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The majority of hospital patients are using alternative remedies and therapies ‘on the quiet’ in order to get well, a new study has discovered. Faith healing, chiropractic, aromatherapy and native healing are regularly being used by patients, most of whom say they were helped by the therapy.
The extent of the use of alternative medicine has been uncovered by a researcher who questioned 172 parents of patients at a children’s hospital in Canada.  Of these, 64 per cent were actively using some alternative or complementary product, including multivitamins, vitamin C and calcium.
But a large minority were also using alternative therapies; 37 per cent had used massage, 25 per cent faith healing, 20 per cent chiropractic, 15 per cent aromatherapy and 7 per cent Aboriginal healing.
Very few had any regrets after using the therapies, and most said they had been helped by them—but around a third of them hadn’t told hospital staff, says the researcher, Sunita Vohra, a paediatrician based at the University of Alberta.
Something of us survives death, a major study has concluded.  Near-death experiences (NDEs) and out-of-body experiences (OBEs) are real and happen when the body has physically died.
Scientists have believed the brain can survive for no more than 30 seconds after the heart has stopped beating, but the new study reveals that people continued to have experiences some minutes after they had died.
After they were resuscitated, they spoke about seeing bright lights, or being beckoned by a guide, while others say they floated to the ceiling and continued to watch medical staff at work on their body.
One example, of a 57-year-old social worker who died on the operating table, recalled with vivid detail everything that was happening in the room, and the staff there confirmed afterwards that his description was accurate. He  also recalled hearing two bleeps from a monitoring machine that makes a noise once every three minutes, so the researchers know he was ‘dead’ for between three and six minutes.
The study, by researchers at Southampton University, analysed 2,060 cases of cardiac arrest where the patient was declared dead for three minutes or longer.  Of these, 46 per cent recalled experiences that continued after their death.( s follow up from previous Post---both courtesy of WDDTY).
Anita Moorjani. Absolutely amazing.  NDE
Wow way to go Anita.
My own NDE is really insignificant next the above three.
To my way of looking at the NDE several points stand out.
If one believes in reincarnation and there are literally hundreds of stories, proofs, books, documentaries and serious scientific works. I have named many in previous blogs and Posts, and then it seems by killing, suicide with accidental deaths, then it merely removing the chess pieces only for them to return in the next round, life or game of Life. 
If you believe there is no survival at all at the best a couple of minutes, and the end is oblivion, then there is no justification to be moral, honest or respectful, yet there are those who feel even if the end is oblivion it is best to pass on 'happy healthy genes' for the survival of the race, because that is how nature has built in a survival programme. Mind you as there is no God or intelligence in this theory it is surmised that it accidentally found by trial and default, experience and repeated trail and error, that it self educated itself and manufactured its intelligence from the big bang which itself was supposedly an accident. 
Also war is seen by some as a survival of the fittest. The strong and powerful weed out the plebs and peasants who after all are servants and not really in the game. What arrogance and egoistic dominance. 
Then there are those who want the master race looking like clones and so on.
However, if we feel to live by the laws of nature, say co operation, sharing, simple, a world that works for everyone everywhere, and with the new sciences of epigentic's, showing our genes, cells and so on are not fixed to some extent and respond to sound words and frequencies, see back Posts and furthermore feel we can take this over to a another life perhaps in another dimension or this Earthly experience and as above image depicts 'A better Life is waiting for you to Show Up'. 
So for many this recycling, this transformation brings faith and hope to a lot of folk.  Especially in the dark days of poverty, disease, hunger and atrocious wars and crimes.  Some say it is false hope and merely programming, conditioning and brain washing, as those who do not believe they have their logic and so called common sense built on science and logic, whilst the 'believers' believe their inner experiences, especially those who have had a NDE, OBE(out of body experience) done remote viewing, psychics and so on.  
Courtesy Dr Jill Tarter
You know any serious thinker, peruser, contemplation, meditater, other than a curious dabble and 'that's too deep for me, it's crazy it's for the geeks, academics, priests, theologians, 'not for me up the pub, footy on TV, my TV soaps, business and so on', and so the superficial top surface ( and that's OK for those whose choice it is),  live on the topside of Life, those whose deep reflection often come up with inner truths that have been voiced for years, and their lives are deep and rich and often do not hanker so much for external riches. However it is OK if the possessions are not your identity and you can let them alone if need be without remorse or regret. So to be or not to be, to be as a being simple and yet deeply profound or just to do as an automaton and be robotic. Fashion has the way of being like someone else.
Hello my dear its all the fashion you know.  Haven't I seen you somewhere before?  Well its one up on piercing and tattoos.  They are OK as well its up to you. Be what you are but be aware you are who you are.  Be your own unique inner fashion expression brought from the Cosmic Whispering inside ourselves.
Optogenetics.  A scary 4 mins. Light yes but are we tinkering too much with it?  I've always felt light delivers information of some sort---but thus?
A very brave and courageous man. 13 mins.
Ageing.  The Long Goodbye.  Go right through to the end--not a pun 17 mins.
It is interesting that ageing is such an issue. If we believe that this present Life is all there is and no after life or reincarnation and we enjoy the 'good things of life' have lots of money, good food, possibly a celebrity then I can see that we might want to live 'forever' and continue in this way. However, if one is poor, ailing, in a war zone or a very stressful and in a dire situation then perhaps one could wish to die or be in a better situation.
Should one feel deeply or have strong beliefs in a heaven / hell, an afterlife perhaps with a better outcome, perhaps another dimension to go to then ageing maybe not so much an issue, perhaps health maybe. 
Of course if there is no afterlife, an oblivion, or a body that is merely recycled and a gene pool, like a rotting corpse in a forest supplies maggots, bacteria and can promote other growth, then one's body maybe of use, carcasses of animals, leaf litter all go to enhance and aid the eco system.
As it stands today we may say our bodies in most cases are buried and perhaps are not contributing to the whole.  Cremation and other forms of corpse 'disposal', it sounds uncaring and harsh yet, nature recycles all her parts. Then we may consider about our thought forms.  Some believe our thoughts are preserved in a field of 'energy consciousness' known by some as the Akashvic Records or such like.
Some feel that thoughts are like radio and TV programmes, we are transmitters and Receivers, as such when we 'pass over' perhaps a incarnating 'soul' finds that 'unfinished business' or the host that continues with unresolved issues, is attracted by 'like programmes' to return into a fresh young body.  I have covered this a long time ago and used to do a workshop on 'Pre Life Agreements and Reincarnation'.
All of the above comes down into belief. Some scientists, atheists would scoff at the above.  Some theologians and religious people might partially agree.  Many of the scientists I have met do not believe they believe, they feel its hard to touch as it were evidence, its scientific, molecular / particle stuff or no way I am a Astronomer and Astrophysicist. I am a medium, a psychic and I communicate with spirits(I am not this is an example) so as far as I am concerned no one dies, they leave their body and become a spirit form or  an energy body.   
Wait a mo, what about consciousness or mind interacting with matter at the particle level. Yes that's OK at particle level but no way at Cosmic Planetary / Star level---oh dear.  So can we rely on NDE, OBE and the like, hypnosis of patients and so on, does everything have to so called solid scientific proof----come to that is anything really solid?
I guess sometimes it comes to 'I agree to disagree' I've seen family, friends, colleagues and even mini wars come from these disagreements.
Inside our heads / brains so to speak we have our private, personal intimate world and circuitry.  Our stored memory library (although there is a theory that memory is stored outside the brain as it were in magnetic holographic resonance fields, which are triggered when by association of ideas and facts, from outside stimuli, 'fire up' the neurons that are associated with the data and act as a switch to energise the hologram of the field as above).  Many of us defend or attack this personal province. I have seen 'smug' haughty scientists, stiff bottomed priests, humble shy psychics, argumentative aggressive atheists and sitting on the fence monks all defending their bit of the world view. Then there are the benevolent do gooders, the well meaner's, the don't and do people, and all these attributes are inter changeable---- and me by now don't know and confused by my own writing, and yet when on reflection can see how there is a way that is not a way, but a feeling, that in the long run, 'death is stalking us all ' this is a common fait accompli. 
As the sands of time run out for all of us in a body of flesh, we may have the opportunity to reflect on our 'circuitry' as above, and realise through contemplation, reflection, deep unbiased observation and meditation, prayer and watching oneself in action, that an extraordinary solution and answer arises. It is as if a knowing, an understanding, not a 'well it happens to us all so there' or I'll go out and binge, go out with a bang, live life to the full.  But an inner quiet, not a giving in, something beyond thought and conjecture.  It is as if Life Itself Spoke in the Silence of yourself, and a reassurance, beyond thought and reason, beyond all understanding, whispered its 'special'words in not so much verbal communication but in a 'soul' language which surpasses logic and intuition. It is as if it were a one to one with the Universe.
OK so we may fear death, we may run from it but we cannot hide from it. In many ways death is a saviour, especially if your into the 'recycled' incarnation or even other dimensional survival, a little bit to think you may contribute to the whole by your gene inheritance for the future, or just couldn't care a dam, or I am going to heaven, OH no hell, God forbid. Death can be seen as a great stimulant and arouse one's curiosity. It can either make one examine fear, longevity, life's purpose, or drive one crazy trying to ever look young, prolong life in a body to ultimate extremes. The Grim Reaper then becomes a sword or keen knife to awaken one to the realities of Life or simplify one's existence, it cuts away the dross and grime and leaves one clean and ready for the next step.  So many people who have had life threatening illnesses or horrific events end up blessing their experience as it awakens in them a new way of living.  I know of a person whose whole life was a football team, he would sulk or be rejoicing on the result and a fire door which was a short cut to a friend and if shut if he propped it open, he would get violent and freak out. We all have our own worlds, we may think or feel safe, secure and happy until it is challenged.  In a way we all go though mini deaths as above. I know my little world seems large and secure at times, yet fragile and disturbed at other times, it is learning the middle way and riding the crests and troughs through either acceptance, which can be reluctant, or on deep reflection seeing out of the ashes arises the Phoenix, from the chaos a reformed yet more refined being arises. 
Perhaps we have been put here to solve the very mystery of our existence, and until we know what and who we are in essence, then we come back to the 'combat  zone' or Life's experience on Earth. One thing is for sure whatever your predilection all our ultimate body fates share a common experience and perhaps we can at least agree on that.
Be Well. Geoff 

Courtesy Mitakuye Oyasin  at Pinterest 
More Fear below.
Hi Geoff
We already knew that fracking was a bad idea, but this is astonishing.
Just this week, David Cameron’s plan to allow fracking firms to drill under our homes was rubber-stamped by the House of Lords.
But here's where it gets worse: At the last moment, the draft law was updated to allow fracking firms to pump "any substance" under people's homes and property -- and leave it there! [1]
This makes a mockery of the prime minister’s claim that UK fracking regulations are some of the most stringent in the world. And it absolves fracking firms of any responsibility for clearing up the mess they create.
Our MPs are now the last defence before the laws are approved. Can you sign the petition asking all MPs to vote against Cameron’s plan?
We know fracking won’t help lower energy bills [2]. We know that shale gas won’t help with the battle against climate change [3]. And we know that the global fracking industry has been mired in accidents and mistakes.
In April 2009, cattle were discovered dead near a drill site in Louisiana. An investigation found fracking fluid had leaked from the well pad and run into an adjacent field. And in July 2013, XTO Energy was forced to shell out $100,000 in compensation after a spill of contaminated wastewater in Pennsylvania [4].
Despite claiming that the UK has tough regulations to prevent disasters like this, the government is now rushing to remove obstacles, muddling through laws that will put the interests of shale drillers before the safety of our environment and our climate.
We don’t have long before MPs will get their final say on Cameron’s plan to allow drilling under our homes. If we can show them how unpopular his idea is, they'll think twice before voting it through.
Please ask your MP to take a stand today:
Thank you
Greenpeace UK
When insanity hits the Prime Minister and Denial roams Parliament then you know your sane and the world has gone mad. Mad for profit.  Fracking does not yield profit. When are they going to lock up politicians in an a mental home and give then some real treatment. Take off the money power glasses and show them the beauty of the Earth, the glorious aura of peoples, the love in the heart for creation and the bending of the knee to that which brought forth the Universe.
With the help of Rob Jackson, a professor of environmental earth system science at Stanford and lead author ofa recent report on the pros and cons of fracking as a means of oil and gas developmentClimate Central‘s Bobby Magill helps put these findings in perspective:
[Jackson] said the Friberg’s work confirms that fracking can cause small earthquakes.
“The tremors revealed a previously unknown fault right below the natural gas well,” he said.
There have been three documented earthquakes able to be felt on the surface that were linked to fracking, Friberg said. That’s because fracking fluid is thought to lubricate faults, possibly causing them to slip, he said. But many more earthquakes have been caused by waste water injection, as many as 188 nationwide in 2011, according to the Stanford study.
“Pumping wastewater deep underground is a bigger risk of causing large earthquakes than fracking,” Jackson said. “Earthquakes associated with waste water disposal have already damaged buildings and injured people in rare cases.”
Read the full scientific study in Seismological Research Letters. More analysis from Magill at Climate Central.

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