Wednesday 31 August 2016


Dear Readers a hearty and joyful greeting of peace, respect and dignity.
I apologize humbly for the repetition, however I feel this is vitally important. The first repeat is that this year 2016 I have said many times it is a very, very pivotal year and have added that if we get through this year unscathed personally, politically, religiously and unharmed we may be fortunate.  Of course there are those fortunate ones who thrive in these times and some that manipulate it. 
Indeed the road ahead does looks somewhat precarious to say the least.
Dr Paul Craig Roberts.  Putin says we are on the brink of WW3. 25 mins.
It is not because of me being a fan of Mr Putin but the facts I will post here seem to me to be more logical and I feel instinctively to be nearer to what is happening, also I have contacts which I rely upon from persons in places where it is all taking place and might be escalated later on.
How the Turkey conflict and recent attempt to over throw the regime involves the USA. 27 Mins
Is Turkey Leaving NATO. 43 mins.
Hilary can't hide this anymore 7 mins.
   My take on this is that as the USA has moved its Nukes out of Turkey and Russia moved in at the Airport in Incirlik. The videos above describe the various scenarios that could ensue.
Laugh as you might a mad President in Hilary Clinton could be blamed for starting a conflict, 'OH!  we didn't realize the President was sick it was a moment of a seizure this must have been happening gradually and we didn't see this and we apologize for wiping out the world'
It's no use looking for ET to help sort this mess out.  Perhaps bringing us to the brink of total nuclear confrontation and world wipe out may wake up these mad psychopaths.
Nuclear Bunkers for sale.  Courtesy YOU TUBE  1 min
The elite of course have underground cities I have done many a blog  / Post on these, and many wealthy folk are purchasing nuclear shelters.  Is this all the hype that Steve Judd and others were hinting at for August and my obsession with 2016 since 1967.
Steve Judd on August 2016. 7 mins
What Steve suggests is good advice, this all maybe hype and posturing, a dangerous game to play with nuclear arsenals and deranged mentally sick sociopaths in charge, journalists are frightened of being imprisoned or mysteriously being killed and called suicide. Read back Posts on the numbers of those holistic doctors and Hilary Clinton opponents and whistle blowers being knocked off. Also Julian Assange releasing all those emails through Wikileaks and strangely enough his lawyer being killed, not suicide and in a back Post I describe how this could happen via a mobile  / cell phone.   
The ego, the collection of programme's, indoctrination, grooming as in Super soldiers ( Back Posts) ideology, religious fervor, political over zealous ambitions, over and under self confidence, childhood abuse, boot camp brutalization as in marines, special forces(some countries have to have them and they have more and more brutish torture and self survival training) all this and life style glamor super star stuff, takes one to be utterly self centered.  Eckhart Tolle on the ego explains it concisely.
If you do not believe we have psychopathic maniacs in charge, then why have vaccinations with adjutants in them, why have cancer cures held back and doctors killed for promoting and using them, why have GM foods and chemicals killing people, why have chemtrails dropping poison on us, why kill the planet with Fracking and other things, why declare war, murder, kill and rape, plunder and destroy, why can't we have clean water and free clean energy, it is available, and many lost their lives trying to get it to the worlds peoples. ?  Have you seen the war torn cities?  Do you care? Of course you do and you probably feel hopeless to help.
Drone  footage of a destroyed city, its the same in Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya , Yemen.
There are babies, children, women, men , young and elderly folk some without food, water, losing limbs, no medical supplies, starving, what will this do to them if they survive?  The noise of warfare is horrific.  It never leaves your head, soldiers have post traumatic stress ( I have a mild form of it and get panic attacks occasionally, many cannot get treatment, I use meditation, holosync, EFT, Qi Gong, HeartMath Coherence Training, diet and fortunately a small quiet flat. and it getting better, I know what it is like in a small way for them, multiplied by a million that is their plight). 
  Hold fast, breathe, Pray and see light in your mind's eye waking up those dark deranged despotic minds.  My love and blessings to everyone everywhere, yes even the woeful leaders of tyranny, for in their pompous effrontery and they know at heart they are pure unfortunately that pure innocence has been overlayed with a monster that is rising from the cesspool of our collective dark past and has to rise to be cleaned like a putrid boil, that has to be lanced and let the puss pour out to be cleaned by the light of healing and forgiveness, and the stench of hatred and malice sweetened by a clean breeze smelling fresh and aromatic as the winds of change sweep away the karma and carnage of the Past.
Take Great Care of Your Lovely Selves, Be Well. Geoff 

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