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Hello and welcome. This POST will contain a cornucopia and a veritable plethora of ideas and stimulus I trust.

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I felt really irked by this affront because we have polluted and maimed our planet and now they will probably start on the Moon. I have stated in another POST a while back that terraforming is being seriously being put forward. The have started with putting 43,000 tardigrades on the dark side of the Moon (from POST 378 Wednesday 4th September 2020 "Change-New-Fast)

Courtesy National Geographic 

This was a daring NASA 'scoop and touch ' to gather some dust and other material in this amazing 'kiss' on an asteroid.  The samples could assist science in many ways and I suspect mining for ore and other minerals.

·                                                                                                                                          which includes compensation for covered “countermeasures” for COVID-19, such as a vaccine, has been established by the federal government

·                                                                                                                                          Not only will pharmaceutical companies developing and marketing COVID-19 vaccines be shielded from what should be their liability in the civil court system, but federal compensation will likely be difficult to obtain, as it is in the existing vaccine court created under the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986

·                                                                                                                                          The establishment of a preemptive COVID vaccine court could be a sign that the government foresees many lawsuits related to this fast-tracked vaccine in the near future

·                                                                                                                                          The expansion of a federal vaccine court to include makers of experimental COVID-19 vaccines allows the irresponsible sale and marketing of vaccines that have been poorly tested and formulated because the manufacturers have no liability and “nothing to lose”


·                        formulated because the manufacturers have no liability and “nothing to lose”

I suspect more countries will follow.

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According to the ONS above their figures suggest there 
is no second wave and yet this government statistical department is overlooked and no wonder people are confused and angry-- it suggests there is another agenda or they know they have destroyed everything; businesses, jobs, causing great suffering, depression, suicides and are afraid to admit it was all too hasty and they were badly advised and now they are ashamed to confess and backtrack.

Should they ever admit this or comes out many years later then if it is now there will be riots and political figures and rogue scientists either lynched and certainly mass riots. In the future it will be revealed as the greatest crime against humanity in the worlds history. Of course it is intentional and planned by the Deep State.


This is explained in article, however many years ago should my memory serve me correctly Robert O Becker M.D and Gary Selden published a book  named 'The Body Electric - electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life' in 1985. He showed that by using silver wire and resistors and copper pegs who could do the same. If I am correct in memory the establishment harassed them both and I believe smashed their laboratory and they ended up being vilified. Several other scientists suffered the same fate in the 80's and mid 90's. There was no profit in it and it was too simple and went against academia and the main stream, I can sympathise, it happened to me. Later on of course Peter Gariev used salamander regenerative ideas in 'the phantom wave' Iv'e done many POSTS on these principles and 'The Star Gate' and got ostracised and ridiculed.

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 I am not sure whether to endorse this bit of technology. I can see the advantages of delivering say a drug or surgical instrument or herbal / homeopathic remedy and even a micro camera and sampling a tissue sample. Like everything else it can have another side to it; delivering transhuman implants, mRNA, and other  administered nasty's.


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Everything in me cries out against vaccination. I was vaccinated in 1939 and I remember really crying in pain for three days. Then I was forced too because I worked with the police in Forensics in the early 80's and felt ill for days and weeks after, the first jab after a few hours I fainted, the second booster, I was sick and ached for a week and the third I had palpitations and difficulty breathing. It took a full year to recover. The main feeling I have now it is robbing us of free choice if it is mandatory, however the reply to that is 'well you are spreading the virus and contributing to humanities sickness and infecting people' my reply is that herd immunity will enable the population to reach immunity, I know I will seem heartless and callous however those dear folk who have underlying illness will pass anyway and the many years of the flu vaccine has not eradicated the flu, admittedly there has been a modicum of success with other diseases however I feel herd immunity played a large part in this, the polio,TB, smallpox not everyone was vaccinated and by the time it went on the others may have  reached the herd immunity. I guess its a person's choice or not. Perhaps my early experiences have traumatised me against vaccines and I feel an anger when forced into doing anything. I am not against vaccinations entirely it is the adjutants and the messing with mRNA I am against, a clean from source vaccination is very much needed.

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This is about the Catholic Church and Pope Francis giving consent to same sex marriages and the compassion behind the tremendous shift. Some years back the Catholic Church endorsed the ideas of ET. When I was lecturing in Rome at FAO (Food and agricultural organisation of the United Nations) I used to meet a Vatican bishop who said that Pope John at the time views on ET were 'My Fathers house has many Mansions'. I went to FAO 
 for a month for eight years. 

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This about many scientists who are calling for an end to lockdown and they are joined by many other academic professionals. My many POSTS by Arthur Firstenberg, Sayer ji, David Icke, Robert Redfern, Dr Mercola, James Corbett and a host of others really presenting hundreds of scientific and medical facts about lock downs, masks, vaccinations and fear propagated by the media and the deplatforming and removing anything against the official narrative proves to me there is a hidden sinister agenda. I have POSTED about this since 1970 in various magazines and in 2005 on the net.


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I have felt that the New World Order is linked to the UK's departure from Europe without a deal and when the UK joins the WTA all standards of human rights, Workers rights and a diminished standard of living will come about, my heart is heavy and sad and my POST's on the Smart Cities will follow and come to fruition if we do not act now. Chipped, vaccinated and enslaved. Expect riots when this is found to be the truth.  Unfortunately they have the militia to back them up and this could lead  to civil unrest and guerrilla, clandestine freedom fighters and undercover police and all other horrors. 

From article
The next links follow on the same theme and the writer of these links has it spot on. The draconian implications are plain to see; no answering of mail, refusal to budge, threats and fines and leaving the EU will mean the New World Order will have another captive. Boris Johnson was voted in for the job of severing any links to decency and he runs away under pressure, he will resign soon as his job of massacring UK lives and our way of living are done and the coward that he is will hide from those who want to punish him not only for his leadership but adhering like a little boy to a eugenics Dominic(dominatrix) Cummings and his chums at Cambridge Analytica mob of academic thugs and Imperial College hoodlums and Ferguson as the link to Bill Gates and then you know what; chipped, pinned, darted and enslaved, dumb downed and zombies to be picked off by weaponised targeted DNA. 

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Well this sort of thing has gone on for years and years; the early Popes had orgies, the catholic and high church have ignored paedophiles and some years back in the UK there was the Profumo case with Mandy Rice Davies, Christine Keeler, then the Jimmy Saville debacle and when I was in forensics I knew of so much more that was supposed to be investigated and covered up because of the high and mighty it might expose. I wonder if the USA justice system will fully investigate the Epstein 'so called suicide' and his diary exposed and released and Ghislaine Maxwell given a reprimand and no one more brought forward for trial and exposure. Will Julian Assange be extradited to the USA for being a journalist and exposing grisly war crimes and weigh up the sexual stuff and war crimes they are the filth and gutter of humanity. If the elite who are running from the truth get away with this and the complete disregard for humanity then one can see the future with 5 / 6G and smart cities and forced medical procedures. Let us hope and pray that some sort of justice will follow, we need a miracle and perhaps the POST on Sunday 17th. October 2020 'Important Law case to be launched' may have some impact and trust they can keep their momentum going and be threatened and assassinated.

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The deplatforming, the censorship not only by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google and many others can show something ever so significant; either they are scared of an opposing view and have lost the ability of important discussion, are they being lent on by the NSA, GCHQ , the stench ridden elite / deep state / bilderbergs / Industrial Military Complex or are they merely branches of the security services and the Technocrats are they transhumanists, eugenics and fanatics who like fanatical terrorists act like small children and fight for their own way, 'Its my toy' but hopefully small children will be wise kind and understanding parenting grow up as decent adults. The Trump / Biden and the UK government shouting like brawling kids show their immaturity and either the 'the spoilt rich kid / or angry poor kid and these lead our world and many people follow their lead and wet their pants as their idols show their contempt at others who have differing opinions and not be allowed the decency of a platform and when they do they are squashed and fined, imprisoned and for what---because mummies little girl / boy didn't get their way. Jealous and afraid of difference and have no excuse other than to bully.

Health News (Week 43 - 2020)
By Robert Redfern

Dear Reader,

A little bit of news before I get onto this week’s newsletter, Why You Need Magnesium. The corporate media and especially social media have discarded all pretence of news and even-handed reporting of science and information. Some of what they say are lies but virtually everything they say is biased. The latest bias they are using to try to terrorise people with are ‘cases’.

What is a case?

In real medicine a ‘case’ is a person is suffering from a disease.

A real Doctor will attempt to treat the causes of disease in any ‘case’. Unfortunately, most real doctors have been brainwashed by the Pharma/Medical Cartel.

They mostly do not treat and in fact they simply end up caring for the disease with pharma drugs.

When you treat the body for a disease, that is healthcare, and healthcare is correcting the wrong that caused the disease, in most 'cases' this is unhealthy lifestyles.

People Did Die of Coronavirus

The first 9 months of this year we have seen coronavirus sweeping the world....?

In the first 4-5 months a lot more than the average number people died for this period, but it is now known those people had an average age of 82.

These elderly people were mostly due to die anytime in the next 12 months following their ‘premature’ death. The coronavirus, if it did cause the deaths of those in this group it tipped them over the edge to die a few months earlier than they should.

A tiny percentage of deaths took place in the under 70s and virtually none under aged 40.

The deaths in the under 40’s ONLY really took place in those few with a serious pre-existing health conditions.

If you hear anything that disputes the above then you may be being lied to.

How Many Are Dying Now?

You need to listen very carefully when reading and listening to the media.

They are trying very hard not to mention that only a very small number of people are presently dying of coronavirus.

Instead they say 'more people are dying' which of course is true but they don’t mention what they are dying of.

They DON’T mention:

  • MORE people are dying from lack of care by the medical systems
  • Deaths numbers from the biggest killers in the world; heart diseases, cancer and lung disease
  • Suicide numbers as result of the mental health effect of the ongoing lockdowns.

Is this because Coronavirus has gone away?

No, but it is possibly because the people at risk are taking more care of their health.

So what is the biggest factor and why are there so few coronavirus deaths?

You Cannot Die Twice

I have said from February this year that coronavirus figures are open to fraud since the WHO gave two codes for cause of death; U07.1 and U07.2. Worse still the doctors/hospitals get paid exactly the same for choosing either one of them.

1.     U07.1 is the code to be used when coronavirus is identified through a lab test as the CAUSE of death. Approx. 6% of coronavirus deaths have this code.

2.     U07.2 is the code to be used at the whim of the doctors that sign the death certificate and 94% of coronavirus deaths have this code.

Do you agree with me that this last code U07.2 is open to abuse at least and fraud at worst?

If you think I am being paranoid you must appreciate I have little faith in doctors or the medical system.

Since this is open to fraud why are the number of deaths are so low at this time of year?

There are so few people dying because so many of the at risk people have already have already died.

You cannot die twice and they cannot count them again. Bad publicity has deterred doctors from using the U07.2 code too freely especially since the majority of deaths are a direct result of the actions of those doctors and hospitals.

They left many at risk people with heart diseases, lung diseases and cancers untreated.

I now think they are too embarrassed to use the U07.2 code and so they cannot use deaths to terrorise the public.

So, What can they do?

‘Cases’ as a Terror Tool.

Yes, their only tool left to control the populations in lockdowns is to terrorise the populations with the number of ‘cases’. Since cases don’t mean deaths in the healthy population and the ‘at risk’ people are being better protected by their own actions these ‘cases’ will now not mean as many deaths.

PCR Test For Covid?

They are determining ‘cases’ using a PCR test which is using results ‘not fit for purpose’.

The inventor of the PCR test, Kary Mullis, a Nobel prize winner for chemistry said the PCR test should never be used for diagnostic purposes.

The test amplifies bits of virus and DNA and the degree of amplification can show a positive or negative result.

It can, therefore, be falsely used to show that the disease is on the increase or waning.

So the government could choose to show high levels of infection before vaccination and low levels afterwards.

MY ADVICE? NEVER AGREE TO HAVE ONE as you cannot trust the results.

IF YOU have to get a test for whatever reason then do this prior to testing to help clear out infection and pass the test:

1.     Gargle with Nascent Iodine or HydroSol Silver for a few minutes.

2.     Spray HydroSol silver up both nostrils to wash out any infection there.


Everything you hear from the main media and social media is PROPAGANDA from the Pharma/Medical Cartel and their allies.

Their common goal is to give you patented vaccines that have NEVER been tested on large MIXED populations for the years necessary to determine the potential long-term side effects. The worst news is they are currently being tested on a few healthy young people and even they are getting sick and some are dying.

  • Scientists, lawyers, medical professionals and academics are increasingly recognizing that the deliberate fear-mongering that has kept the COVID-19 pandemic alive threatens to replace democracy with fascist totalitarian models of government
  • Over the past several years, the threat of bioterrorism and viruses in general have been highlighted as one of the most serious threats to mankind, yet we continue to fund dangerous gain-of-function research — the very source and basis of this threat
  • The data tell us SARS-CoV-2 is not the existential threat it’s been made out to be. The big picture emerging seems to point in one direction, and that is the implementation of a long-standing plan to usher in and permanently establish a technocratic society
  • In a few short months, we’ve been dramatically shifted from a state of freedom to a state of totalitarianism, and the way that was done was through social engineering, which involves psychological manipulation, two tools of which are fear-based propaganda and censorship
  • It appears mobile phone carriers may already be providing data to state governments for quarantines and contact tracing purposes without your knowledge or consent, even though we’ve been told track and trace apps would be voluntary 
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I could not get the video from you tube and it is shown in full in the link below or at The Daily Wrap' I challenge you to watch it start to finish and tell me you still believe ANYTHING government is telling us. (If you already believe me, share this vid around!)

In this episode you'll learn:

·                                 Why thousands of doctors around the world are calling the "covid-19 pandemic" a scam

·                                 Where the lockdowns are REALLY leading...

·                                 Which group of "ultra-Elite" met in 1954 (and every year since) to discuss how to reduce world population...

·                                 ...and how that relates to covid-2020 and the BIGGER agenda

·                                 Some of the top reasons the most powerful people in the world would want to stage a fake pandemic (or many of them!)

·                                 Why you don't need a real infectious disease to convince millions there's a "pandemic"

·                                 The hard evidence proving people in "high places" knew about covid-19 YEARS before it's supposed "discovery" in the last weeks of 2019

·                                 How a rapper knew in 2013 there would be a "coronavirus pandemic" in 2020

...and much, MUCH more.

Talk about the emperor having no clothes! This is one of the most clear-cut and embarrassing takedowns of ANY official story on record.



Covering Up The Causes of Breast Cancer Since 1985: AstraZeneca's BCAM


Did you know that AstraZeneca, manufacturer of two blockbuster breast cancer drugs (one of which is classified as a known human carcinogen), was the originator of Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

'Hidden Dangers' of Mammograms Every Woman Should Know About


Millions of women undergo them annually, but few are even remotely aware of just how many dangers they are exposing themselves to in the name of prevention, not the least of which are misdiagnosis, overdiagnosis and the promotion of breast cancer itself.


Courtesy Sizwe Sikkamusi

Coutesy Fr24 English NewsAdd caption
RFID CHIPS or is the link above correct in saying the manufacturer's are merely doing a sell by date warning, how would they warn you anyway by email, text? Hmmm.

Be well


I have another POST which is
Shack is one of my many nick names and the writings contain my poetry, koans, paradoxes, home spun philosophy, life experiences and some insights from my years as a therapist and counsellor.
I have done 976 so far but POSTED about just over 800, I usually do twenty a month.


I appreciate this is a big read and a lot to get through but time is getting near the big reset as in James Corbett Report in last Warning Post.

Courtesy Great British Magazine
Every country has its dirty tricks and spies and so on. However when the Syria war was on I POSTED the data in the link below and time and time again things like the white helmets and OPCW came up. The OPCW is bent like a twisted barbed wire and they brought down the Russian Olympic team some of who were guilty but they punished the nation and it was political, other hidden stuff is arising now and GB is certainly in the thick of it and being sued by the EU and those in charge who broke the lock down are not prosecuted by anyone else is fined.

Courtesy BBC
Oh poor old Bile or Bill had a go at a scientist at the White House. Really Bill you have no qualifications in anything. Just put a mask on and go permanently into self isolation and and count your billions of dollars. He is scared of anyone not taking his crippling vaccination and implants.  Boo-hoo bully boy.

-Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Russia, and in recent years has actively sought a closer relationship with Asia, especially Beijing and the acronym is EAEU

BRICS is the acronym coined to associate five major emerging national economies: Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. The BRICS members are known for their significant influence on regional affairs. Since 2009, the BRICS nations have met annually at formal summits.

These two above are a massive geopolitical and economic force and I have done BRICS in back POSTS at one time they were endeavouring to oust the IMF and form their own using the Chinese Yuan instead of the petrol dollar.

Now the EAEU is another kind of threat to the USA economy and petrol dollar as you will see in the link.

There are huge forces at work here; UK leaving the EU and if Joe Biden wins the election then the trade with the USA will be tentative because the UK broke the international law and is being sued by the EU and Biden is very much in favour of the Irish, plus the ongoing saga with NORD and USA sanctions to the gas pipe line from Russia to Germany and Europe crippling USA shale fracking gas which is expensive as it is shipped to Europe.

How will the reset as in James Corbett video in last POST (Titled Warning and Posted 28 / 10 / 2020) fit in with BRICS or EAEU.?

Let us hope that the pressure on the USA  will not cause another real cold war or a limited strategic Nuclear strike. That and the Pandemic make for a strayed nerves and jittery trigger fingers.

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Courtesy Groundswell

Courtesy Cohen Medical Association
Our lab have challenged the medical authorities; if you swabbed everyone you can in the flu season they would we reckon they might prove positive and yet just not feel anything, like some Covid, why no lock downs for flu.
A great explanation about Exosomes by Sayer Ji and if it is not on you tube because they have taken a lot of his off and censored you may find it on my POST BUSTED 1 Weds 15th July 2020  or on Sayer's site 'Green Med Info' for those of you who want to delve deeper he has written a book'Regenerate'.
By the way our micro biologist confirms the video above.
Courtesy druggist-chemist

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