Thursday 17 March 2022


 Hello and welcome.

I have had some phone calls and shared a hum. Some emotional releases and feelings of warmth and acceptance.

In this short time a few small groups are doing it their way and have said it was powerful, a healing and releases of emotions. 

One or two said they had crying for some time afterwards, happy cry they said and some had lots of visits to the bathroom, some laughter and so on. 

I only floated this idea this way and I am not a centre for it, you and your groups are and yes when there are enough groups and link then the nearer to a local Hum day, County or State Hum day and leading to a World HUM DAY, someone much younger than I would by then take this over, I do not want to be a central point this has to be someone out there who likes the idea and promotes it. PLEASE DO NOT MAKE A BUSINESS OR CHARGE FOR THIS.

OK I understand that if this grows I do no want any part in finances, politics, group committees, organising. I WILL CERTAINLY HUM WITH WHO EVER, if there is a hint of force, take over, persuasion in the HUM or a covert agenda, don't contact me or use it to use it for gain and possession.


Courtesy Escape Matter

So here we are back at electrical signals vibrations and we have our own voice vibrating generator. In my view if one fights the tide of media or fashion generated or despotic occurrences, then it is a battle of who is the mightiest it then becomes ego against ego. Should one choose use a gentle but persistent hum vibration with the INTENTION of getting at that SOURCE of supply to the corralling human nature and tampering with the human nature and deforming nature then I feel one is using natural intention as Nature and the Divine or whatever name fits would use it. I feel not to name persons, organisations, institutions but rather see the fuel of their energy and intent and use it it in a non personal fashion, otherwise the dislike, hate and opposition becomes a power and lust battle. 
Courtesy Bored Panda

I just feel that we are part of nature after all we are 'atoms' some say empty at that (see empty atom) and I think and feel evolution is a natural process and there is a way of harmless technology however not for profit.

You can share your views and I will print some of them only about the HUM and the results. If they are insulting or for any other purpose I will change the email address and shut down the project which maybe the aim of some ones agenda.


Bye for Now

Shack oe'r Geoff

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