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Hello good to be with you today.  Yesterday which was the 6th March 2014 the papers raved about the lie of 60 years, no TV on it or I could not find much in the press accept this below.
Fat. The dreaded f-word brings fear to the hearts of many. We’re scared of getting fat, staying fat, eating fat, and having fat clog up our arteries.
We have been warned for the past 60 years that dietary fat leads to high cholesterol, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and obesity and so we avidly avoid it; even though the incidence of these diseases has continued to increase over this time.
The purpose of today’s article is to give this much-maligned substance some credit, and put into perspective just how important it is to our health and wellbeing.
Fat has many functions in the human body:
1. It is a crucial component of every single cell membrane in the body. It protects the cells from unwanted substances while allowing vital nutrients to cross through.
2. It protects organs, such as the heart and liver, from physical damage and insulates the body against heat loss.
3. It facilitates healthy growth and development.
4. Our brains are fatty — 60 per cent of the brain is fat. Essential fatty acids must be obtained through the diet, and are vital for the optimal brain integrity and performance. Anyone prone to anxiety, depression and attention-deficit disorders needs to take supplemental oils.
5. Vitamins A, D, E and K are all fat-soluble and can only be absorbed when there is fat present in the gut.
6. It promotes a healthy immune system and metabolism.
Consuming adequate fat is also crucial to weight loss for two main reasons: fat-free food is very unsatisfying (not to mention tasteless) and will have you searching for that something else; and eating fat promotes fat burning — you need to eat fat to burn fat. Of course, it is important to choose the right sort of fats; these include avocado, olive oil, coconut oil, fresh nuts (walnuts, almonds, macadamia) and seeds (chia, hemp, flax, pepitas), oily fish (sardines, salmon, mackerel), butter (yes!) and egg yolks. Fat in its natural form is easily recognised and used by the body. It is when fats are manipulated for food production that they become toxic and dangerous. Avoid anything that lists hydrogenated vegetable oils or trans-fats like the plague. This includes margarine, processed foods (eg Oreos, corn chips, donuts), and deep-fried foods.
Ideally, we should make sure each meal we eat has some healthy fat in it. Try adding 1-2 tablespoons of ground seeds to your morning muesli or smoothie; drizzle 2 tablespoons of olive/macadamia oil over salads with a bit of lemon juice, salt and pepper; eat oily fish 3 times a week — fresh is best but tinned also has valuable oils; cook ONLY in coconut oil. This oil is very stable when heated, unlike other vegetable oils which quickly turn dangerous.
Charlotte Inwood is a naturopath at Straight Up Health, 63 Gregory St, Geraldton. Phone 9964 4205.
Already the critics have started, 'well of course she is a naturopath and not a medical person'.  The day before the headlines were STATINS  the wonder drug, the pill of the century close to a miracle.  The research worldwide into statins is as horrendous as GMO. 
Courtesy Randy Glasbergen .  Andy I know it is copyright I found this in Goolgle Images, so it is in the public domain. 
Hooray! I did find an a national newspaper to back up the above about fat lies.  How long it will last well your guess is as good as mine.

Lard, Butter, Coconut Oil.
Vilified Falsely For 60 Years By "Cheap" Vegetable Oil Sellers

Vegetable Oil Has Taken Over Half The Fat Market. Added 30 Pounds Per American

"Based on the research and information I have on January 14, 2008 the following makes sense to me," Harlan Jacobsen Copyright © 2008

Once picked up by mass media and continuously fueled by "authorities" deliberate falsehood now established as "truth".
Heart disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity literally did not exit until the turn of the century.
Weston Prices extensive study of Indigenous cultures in the 1930s proved they lived extremely healthy and long lives, Down thru history he proved that people who ate high percentages of natural saturated fats these societies have never been fat!Study of Indigenous people all over the world showed Price in the 30's that natural saturated fats automatically created healthy people.
He used butter as a health food to nurse back to health those with various man connected ailments.
Evolving from our ancestors, we have now adopted the Modern world for our new home, but
Our Genetic and ancestral programming system are deeply embedded in our DNA. So what is the secret that our ancestors reveal about fat?
It turns out that no traditional cultures favored low-fat meals. Your ancestral diets were rich in fatty acids from eating wild game, fish and seafood, nuts and seeds, and vegetables. (small amounts of fruit) Indigenous people diet Price found were extremely high in fats, and eagerly sought out every bit they could find.
The falsehoods of detrimental effects supposedly caused by saturated dietary fat in modern society and used to un-sell America on abandoning it, never materialized.
Your Ancestors as Well As You and I Are All Still Genetically Programmed to Eat Fat and Obtain 75% of Calories From that Source.
How did this natural fat get sold as the villain? Vegetable Oil became government surplus and cheap. Learning how to manufacture substitute "vegetable fats: cheaply left them with no market unless they sold America on the idea their new oil was "healthy" (margarine, Crisco etc.) Saturated animal fat, was to be painted as a dire health villain. and these new "healthful" vegetable fats were to rescue America.
Instead they have gained an average of over 30 pounds per person,
Cancer and heart problems are the number one killers today and diabetes and obesity are epidemic.The so called experts who were in on this false selling job, despite hundreds of studies showing the real problem was this diet change, still refuse to let go of the old Saturated and High Fat as the Villain... Cut FAT out....and be healthyis still their pitch despite proven over and over as the problem. NOT THE CURE.

Result, the United States now has the 42nd life expectancy of industrialized nations of the world.
How Did They Unsell Natural Saturated Fat In The Last Sixty Years?
They sold it with planted articles and paid authority written books to start the craze rolling.
Very clever advertising and the new industry worked hard to turn off the American public from using the "old fashioned cooking oils and fats their ancestors had used for thousands of years.
Once they got the media rolling, it was not hard to convince the public that their new inexpensive products were modern and far healthier than the lard, butter, and coconut oil they had been using.
It never needed to be true, it only had to be "sold."
Gary Taubs lays it out in his new book, "Good Calories, Bad Calories." Many others have had the courage to take a stand, almost now like the emperor has no cloths, until now they were afraid to say the emperor had no clothes.
One of the biggest needs was that natural fat has a short shelf life. To mass market you need LONG shelf life. Processed food manufacturers and chain restaurants began researching ways to help products that normally only lasted for days to now last for weeks on shelves. The process of hydrogenated or making a trans fat ideas were born.
To switch you to their man made products, automatically, they did not have to sell you on their product, but get a mass hysteria going that natural food was "unhealthy" and short shelf life was "unhealthy".
You would (and did) come running to adopt their man made fake food as a few paid off experts now were recommending (and others unwittingly joined the politically correct movement,) as the answer to save you.
Did their marketing plan work?
You bet,

They now control over half the market, where at the turn of the century, natural fat had 100% of the market.None of the illnesses ran wild with most not even existing or so rare doctors did not even recognize them.

Tell Your Diabetic Friends About This Article And Site, Send Them This Page Or If They Do Not Have A PC, Print Out The Article For Them

Lard, Butter, Coconut Oil. Vilified Falsely For 60 Years By "Cheap" Vegetable  An interesting article on another way of regeneration. A lot of chat about renewal and regeneration.
from the bible one of my favourite quotes 'Behold I make all things anew'.  In my view it is from the 'stream or River of Light', more in blog / Post to follow perhaps Post 144.
Courtesy of edu
When the second world war was on, I was evacuated to the country side for a short while in Tebay in Cumberland and then to High Wycombe  Buckinghamshire. There was no thing as organic, it was organic, good old farm reared meat on green lush grass, chickens outside feeding along with pigs and sheep.  Manured soil from compost and dung.  Many folk had garden fresh veg as food was short.  The health of the nation was healthier than today.  Now the diets, the fads, the low fat versus this that and the other, vegetarian, vegan, cholesterol, diabetes, senility, drugs---- stress and food related? or greedy food companies----control systems?
Now it seems we have to have laws to sue manufactures of illegal food additives and preservatives. GM stuff and all that sort of thing.
No wonder many people are confused and spoilt for choice.
Well folks I feel real big change in the air. Until next time.  Be Well.

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