Monday 21 March 2022



Mongolian Throat singing. Some of the voices you can find can go through ranges that are almost unbelievable. Some people have hypnotic voices and there is research which show that some orators have a quality in their vibratory delivery that somehow is subliminal in a way.

I have been in a Monastery where Tibetan Monks presented similar renditions. The windows shook the walls seemed to vibrate, the floor as well and me I could feel it awaken as it were every cell and vibrate my brain and bones, I felt amazing and I had to rest and lay down, I have never felt so well at that time. I also felt timeless and in another dimension and it awoke something in my heart and I felt somehow connected to the Universe. This was in the 60's.

I have felt the vibration from a Cello in a church and that was amazing. Also the shrieks and calls of monkeys, birds and the roar up close to Lions. 
I have a large Tibetan Bowl and I often Hum with it. I have done this with friends and with Skype sessions with friends. Some of us used to bring our bowls and we would endeavour to harmonise like shared humming. May I suggest that should you decide to purchase a bowl MAKE sure it is authentic,  there are so many replicas.
Another form is Crystal Singing Bowls. My word at an exhibition held in one of London's exhibition venues these nearly blew us away. To say they are powerful does not justify the description. I prefer the Tibetan ones for my own work as it were and have never sought to buy a Crystal one, they maybe expensive and I am now leaning towards getting one. Again make sure they are authentic.
This is a Handpan, I have a small one and what I do with the Tibetan bowl and the Handpan not in the same session is, tune in and choose a Hum to harmonise and sometimes just for pleasure and relaxation and other times to float the 'intentions' on the waves as it were.
Of course there are a number of native ethnic or country originals flutes, drums, pipes, string instruments and some dances enhance the vibratory HUMS.

I do not play any instrument, however I am a sort of Drummer and Hummer.

Bye for Now

Shack Oe'r Geoff

Amazing female throat singers and over toning--- incredible
A softer sound this Nun Ani Choying Drolma really touched my heart and just shows the contrasts.

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