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 Hello and wow a very hearty welcome. I am going to be very controversial. I have been accused of being a hypocrite, a coward and  very disingenuous and even evil. Well I maybe but of course I can only blog what I think, research and know.

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This is me as some of the readers described me and I would not resist the likeness!!?. Like the fence sitter I have been accused of, I will now sit on the fence and many have said that they hope and trust it causes my 'arse to be sore and uncomfortable' and I have to fall off and and take a side of the fence one way or tother. One reader hoped that the fence would cause my haemorrhoids to cause pain actually I have never had them (cockney is piles or Farmers or Farmer Giles) as they say I have never had a touch of the Farmers.

I am very upset and sad at this confrontation between Russia and Ukraine, my family history seems to go back to Ukraine and Russia and I have a love for those parts of the world and generally Eastern Europe. I have friends from Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Russia, Ukraine and Serbia.

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By now you will have seen both arguments and points of view, of course here in the UK I have only the UK's media reports and RT has been banned which the UK was calling for for a long time as is Germany, however one can still get RT on the Internet and of course Russia and Ukraine have taken RT and Russian media off the air. Mind  you I am used to one way street news in the UK because the Pandemic caused just that; censorship, fake News, cancel culture, woke and fear with mental illness. That follows my take and coming off the fence so to speak. 
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I feel the two above provide a point of view; The WEF has in its membership nearly every Prime Minister and certainly all board members of the Multinational Companies of every commodity. The WEF has claimed that it has a member in every parliament, security forces and military. It promotes woke, cancel culture, GMO foods, technocracy, Eugenics, transhumanism and cyborgism and much more. It also incorporates the CIA, The deep State and has overtaken and absorbed the Bilderbergs and its latest prodigy Justin Trudeau. (Through the 'grapevine' I heard he was told off by Herr Schwab for the bringing the EMEREGENCY POWERS ACT over the truckers protest which was contrary to all reports a peaceful protest. This was against the Canadian constitution and is being looked into by many lawyers as a breach of the Constitution ---this is the  coup de grace or coup d etat (coup de tete) which the WEF has and causes through things like the Pandemic and of cause through Russia and Ukraine and the threat of a Nuclear or Third world War. Trudeau a young and ambitious person gave away their master plan---EMERGENCY POWERS ACT which override every human right there is.

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I know that the USA HAS AND THE Dark Journalist has done many presentations on this and names it as the Continuity of Government originally brought in for a scenario of a nuclear attack and the President and officials missing then an emergency set of rules to govern and an appointed military General to takes command. In the USA they have underground cities and their own private militia with a communications network. The Dark Journalist will verify this. I suspect many other countries have similar bunkers and command centres and it would not surprise me if they are all linked somehow other than the usual telecommunications or computer links ----satellite maybe?   

So we can expect more world shattering events stirred up in order to get their NEW WORLD ORDER finally stablished, they have shown their hand and dear Boris Johnson showed his contempt by the 'office parties' and where then was the virus. The Queen got conned as well with the rest of the Royal and like Oliver Cromwell held the monarchy to ransom and 'beheading'.


 They want their own type of NEW WORLD ORDER and they do not want the version of The WEF, so my view is that the BRICS are moving away from the dollar and want to form their own IMF either on the Chinese Yuan or some sort of bitcoin crypto currency. SO was the Ukraine Russia crisis engineered by WEF and remember NATO is the WEF pet fighting force and of course the 'war' to dominate space, the Chinese International Space Station and the thousands of satellites going into space to provide a net of surveillance from space and difficult to get at by us plebs down here. I stand by my main article 'Welcome to Smart City' So space has become to prize tool to exert the maximum of everything down here on Terra?

From my blog Monday 21st September 2020

This is what started the UK Lockdowns two years back mainly BAD COMPUTER MODELLING

Covid modelling that prompted first UK lockdown based on ‘inaccurate’ case numbers

 WERE  lockdowns needed

Covid lockdowns weren’t needed, finds inquiry in the country that stayed open

Maybe these RT's are not available now.

More shameful facts.

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Most important not only do Cell / Mobile towers cause radiation hazards but the control of one power having this control leads to surveillance and part of the New World Order Reset. 

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A large technocratic monster lurks in the once beautiful country side and stares malevolently down on its subjects below who ecstatically look down not at the beauty of the natural beauty. It plants its metallic claws into the once virgin soil but a small device  below its monstrous stature is slowly killing them and they speak to their audience, ignoring the stillness of the quiet and no bird to be seen as the monster spews out indigestible food for them and  killing the fauna and all in its mighty radius.(Geoff)   

o download, share, or print out this article, copy and paste this link:
On February 11, 2022, the Santa Fe Alliance for Public Health and Safety filed its Reply Brief in the United States Supreme Court:
We are asking the Court to strike down a 1996 law that prohibits local governments from regulating cell towers on the basis of health. Because of that unconstitutional law, millions of people who have been injured, driven from their homes, and killed by cell towers have had no remedy for their injuries, suffering, and losses. Because of that law, telecommunications companies have been exempt from liability for the damage their antennas are doing to people and planet.

This Friday, March 4, the Supreme Court will decide whether or not to hear our case.

Signature Collection Begins Today

A European Citizens’ Initiative called “Stop (((5G))) – Stay Connected but Protected” has been officially launched today, March 1, 2022, by a coalition of national and international organizations called Europeans for Safe Connections. If they collect at least one million signatures, they will have the right to present the initiative at a public hearing before the European Parliament. The Parliament may then, at its option, hold a debate in a full (plenary) session, and it may take any of a number of actions including proposing legislation. The signatures must be submitted within one year, but can be submitted sooner if their number reaches one million sooner. 
    The initiative’s objectives are available in 12 languages on the EU’s website, and in 25 languages on the Europeans for Safe Connections' website. The initiative’s 23 specific legislative proposals address the damage done to the world’s health, environment and security by wireless technology.

    If you are a citizen of any country belonging to the EU, please sign the Stop (((5G))) initiative here:
    On January 14, 2022, a mountain beneath the Pacific Ocean, near the island nation of Tonga, violently exploded, hurling ashes and gases 36 miles high into the atmosphere. In a three-day venting of electrical fury, it hurled 590,000 lightning bolts toward the sky. No other volcanic eruption on record has ever reached so high into the sky, or been accompanied by so much thunder and lighting.

    High above the sulfurous breath of the mountain, propelled by the acrid breath of enormous rockets, satellites have continued to erupt skyward to heights of more than 300 miles. Another 49 Starlink satellites were sent into orbit on January 6. Another 49 were launched on January 19, and another 49 (not all of them made it) on February 3. Another 34 OneWeb satellites joined them in the sky on February 10; 46 more Starlink satellites on February 21; 50 more Starlink satellites on February 25. And that’s not all. There were 21 rocket launches by companies and governments carrying 440 satellites into the sky during the months of January and February.

    And as though in sympathy with the mountain, an explosion of human illness and flocks of birds falling dead out of the sky have been reported since about the time of the Tonga eruption, and have continued until the present.

    Human Illness 
    I have been receiving unsolicited reports since January 10 from all over the U.S and some from other countries, from people with sudden heart problems, hands and feet hurting, high-pitched sounds in their heads, exhausted, in pain throughout their bodies, and unable to sleep. Since these reports are coming from many different places, from both cities and remote locations, and from cell phone users as well as non-cell phones users, the expanding cloud of satellites encircling the Earth is a likely cause. These reports are similar to the more than 1,000 reports I received about illness in people and their pets and farm animals after March 24, 2021 when SpaceX suddenly increased the speed of its new Starlink service. See Survey Results (newsletter of April 15, 2021). There are a few differences this time: 
    • Rocket launches of all types are becoming a near-daily occurrence.
    • The earlier illnesses lasted at most a few weeks last time. This time they show no sign of letting up.
    • SpaceX now has 1,970 satellites in orbit, almost twice as many as it had a year ago. An interactive map of what the Earth looks like from space right now through the cloud of Starlink satellites can be found here: https://satellitemap.
    Here are some of the reports I have received:

    A man in Michigan called on January 10 reporting bad vertigo.

    A woman in British Columbia wrote on January 12 that she had been suffering from radiation sickness for a couple of days, that her blood pressure was elevated, and that she could not sleep.

    A woman in New Mexico called on January 13 reporting she had had a seizure the previous week.

    A woman in Alberta, Canada called on January 16 reporting that the radiation had gotten much worse.

    A man in remote northeastern Washington called on January 18 reporting severe body aches, extreme exhaustion, digestive problems, and cramps.

    A physician in northern California wrote on January 22 that she was feeling intense vibrations throughout her body, “like my nerves are on fire.”

    A man in Washington State wrote on January 26 that “for the past 6 days my heart goes out of rhythm between 2:00 and 3:00 o'clock AM. Scaring the hell out of me.”

    A man in New York State wrote on January 26 that since about the second week of January, “I now have very loud ringing in my ears, insomnia, it feels like my eyes are burning, aches and pains all over my body, a tingling sensation in my fingers, crippling exhaustion, it has become very hard to concentrate, I have a fever and just about every symptom listed for EMF radiation. My life is now a living hell. I can feel my body’s life energy being drained from me.”

    A man in New York State called on January 28 saying he had woken up on January 5 feeling “like a truck had hit me.”

    A woman in California wrote on January 29 that “I am being blasted really good… One of the things that happens to my body when I am being hit with radiation is my neck pops, like popping your knuckles. It only does it then. Last night as I moved my head back and forth my neck made these little popping noises and they never stopped. I also get popping in my head and sinus cavity like little air bubbles popping.”

    She continued: “Yesterday my boyfriend came home from work and was talking to a little yellow finch at the bird feeder next to the gate to our front yard. He said the bird had its eyes closed, and it wasn't flying away from him standing a few inches from it. He talked loud to me, and I went to see it, it just sat and ate like we weren't there. I thought its eyes were open, the birds seem to get dazed and disoriented. You can get really close whey they are blasted like this; they don't care if you are too close as they usually would. My boyfriend put out his finger and petted the finch, the bird let him. The finch had puffy feathers like they do when they get over exposed. I was glad he was at least eating; he flew away when we walked off.”

    A woman in Virginia wrote on January 31 that for the past couple of weeks she was feeling “extremely strong radiation” which “affects my nerves and central nervous system.” She had severe nausea, digestive problems, loud tinnitus, inner ear pains, brain pains, and it was “very hard to eat or do anything.” She also knew people “all over the U.S. both sensitive people and not sensitive people” who were throwing up or had severe nausea. She added: “We have no towers here at all and I have no emf or electric on my property.”

    A woman in the UK wrote on January 31 that she had “tinnitus, chronic headaches, and burns on my temples.”

    A woman in New Mexico called on February 1 saying she and many other people she knew had become suddenly sick after January 19, including one person who had died.

    A woman in a remote area of Scotland called on February 1 saying “today has been one of the worst days ever.” Her hands, feet, head, eyes, and ears hurt. She also hears high-pitched and chirping sounds.

    A practitioner of taiji and medical qigong in the UK wrote on February 5 that she had “unusual cramps in my hands.”

    A woman in Sweden living in a forest in rugged terrain wrote on February 9 that since January 14 she had heart palpitations, pulmonary pain, intense headaches, swollen and painful abdomen, excessive gas, stiff neck, intense thirst, itching scalp, runny nose, eye irritation, dry skin, tinnitus, ear pain, blurred vision, muscle pain, and mucus in her throat. Her partner also was suffering some of the same effects.

    A man in Nebraska wrote on February 12 that his lower legs were itching extremely and had been for some time, and that his wife was experiencing the same thing.

    A woman in Tennessee wrote on February 16, “My best friend went to the ER today for chest pain. There were concerns about a heart attack and the doctors were confused because the blood work and X-rays were clean and clear.”

    A woman in Scotland wrote on February 19 that she has felt “on fire,” with “burning calves especially, couldn’t lie flat on my bed without feeling I was being tortured.” She could not sleep, her blood pressure was high, and she felt short of breath just sitting.

    A woman in Arizona called on February 19 reporting a high-pitched sound, and that she had diarrhea.

    A woman in New Mexico called on February 20 reporting headaches, digestive problems, and that her hands and feet hurt.

    A woman in Ohio called on February 22 reporting ringing in her ears and fatigue.

    A woman in the Yukon in northern Canada wrote on February 24 wrote that she was dizzy, with an increased heart rate and buzzing in her ears.
    On February 7, hundreds of migrating yellow-headed blackbirds fell out of the sky to their deaths on the streets of Cuauhtémoc, Chihuahua, Mexico.

    On February 10, about 200 starlings were found dead near the village of Waterston in Pembrokeshire, Wales.

    Between February 12 and February 16, more than 100 crows were found dead in the streets and parks of St. Louis, Missouri.

    On February 18, 55 American robins were found dead on the campus of Radford University in the New River Valley of Virginia.

    On January 27, I received an email from a woman in northern California, reporting on the almost complete disappearance of birds, insects, and even snails from her property:

    “I live in Windsor, CA, and we have no more snails or slugs anywhere. These creatures used to be sort of annoying, but now they are gone from our yard, and none of my friends can remember when they've last seen one. And I no longer have birds coming to my bird feeder. I used to have to fill it up every few days. Now it can go a month and no visitors except for an occasional blue jay. Up until a few years ago, when I got lettuce from the farmer's market, it used to have all kinds of bugs hiding in the leaves. Now there are none.”

    Where have all the hedgehogs gone?
    On February 22, the State of Britain’s Hedgehogs 2022 report was released. It showed that the number of hedgehogs in England fell by 77 percent between 2002 and 2019.

    The disappearance of birds, hedgehogs, snails, and other creatures, like human illnesses, is caused by radiation from antennas both on the ground and in space. But the radiation from space is more insidious: the electrical envelope of the Earth, to which we are all attached by invisible strings -- which physicists call the global electric circuit -- is being profoundly disturbed.
    Arthur Firstenberg
    Santa Fe, NM 87502
    phone: +1 505-471-0129
    [email protected]
    March 1, 2022

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    Be Well


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