Saturday 4 February 2017


Hi again.  This is two hours long and I first Posted it in
Nov. 2010, July 2010, Jan 2100, Aug.2011 Post 3, Born free series. 2012 Post 3, I offered  free emails attachment for the whole script.
found under menu Futurity click on photo. 
Also  this site;
Post 32 24 April 2013 includes write up on Hangar 18, Post 206 6 Feb 2015 includes Photograph of Nurse Matilda O'Donnell Macelroy in Uniform, Post 299 Dec 30 2016. 
Alien Roswell Interview  180 mins.
You can still get the transcript  on the Internet.  However I find it easier to listen to it although I have heard it and read it many times. In one of the above Blogs and Posts I refer to my UFO article in the Grid May 2005 and the reference in her interview and several related points in common with The UFO STORY

I have stated and will state again that I have contacts who were there and their death bed confessions and I KNOW I CANNOT GIVE THE NAMES IN ORDER TO PROTECT THE FAMILIES. OH I HEAR MANY SAY OF COURSE NOT BECAUSE IT IS FAKE NEWS AND BULL SHIT.
Well you know what you may call me all the names under the sun, I know Roswell is a true incident and the interview plus Hangar 18.

Those who disbelieve it is your choice and you must stay with your own incredulity, frustration and I can understand it is hard to swallow----just as seeming reality is all in the mind and decoded by the brain by the brain from invisible wavelengths and frequencies like a TV from the antennae aerial.  Also atoms are 99.99 % space and everything is made of atoms, are we just space, a mind hologram and that's all----are you sure, are you really sure you are as solid as you think? 

Be Well. Geoff

I am posting two more of


Close encounters of the third kind. 6
Presenter has documents from the freedom of information
ET Extraterrestrial.

See also Post 22 April 4 2013 with my cousin and Issac Asimov with Ronald and Nancy Reagan watching ET and his remarks a photo of my cousin, my brother and I the later called back to space.

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