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We haven't quite got there as the image by Yeshiva above suggests but some time back I managed to speak to former Navy Seal, Wrestler and Governor of ;
(Jump to Governor of Minnesota - As governor, Ventura oversaw reforms of Minnesota's property tax as well as the state's first sales tax rebate. Other ...
Political party‎: ‎Green‎ (2020–present)
Branch/service‎: ‎United States Navy
Years of service‎: ‎1969–1975
Billed height‎: ‎6 
Before one dismisses Mr Ventura I would suggest that one should peruse the video above if it is still available. The brief meeting I had with him and other NATO people there, I was impressed and behind his rough persona there was a deeply committed humanitarian. I then checked on all other FEMA and other such camps and made a few enquiries from my contacts and found that there was talk, serious talk, rumours and other such things and people were disappearing and some I investigated and found these persons were 'in the know'  of tentative experiments with the 'New World Order' and were waiting for the opportunity for technologies to implement 'Kissinger's statement and Agenda 21. They expected  riots, civil war and when the media couldn't dumb down people and they couldn't openly kill mass's of people, they could then cause wars resulting in refugees, asylum seekers, and cause a breeding ground for terrorists and every type of angry protesters, which in turn would be an excuse to force police, security forces and the military to implement curfews and take away human rights and impound rioters if it got to out of hand to these 'concentration camps'. 
From Busted 2
Agenda 21 is best found on the internet if you can and Kissinger is found in my POST 392 S  U,U EUGENICS.
The photograph of the baby crying because her mother was masked and the horror on the babies face and to mask us up especially when there is no need is directly going against nature as the 'new leaders' do to nature with chemtrails, GMO foods,  5G, weaponised viral attacks, fluoride, additives, preservatives and filthy media and on and on.
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The first steps we see is the banning of any alternative medicine, herbs and so on, this is creeping in and the reliance of technology, however the culling of the human race will be by technology, a virus, human made disasters by weather manipulation and HAARP technologies, 5G and causing famine and Earthquakes, floods and other such like, however this is only ushering and hastening and adding to a huge natural event which I name the 6th extinction. The 6th extinction could be ushered in gradually and by natural means be less devastating.
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Like the babies reaction to the mask of her mother will we be used to the non emotional touch of the image above. Will our world filled by non emotional ( I am referring here to natural emotion and not hype and hysteria) will be masked, isolated, be downtrodden and depressed, lock downs, filled full of vaccine puncture marks, become vaccine junkies and becoming dumbed down, tired, mentally fatigued constantly in the state of subtle and obvious fear and our Adrenalin constantly ramping us up, tempers, angry confrontation's in queues and supermarket distancing and having to have inoculation passports. People losing smiles, fearful of 'whose behind the mask' and mugging and shoplifting rife and less police or maybe recruiting police and security people will be a 'good job and salary' and as we have seen in France the police have become mentally affected  like soldiers  returning from battle.   
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The more terrifying the armour the reactions get to the protesters; either more aggressive behaviour and arms or flight, surrender or organise into guerrilla movements and drugged up hell raisers and illicit arms dealers. Then you get people like Elon Musk, Kurzwell and others who feel this is the way to go with AI, satellites, cyborgs and all. I mentioned above this has been in the pipeline for many, many years and now the tool to do this has arrived 5G, Smart Meters and Smart Cities and everything this facilitates total surveillance and control from the ground and above. This is already in force to a great degree in China and by military force in North Korea.   
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The authorities are trying it on now, they are testing the waters now and a few doctors are speaking up see back POSTS Dr Malcolm Kendrick of course Mercola, Sayer ji and a host of others if you go back 30 Posts. Will you spread  the message, will you refuse total face covering and gloves, will you support mandatory vaccines, will you dare to refuse the vaccine and quote the vaccine refusal get out paper? (See Big Breaking News July 2020)
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What action are you going to take? More TV, more surrender, more alcohol, more depression or look through the 35 back pages and other sites as well, spread the word, be brave and you can do it from home, you can write your blogs, get the internet flooded with them, as long as you do not advertise a product, earn money or accept donations or charge you can blog away.
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DO you or your children, friends and so on wan to end up in the above camp, you see how many they have in the USA, believe me many countries have them as well. 
Courtesy  Smart Cities World
Yes they are building these above and slowly when your Smart Meter is installed and made mandatory with the sales talk of 'it saves you money and world energy' and the surveillance 24 / 7, driver-less cars will make sure you are never  mugged, you can leave your door open, plenty of GMO food, drugs from doctors always there for you, its a paradise, even when they know when you pee, what films you watch and then like China and North Korea not only films censored that is not in line with cultural state politics and any opposing ideas, suggestions banned and censored as is now and its just started, so you are in a technological, idealised programme Fema camp, a seemingly high tech concentration camp and 5G monitoring you and giving you micro wave EMF pollution, silent and deadly and then the more sinister to follow.
With Eugenics they are always after the perfect master race and as they irradiate us with 5G and more technology eventually they may eliminate many and some may mutate to another 'race' of humans without the need for 'cyborgism', a sinister survival of the fittest. 
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Then when we are on our knees with lack of any decency masked, gagged and bound we commit suicide which increases during lock down, get chronically depressed, obese through the lack of exercise, distrusting because we cannot 'read' faces, hands and bodies which smothered in protective garb and this is world population PPE.
                                     Courtesy  Doowans News Events -World
When you compare the thermal images to the mans leg above you may actually end up like this; remember 5G is an energy micro wave weapon, I kid you not. Do we take a lesson from smoking or alcohol we are becoming addicted to technology and governmental dictatorship-----are we too late-----yes---can we reverse it or lessen it----maybe----we have to wake up the sleeping the living zombies.  I could on and on the New World Order bods have clever Psychologists and Market Analysers and like prisoner interrogators know how to break you down and reward you and then finish you off. 
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This is me on a good day--I'M  laughing
Courtesy  The Verge
This is me when I have used 5G too much
I have not got a micro wave oven or 5G and everything is wired. no WI FI
aren't I  a good,  good  zombie.
Courtesy NBC News
As above I firmly feel the authorities, especially in the UK where the Sheeple are in evidence and more cowered or possibly 'it's not right, I say old boy it's not cricket what' keep the strict British upper lip and all that' they are trying it on and have hinted that will use force and the military, well Cummings and Eugenics have got their toe in the door---CHALLENGE--- use the herd immunity and switch off WI-FI and the Human Micro Wave Cooker 5G. The Germans are awaking as are the French, the Netherlands and Sweden as well. 
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Ever since the UK parliament started banning alternative news on TV and Radio and several doctors I know tried phoning BBC phone in's and mentioned 5G and Vaccines some had the phone put down on them and of course blaming Russia and call for RT, Sputnik to be shut down we see here the gradual nasty insidious employment of the human rights being eroded away and then the horror at this Eugenics Government having a free hand after complete severance with the EU, I thought the EU was dictatorial but I feel they will go the same way as the civil liberties UNDER THE GUISE  of  'CORONA CORRUPT FALSE FLAG' is finally proven to be as my repeated video below shows admirably.
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