Sunday 13 March 2022



I was given this rattle and I do not associate it with any shamanic or occult or religious practice. 

Its a vibrational instrument like wooden rattle drum, cabarsa, tambourine, maracas and if you can get anyone of these or similar natural ones and made from natures gifts, I feel are so much the better.

The use I have for it is mainly to break up the subtle energies from the TV, phones or computer and some visitors not alone my own.

May I suggest you look up the research of Rupert Sheldrake and his Morphic Resonance.

Please if you would allow me to say again; when you use intentions, please do not choose sides, name the persons or institutions and so on but only to dissipate that dark energy that caused the conflict so that when it has dissolved both parties are at rest and one has not benefitted over the other, so that resentments are not left hanging in the memory magnetic fields. (dark here is not used as a colour or opposite to white or light but more of a feeling that chokes and engulfs one and makes one feel trapped sad and in slavery). 

What about a World Rattling day and combined with a Humming together or separate.

Can you see mobile messages coming through the air or TV or Wi Fi, radio or any other? These are vibrations and so are thoughts. So if one battles thoughts against thoughts and so on then we have whirlpool of masses of jumbled up waves and so on. WHAT TO DO.
I guess you know.

Bye for Now


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