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Hello Apologies for labouring this point. I said in Post 354 B that I was bowing out of this discussion; however as you see below and from the last POST a number of friends, acquaintances and casual people I know have either accosted me in the cafĂ© chats I have, friends badgering me to make comments on the article below and one or two heated debates. I really feel I will not have to succumb to any more howls of derision like; you told us about the Swiss lab many POSTS back what’s this then ‘clever dick Mr Forensic then’ one said well my take on this and as I have said before I am an armchair blog forensic man now, although I still have a few anonymous contacts(howls of name them you coward—my reply if I name them they will be hounded and threatened—poor excuse you loser) these are some of the comments by the above, not so much friends they get at me in a more congenial way.   THERE WILL BE ANOTHER POST SHORTLY ON A LIGHTER MORE UPLIFTING ON THE EQUINOX AND SOLSTICE.
Courtesy NPR
A spokesperson for the Swiss Federal Intelligence Service (NDB) told The Independent that authorities “are aware of the case of Russian spies discovered in the Hague and expelled from the same place”.
“The Swiss Federal Intelligence Service (FIS) participated actively in this operation together with its Dutch and British partners,” she added. ”The FIS has thus contributed to the prevention of illegal actions against a critical [part of] Swiss infrastructure.”
Officials at the Spiez Laboratory said it had also been targeted with cyber attacks, including a fake conference invitation that contained malicious software.
The spies, who were allegedly found with espionage equipment that could be used to spy on the laboratory, were sent back to Russia and have not been prosecuted.
Spiez became the centre of conspiracy theories spread by Russian state media earlier this year, which falsely claimed precursor agents for BZ rather than novichok were found in the Skripal samples.
Foreign minister Sergei Lavrov used the claims to turn fire on Britain by accusing it of producing BZ and violating the chemical weapons convention.
Courtesy Twitter
I feel that this connected with a number of aspects; I feel if they would have prosecuted the alleged spies the real truth would have come out that the substance was NOT novichok and indeed a derivative or in fact BZ.
There is a rumour that the Swiss were concerned about certain funding being terminated to CERN if certain policies were not forthcoming and carried out and an official trial concerning the arrest and imprisonment of the two suspects could reveal something to back up the so called 'no novichok' analysis and the reluctance to show in detail the findings.
 By Robert Windrem
NBC News
updated 10/24/2003 10:35:26 AM ET
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Oct. 27 — Some have speculated that the Russian government used BZ gas as the incapacitating agent to end the Moscow theater siege. Here is some background on its history, its symptoms, effects and treatments:
BZ GAS WAS developed by the United States Army at the Edgewood Arsenal in Maryland during the 1950s as a military agent. It later was believed to have capability as a crowd control agent. There are no known detectors for its presence in either indoor or outdoor environments.
Although chemically based, its use or possession is not specifically prohibited by the Chemical Warfare Convention [CWC] unless produced in certain quantities.
BZ is a stable white crystalline powder that is only slightly soluble in water. It is described by the U.S. Army as a “central nervous system depressant.” It can “disrupt the high integrative functions of memory, problem solving, attention, and comprehension. A relatively high dose produces toxic delirium, destroying the individual’s ability to perform any military task.”
The Army’s field manuals describe the effect: “mild peripheral effects of BZ occur within 1 hour and maximal central effects occur after about 4 hours lasting 24 to 48 hours, with a peak at 8 to 10 hours,” indicating that Russian forces may have deployed the gas several hours before the attack.
First symptoms include dizziness, ataxia (a loss of motor control), vomiting, dry mouth, blurred vision, confusion, sedation leading to stupor, progressing to random unpredictable behavior with delusions and hallucination within 12 or more hours. The U.S. Army believed the most important single medical consideration is the possibility of heat stroke.
The U.S. Army ultimately abandoned its use because of its unpredictability on the battlefield.
It has been used several times over the past 40 years, most famously against theViet Cong in the Vietnam War by the United States and against Muslims in both Bosnia and Kosovo by Yugoslavian troops. Veterans groups over the years have charged that U.S. soldiers in Vietnam were exposed to it and suffered long-term neurological effects.
Iraq is also believed to have made BZ in 1989-90, but the United Nations could not verify the development “due to the absence of sufficient data from documents and other verifiable evidence.”
There is no evidence that it used it against either Iran or coalition forces but U.S. and British intelligence believed that “Iraq may have possessed large quantities of a chemical warfare agent known as Agent 15,” a group of chemicals that includes BZ, according to the Defense Department.
As early as 1986, the United States was aware of an Iraqi research program into BZ and another psychochemical, EA3443, at its main chemical and biological weapon R&D facility at Muthanna near Samarra.
BZ intake can be treated with a chemical called physostigmine, a compound that enhances levels of a substance (acetylcholine) between neurons in the brain. The drug has a history of successful treatment on patients suffering from carbon monoxide intoxication. Also called eserine, physostigmine has also been used to enhance memory in patients with Alzheimer’s disease.
Robert Windrem is an investigative producer at NBC News.

Indeed if the substance was BZ then the USA may have been pointed at by Russia and also the whole case against Russia would have been openly flawed, remembering that the USA pushed hard with the UK for politicking the OPCW and to make it apportion blame and the Russian delegate hushed up and could not get samples which by law and the report should have given the accused a sample and tested.

The arrested and let off spies were probably Russian and they were most likely trying to obtain evidence which was held back and never shared by all parties concerned and see who was visiting the laboratory.

The symptoms of the Skripal's and Dawn and Charley were not of novichok, if you see all my POSTS on this you will see independent scientists who said with novichok there are no survivors and the victims did not exhibit the reactions from this alleged substance.  The victims would have been stone dead cold in less than hour.

Related to this is the doping scandal in which innocent Russian Athletes were banned and yes Russia has admitted culpability and the point made other countries were not banned wholesale, it will be interesting to see if the World authorities on doping in Athletes and countries reinstate the Russian Athletic Federation back to world status they are debating and voting on this between 17th September  and the end of the week 2018.

I repeat these are my speculations and I am aware I go against many countries and their position on this; the point is that Facebook, Twitter and the like could well put amateur non paid blogger's like me on a surveillance list and send it to GCHQ, NSA and anyone one else with a vested interest in free speech.  I am not inciting to riot or apportion blame I am merely expressing a view; I'll quote the Security services back at them 'if you have nothing to hide then what's the fuss about'.  'The lady protests too much-methinks( Hamlet- Shakespeare). I am sure the authorities are well aware of the many bloggers and so its up to them and if we are taken down you know why----they are covering up their dirty tricks at the will of their political masters.

A group of leading human rights NGOs in Britain are taking the UK government to the European Court of Human Rights over invasive mass surveillance practices they warn violate Britons’ right to privacy and freedom of expression.
The court appeal, filed by Privacy International, Bytes for All, Amnesty International, Liberty and other civil liberties groups, is a direct response to a ruling last December by Britain’s surveillance court, the Investigatory Powers Tribunal (IPT).
The case, brought before the IPT, examined whether Britain and America’s industrial surveillance programs uncovered by ex-NSA analyst Edward Snowden breach citizens’ right to privacy.
The IPT ruling found that Tempora, a program set up to monitor web traffic flowing in and out of Britain via fiber optic cables, is entirely lawful. It also said Britain and America’s intelligence sharing system known as Prism is legal.
During the court proceedings, fragments of previously clandestine government surveillance policies were made known to the public, which influenced the tribunal’s final decision. Because these policies had been made transparent, the IPT resolved industrial spying was compliant with international human rights law.
The appeal filed at the ECHR challenges the IPT’s December ruling that industrial spying under Britain’s controversial Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (RIPA) complies with the UK’s duty to protect its citizens’ human rights. RIPA regulates public bodies’ deployment of and access to surveillance.
The European Court of Human Rights will also consider whether certain provisions inherent to RIPA violate Article 14 of the Convention, which bans illegal discrimination. The GCHQ says the government will be "vigorously" defending the case.
"We completely reject the assertions made in the press release from Amnesty International and others, which do not reflect the judgments of the Investigatory Powers Tribunal. The IPT was clear in its December judgment that the legal regime is lawful, and that GCHQ does not seek to carry out mass surveillance. The government will be vigorously defending this case at the European Court of Human Rights," a GCHQ spokesperson told RT.
On shaky legal ground
The court appeal comes at a time when legal arguments justifying the government’s surveillance policies are beginning to unravel. On February 6, Britain’s surveillance court ruled that British intelligence services breached the law by accessing millions of individuals’ personal data.
This landmark ruling signaled the first occasion that the IPT found UK security and intelligence services had been acting unlawfully for several years until the end of 2014. Since then the legal regime has been updated to ensure compliance. A judgment issued by the tribunal in December found the current system doesn’t violate human rights.
Several weeks after the initial ruling, during a separate IPT case involving Reprieve and Amnesty International, the UK government admitted that its program governing the interception, collection and use of material privileged under law breaches the Human Rights Act.
The most recent appeal filed at the ECHR follows 18 months of litigation between human rights NGOs and the British government. It uncovered multiple legal issues with the UK government’s mass surveillance techniques.
Throughout the course of this legal wrangling, it emerged the UK government deems it justifiable to engage in mass surveillance of every Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google user in Britain, even if there is no suspicion that the user has broken the law.
In a bid to legitimize this, the government has secretly redefined Britons’ use of these messaging platforms as “external communications,” according to Privacy International.
Carly Nyst, legal director of Privacy International, said mass surveillance tramples upon citizens’ basic rights.
“Intercepting millions of communications every day, and secretly receiving millions more from the NSA by the back door is neither necessary nor proportionate,” she said.
Nyst argued that the IPT revealed a pro-government stance by siding with UK spy base GCHQ. However, she noted the ECHR has a “strong history of ensuring intelligence agencies are compliant with human rights law.”
“We hope that the court continues this tradition and GCHQ is finally held accountable for its unfettered spying on the world’s communications,” she said.
James Welch, Legal Director for Liberty, said the IPT maintains there are reasonable safeguards to protect Britons from industrial-scale privacy rights violations.
“We disagree, and hope the European Court will finally make clear to our security services that they cannot operate in near complete secrecy,” he said.
“It is thanks only to Edward Snowden’s revelations, and the scant disclosures we and the other claimants have been able to prise from the government, that we know anything whatsoever about what the intelligence services are up to.”
Amnesty International lawyer Nick Williams said no individual is “above the law” and the European Court of Human Rights now has an opportunity to “make this clear.”
“The UK government’s surveillance practices have been allowed to continue unabated and on an unprecedented scale, with major consequences for people’s privacy and freedom of expression,” he said.
“This industrial scale mass surveillance makes it increasingly difficult for organizations like Amnesty International to carry out human rights work.”

“It is critical that we are able to seek and receive information of public interest from our confidential sources, free from government intrusion.”

By now you might have gathered that all NATO countries have these mass bulk surveillance programmes in place and even more through satellites, CCTV and paid informers, in the old policing days in the UK they were called 'narks' a British slang for 'police informer or stool pigeon and Australian slang for an annoying person.  I could go on and on and if you want more look back over the 345 for more details on this.  When Brexit arrives we will not have any 'Rights' court to go too. Food, environment, medical, financial, workers rights will all be subject to a monstrous dichotomy and if the bill as discussed had not come ah la Snowden God help us after Brexit. 

In the fifth labour of Hercules he had to clean out the Aegean Stables;
This time Eurystheus gave Hercules the labor of traveling to Augean and cleaning the king of Augean's stables in a single day.
This doesn't seem like much of a task. Although these particular stables housed thousands of cattle, sheep, goats, and horses and the stable had not been cleaned in 30 years. The Augean king was said to have more cattle then any man in Greece.
When Hercules showed up he offered to clean the stables in a single day for 1/10 of the Augean king's entire cattle. Hercules didn’t say anything about how he was sent by Eurystheus or about his labors of redemption. The Augean King was so shocked at his fortune he agreed to pay Hercules IF he could do it in one day.
Hercules took the Augean king's son with him to witness the stables being cleaned. Hercules set to work tearing a big hole in the front of the stable yards. Next Hercules made a hole in the back wall of the stable yards. Hercules then dug a trench between 2 rivers flowing nearby. He then diverted the 2 rivers into the front of the stable yards and out the rear of the stable yards and back into the river with taking all the filth along with it.
Hercules returned to the Augean King to collect his payment. The Augean king had found out that Eurystheus had been the one to send Hercules and refused to pay him saying that if Hercules didn't agree he could always take the Augean King to court. So Hercules did just that. Hercules even had the Augean King's son testify that his father did indeed promise to pay Hercules 1/10 of all his cattle. The King reluctantly paid Hercules and then promptly banished him from his kingdom.

Hercules returned to Eurystheus to inform the king of the completion of Hercules labor. Word traveled fast, even for a time when they didn't have iPods, and Eurystheus had found out that Hercules was paid for his cleaning out of the stables, and therefore told Hercules that this labor (just like the 2nd labor) didn't count and Hercules would have to complete yet another labor before he would be able to be forgiven and retire on Mount Olympus.
In another version it stunk so much for there were 3000 cattle there and it had not been cleaned for 30 years and the stench was over the whole land.  Well the analogy is that the world stinks of putrid corruption and a clean out is needed. I have POSTED in Awesome Post 353 August 25 2018 that we maybe expecting a 6th wipe out due to the cycles of  ages with the next step of evolution and Ascension process. Now I feel unless we wake up we may face deluges of water and fire from bombing and nuclear stuff.  The legendary biblical story of Sodom and Gomorrah may come about again with the same moral questions arising.  We shall see.   
The maybe more and more of this 'toing and froing'  this ping pong 
political jostling as the world ethos breaks down because the elite, bilderberg, illuminati, deep state, the secret governments, the Industrial Military Complex the One World Government a world combined multinational combination in which the CEO's of all the multinationals and their Banks who supply the funds and which one includes the Mafioso and their CEO Godfathers are really all one and they interrelate and touch interfaces when the pay off is juicy.

Will we survive --- its up to everyone to wake up and not be stupefied  and although you may feel powerless in your head, tell yourself this is not the real way of life and begin to pick at the stitches which hold the veil of duplicity, corruption, rape, seduction and pollution.   

One way you may like to start if you have never been into this is;although you maybe loyal and moral, religious or a free thinker ask yourself without bias; was or is Edward Snowden a traitor, a criminal whistle blower or a person dedicated to set people free and  halt the erosion of human rights. Then use the search bar for more.

I know this is long and protracted and as the POST title says 'hopefully the last time' you can see more and more of this and my take on this can be argued as rubbish and bias, the rantings of an 80 year young (November 2018) living alone but content to a point in a former sheltered housing block and living on two small pensions. Whose right or wrong that is the question. 

I hope the Posts will not be politically so biased and that I can return to the Ascension Process and what the Sun and Planets are up too, because I firmly feel the 6th Wipe out could knock all of the above over. With such a mess the Earth maybe like Hercules and not get paid for her labours and perhaps the Earth will have had enough as well and as well as its world weary inhabitants.

Take care and Be Well



Anna Shapiro, 30, and husband Alex King both fell ill on Sunday in the Wiltshire city and were rushed to hospital where Alex reportedly remains fighting for his life

A Russian lingerie model has sensationally claimed Putin tried to kill her with rat poison while she dined with her husband at a Prezzo restaurant in Salisbury.
Anna Shapiro, 30, believes she is the victim of another Salisbury poison plot and alleged tonight: "Putin wants me dead."
The 30-year-old newlywed and partner Alex King, 42, became 'violently ill' after tucking into a florentine pizza, sea bass, vegetables and baby potatoes at the eaterie on Sunday night, she claimed in an interview.
Towards the end of the meal, Alex became unwell and rushed to the toilets where he was found collapsed on the floor by Anna - who says he was "foaming at the mouth" and looked as though he was having a "seizure".
She also then ran to the toilets to be sick and collapsed before the pair - along with a waiter - were rushed to Salisbury District Hospital.
Alex was put in an induced coma and is still fighting for his life in hospital, according to The Sun .
The medical drama sparked a huge police alert - in the wake of the Novichok poisonings - with emergency services sealing off the restaurant, close to where ex-Russian spy Sergei and Yulia Skripal had dined before they collapsed.
Anna, a part-time event-space company director, believes she was targeted by assassins — just like the Skripals — because her father was a top military official under Putin.
Incidentally the Skripal's were found foaming at the mouth and as far I know that is not a symptom of Novichok.  I was told that Novichok people lost control of their bowels and urinated profusely.   

So if the a proper investigation should be carried out forensically; vomit and stomach contents analysed, all kitchen staff questioned especially the waiter and owner, crockery and cutlery, other customers at the time and if there is CCTV all who entered before and check the toilet sinks and lids of toilette flush, check where the fish, vegetables and so on came from, check the delivery driver and vendor and so on. 
I sincerely wish the couple a speedy recovery and a polite and loving suggestion;before one accuses be sure you are sure. Mrs May used terms like, 'Highly likely and so on'.
This can cause  hysteria and also racial attacks with anyone connected to or has an accent which may resemble Russian or Ukraine.
I appreciate Anna Shapiro was upset, distraught and in shock, however I trust on reflection she may make a statement of some sort in order to allay the fears of the nation and especially Salisbury.
HAVE we got a sick hoaxer who is trying to unsettle UK and Russia relationships and could the USA have a hand in this as they are absolutely fuming over Syria and BRICS and now with Hungary, Turkey getting more friendly with Mr Putin and the shot down Russian reconnaissance plane shot down by a very dodgy looking 'jostling' of aircraft and Israel bombing parts of Syria we have a delicate situation. In a back POST on this I mentioned that Nikki Haley the USA representative gave out that 'even a rumour or sniff of a chemical attack by Syria or any provocation will result in  retaliation and military action'.  Mr Trump ordered bombing after the Skripal incident and so on.  Now are we going to see the same over the above?

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