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Welcome and hello again. This POST is about forms of communication which with all the fake news and one-upmanship  and political power and warmongering vague and misleading and nature it seems if not polluted has more direct and simple communication system and the Universe to all life on Earth via planets, stars and the Sun and Moon and even our husbandry if done sincerely with care love and sharing.
What's up in space
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THE STORM IS OVER: Earth's magnetic field is quieting, finally, almost 48 hours after a surprisingly strong geomagnetic storm sparked auroras seen from the Arctic Circle to the continental USA. Arctic sky watchers should nevertheless remain alert for auroras. Earth is passing through a stream of high-speed solar wind, and according to NOAA there is a 40% chance of renewed minor storms on Aug. 28th. Free: Aurora Alerts.
ELECTRICITY FLOWS THROUGH THE SOIL OF NORWAY: When a geomagnetic storm erupts, most eyes naturally turn to the sky, looking for auroras. But during the surprisingly strong G3-class geomagnetic storm of Aug. 26th, there was action underfoot as well. Probes buried in the ground in Norway detected strong currents of electricity moving through the soil. This chart recording made by Rob Stammes at the Polarlightcenter in Lofoten shows wild swings in current during the storm's peak:
"The currents were remarkably strong," says Stammes, who has been monitoring ground currents outside his Arctic observatory for many years. "During the magnetic storm, voltages surged to 10mv/m or 10v/km. That's about 10 times stronger than normal. These are pretty rare readings without a strong solar flare during solar minimum."
Why does electricity flow through the ground during a geomagnetic storm? It's basic physics. Changing magnetic fields cause currents to flow in wires and other conductors. In most places, soil can conduct electricity due to the presence of dissolved salts and minerals. So when the local magnetic field begins to vibrate, electricity naturally begins to flow. Currents induced by geomagnetic storms can cause voltage fluctuations in power systems and in rare cases complete blackouts.
Thanks to Rob Stammes and
There has been and is research going on about dowsers who use copper rods, pendulums and wood to find water, I can see ley lines and animals often follow ley paths, many ancient churches, meeting places, stone circles and such like were placed on 'power' points where the ley's met as some of them form a grid and maps can be found of these world wide and country wide, where I live there are books on the ley's and my local area. They are the equivalent of nadis, meridians, acupressure and acupuncture points and although many laugh and mock at this, one can with certain instruments measure them.
A great book which is a treasure is 'The Secret Life of Plants' by Peter Thompkins and Christopher Bird you will be surprised at the many scientists involved and the findings hidden or buried because of financial profit margins and a world of plenty and beauty suppressed. 
Tree Comminication  5 mins.
Sun Bear who was a medicine man and friend of mine told me that when they wanted to cut down a tree (they did this sparingly) they would choose a tree and then three days later they would cut down one nearby, the forest was expecting the tree selected, but the real one to take was nearby this was to save shock to the forest and the tree that was cut was expecting the other and the swift taking spared it the minimum of shock and relief to the rest, this is proved so many times in the book, and those who speak, sing and dance it shown are more healthy and so on, providing the music and thoughts are harmonious.  Believe this or not read the book and you will see the scientific evidence for this.
From and dear Rob Stammes you will gather that the current has a part to play in the energetic feeding and the interrelationships and induction, entrainment and energy feeding.
 How plants communicate and think. 52 mins.
Form the book mentioned above there was Dr Anatoli Podshibyakin, a Kiev electrophysiologist who discovered that 'bioplasma, if that what it is, instantly reacts to changes on the surface of the Sun even though cosmic particles ejected by the Sun, take about two days to reach the Earth'.
Bio magnetic energy. 5 mins   

 Schematic illustration of experimental setup that found the human body, especially the face, emits visible light in small quantities that vary during the day. B is one of the test subjects. The other images show the weak emissions of visible light during totally dark conditions. The chart corresponds to the images and shows
There is an emerging trend of clinicians who recognize that a far more powerful approach to healing is one that is based on physics and not on chemistry.
Many natural health experts believe that your body is not only made up of tissue, blood vessels and organs. It's also composed of energy, or chi as it's called in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).
This energy is circulated through your body along specific meridians, and when points on your skin that correspond to certain meridians are manipulated, the energy circulation and your internal organs are affected. Acupuncture is one well-known modality used to manipulate the flow of your meridians, but there are others.
The term "energy medicine" and modalities such as meridian tapping techniques have become more and more widespread, even though conventional medicine still largely ignores it.  (Taken from my Archives)
It has also been found that food has this biophotonic and the work of many Soviet scientists work on the health of food, humans, plants and light emissions.  Should you to go a little further then peruse POST 269 23rd June 2016 and see other research such as that of Professor Popp.
Lesson of the Loess Plateau 45 mins.
I mention Qi Gong and I am convinced other arts such as Yoga. Palates, Tai Chi and so on draw in the chi as above.
Interestingly enough Qi Gong through the influx and induction through the subtle energy channels unblocks past unhealed injuries and illnesses that have 'stuck' to a certain parts of the body and one can experience a re-occurrence of the symptoms flushed out for final healing. Depending how deep the trauma and where it may take a while of continual 'flushing' 'several goes at cleaning the pot especially the fine ingrained bits' something akin to Homoeopathic Miasms and an example of indented writing from a page above pressed down by a heavy hand and pen.  Years ago I had a pad with a plastic sheet and a carbon paper underneath and when you wrote on it you could erase the writing by pulling the little draw down and it left the impressions underneath and the more you did it the more jumbled the indentations were, we used indented writing in some of the forensic cases.  
From the above we gather that all forms from bacteria to atoms and molecules, plants to humans, sun, moon, solar system the Universe have their communications and 'talk and feel' in their endemic way.  What a shame that us humans cannot do the same. We have lost in many ways the ecosystem and  symbiosis which could prevail if we could put aside our personal agendas to a certain extent and see the breakdown in interrelationships will eventually bring this world to crisis beyond repair. 
Courtesy google images
It is a pity that many of us do not recognise communication beyond the frequencies of our six senses and our arrogance blinds us to a world of deeper and more meaningful realms that are communicating with us but we are too occupied in the safety of our known programmes and agendas. It may come to the point when we will have to communicate outside our safety zone in order to survive.
Courtesy Interpersonal Wellness

In a few days time I will Post 357 and then be taking a break for a while I'll explain more in that POST until next time.

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