than 135 communities have stopped water fluoridation in Canada, New Zealand and across the US (Courtesy
Strange anomalies and archaeological events.  Who are we / you.
Weather again.  I felt only the British talked about the weather!This is an incredible watch.  It is breath taking in its awesome propensity.

Welcome to El Nino-----perhaps?

The opposite to El Nino is La Nina. The link above is a simplified explanation.  There is a correlation between the farmers and fisherman. Years back when these two Nino and Nina were more predictable, the farmers on one coast became fisherman as the seawater levels changed and vice versa. 
I wrote extensively years back about the correlation between the sea, rivers, tides, lakes and the human body. How the trade winds, the Jets Stream, the moon phases were all connected to the Sun cycle and the Sun in turn to the planets, Milky Way Centre and so on. This is now becoming apparent in main stream science, however, reluctantly, sheepishly and haemorrhoidal-y.  My former science colleagues looking red faced, bloated, agitated and distinctly uncomfortable at my appearance at conferences, especially as I am not invited, although it is for the public--------sometimes. I am often sneaked in by sympathetic ex comrades in arms, so to speak.
See the long commentaries well worth persevering, interval reading, copious cups  of tea, reflect and relax.
Some people can feel these rhythms, cycles, fluctuations and are sensitive to them. With the noise, electronic fog, distractions and loud volumes it is a wonder we are not all dead to Life in many ways. Perhaps we are. I went to a wedding recently and the band was so noisy I spent most of my time outside.  There was so much food, so much money spent on a few hours. Yes, I met long lost relatives, yes I enjoyed myself, however, the next day my head belonged somewhere else and I slept most of it.  The quietness of my home, the trees in the garden, the birds that sing there and Qi Gong, Tibetan Yoga, playing my Native American Flutes, brought me back to a semblance of me, who ever that is.
Life on this Earth plane is composed of waves cycles, rhythms and so on. There are 780 in the body that have to work in sync.
To name just a small cycle, there is the calcium -thalamus cycle.

Then there are the auric rhythms and energy transfers between partners in a relationship, family, close friends, work colleagues and so on, and of course the environment. Here there interference patterns, entrainments and a host of other cycles. The husband who may feel his wife's menstruation cycle, baby pregnant movements, morning sickness, telepathic feelings and so on. Then the feelings and movements of the garden, weather and nature in general-----food-----GM /organic-----sleep -----exercise-----meditation and relaxation ----- creativity and so on.
Human Connectome Project, Science, March 2012.
The Human Brain Connectome project hopes to get a grasp on how the brain's neurons are connected, helping us understand thoughts and memories on the cellular level.
Read more: (See also Posts 135 A /136)      


“Angel” which saved British troops in WW1 “may have been UFO”
Keep Looking up, from the New Testament there are various accounts of 'angelic' like beings and a remark by Jesus about a heavenly Army, transforming in a mountain scenario and other religious works have similar references.
Take Care and I trust your guardian angels will assist you
 in a dire need.
Be Angelic, Be Well.  Geoff
Courtesy Google Images.


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