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Hey there. Fancy a space and ancient mystery trip? Fasten your seat belts and Greetings to you.
Who will win the space race to land on Mars?
Mars is never far from the news. Indeed, only yesterday India's space agency became the latest one to have a go at reaching the 'red planet', alongside the US, Russia and Europe. Meanwhile, the Kennedy Space Center, in Florida, last week saw the switching-on of what could be a landmark space vehicle fit for future trips to Mars.
With the space shuttle programme over, the search is on to find a new reusable spacecraft to take astronauts and cargo to the International Space Station (ISS) and beyond. Regular visits to low-Earth orbit are one thing, but Nasa is after something that can transport humans far beyond, to other worlds in our solar system.
The US space agency's answer is the Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle – known simply as Orion – which can take up to six astronauts on journeys as long as 210 days to near-Earth asteroids, the moon and even Mars.
Insider Orion

Another inside shot.
Looks Like the Apollo capsule to me?
There is something very compelling about space and its alluring mystery.  Maybe it is a inherent genetic 'urge', perhaps we are born, in fact the Universe is born out of the womb of space in Cosmic Space.   I feel meditation is the exploration of Inner Space, to be an Innernaught, after a while of meditation one can feel the separation from local mind to non local mind as if one goes through the 'veil' and then inner and outer space are one.
Ancient mysteries. There is a link in my view between space exploration and these ancient clues to previous aliens or home beings on or in our planet.
Lost artefacts from our civilisation 
So the mystery continues. Maybe Life is about discovery, the ultimate one, the discovery of the self. Who we really are, and we might find ultimately there is only one of US.  This is not an US but a One being. Maybe this Being Split Itself into many facets and has become lost in Its own creation. Or like the potter who relates to the pot as himself and does not realise his Creation, taking the form of the pot as reality and not the Consciousness /mind that it came forth from.
SOLAR FLARE CAUSES RARE 'MAGNETIC CROCHET': On Nov. 5th at 22:12 UT, the magnetic canopy of sunspot AR1890 erupted, producing a brief but intenseX3-class solar flare. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded the extreme ultraviolet flash:
Radiation from the flare caused a surge in the ionization of Earth's upper atmosphere--and this led to a rare magnetic crochet. Alexander Avtanski observed the effect using a homemade magnetometer in San Jose, California. A magnetic crochet is a disturbance in Earth's magnetic field caused by electrical currents flowing in air 60 km to 100 km above our heads. Unlike geomagnetic disturbances that arrive with CMEs days after a flare, a magnetic crochet occurs while the flare is in progress. They tend to occur during fast impulsive flares like this one. 
E-DISCOVERING THE PFOTZER MAXIMUM: On Oct. 27th, when the students of Earth to Sky Calculus launched a pair of radiation sensors to the stratosphere onboard a helium balloon, they didn't know what to expect. This just in: They have re-discovered the Pfotzer Maximum. Most people have never heard of it. The Pfotzer Maximum is a layer of peak radiation about 20 km above Earth's surface. Take a look at this data plot from the team's space weather balloon and keep reading below for more information:
The plot shows a complete profile of ionizing radiation between 2.7 km and 27 km above Earth's surface. Data from their sensor counted X-rays and gamma-rays in the energy range 10.0 KeV to 20.0 MeV. A peak in radiation levels occured in the tropopause--that's the Pfotzer Maximum.
When cosmic rays crash into Earth's atmosphere, they produce a spray of secondary particles. With increasing depth in the atmosphere, the primary cosmic radiation component decreases, whereas the secondary radiation component increases. This complex situation results in a maximum of the dose rate at an altitude of ~20 km, the so-called "Pfotzer maximum," named after physicist George Pfotzer who discovered the peak using balloons and Geiger tubes in the 1930s.
The Earth to Sky experiment was prompted by a recent NASA report concerning the effects of space weather on aviation. Like astronauts, ordinary air travelers can be exposed to significant doses of radiation when the sun is active. Data collected by balloon-borne sensors can be used to check and improve research models of radiation percolating through Earth's atmosphere.
The students are ready to fly their sensors again. A radiation storm in the week ahead is a possibility as solar activity remains high. If one erupts, they plan to revisit the Pfotzer Maximum to find out how it reacts.
Courtesy of   {one again to remind us of the dangers of space weather if it extreme
The Strange Universe
  • On November 5, Washington State became the first US state to vote YES on a law to label genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and genetically engineered (GE) foods
  • To take control of your health, you need to address your diet. Processed foods are one of the primary drivers of chronic disease, so switching from processed foods to natural (ideally organic) whole foods is the first step
  • Planting your own “Victory Garden” can go a long way toward healthier eating, and in the long run, it can provide incentive for industry-wide change, and a return to a diet of real food, for everyone, everywhere
  • Regardless of the season, where you live, and how much space you have, you can grow your own food. one of the simplest and most inexpensive alternatives is to grow sprouts
  • Whatever veggies you have left over you can easily ferment, which will provide you with superior, nutritious foods year-round
Now another exploration.  The depths of the Oceans and the mysterious relics that are there.
Strange legend and videos----Night Crawlers.
Who and what are you?

MPs may live to regret this rash bid to neuter charities

The lobbying bill's attack on the right to campaign at a time of public disaffection could: read in link below. Like the esoteric law the governments are not taking into account the intelligence of gthe growing public .

                                                This is mind blowing and interesting.                                            Wow, Wow.

The most recent in a seemingly unending 
stretch of fake terrorist attacks in the US
the TSA-LAX drill-shooting has also been 
among the quickest to fall apart.
The silent repeal of laws against internal 
propaganda in the USA (via the infamous 
NDAA bill), has been put to use early and 
often by criminals infesting our government. 
The result has been a tumultuous cascade 
of fake violence, meant to steer public opinion. 
The end result, however, has been quite 
Great masses of people are instead becoming 
more sophisticated and aware than ever, as to 
the chicanery of the Criminal Mainstream Media. 
Only a few weeks ago, an employee of the TSA 
was discovered planting "Bottle Bombs" in 
restricted areas of an airport. Now, we see that 
this was only a portent of greater TSA plans 

 The populace is growing in awareness, that is why the freedom of expression and internet scrutiny and clamp downs are appearing. Many third world so to speak countries are also clamping down, more fiercely as they expose their government allegiances with so called enemies or foes, their corruption and pollution. So expect more draconian laws and imprisonments as the cabal worldwide rape, plunder and murder and try to hide their unspeakable dirty evil agendas. Martial law may be employed more often and the pretext---protection against terrorist attacks, that they the worldwide cabal plan.   
YET ANOTHER X-FLARE: As predicted, sunspot AR1890 has unleashed another strong flare, an X1-class explosion on Nov. 10th at 05:14 UT. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded a bright flash of extreme ultraviolet radiation from the blast site:
This is the third X-flare from AR1890 since Nov. 5th, and all three have something in common: brevity. AR1890 tends to produce impulsive flares, peaking sharply in a matter of minutes or less. Often, brief flares do not produce coronal mass ejections (CMEs), but this one could be an exception. A movie of the flare shows a plume of material lifting off the sun shortly after the UV flash. That could be the beginnings of an Earth-directed CME. Stay tuned for further analysis. (courtesy of spaceweather .com) {REMINDER OF EFFECTS OF SOLAR GEOMAGNETIC STORMS ON US ----
Another shot of Orion multi purpose craft designed to hold six astronauts and for Mars expedition.
                                                             Six Tailed Asteroid.
The Unexpected Tails of Asteroid P5 
Image Credit: NASAESA, and D. Jewitt (UCLA) et al.
Explanation: What is happening to asteroid P/2013 P5? No one is sure. For reasons unknown, the asteroid is now sporting not one but six discernible tails. The above images were taken two months ago by the orbiting Hubble Space Telescope and show the rapidly changing dust streams. It is not even known when P5 began displaying such unusual tails. Were the main belt asteroid struck by a large meteor, it would be expected to sport a single dust tail. Possible explanations include that light pressure from the Sun is causing the asteroid to rotate increasingly rapidly, which in turn causes pools of previously gravity-bound dust to spin off. Future observations should better indicate how P5 and its dust plumes are evolving and so provide more clues to its nature -- and to how many similar asteroids might exist.
Futuristic shot of Orion on the way to Mars.
There are whistle blowers that say the black ops(Skunk Works) that go anywhere in the galaxy and have underground bases on Mars. 
Extraterrestrial UFO Are Real : Ben Rich Lockheed Skunk Works Director Admitted In His Deathbed Confession
Ben Rich Lockheed Skunk Works director had admitted in his Deathbed Confession that Extraterrestrial UFO visitors are real and the U.S. Military travel among stars.
According to article published in May 2010 issue of the Mufon UFO Journal [Link] - Ben Rich, the “Father of the Stealth Fighter-Bomber” and former head of Lockheed Skunk Works,had once let out information about Extraterrestrial UFO Visitors Are Real And U.S. Military Travel To Stars.  Read more in link below.

Courtesy The Disclosure Project.

Don Phillips, "These UFOs were huge and they would just come to a stop and do a 60 degree, 45 degree, 10 degree turn, and then immediately reverse this action". During the Apollo landing, Neil Armstrong says, "They're here.They are right over there and looking at the size of those ships., it is obvious they dont like us being here”. When I was working with the Skunkworks with Kelly Johnson, we signed an agreement with the government to keep very quiet about this. {There is a bit more in the above link and in Don Phillips paragraphs.  The bit about HEALING CANCERS, CLEANING UP TOXINS and so on I went into in several Posts and energygrid, mostly under the 'PHANTOM WAVE' {Use search bars in  menu destiny and my blogs}
WOW.WOW.WOW 1 min. Where do you go from there? Amazing.
This is where you go from there
Now we know why the TPP Internet censorship plan has been kept so secret.
Wikileaks just made public secret documents that show how industry lobbyists are trying to impose an extreme Internet censorship scheme.1
We knew it was going to be bad. We knew it could mean that entire websites and families could be kicked off the Internet. We knew it could lock out the deaf and the blind.
But the TPP Internet censorship plan is even worse than we thought. The leaked documents reveal that:
  • U.S. President Obama is trying to impose laws that would clamp down on free expression, compel your Internet service provider to track your Internet usage, and impose extreme penalties for everyday online activities.
  • The TPP would create secret transnational Internet censorship courts. It could override national courts and national laws.2
Yeah, it’s that bad. This leak could change everything -- but only if people know about it. We need to raise a loud public call at this unique moment:
The leaked documents have revealed that the United States government and lobbyists are nearly alone in pushing the most extreme parts of the TPP’s Internet censorship plan.3
However, the leaked draft also lets us know which countries oppose these extreme new rules. And here’s the good news: many countries are pushing back.4
The more voices we join together, the stronger the message we can send. It’s that simple. Your action today will make a difference.
Thank you. We can do this,
Steve and Josh, on behalf of your team
P.S. If you’re still reading this, it means you care. This plan is worse than our worst fears. Your small team here at are working hard to make sure people know the truth about what’s going on. Can you do your part by chipping in what you can today towards our campaign?

[1] Secret Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement. Source: WikiLeaks
[2] How the TPP endangers access to knowledge, technology, and information. Source: Public Citizen.
[3] Leaked treaty is a Hollywood wishlist. Could it derail Obama’s trade agenda? Source: Washington Post.
[4] The Trans Pacific Partnership IP Chapter Leaks: Canada Pushing Back Against Draconian U.S. Demands. Source: Michael Geist.

 Now we see why Obama's buddy Bug Cameron wanted the 'Esoteric Law'  See Posts 98 A and 107
                                                  Sula Pines
                               Refreshing the aroma of Pines and the clear                                       clean air of nature.  Well. Geoff

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