Sunday 13 March 2022

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Hello SHACK(Geoff ) here. I am inviting my friends to hum with me and start if they can a humming group or Zoom and Skype. 

We are living in a world of Darkness and I feel protests and trying to legally sue is beyond the worlds community at large. Prayer is of course always useful and powerful.

As you know glass can be shattered by vibration and ultra sound break up kidney and gall stones. 

Humming has been found to help dementia and some humming can be done to heal oneself. I can recommend two sources that are samples and explain it  more than I can. They are The Humming Effect 

From my own book

From my own purchase
I assure you I purchased these three or four years back and I am not linked or have any financial or promotional links with the above, its simply because I have used these for all this time and they have proved to me the efficacy of these simple but enormously powerful sounds and the simplicity to do it. 
From files
One might think that a simple group or individual cannot effect the darkness and destruction in this world (examples; Walls of Jericho, soldiers on bridges have to step out of unison, Lamas in Tibet breaking Stones and mountain obstructions and many more).
Humming with Intent can be very powerful as explained in first book and just think of a World Humming Day with thousands at a coordinated time humming to breakup the Darkness and dare I say the evil intent of those who want to enslave humanity, rape nature and obliterate the young and innocent.    
Try this with Jonathan Goldman
Do not worry about the word chakra they are merely energy centres where the Vagus nerve passes through. You can read many other ways of tuning the Vagus nerves for personal benefit but this way and collectively as I have suggested above could be a world changer. the above video)
He also said the medicine of the future would be vibration.

WOULD YOU IF YOU FEEL INCLINED SHARE THIS AND SEE WHERE IT GOES. There is no copywrite on this Shack article.

You can be sure there will be those who will want to jam and rubbish this idea.
Please may I suggest when you intend and float the intention on the sound vibrations that you have no malice or ego in the intent just to break the darkness like sugar melting in hot water. 

Courtesy Fine Art America (merely to illustrate article it is not their intention to be involved above)

We face such a situation in this world today.

Some folk have contacted me and said; what is the use of Johnathan Goldman 7Chakra Tune up and the idea you are putting out.

Yes I realise I did not explain this; I should have mentioned that this is an idea in the context of the Hum to get used to sound and vibration and to feel the vibrations. I really should have said to just  go to lips closed and mmmmmmmmm, so that it is not associated with Om or Hum which could be taken as 'holy sounds'. Apologies I am feeling my way into this New Venture. Mainly make it yours.

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