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Hello back on the trail and hunting the villains of the Covid robbery.
Two Long reports at the end say it all.

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The following is a transcript from the More or Less BBC radio programme with Professor David Spiegelhalter, Winton Professor of the Public Understanding of Risk at The University of Cambridge. You can read the audio transcript below or simply click on the YouTube video at the bottom of this article to listen to the audio track. SCROLL DOWN TO SEE VIDEO AT THE BOTTOM.
“The death toll from Coronavirus in England fell by mr than 5000 yesterday although the official statistic fell due to a change in the definition of who was counted from who died of COVID. Previously, people who died at any point from a positive test regardless of the cause, even if they died of a car accident, were counted in the figures. So, is this measure better and what does the headline statistic hide?
The man who knows is Professor David Spiegelhalter and Winton Professor of the Public Understanding of Risk at The University of Cambridge. Morning to you.
Professor David Spiegelhalter: Good morning.
Presenter: The figure may be better but we’re all in danger of becoming horribly confused, aren’t we?
PDS: I do feel sorry for everyone and I make there’s at least five different counts of COVID deaths going around the country at the moment. The old one was ridiculous, if you look at the dashboard as they show it at the moment, they say 72 deaths in England reported on August 11th. But in fact, you know, NHS England recorded only one death in an English hospital during that day and that may go up a bit by five, but the claims of 72 is just nonsense.
Presenter: That really matters doesn’t it? Not just as a scientific assessment but also what we do as a nation?
PDS: People have been watching this daily figure and haven’t realised how ridiculous it is. It’s going to plummet by 80-90% from tomorrow. But actually, it can go the other way if Scotland’s not reported a single COVID death for five weeks. Usually we’d be choosing the same measure as we’re going to use and yet the bean says yesterday there’s at least 30 deaths from COVID in Scotland over that period. The pendulum seems to be swinging the other way. Now there’s been 41,000 deaths but the Office of National Statistics say 56,000 when they look at death certificates. It is very confusing.
Presenter: But is this measure the old measure in other words? Does it explain why we appear to be more cautious as a nation? Less willing to go to work than any other European nation? Is there a danger in other words that we may be overreacting?
PDS: This will make a difference but it doesn’t make a difference to the fact we’ve done very badly with a very large number of deaths. I would also say that people are on the whole rather too cautious, rather too fearful and the communication hasn’t helped in that. Particularly, that’s why the current communication with the risks and deaths at the moment are so vital but the communication has been so poor. The dashboards have been terrible and up until recently, say the number of additional deaths was on Wednesday 22nd July and it was something…well they weren’t, they didn’t happen then and they weren’t COVID deaths and the BBC have been just as bad. In average in the last week, 58 people have died every day from coronavirus. That’s terrible – there was about 15 to 20. So, the media has been responsible for not reporting the figures I think responsibly and if and possibly increasing people’s worry and anxiety, unnecessarily.
Presenter: Well then, finish if you would David in this way, if you had to in layman’s language to communicate the risk to someone whose not in a special category – they’re not very old or got co-morbidity, how would you try and capture that for them?
PDS: It’s very difficult as you’re talking about two things. There’s a risk if you get it and that depends crucially on your age and there’s roughly about the usual risk you’ve got of dying in the next year anyway which is very low if you don’t hang around people. Then there’s the risk of catching it. That’s a highly fluid thing, more like a pollen count – what currently is the infection in your community? And I’ll say again, very low at the moment. The risks of catching it are low but for some people if you catch it, it can be very nasty. And so, it is a complicated issue and it is changing. That’s why we really have to pay attention to the way in which the limited facts we’ve got are communicated.
Presenter: Ok, must do better I think is the motto and listen to More or Less as well as Professor David Spiegelhalter. Thank you very much indeed.”

Courtesy New Food Magazine
A very important on safe food consumption (not to be confused with myotoxins in snake venom)
Dr Mercola  --A very brave courageous man.


·                    Bill Gates wields powerful influence over global food and agriculture policy through his funding of a large number of organizations involved in agricultural development and policy making
·                    Eleven of just 12 people urging the UN to retain Agnes Kalibata, the president of the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA), as its special envoy to the 2021 United Nations Food Systems Summit, were funded by Gates
·                    This is in stark contrast to those who opposed Kalibata: 176 civil society organizations and farmer groups, plus 500 additional signatories, called for withdrawal of her appointment due to her clear conflicts of interest with corporate actors
·                    Gates’ massive investments in global food production have failed to solve any real problems. The solutions he backs are “Band-Aid solutions” that only deepen the root problems
·                    Examples include the funding of the development of GMOs. These crops end up replacing local diversity with just a few GE varieties that don’t take local conditions into account. By pushing GE crops, malnutrition actually deepens, as biodiversity is reduced

·                    Gates is a perfect example of a philanthrocapitalist. He has “donated” tens of billions of dollars over the years, yet his net worth hasn’t dropped — it has doubled, and this is largely because his donations are treated as tax deductible investmentsu
Read so much, much more in link---vital information
Robert Redfern

Dear Geoff,

I have been writing about the Con-a-Virus since the last week in February. I genuinely thought it would be just a few weeks before the overreaction by the authorities was exposed. Here we are over 24 weeks later and yet the fiction persists.
Why? Because this is a Plandemic. (A planned epidemic using a manufactured and renamed coronavirus to terrorize and subdue the world population).
I am explaining below why and how it was all planned, and I apologise for those of a nervous disposition but I do rate my readers as above-average intelligence, since they are inclined towards natural health rather than the pharma alternatives.
Why in God’s Name Would ‘They' Do This?
God has nothing to do with this. They have also brainwashed the religious leaders around the world (or worse).
  • They say they are abandoning democracy and our human rights to keep us safe yet fewer people have died this year compared to the flu epidemic of 2018.
  • They say we must do exactly as we are told to stay safe, whatever they say, with no right of appeal to any court.
  • They say they are destroying businesses and jobs to keep us safe but it hardly affects anyone under aged 70. The consequences of destroying businesses and jobs are destined to kill millions worldwide.
  • They say they are closing schools to keep us safe. Healthy children and young people have nothing to fear from any coronavirus. The risk is possibly causing psychological abuse and damage to their minds, beyond the imagination of intelligent thinking people.
  • They say we must have an unproven and unsafe vaccination or we will never be allowed the freedom to travel, or possibly even work, until we submit to the vaccination.
  • They say that there are no other treatments for coronavirus, which is a lie as Dr. Doug Deibele D.M.D shared his successful treatment regimen:
1.    Hydroxychloroquine 200 mg twice a day for 5 days
2.    Azithromycin 500 mg once a day for 5 days
3.    Zinc sulphate 220 mg daily His team treated 500 patients in New York with this regimen - zero deaths, zero hospitalizations. Many other doctors have replicated this and in fact, successfully added Vitamin C, yet are criticised in the corporate media. The cost of these treatments is negligible. The Canadian creators and world experts for Hydroxychloroquine would have been able tell the world of its success, but were murdered in the early days of planning the Plandemic.
  • They say we must in future have a digital ID to leave our home and join society.
  • Lastly, they say we must reduce the population of the planet. This is part of the Plandemic’s goals (see Bill Gates’s public comments).
Who Are ‘They’?
The Gate Gang (includes W.H.O., Pharma, Medical systems, Researchers in Universities receiving funding from Gates), The Deep State, Politicians, Judges and Courts, Journalists and Corporate Media, Police Chiefs, Military Chiefs and a huge number of the frightened populations around the world.
How Was the Plandemic Created?
A film that explains in detail how the Plandemic has been created by London Real which was immediately banned from YouTube. Click below to view it, but do give yourself plenty of uninterrupted time to watch it fully.
VIDEO HERE   Plandemic Indoctrination
How ‘They’ were recruited and organised to take it around the world?
The Deep State has been slowly taking over most countries in the world through corporate media and monetary control.
Again, a film has been created to explain but it is so complicated you may have to take time to watch it multiple times to get a full understanding. Click below to view it, but do give yourself plenty of uninterrupted time to watch.
VIDEO HERE  Shadow -Gate
Where Can You Go From Here?
You can try street protesting, but unless millions get out on the streets and it stays peaceful everything will stay the same. Street protests only work when they support the plans of the Deep State and they are part of Plandemic, so it’s unlikely to work.
An example is around 1 million people marched to protest in London against the illegal invasion of Iraq by Blair and Bush. It made no difference; millions died and were injured and the wars continue today, 10 years later.
You can try going to the courts to demand a judge gives back your human rights and restores democracy. The problem is judges are part of the establishment and they are either part of the problem, or afraid of the Deep State. (Many deaths have been at the hands of the Deep State as executions, see Dark Journalists, Info Wars and back POSTS---Geoff)



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