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Hello and welcome. Not only the weather and cosmology have an effect on us, however as doctors in Germany in article below show a more open view towards alternatives or complimentary remedies and also the Cosmic Rays as below also have a complimentary or alternative view to mainstream diatribe.  
 Image Courtesy WDDTY

Doctors in Germany are prescribing homeopathic and herbal remedies to around one in five children they treat. Vitamins, minerals and supplements are the most popular ‘alternative’ therapies, and are being given to one in three children, a major new international survey has discovered.

In all, 1,164 doctors in Germany, Spain, Russia, Bulgaria, Colombia and Israel were surveyed about the way they treat children up to the age of 12 years. Not surprisingly, pharmaceuticals and other conventional therapies were the leading treatments being used, and were prescribed to around 40 per cent of children, but in some countries the alternative remedies were running them a close second. In Colombia, for instance, one in three children are regularly prescribed vitamins and minerals.
Natural and homeopathic remedies are most commonly prescribed to treat colds, colic, sleeping problems, and recurrent infections, say researchers from the Blankenstein Hospital in Germany. Doctors were also influenced by the preferences of parents who were worried about side effects of conventional drugs.
The doctors surveyed had a “high interest” in alternative remedies, although their knowledge was sketchy, the researchers said. A lack of proof of effectiveness, and knowing how the remedies work, were the main reasons why some doctors were reticent to use alternatives.
Russian Boy claims he is from Mars. 24 mins
BALLOONING INTO THE SOUTH ATLANTIC ANOMALY: On July 18th, and the students of Earth to Sky Calculus will attempt a simultaneous launch of 3 space weather balloons from 2 continents. The goal of the flight is to measure the amount of atmospheric radiation in the South Atlantic Anomaly over Chile compared to similar latitudes in the USA. This has never been done before, and the results should be interesting.
Students working with have been launching balloons into the stratosphere over California since May 2014. This triple balloon flight will expand upon those measurements to cover more than 70 degrees of latitude and 6,000 miles of geographical distance.
Of special interest is the South Atlantic Anomaly, a dip in the Earth's magnetic field which allows cosmic rays, and charged particles to reach lower into the atmosphere. We will be flying a balloon equipped with X-ray/gamma-ray sensors into the outskirts of the Anomaly from Temuco, Chile, measuring dose rates all the way from sea level to the stratosphere. Comparisons will be made with identical measurements far from the Anomaly in California and Oregon. Stay tuned!(Courtesy
TO reiterate when Cosmic Rays come more abundantly it has a transforming effect.  I am sure by now you are familiar with my ideas and the ascension, Schumann Resonance, Coded messages, effects on biology and so on. 
Traces of Giants found Worldwide. 10 mins
An Alien beautiful woman brought back from the moon, alien bases  and much more names you can trace.  Make up your mind time. 20 mins  Talk about alternatives.
Magnetic Portals Around Earth.  4 mins
This magnetic Portal was looked at some years back:-
So this research is doubling what they already knew by Dr David Sibeck as in article above.
This all fits with my '1967' writings and the transformation of DNA as ascension and my Stargate theories and all coalescing  into the Consciousness theory with anomalies with Magnetic Polar Shifts, Schumann Resonances and the encoded signal or trigger  messages in frequencies activating shifts in the DNA.  
'Physicists at nearly a dozen research institutions, including New York University, have discovered evidence for very high energy gamma rays emitting from the Milky Way, marking the highest energies ever detected from the galactic equator. Their findings, published in the Dec. 16 issue of the Physical Review of Letters, were obtained using the Milagro Gamma Ray Observatory, a new detector located near Los Alamos, N.M., that allows monitoring of the northern sky on a 24-hour, 7-day-per-week basis.
Gamma rays are considered by scientists to be the best probe of cosmic rays outside the solar neighborhood.

The research team, which includes nearly 40 physicists, reported that Milagro, positioned at an altitude of 8600 feet in the Jemez Mountains, detected a signal along the galactic equator region and interpreted it as arising from gamma rays with a median energy of 3.5 trillion electron-volts, or 3500 times the mass-energy of a proton. Previous satellite experiments have seen gamma-ray emissions along the galactic equator reaching up to energies of only 30 billion electron-volts.' Read on from link above.
In many past blogs it has been mentioned the ratio and equation between electron volts-consciousness-DNA- and the interrelationships and correlations between seamless interfaces and gamma rays. Wow more from the above.
Just like the Earth orbits the Sun, the Sun itself is part of the Milky Way galaxy. The sun takes around 230million years to complete a single journey around the Milky Way. Additionally, the Sun rises and falls (like a "sine" wave) as it travels in orbit around the centre of the galaxy... Then there is a moment when the Sun passes directly through the "galactic disk" and there is a perfect galactic alignment between out solar system
An unexpected alignment of galaxies has recently been observed by the Herschel space observatory. ... axies.html

"It's no less than a freak chance to see it in this alignment; but that of itself doesn't tell you anything amazing about the physics." says Associate Professor Peter Tuthill, research astrophysicist at the University of Sydney. ... 066699.htm   FROM LINK BELOW. 
When asked what is the origin of these new found charged particles, and where do they come from? Dave Thompson, an astrophysicist at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center gave us his answer. "It's a mystery, for one thing. About a third of the new sources can't be clearly linked to any of the known types of objects that produce gamma rays. We have no idea what they are. The other two-thirds have one thing in common - astounding energy."’  Courtesy Mitch Battros
Compare this with article January 2013 Post. 

An article by the Daily Telegraph Science Editor 5th July 1995 revealed the startling findings of scientists in America and Japan.

They normally measure cosmic rays in millions of electron volts.  Over the last two years they have measured rays to the power of 320 billion, billion electron volts.  To quote the article:
“ Something out there –no-one knows what- is hurling high energy particles around the Universe, in this case the most energetic ever observed by scientists…Not even the power released by the most violent exploding stars could account for them. Indeed conventional theory says such particles should not exist…”
From Post 4 Then :-
Researchers have long known that solar activity and cosmic rays have a yin-yang relationship. As solar activity declines, cosmic rays intensify. Lately, solar activity has been very low indeed. Are cosmic rays responding? The answer is “yes.” and the students of Earth to Sky Calculus have been using helium balloons to monitor cosmic rays in the stratosphere. Their latest flight on Feb. 16th measured the highest values yet:
The data show that cosmic rays in the mid-latitude stratosphere now are approximately 12% stronger than they were one year ago.
Cosmic rays, which are accelerated toward Earth by distant supernova explosions and other violent events, are an important form of space weather. They can seed cloudstrigger lightning, and penetrate commercial airplanes. Furthermore, there are studies linking cosmic rays with cardiac arrhythmias and sudden cardiac death in the general population. Among patients who have an implanted cardioverter – defibrillator (ICD), the aggregate number of life-saving shocks appears to be correlated with the number of cosmic rays reaching the ground.References: #1#2#3#4.
Why do cosmic rays increase when solar activity is low? Consider the following: To reach Earth, cosmic rays have to penetrate the inner solar system. Solar storms make this more difficult. CMEs and gusts of solar wind tend to sweep aside cosmic rays, lowering the intensity of radiation around our planet. On the other hand, when solar storms subside, cosmic rays encounter less resistance; reaching Earth is a piece of cake.
Forecasters expect solar activity to drop sharply in the years ahead as the 11-year solar cycle swings toward another deep minimum. Cosmic rays are poised to increase accordingly. (At last what I have been stressing for years) Article Courtesy of
Alien Skull Found in Denmark . 4 mins
Compare with Starchild Skull with the late Lloyd Pye and the DNA and Carbon Dating .   Read about technical examinations of the DNA, Carbon Dating.  900 years for the Starchild one 800 for Denmark.  During my UFO investigations and in the UFO STORY found in energygrid:-
One of the cases we followed up on was Borup in Denmark (In 1967, Borup was known for an air-raid shelter built in the town by the doomsday cult The Orthon cult.[2]
On 1 April 1970, Borup became the municipal seat of Skovbo Municipality, until it was merged with K√łge Municipality on 1 January 2007.) 
The investigation had nothing to do with the Orthon Group as we were informed of a genuine phenomena that had been caught on Radar and some credible witnesses. We heard wild stories, such as people being given rides in UFO. ET mating with several women and a UFO  that would fly to Zurich and Geneva and proclaim it to the world. None of it came about ALTHOUGH there were strange sightings while we were there and radioactive patches and pod marks of landing gear. 
This story begins on April 11th 1961.
Richard Grave, an English estate agent, was cleaning up an old house he had recently bought. As he was carrying an old print out he suddenly found that a shape was blocking his way. “I am he,” the shape said, touching the picture. At the same moment the glass splintered and the shape disappeared in a blaze of orange light. The flash was so intense that it scorched Richard Grave’s forearm as he held it up to protect himself.
This ghostly phenomenon developed further when the picture was miraculously restored to its original state – all by itself! No-one had touched the broken picture, it was claimed. The subject was “The first Christmas morning”, representing an angel that informs the shepherds of the birth of Christ. Later on the picture started “weeping” just like lots of Catholic images of saints have been leaking blood, sweat, and tears in the name of Christ.
The unknown shape that disappeared in a flash of light was called the Master. He started dropping in on Richard Grave, and Grave was endowed with healing powers.
The news gradually percolated to the public, and several people got involved, among others a local female psychic named Liebie Pugh who was versed in all kinds of religious matters.
The Master told Grave a lot of things, but a key sentence in the subsequent developments, at least in Denmark, was the message: “I have created seven images in the ray, and by the first second of the first hour of the seventh Christmas morning from now on I will have revealed myself to the universe by means of a nuclear development process.
Separately and synchronistically I got involved in a side investigation. I am a member of the Findhorn Foundation and was living there at odd times in the 70's and Eileen Caddy told me her side of the Weeping Angel saga. Also I used to go to Blackpool and Lytham St. Annes in Lancashire and verified several eye witness accounts. 
The Angel shed or rather had tears which were verified as human tears and scientists captured them from the photo.  I do not know about a being but I know Richard had healing powers.  Most local people witnessed it and she was dubbed the 'Weeping Angel'.
There is more to Life than meets the eye.
Be Well. Geoff
Alien Alphabet. 4 mins
Del Bigtree on Vaxxed. 10 mins
HILARY CLINTON  -A threat to all humanity. 15 MINS
WI FI  30 mins. urgent WI-FRIED
Amazing nano technology 8 mins 
Chemtrails 3 mins
Chemtrails. 1 hr. 9mins 
Although this report was about 2009 and 2012 I have repeatedly mentioned that December 21 2012 was the beginning of a period of change that would climax in 2016 and then further changes from 2017 to 2032 and the final one from 2033 to 2075.  If the Chemtrails, GMO foods, Vaccines and other tactics, like mind dumb-ing  producing obesity Alzheimer's and mutations destroy our awareness to being alert and aware of the new Galactic / Cosmic codes and signals first ingested or entrained by the Energy fields around our bodies, then through the Chakras the DNA  and the cells.
See more POST 275 A . 
what collecting urine from door to door . 3 mins
That's really taking the piss, or pissing people off. 
Miami sprays Neuro -Toxins to combat Zikka Virus.
The spray produces terrible side effects Europe and other places banned it. 4 mins.  

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