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Greetings. In my 1967 writings and synopsis;-
This continues for three more articles from above. I mention that in my view we are upgrading the frequencies, energies or whatever captures the definition in the world scenario of accelerated change in all levels.  Despite the turmoil and wickedness there is a movement by many of a different path or way of living in a much more caring, inclusive, sharing and compassionate way.  Post 185 mentions the heart, this is the path of the 'Loving Heart' yes a new age or way is breaking through.  I also mention in past Blogs and Posts there is a shift and why this comes about.
I summarise in the 'grid articles' above the reasons for this shift. One of the facets of this shift is from a systems theory of dissipative structures which says when an organism exchanges with its environment there comes a time when the organism needs to grow and expand, such as human growth, snakes shed skin, crabs need a new carapace,larva, caterpillar to cocoon(chrysalis) and butterfly.  
In between stages it is shown a period of chaos, during which time the molecular structure is given new information and if successful becomes a larger more evolved form. This depends on the exchange and assimilation process of the former life as it were.  If the exchange with the environment is implemented well then the likelihood of the next step in its evolution to be beneficial then the out come will be beneficial.
It has been said that cells of the body or elsewhere have the memory of the whole organism and at the same time their own 'job' as it were.  Analogous to this is the shed skin retains the total memory of the being it came from.  Hopefully the new skin will be given by the Universe or the programming of the human, or what humans programme other organisms too and can knock them out of kilter with the Cosmic design.  The information goes awry and skew-whiff.
Over the years and aeons humanity, the planet and its forms have gone through evolutionary shifts and it is known that in some of these 'the skin' to be shed has been in the form of great disasters. Ice ages, the breaking up of the central land masses into the jig saw components as of now.  Perhaps this is how Planet Earth sheds her skin. We as humans have come through changes of beliefs just as we have come from to name but one of many 'Newton to Quantum stuff', Bows and Arrows to high powered riffles, yet still there remains barbaric torture even in so called civilised countries, religious and philosophical conflicts, battles in many other ways, even uncertainty over climate change. So as we restlessly struggle to shed the skin of the past, many hang on to their own skin, and so swim against the tide of the Natural Cosmic Upgrade.  It is a vulnerable period when the crab comes out of its carapace and its outer skin is soft and it may feel to retreat and await the hardening of its shell.
As the Cosmos itself evolves so it sends out waves of information, each transformed to the individual Unit Form and so its frequencies, its energetic component 'heats' up and the crucible which is the so called 'material form' which is composed of molecules, atoms, particles and ?, all of which vibrate and are spin and oscillation which in turn as each cycle of evolution arrives, then a refinement comes as an example Mammoth the Elephant and so on.  If the Unit Form cannot shed its slower, at the time useful and adequate form, it vibrates slower than the incoming frequencies and so there is an 'out of phase' or as some a generation gap, out of step and it will retain its own form.
So many are struggling for freedom and yet do not realise what it is. To just wildly throw over a regime is not wise. We see this in Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt and elsewhere, a vacuum is created and the local Mafia, warlords and exploiters of the natural wealth move in.  Finding freedom is an inner feeling, looking into the depths of the mind, if you like, exploring the skin one is wanting to shed, instead of breaking the outer form, find that peace inside, find the compassion, the love and sharing, the care and new energy that evolves and naturally emits when the hard inner shell as it were cracks and the light pours out.  A new life, a fresh start.

This is an alchemy process, a smelting from the dross, which served at the time and now obsolete, to the new refined in the fire of evolution and what forms we might become, some suggestions are found in the energygrid links above. 
This is a process an ongoing process it is the evolutionary process Cosmos wise. It is out of hands, our personal wishes and programmes, just as the Mammoth had to give way to the Elephant, so we can just sit back or we can try to attune to the new way, the catch its perfume and know there is light on the other side of the bridge.( By the way I have been asked if the courtesies at the the images are selected from the site of the image notation, no they are selected from various sources and they are not advertisements for a blog, business, individual unless specified, they are merely selected for emphasis and illustration of the points made).
Just out of interest there will be many of the above occurring not because of the internet recording them, but also because the energies are increasing and the 'veils' or levels of perception and consciousness are becoming more accessible because of the rising energies.  The veils of illusion on hand are getting more dense because of the TV, Tablets, Cinema, Drugs and exposure this plus the digital technologies, massive high coloured depiction in 3D that sink into the unaware viewer, yes you see it, and if not the witness in a consciousness way, it is retained in the graphics of the ego and is used in manipulation later or an opportunistic time.  So for those who are attuned to this, they miss the thinning of the veils and access to other dimensions, for instance telepathy, teleaudeince, televoyance, telephrenology and so on. I explain the tele consciousness as distinct from psychic phenomena and powers. This is another shift, again in energygrid as above.
In energygrid I do my Inverted V you can see this is you scroll through the link at the top.  In my view there are cusp’s (Latin cuspis now apex) such as you see above. I feel these are points where the two converging paths meet and an outcome develops from there.  As much as many people felt December 2012 was a non event I must beg to differ.  Many things happened just after and are continuing. There will be many such points as I have outlined in the grid as above.  I feel that next year and particularly 2016 is emerging to be a cusp point, I have given many others in the grid articles.

Eclipses by NASA.  4 mins
Title 'This is what happens when you call the Cops'  A sad failure of our times.
Fluoride again----and just as important.  11 mins
  • In 2010, two Merck virologists filed a federal lawsuit under the False Claims Act against their former employer, alleging the vaccine maker lied about the effectiveness of their mumps vaccine
  • A US District Court Judge has now given the lawsuit the green light to proceed. The Department of Justice has also submitted documents to the court affirming its “strong interest in the outcome” of the case
  • A senior scientist at the CDC recently admitted he and CDC co-authors of a widely cited MMR vaccine safety study “omitted statistically significant information” and that “the final study protocol was not followed”
  • A recent study reported a correlation between autism and vaccines manufactured using human fetal cell lines contaminated with retroviruses, including certain MMR, chickenpox, and Hepatitis-A vaccines
  • A Boston nurses’ union is suing to block a policy that would require nurses to get flu shots in order to maintain employment ( Courtesy
Bottle Nose Dolphin asks for help. 4 mins.  Beautiful.
      Rescuing a Hump Back Whale. 8 mins. Amazing.
Very Interesting---another ex CIA agent comes out.  27 mins.
I have had a NDE in 1942 and described the experience in energygrid.
Be Well.  Geoff
O Great Spirit, I AM here as a channel of your Divine Magnificence. Expand your Light through me to touch as many as I can, and to teach and show that All is Love ♥
                                                Courtesy of Mitakuye Oyasin at Pinterest

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