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POST 276 'I AM A I'- AM I ?

Hello all you 'I Am's'. With AI (Artificial Intelligence that I have been on about in many back issues, so many that I cannot reference them all, this video below shows how far the Government have got in budget and manifesting them some up and running so far this IMPORTANT  video describes the USA  part of it, you can bet your bottom dollar as they say most countries have similar technology.
What is so scary about this in my opinion is the fact 'that  instances where they maybe collateral damage, the killing of civilians, then the machines make the decision as they are programmed too, which takes the guilt and blame off of the human involvement'.  My argument would be well a human programmed them.  The argument against this the machine 'out thinks and computes so much faster to an incident or threat, that is maybe too late to avert it if left to human thinking'.  So the moral compass is bypassed as the machine is faster and smarter than the humans.  Does this remind you of a film:-

Skynet takes over. Terminator 3. The Rise of the Machines. 4 mins. 
Madeline Albright  0.30 secs
This would now release Madeline Albright from that decision.  Let a machine make the decision and it cannot be prosecuted by law.
This now begs the question with so many people being in denial or what can we do, are we so dumbed down that we are not sure if we are an I Am Me and is it really me, do I just rely on the news either Western, RT, Al Jazeera, ForbiddenKnowledge, James Corbett, Alex Jones, David Icke, Fox News, CNN, or this blog. Have you researched, weighed it up without prejudice or you afraid it might challenge your safety, and then run away in helpless distraction?  The truth sometimes is not comfortable, we may not like what we find in our minds. If we live with ourselves in compromise, the guilt or shame may eat into us, a bitter pill to swallow. If  Madeline Albright can live with her decision and not have a twinge of conscience, then she is a sociopath, a monster and Hilary Clinton a world war 3 instigator as you see above, will be voted in as President and a person who has lied as those emails prove and blames the people she has made deals with especially Russia who will be the victim of world war three, then who are those that are voting her in?  Are they not aware of this, or are the media not sharing the facts, well you see the media is controlled and so the people are in and done for and the machines have won. FOR  the machines collect  the data and decide by their fast computations what to give and dupe the general public, and we become sheeple.
By the way you can judge the general intelligence of many have you seen some of the comments in the YouTube video 'F this 'F that and really crass comments, so imagine presenting to those folk an idea that is not their belief and makes them feel uncomfortable, takes them out of their safety zone, first instinct ---attack, destroy, anger and blasphemy. This mind programming.  Stop, breathe, research, think it over, then if disagreement, leave a plausible alternative other than 'F you, you S' or just I think this is not to my liking and I disagree. 
You see how easy it is to whip up frenzy and clever programming does just this.  
So are you a real I Am,OR Am I a victim of AI and media, religious, political indoctrination and therefore a product of a machine intelligence and a sheeple, AI Am I?
Wikileakes have the information that could jail Hilary Clinton. 30 mis

Mysterious Russian Idol 11,000years old
The Invisible Universe of the Microbiome. 6 mins
Courtesy NASA APOD
Human as Spaceship
Space Image Credit: NASA, ESA, Hubble, and J. Maiz- Apellániz (IAA); Acknowledgement: D. De Martin;
Human Image Copyright: Charis Tsevis; Composition: R. J. Nemiroff
Explanation: You are a spaceship soaring through the universe. So is your dog. We all carry with us trillions of microorganisms as we go through life. These multitudes of bacteria, fungi, and archaea have different DNA than you. Collectively called your microbiome, your shipmates outnumber your own cells. Your crew members form communities, help digest food, engage in battles against intruders, and sometimes commute on a liquid superhighway from one end of your body to the other. Much of what your microbiome does, however, remains unknown. You are the captain, but being nice to your crew may allow you to explore more of your local cosmos.
How microbes makes us who we are.  Rob Knight. 18 mins.
Here is a possible cure for all diseases and their origin.
In many Blogs and Posts I have mentioned Sir Fred Hoyle:-
                               Fred Hoyle.jpg
Born 24 June 1915
Gilstead, Bingley, West Riding of Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom
Died 20 August 2001 (aged 86)
Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom
Residence United Kingdom
Nationality British
Scientific career
Fields Astronomy
Institutions Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge
Alma mater Emmanuel College, Cambridge
Academic advisors Rudolf Peierls
Maurice Pryce
Philip Worsley Wood
Doctoral students John Moffat
Chandra Wickramasinghe
Cyril Domb
Jayant Narlikar
Leon Mestel
Peter Alan Sweet
Other notable students Paul C. W. Davies
Douglas Gough
Known for Coining the phrase 'Big Bang'
Stellar nucleosynthesis theory
Hoyle's fallacy
B2FH paper
Hoyle-Narlikar theory
Steady state theory
Triple-alpha process
Influenced Jocelyn Bell Burnell
Jayant Narlikar
Donald D. Clayton
Notable awards
I mention him so many times because I feel he knew a lot more than he stated professionally, friends of mine who met and knew him said he shared a lot of information about Space and ET than would have been accepted by the academic institutions.
Anyway Sir Fred Hoyle and Dr Nalin Chandra Wickramasinghe did work and explored galactic dust in the 60's and it looked as though a percentage of this dust galaxy wise some 99.9% resembled freeze dried bacteria.
The pair found this out when they peered with infra red light at the dust in this galaxy and came to the opinion that the dust granules were thought to be hollow around about 70% interior-ally.  The nature of bacteria is that they have a hard exterior surface and a softer interior.
Sir Fred lectured in 1980 April 15 and said  " Microbiology may be said to have had its beginnings in the 1940's. A new world of astonishing complexity began then to be revealed. In retrospect I find it remarkable that microbiologists did not at once recognize that the world in which they had penetrated had of necessity to be of a Cosmic Order. I suspect that the Cosmic quality of microbiology will seem as obvious to future generations as the Sun being the center of our solar system seems obvious to the present generation".
As is known bacteria can survive inside volcanoes, inside nuclear furnace's, lay dormant for years and then can be reawakened and much more.
In the light of the videos above and Sir Fred and Dr N Chandra where are we standing with Doctors giving out Antibiotics like confetti, VACCINES and GMO foods with additives,insecticides, Chemtrails and the like.  Mothers who smoke, have bad thoughts, subjected to violence, the stress of austerity and poor quality food and cold inhospitable housing. WHO benefits by withholding this information and the cures that could come from this? The New World Order Cabal, the Big Pharma and so on.
Courtesy health and
 There is a fascinating research that I touched on in the last Post and this hinted at the fact that we have an energy body something like the above field that surrounds us but goes on to greater depths. We have indeed according the Russian Scientists mentioned an EXACT replica of ourselves in every detail in an energy form if you like. This is an information field and is contained and duplicated in the DNA which is in the Post and 'sucks' in light photons which contains the information concomitant and commensurate to the form it produces.

 Courtesy altered-states .net
Then comes the discussion did the energy field come first or when the cells of the body divided in the womb it produced the energy field of information. However I posit that an informing intelligence had to inform and start the process of designating the differentiation to assign the various organ and such like with the network of brain neurons, arteries and so on.
This replica body is where we 'drain too' when we die and also when we travel in the so called astral body. A sort of ghost like structure only finer.  Ghosts have not quite made the transition are pulled back as the Dalai Lama below suggests.
Furthermore in their research they found as in the DNA Phantom Research just as the DNA imprint replica body stays for 30 days so does yours, you leave replicas of yourself in field formation on seats, beds where you go, they can be traced and would give clues to where you have been, their research was kept and is secret, and from this all diseases can be cured, prevented and longevity and cell rejuvenation possible.  By simple captured wave frequencies.
So we come back to photons, light as containing coded messages, frequencies like TV, WI FI, Radio, cell / mobile phones all contain bands of information.  Some valuable and nourishing to the human energy fields which translate to the more tangible forms in the body and nature, and some that are disruptive and time cause permanent dysfunction called illness or being one degree under and unwell or maybe something more serious.
In a previous Post 275 and scroll down to Cosmic Rays you will see there is evidence that more Comic Rays here in Earth and I suggest that the majority of these are a mix of planetary, Star and especially from the Milky Way Center, and furthermore these are seeding an evolutionary upgrade, this I explain in detail in the last four blogs in menu futurity. The more beautiful our thoughts, loving and light, the more photons we gather.  Just look at this with food:-
Furthermore Dr Paul La Violette explains his theories on this, he is a brilliant scientist.       
Dr Paul La Violette.  Ice and Cosmic Studies. 11 mins 
Dr Paul studied Myth and Astrology and together with his Ph.D as above video research which you can get the other parts 1 and 3.  I leave it as this.  This  Post is long and yet vital.
To conclude;- I posit that we have an underlying field(a loose statement, this field is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent), and if asked what came first the chicken or the egg, I posit they came as a pair.  They came from the void as the Taoist say from the emptiness, the void, came yin and yang, in embryos the first cell splits in two and so on.
We are part of the Divine hologram, given our free will as a gift, we are a microcosm and as such we have a choice, our way or the way of the Infinite?  
                    Be Well. Be Light. Geoff. 
So as the title above suggest in this Post 'which I Am are you after reading all the data about light, photons, energy field, replicas and so on'?  PLEASE READ THIS MOST INFORMATIVE ARTICLE.
Donald Trump and the army of the 12 monkeys.  3 mins
Well maybe the future will send down the the 12 Vixens for Hilary Clinton.  She wants world war 3 and so there is not a lot of choice between the two. 
Astronomer gives a warning about weird orbit  and thinks it maybe Niburu and says its ominous, you can Google for more info it has been confirmed as counter orbit object found past Neptune and Steve Judd in his August 2106 gives a hint about this month and I have been going on about 2016 in general.  3 mins
 Steve Judd. 7 mins
Crop Circle---Ansty near Salisbury UK. taken 12-08 - 2016 9 mins.
Maybe another portent, sign or symbol? 

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