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In the spirit of the one Life a hearty welcome and greetings.
The text below is heartening as a serious scientist endorses the one life and consciousness.
The esotericist knows that the universe operates in real time and that the light that comes from the stars carries the forces that qualify them right now, not the distant past.  But this revelation will only come when the concept of the ether that links all living things together as one is again an accepted part of scientific thinking.

This may not be as far away as we might think. The idea of a living, conscious universe is occasionally piercing through the veils of illusion that currently pervade mainstream science and with time, this thinking will grow strong enough to transform the scientific mindset from the inside out. Many of you will know of Jim Ryder, a retired Vice President of Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company who spoke not long ago at an Arcane School conference. He is very much working as a bridging agent between orthodox and esoteric science, and recently recommended an interesting book entitled: “Starlight, Starbright: Are Stars Conscious?” by Dr. Greg Matloff of the Physics Department at the New York City College of Technology. Matloff is a major figure in the ‘interstellar movement” – which analyses prospects for travel to the stars. Most of his research has been in the fields of in-space propulsion, Earth-protection from asteroid impacts, and spacecraft navigation. He was also a consultant for NASA on solar-sail applications. While considering himself a conservative thinker, he says “a true scientist cannot ignore observational data. He or she must base hypothesis and theories upon such results, not upon previous experience, ideology and dogma.”

Matloff asserts that the only thing we can be absolutely sure of is our own consciousness. “But what is consciousness” he asks? “Is it a property that is unique to humans or do we share it with other life-forms? Or is the philosophical doctrine of panpsychism correct - are stars and the entire Universe conscious in some sense?”  A simple model of panpsychism is presented, which addresses an anomaly in stellar motions.  It is a disconcerting fact that the Gaia space observatory is bringing in masses of data showing that anomalies in the motion of stars is a galaxy-wide phenomenon. Cool, redder, less massive stars such as our own Sun appear to circle the centre of the galaxy faster than their hotter, bluer, more massive sisters. Matloff contends that this anomaly in star motion is due to stellar volition – the stars are conscious entities – they maintain their galactic position and determine their own trajectories through space by their own volition. Expanding on this revelation, he contends that it is possible now to construct simple models of universal consciousness and test them against observational evidence.

If we are now moving into an era where observational evidence can be shown to support the esoteric view that stars demonstrate will and volition, an important milestone will have been reached – one that is a beautiful affirmation of the Divine Will.  It leads us to ponder as to what, then, might the volition – the Divine Will of our own Sun be? And what then, might the will of the planets that spiral around this majestic life be? The stars and constellations are the leading lights of our destiny. Their influence leads the way and conditions the consciousness of every living thing in line with their glorious Plans and destiny. They all form part of a universal field of inter-relationship which staggers the imagination. Just trying to understand the nature of the Will of our own planetary Logos is hard enough, and the energy of his Will aspect is something that humanity is currently struggling to handle as it impacts consciousness. The current world turmoil is, to some extent, caused by this struggle to understand the Will, an energy which conditions the first quarter of each century and further propels humanity along the path of His intentions.    

Currently the divine will is awakening the soul of humanity and spiritually encouraging it towards integration. Despite the seeming wave of separatism sweeping the world, a higher integration is taking place beneath the surface of world events. And all this is in preparation for the next dispensation, one where the Christ consciousness – a group awareness – can continue to manifest. The current period of experimentation is a reminder that all things must change; the stars set their own courses through the heavens, every moment they are changing their patterns of relationship with other celestial bodies.  Change for them, as for every other conscious existence, is the law of life, for nothing can survive without movement and adaptation.  This is a basic lesson for humanity and there is a growing recognition that holding on to old relationships and patterns of thought longer than their appointed time creates a loss of balance and rhythm.  This lesson is well known to the disciple who knows that nothing is really lost when forms are let go of. The world disciple, humanity, is also learning this in the fires of purification and transformation, slowly shifting from one point of identity to another.

The apparently insurmountable problems that confront the race at this time constitute an aspect of the Dweller on the Threshold, a mountain of karma and old thought forms, but these only appear before a disciple or humanity itself when an integration process is underway prior to a shift of identity. We need to trust in this process and contribute creatively and joyously to our energy environment with that quiet sense of spiritual expectancy that the Tibetan encouraged us to develop. The joy that will the enfold us will prove to be a great reassurance in these troubling times; not so much a reassurance that we are making great spiritual advances, but that we are contributing all of our creative ability to the service of the Plan and that our minds are magnetically tuned into the source of humanity’s pending freedomc. The apparently insurmountable problems that confront the race at this time constitute an aspect of the Dweller on the Threshold, a mountain of karma and old thought forms, but these only appear before a disciple or humanity itself when an integration process is underway prior to a shift of identity. We need to trust in this process and contribute creatively and joyously to our energy environment with that quiet sense of spiritual expectancy that the Tibetan encouraged us to develop. The joy that will the enfold us will prove to be a great reassurance in these troubling times; not so much a reassurance that we are making great spiritual advances, but that we are contributing all of our creative ability to the service of the Plan and that our minds are magnetically tuned into the source of humanity’s pending freedom."
Kind permission from The Arcane School, The Lucis Trust(Alice Bailey)
The words used to express their point of view above maybe not to your liking. However, I am sure dear reader you are big enough to translate the meaning into your own preference.  For instance Christ Consciousness can be an energy which is Cosmic and Universal filling the hearts of humanity with respect, true tolerance, celebrating Unity in Diversity, which nature does in order to symbiotically survive, not so much survive but thrive. Or one can see it as Messianic Force, A Savior through Ascension, Trans mutational, evolutionary shift, which sweeps through the collective unconscious and enters the hearts and minds of humanity.  Rather  than a person but by an energetic input from the Cosmos.
Of course there are those who wish to stop or even eliminate these very powerful waves of change, a change that see the world 'as a world that works for everyone everywhere'.  This will not suit power mongers and greedy persons in high positions.  
As a Metaphysicist and long before degrees or such stuff, from 4 years old after my NDE I felt and knew that the Planets and Stars were alive, highly intelligent and conscious.  I felt later on that Gravity was an aspect of consciousness.  Eventually we can come to the that Great Scientist Sir James Hopwood Jeans quote:-
n an interview published in The Observer (London), when asked the question "Do you believe that life on this planet is the result of some sort of accident, or do you believe that it is a part of some great scheme?", he replied:
I incline to the idealistic theory that consciousness is fundamental, and that the material universe is derivative from consciousness, not consciousness from the material universe... In general the universe seems to me to be nearer to a great thought than to a great machine. It may well be, it seems to me, that each individual consciousness ought to be compared to a brain-cell in a universal mind.
What remains is in any case very different from the full-blooded matter and the forbidding materialism of the Victorian scientist. His objective and material universe is proved to consist of little more than constructs of our own minds. To this extent, then, modern physics has moved in the direction of philosophic idealism. Mind and matter, if not proved to be of similar nature, are at least found to be ingredients of one single system. There is no longer room for the kind of dualism which has haunted philosophy since the days of Descartes. —Addressing the British Association in 1934.
 Finite picture whose dimensions are a certain amount of space and a certain amount of time; the protons and electrons are the streaks of paint which define the picture against its space-time background. Traveling as far back in time as we can, brings us not to the creation of the picture, but to its edge; the creation of the picture lies as much outside the picture as the artist is outside his canvas. On this view, discussing the creation of the universe in terms of time and space is like trying to discover the artist and the action of painting, by going to the edge of the canvas. This brings us very near to those philosophical systems which regard the universe as a thought in the mind of its Creator, thereby reducing all discussion of material creation to futility. The Universe Around Us, page 317.
Sir James Hopwood Jeans
By the way I have given coordinates regarding Stars and Planets in my 1967 writings contained in:-
Even now I get folk not really understanding the Binary and Triple Locks; simplified it was before 2012 that energies from Stars and Planets came as coded binary locks, that means they were locked in pairs.  This was appropriate and commensurate for our double strand DNA Helix.  As we move into the Ascension from 2012 -2016 an upgrade will come from the Milky Way Center via a Wave Impulse, it will be transformed in less powerful energy so we will be able to assimilate it without burning up, although many will feel the heat physically as a kind of Chi, Ki, Kundalini, Life Force rush. This wave is to prepare us for the final stage in the Shift from 2017-2075.  
As the ascension energies of evolution come in waves particular in Gamma Ray bursts(Back Blog on this information Post 275 see also in article the health effects Scroll down to and the 1967 writings state an added strand will be added possibly by 2075 for those attuned to it, for many it will be possible by the 2017-2032, so the three strand DNA needs a Triple lock to facilitate the upgrade changes and to reconfigure the computations in the DNA and awaken dormant cells, the process will then proceed to all parts of the body and mind. HOWEVER, if there is resistance to change it could have effects like rages, depression, illnesses and so on, certainly aggression and war, mad insane acts by politicians and terrorists, sudden unexplained violence. Added to this the frequencies which are being generated by the so called elite through all electronic devices and chemicals in food. 
Edward Snowden ----smartphones can be taken over.  2 mins. MOST MOST IMPORTANT.
It is my view in the light of many mysterious murders and suicides of persons who 'get in the way ' of the elite they can access your device, in fact anything electronic and especially digital. You can get a phone call a frequency encoded message and commit suicide or murder.

Remember things have gone on since then especially if one is hooked by the media and believes the newspapers and hype and becomes a sheeple watching large amounts of TV and electronic devices 

You can see much more in Post 84 scroll down to below image above.  Some items in the Post have been removed. Not so much by the authorities but by out of date license on You Tube and owners withdrawing them. As I say apart from my own views everything is in the Public Domain and believe me if you look at some sites----you might think the owners could receive the call.
Cut the media out not by force but watching less TV, Computer Browsing, mobile / cell phone use. Take up quietness, relaxation, meditation, Yoga, Taichi  , Qi Gong, and other gentle sports and recreation, walk in nature whilst there is still some left, try to eat quality foods and most of all Be Still and Listen before believing.

An example of ELF Brain Simulation

Bioelectric Resonance Frequency

Motor Control Cortex                      10Hz                    Information Induced through Modulation                  

Auditory Cortex                               15Hz                   Motor Impulse coordinator

Visual Cortex                                   25Hz                   Images on the brain by passing the eye. 

Somalosensory                                 9Hz                     Phantom touch sense.

Thought Center                                20Hz                   Imposed subconscious thoughts.

These are from panel underneath very old copy  above. Now all this far more advanced.

DNA taken from this tooth belonging to a young girl was found to be neither from early human nor Neanderthal, and was from a previously unknown species
I have seen research that shows a lot more types of human like bipeds, this will do for now. My view is that the early human had two strands of DNA and with many upgrades and shifts through the energies 
of evolution, different changes to the DNA came about they were by Cosmic Intention, not as Darwin posited.  There were also catastrophic disasters which 'pushes nature to spawn' new forms to suit climate change tectonic plate upheaval.
This is one of the many maps of the tectonic plates before the split and they are still moving.  New species would have to have adapted much quicker that Darwin suggested as they would have been wiped out in then predator  / prey cycle and symbiosis would have not developed. The Intelligence behind nature sets it up in pairs and allows it to flourish and the DNA is slowly mutating until the reptilian brain, then mid brain and then the frontal lobe brain which awakened  about the time of Homo Erectus, and now the awakening of the binaural brain and accommodating and facilitating by incremental signals and codes from Cosmic Source to the DNA  the three Strand DNA Aquarian Light Body, Homo Spiritulana.  

Courtesy quote
As consciousness evolves so do the forms emanating from it. I feel that Intelligence is Consciousness in Action, it is the Mind ever evolving, not the local mind encased in programme's, rituals, religions, cults, sects, politics, suspicions and dogma, because everything one thinks from this base is inside the box as it were and is local mind and any decision is made from a juxtaposition of the elements of this, this is the local mind, trapped in a prison. Anything that is challenging to this either is denied, or attacked, ignored or possibly considered.
If one is presented with new information and one feels uncomfortable then investigate this, is this 'pushing your buttons' is this saying I am not sure of the platform I stand on.

Presented with new information and one feels uncomfortable then investigate this, is this 'pushing your buttons' is this saying I am not sure of the platform I stand on.   

So my next view is outside many a box or is it. If you care to peruse the small print article from the Arcane school you will see that Dr Matlock posits that everything is alive and is conscious and intelligent, if so Planets and Stars are what we might be evolving, too, huge radiant mind and huge Intelligentsia's guiding a supervising the day to day affairs of planets.  A Planetary Being.
I would further suggest that these vast beings have a huge number of  DNA strands in order for their huge and lengthy lives to be fulfilled. The Cosmos is a huge information Intelligence Internet, everything is shared in proportion to the capacity and understanding of the recipient.  Thoughts are energies and too much information can cause burn out, fry one's circuits, so dampers are installed to protect one from the surges, and one downloads according to ones receptivity and space to accommodate it. This is not the same as Earth University or Science.  It registers in the quietness of meditation, contemplation and concentration.  This is Universal Cosmic Language and is akin to telepathy but is called Intuition.  It is the language of the spirit and only comes in quiet moments or when the mind is relaxed. 
You will know when it arrives there is nothing to compare the beauty, peace and upliftment.
Dr Edgar Mitchell Astronaut (Passed over this year bless him, sadly missed)
n 1971,  Dr. Edgar Dean Mitchell became the sixth person to walk on the Moon.  While in space he had a spiritual experience that changed his life and made him realise that everything and everyone is interconnected and originate from the same source. The experience lead him to found the Institute of Noetic Sciences.
This type of experience is not unique to Edgar Mitchell.The image of our Earth from space invokes the feeling of oneness and a change on our perspective.  A number of astronauts when witnessing first-hand the cosmos from space, experienced a cognitive and spiritual shift. 
On the way back from the moon, while looking at the Earth and the cosmos from the spacecraft window  he had a moment of  spiritual awakening and enlightenment. Edgar Mitchell came to the realisation that the molecules of his body and the molecules of the spacecraft had been manufactured in an ancient generation of stars. He acquired a deep knowing that we are all connected and an understanding that we humans are consumed by greed and ego and are missing the big picture. This realisation was experienced as a deep knowing; an ecstasy and transformation.
When back on Earth, Edgar Mitchell was curious to find out if his experience in space was documented in scientific bibliography. As he was not able to find anything in science, he turned to spiritual bibliography. When looking into the ancient Indian tradition he found the description of samadhi (savikalpa samadhi) which matched his own spiritual experience in space. The sanskrit word Savikalpa samadhi is a state of samadhi in which one’s consciousness temporarily dissolves into Brahman (the highest state of consciousness).

In an interview (1) Edgar Mitchell was quoted as saying:
“The descriptions of samadhi, savikalpa samadhi, were exactly what I felt: it is described as seeing things in their separateness, but experiencing them viscerally as a unity, as oneness, accompanied by ecstasy”
Inspired by his experience,  in 1973, Dr. Mitchell founded the Institute of Noetic Sciences to promote scientific research in the areas of consciousness, human potential and spirituality. In this research quantum science has been am important framework to explaining spirituality.

Here we see again the connection of the ONE LIFE in this case we come from the stars as it were or share some molecules and therefore atoms and particles which arise from the same Source of all Life. Even the Stars have their origin from the Source.
PERCY SEYMOUR   Astronomer Royal
In Dr Seymour's work as in the link above and an article  His book The Scientific Basis for Astrology is fascinating and again shows the One Life connection.  
I could go on and on but for now---loving and happy  and One Life connections Be.Well.  Geoff
I post this early as I am getting lots of contacts stating people they know 
and themselves, especially 'light workers' in every sense are going through strange and challenging things and experiences. Anxiousness and nervousness and physical discomfort among the many reported. I can only say I am experiencing something way out of comfort zone.  
By Light workers I mean all those who work with compassion and care for the world community regardless of their faith and beliefs and for Dearest Mother Earth.  Be the work so called spiritual or just plain hands on.

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