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Excuse me if I pontificate this comes about from deep issues in myself and also relating to the world.
For many years I have struggled with the above images. I was a sickly child and was never a fighter or the typical brawler.  I did learn ju jutsu, Judo, Kendo and Aikido Judo (柔道 jūdō?, meaning "gentle way")but always preferred the inner aspects like meditation, health, well being and more importantly the connection to the Universe.  I was told Do was similar to Tao that is was the way of the Universe. I was called the 'reluctant fighter', I always sought to resolve and 'quickly make peace with your enemies' (bible quote) and was often called a coward, a pansy and so on. I struggled with this as 36 years with the police and related incidents high lighted this 'He man and now some 'tough Lady' images which are portrayed on our TV's, videos and some other media devices.  Part of me felt inept as I felt more like Ghandi.
 Many of my colleagues and friends called me a wimp in some instances and I had many periods of self doubt. It is not easy to be  
a peace loving person, the inner peace part of me was awoken from my NDE (near death experience at the age of 4 in 1942). I went through periods of low self esteem and extreme abuse from many. However returning to meditation, reflection and contemplation, I seemed to have found a modicum of equilibrium, only sometimes to be told by some therapists whom I worked with that I was using it as an escape.  That I lacked libido and lately my mo jo. Many of my male friends had many girl friends, I tended to have acquaintances, although did have three longish term ones, I found more in mind alike rather than the physical. 
Many girls and ladies I knew and know go through fashion crazes and some are celebrity conscious as are many of the boys and men, who want to be footballers, pop stars, He men or whatever.  These media hype images lure one or seduce one away from in my view the real self.  I went through a similar situation with being more aggressive, more dynamic, more manly, yet I felt a male and am hetro sexual, yet feel androgynous, especially when in deep meditation.

Lately when seeing the world situation I wonder if the West so to speak is relating to the 'He Man super hero and She super Hero' dominate when perhaps a moderating influence from the 'East' might be diligent. When I say the East I relate to insight, reflection and quietness. Have you noticed how loud the adverts on TV are, the music, the loud grunts, shouts and monstrous looking robotic super graphics look like. Sometimes difficult to find peace even in the country side when people are on their mobiles and radios.

Courtesy Peter Essik and National Geographic--- Arizona from the air

Is it any wonder that we live in these complexes and the land is getting taken away by more houses, and we lose touch with nature. When this happens we lose touch with our inner link with nature and therein the Universe and the Divine.  We tend to look outwards to seek help, that may be needed at times, we look to more technology to fill our lives and so our possessions become who we are. 

The He / She wo-men get old, the footballers age, the pop star fades, the fashions change and yes they may have accumulated a lot of money, suddenly the adulation goes, many become depressed 'life after fame'.  This maybe a chance to find oneself and not get into distraction, despair and depression. 
Suicide is getting more prolific as are people with depression and so many prescription drugs to counter the symptoms. Yes it is all right getting a face lift, a cosmetic make over, a hobby, a gym prescription, yet even to old age these may fade and in the older years one could use the time for quiet reflection, meditation and prepare for conscious dying.
As I have stated elsewhere a recent incident jolted me to these issues I have had all my life and the tussle with 'WHAT IS MAN'? 'What is a Human Being, male or female, hetro-bio-or homo'?
I cannot answer this for humanity, only for myself.  For me it is not a HE/SHE/ hetro /bio / homo/androgynous / transgender / hermaphrodite or any other physical sexual attribute. For me it is going past the physical and finding the 'light, the inner peace, that which passes all understanding'.  In a way it is not physical at all. 
So a human being to my view is a person who has found compassion, a Ghandi like approach, a peace maker only because they have found this in their hearts and not because it is a belief.
We are so much more than the physical and just to touch on this special place within so to speak is not only beyond belief but neither fact nor fiction. ' The Kingdom of Heaven is Within first seek the Kingdom and then all else will be given'.  I see all else not as riches or worldly fame but one's needs supplied.
Finding this 'kingdom' even a touch of it, even sparsely, at odd times, this is me, takes one's attention for relying on the 'outside world of form and belongings' I have noticed my needs are less and distractions do not pull me so much. You might say well you are approaching older years, true, but I have seen younger people than I realising this.
When we look at the video below
The Great Attractor---Our Milky Way and some interesting points.
We begin to see the wonder of Life, the mystery, the wonderful interconnections, this then brings us to ourselves, our interconnections, the fabric of Life. Contemplating this, thinking this through, something may stir in oneself, the quest, the urge to know not only about creation but where we fit in within this grand scheme. 
The Universe seems to cater for our needs, indeed it caters for the whole of the Cosmic needs. I realise I have to take on my role in who I am.  I am not the HE/SHE stereotype, neither am I the Ghandi type, I lean towards the Ghandi model, yet find I am who I am, and feel my heart sing when I honour that.  I now can honour who I am without shame or label. So my horrendous encounters of late have been an opportunity to sort out this conundrum of who am I not so much spiritually but the 'path of the heart' that seems to call to me. 

Hey you----he calls you stupid.  4 mins of it---you know its the world over.
Chinese are African ----?  
                  An intriguing 11 mins with a high energy physicist.  
My view on this is when physics or science seems to end in the unknown , then metaphysics become the next 'scientific tool' to explore the Universe.  Consciousness then explores Itself.  This is my conjecture. It is my view that consciousness is the Creator and manifestation of the Cosmos.  It is the interior mechanisations of the Cosmic Mind.  This is my science as it were, Metaphysics. There is a debate that metaphysics is not science and those metaphysicist 's  would disagree. 
The Deepest borehole. 4 mins. It seems that humanity is making its own borehole and sinking down fast into it. As an American saying goes 'its going down the tubes'.

Timothy Good.  Really great research on UFO's.
Timothy Good.  Highly,highly recommended.   

3 mins of lovely fun and joy.
Until next Post.  Be Well.  Geoff

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