Sunday 22 March 2020


Hello again. I trust you are well and getting through the calamity of this virus. Below is a very important News Letter and in particular the videos. 
As I POST this I am in self isolation and there are two very important videos one on 5G and viruses and the other giving some lovely ways of thinking and feeling.
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I had to go out to shop before I found help from kindly people and the image above depicts the empty shelves. Some supermarkets have an early hour for Seniors (I am 81 years young) and have experienced before help arrived being pushed aside in the hours, I have witnessed fights and kindness. By the way a good tip to casserole a toilet role!!!. Mind you there is a point to toilet roles being sort in abundance; washing hands most important and drying them on towels can retain the bacteria so paper is a better option, I am informed air drying just spreads things further.
From one of the videos in the link above I feel this is a most important book.
Studying the work of Peter Gariaev you might see the connection with transference of  laser and electrical energy and virus, bacteria and contaminants; 
1) Peter Gariaev proves that DNA retains / captures and releases light this is part of the 'phantom wave effect'.  (research for yourselves for further details it is too lengthy to insert here and not for those interested in some astounding science). In this it is seen that light 'supplies DNA like feeding it'. What stored the light when the molecule was removed from the experiment and left the phantom effect?
Courtesy  FLIKR 
2)Coherent light like that of laser when subjected in a burst of light  to the DNA molecule transforms one life form to another? Can you see we are surrounded by many electromagnetic frequencies and 5G is certainly that. Just one wave /pulse could contain the genetic code to construct an organism. We live in an information Universe and data in the 5G internet of everything is run by data through surveillance, download speeds, algorithms which maybe the new currency, reminding you of the credit colour code system in China, the corona virus has afforded China with complete Dystopian powers and beyond Big Brother. 
Using the imagination what coded information will be 'beamed at us' and the dream of Eugenics become an awful reality. 

Courtesy Miridia Aqupuncture Technology
3)This is monumental;Dr Gariaev then directed a green non burning laser through to salamander eggs and then sent the beam into frogs eggs. Incredibly when the frogs eggs hatched they were baby salamanders.  
PLEASE just digest this and think about the implications !!!. 

Courtesy Science Hobbyist
As you know I have been saying since 1970 that we are moving into a new evolutionary era, not by human endeavour but by the energies that are saturating this planet from coded signals and information from the Cosmos. However human endeavour is trying to outdo nature with Eugenics, cyborg-ism, transhumanism and the like by trying to manipulate nature with chemtrails, additives and preservatives, GMO foods, HAARP and Chemtrails and now social engineering and deplatforming using deep state social media as an ally in this one way street only. 
Now you will no doubt remember and probably go, Oh Geoff no, not again but;
from panel above
 An example of ELF Brain Simulation

Bioelectric Resonance Frequency

Motor Control Cortex                      10Hz                    Information Induced through Modulation                  

Auditory Cortex                               15Hz                   Motor Impulse coordinator

Visual Cortex                                   25Hz                   Images on the brain by passing the eye. 

Somalosensory                                 9Hz                     Phantom touch sense.

Thought Center                                20Hz                   Imposed subconscious thoughts.

So with the capturing and transferring one form to another and the above were way, way back can you imagine these scientists can conjure up viruses and beam them DOWN or THROUGH to us and the spread of viral impregnation and that it was so rapid, could it be, God forbid this was done A)unintentionally as a careless escape(not from animals) or markets. B)Intentionally by the Deep State or some other group of collaborators as a culling experiment or as a means of secretly installing the 5G network of everything and so they can BEAM INTO OUR BRAINS AS ANY ONE OF THEIR CHOICE.  C) if you think this science fiction IT IS SCIENCE FICTION come into reality. 

Courtesy Natural History Museum
As the Earth and the attendant solar system travel through space they are subjected to various attenuation's in the form of Cosmic Rays, planetary line up harmonics, the various cycles in the 700,000 cycle and it 24,000, 12,000, 5,500 cycles within the former large one and that is contained in the various billions of years cycles, then the energies, vibrations re-calibrate, reconfigure, upgrade and research will show one that there are sudden 'spurts' of evolution as in the five and now facing 6th natural extinction and not by viral or humankind interference, in fact human interference is making it worse, hence the above viral and other messes mentioned.

Be Well


A dear friend of mine sent me a recipe and he calls it;

Here it is;

One Pint Glass

Two spoons of honey or more to taste.

Four Desert Spoons of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar.

A pinch of Himalayan Salt.

Squeeze one whole lemon and the pith into the glass.

Add just a small amount of hot water to make the mixture smooth and stir.

Top up with filtered or pure water.

Take a good palm full of Nigella seeds into your mouth.

Drink and swill down.

Should you have any comments about the elixir let me know and I will send them to my friend. Thanks.




         A classic example of staging and fake news from the past.

                 Once again the OPCW at the centre of the mess.

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