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Friends.  Greetings.  Hoping that life has brought to you 'the warming of the 'cockles of your heart'.  if something you see or hear warms the cockles of your heart, it makes you feel happy because it shows that people can be good and kind It's an old-fashioned romance that will warm the cockles of your heart.
Courtesy BBC UK.  Cockle Shells
Perhaps we could look at some every serious control issues.
Genetically modified (GM) ingredients. Fracking. Environmental destruction. Pharma drugs at the expense of natural healthcare. Corporations suing governments when laws get in the way of profits. All these and more are in store with two new ‘free trade’ agreements – and they’re being negotiated in secret. The choice is clear: Stand up against this now, or see more of the power balance swing in favour of the largest and richest corporations. (This means a complete hand over power to Big Pharma, Monsanto and the like--horrific).  Courtesy of ANH.  The rest of the article is vitally important to read.  ( People of Ukraine PLEASE TAKE NOTE, this is what is in store for you and  the EU and endorses them)
Just a quote from the above:-
Beyond the more high profile herbs such as St John's wort and Black cohosh, at present it is still not clear exactly what herbs can and cannot continue to be sold as botanical food supplements. The industry will of course try to maximise those sold as supplements. The MHRA have so far double gold-plated the implementation of European regulations and then ignored the government's red tape challenge despite an obvious case of over-regulation. The worry is they will use the end of the sell through of unlicensed herbal remedies to attack consumer interests further by announcing more herbs that cannot be sold without a license.
This is a report on how control of illegal reports on food and advice is fraudulently done. ( Erh---interesting)
The mystery goes on.  The above claims it landed in Diego Garcia.
Well are you in or out, conspiracy or not.  The secret base on Diego Garcia is interesting whereto or not the MH370 is there or not.  One thing that intrigues me is with all that equipment on board seems strange that radar, NSA / GCHQ / ECHELON did not pick up something.
Diego Garcia. Is the plane there?
Diego Garcia is a tropical, footprint-shaped coral atoll located south of the equator in the central Indian Ocean. It is part of the British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT).
The atoll is approximately 1,970 nautical miles (3,650 km) east of the coast of Africa (at Tanzania), 967 nautical miles (1,790 km) south-southwest of the southern tip of India (at Kanyakumari) and 2,550 nautical miles (4,720 km) west-northwest of the west coast of Australia(at Cape Range National Park, Western Australia). Diego Garcia lies in the Chagos Archipelago at the southernmost tip of the Chagos-Laccadive Ridge — a vast submarine range in the Indian Ocean,[2]topped by a long chain of coral reefs, atolls, and islands comprisingLakshadweep, Maldives, and the Chagos Archipelago. Local time isUTC+06:00 year-round (DST is not observed).[3]
The United States Navy operates Naval Support Facility (NSF) Diego Garcia, a large naval ship and submarine support base, military air base, communications and space-tracking facility, and an anchorage for pre-positioned military supplies for regional operations aboardMilitary Sealift Command ships in the lagoon.[4]
Mauritius sought to regain sovereignty, sold to the UK in 1965, over the Chagos Archipelago. Between 1968 and 1973, the Chagossians, then numbering about 2,000 people, were resettled by the Britishgovernment to Mauritius and Seychelles to allow the United States to establish a military base on the island. Today, the exiled Chagossians are still trying to return, claiming that the forced expulsion was illegal (see Depopulation of Diego Garcia).[5][6]    
You will be amazed at the stuff they have there, a military command centre supreme.   They literally command that whole sea.  ???? They certainly should have tracked or seen the plane.
Is this the forerunner to another 9 / 11 type false flag.  Terrorists hi jacked the plane and flew it into ??? or blew up ??? or simply  resurrect it as an Osama bin Lidan  episode.  Or as the one of the links says, 'we the USA can make a plane disappear, knock out the controls and fly it without trace, watchout world '  
MH370 . Could dearest Princess Diane been a victim of technology as the missing plane.
I was sifting through energygrid for certain related videos and found that from 2010 onwards 'sensitive' videos have been removed. Various notices appeared, 'Account closed' 'no video found' third party dispute, account decided to close and so on. Even those were all embedded. This maybe a coincidence but it is was the height or beginning of the big stuff to follow. Who took them off? It is known a lot of pressure was put on servers and the like, and despite what Obama has said recently, still is. I came to this conclusion and the song lyrics almost epitomise my sentiments:-
Courtesy pinternet.
I find that I am not relating to this kind of insanity I feel the world politic has got us into.  I feel many people and possibly me are in denial. The dying bit is not suicidal, depression or morbid obsession over crazy wars, conspiracies, but the programmes and stories that used to upset me and feel a sense of powerlessness which causes stress and this is the real killer.  Stress. 
Dr Lisa Rankin.  Brilliant
What is dying are many 'thought conditioned programmes' and I am not senile or 'lost my marbles', I am not as yet one sandwich short of a picnic, what is changing is my head is surrendering to my heart / emptiness and instead of becoming angry, feeling inadequate, blaming 'them', there is a quiet.  I still recognise and feel the corruption, wars and so on are not compliant with natural living. Instead of judgemental aggression, there is a kind of quiet knowing it is an offence to Mother Earth and her companions. If that sounds smug and aloof well I haven't explained it well.  Or maybe one can never describe feelings adequately, like they say in Zen 'the finger pointing to the Moon is not the Moon, you have to be on it to experience it.  Perhaps the finger is the sign post to the Moon.
Courtesy  Yes John I agree.
When one begins to turn away and look at the moon so to speak, a kind of way of saying, ones attention is not centred on the programs in the 'head', one then sees or recognises the programmes, the trap of conditioning from a distance, from the moon, not on ground Earth as it were.
Courtesy Despierta al
I was in a cafe the other day when in came my two friends, they looked different-----erh?
The phrase comes to me in an insane world the only normal people are the insane. I can recall in my days as a therapist, patients who were in denial, and once they woke up to the justifications and ploys to defend their hurt and addiction, the journey to the moon was taken. Sometimes this journey is painful and arduous however, it usually was worth it. When one awakens from the dream, the dream of illusion and denial then a clarity and cleanliness seems to be apparent.
This could be the face of Obama, Merkel, Clegg, Putin, Hollande and a host of others.  The media is their tool for implimenting the sheep syndrome.  Its OK dream on, deny anything that our political, medical, food masters put out there.  Not for  a moment am I suggesting violence because that puts one in their team, anger against anger, we justify our own stance by denial that we are seeking power ourselves--- we maybe jealous.
Courtesy worldoftheinsane.blogspot
The insanity was in me, because I recognised and projected it out as blame.  Now I own my craziness, for how else could I recognise it in others, if I had not experienced it in me first? Now I own it, it is my property and I can change it, dissolve it, or bury it, run away from it. I now smile as I no longer project, and I know why.  I did not like these feelings, thoughts inside of my head so to speak, they made me feel uncomfortable, so I gave them away in blame. Its not my shit, its them, the bilderbergs,  the elite, the so and so's, I'm all right its the others. So I could judge, criticize, blame and wait for them to change, I'm OK 'pull up the drawbridge Jack'  This I knew long ago from my therapy training, yet it was an ideal, triggers would set me off, lately the triggers are less and yet I am dealing more so with insanity in the world and me, how else can I learn the lessons if the mirror of the world does let me see my face in it. Krishnamurti 'It is the mirror of relationships that one finds oneself'
Our programming is a set of patterns and belief systems, which collectively are our ego, national ego, World ego, the substrate or sub stream has been termed the collective unconscious.  BECAUSE it is consciousness we unconsciously act them as habit, we feel safe in this habit and breaking them makes us feel unsafe, fear, stress.  Deep fundamental change is threatening, pulls the rug away, our world collapses.  The result can be flight / fight /surrender to any saviour, addiction and being buried and dying inside, not a healthy dying but a darkness a depressive no hope scenario. 
Until one wakes up, that is wakes up from the false reality of conditioning, some of what they are,  is WAR OK, Chemtrails OK, 1 % of the population own nearly all the wealth and power OK, killing on the name of GOD OK, killing nature and its resources for money OK, believing that anyone who is not your skin colour, has different customs, religion or not is the enemy OK, child abuse and killing as 'war causalities', is priests abuse of children OK. None of this is true and exaggerated OK, there are no conspiracies only by nutters like me OK. THE LIST IS ENDLESS.  ARE THESE OK?  THE REPLY 'What can I do I am just an individual', the first thing is and it does work, MEDITATE, watch, breathe, become calm and let the fear of helplessness dissolve.  Live from that peace.  YOU ARE BECOMING CONSCIOUS OF THE HABITS, THE ROBOT INSIDE YOU AND THE CAMERON SHEEP IS AWAKENING.  YOU ARE, YOU ARE. WE ARE, AWAKENING THE UNCONSCIOUS WORLD MEDIA CONDITIONING TO WAKEFULNESS. The transformation starts with me, you, us. The sleep of our childhood conditioning, no doubt some of it very good, respect, honesty, charity, sharing, simplicity, enough is enough, true forgiveness, a loving heart and a quiet head and so on.
Do you want our children reared on artificial chemicals in a burnt out world, looking vacant, hyped up, weird.  Read back posts of the kids especially in the USA gun mad, drugged up, students in University going on gun sprees.  Do you want soldiers coming back from war with limbs missing, gone mad and freaked out. Do you want drones over your head, no legal aid in the UK and jailed without representation in the USA, 569 Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt to be executed without a fair trial, do you want Suni Muslims fighting Shia Muslims in Iraq and Palestine. Well do You? Do you want Scotland to have a referendum for independence as do Venice from Italy, as the Basques in Spain, those in Kosovo have and yet Putin and the Crimea NO WAY.  Why has no one said anything about the Scots, Venice, Basques, Kosovo? Houses repossessed, food kitchens, people sleeping rough, cheap labour in India.  Well you know about this and it is scary until one deals with the scared stuff inside us, me, you.  I feel the same and when I started to release my deepest fear and stop turning a blind eye, those are more deaf that do not want to hear than the deaf, the fear of another cold war, the planet being burnt out, oppression, cancer, illness, old age, when those fears are met head on, breathed away, not pushed down, one reaches to a inner 'place' of calm, not stupid ignorance, hiding, meeting the storm of negative thought, darkness and depression, when one can meet this let it go, not get distracted, then one does something very special.
Is this the face of then future?  Produced by the image below.
Courtesy plus  Now you can take this two ways or more you so wish.  We need science to build the structure or do we need it and get too tech. Or just a tech head with no heart or soul.  Can we combine both is the above justifying Post 135 / 136?
Here I want to go into something I feel is deeper and maybe some find not applicable practically.  In case anyone feels I am being a plagiarist, a mere copy cat, I would refer you to a leaflet of mine which describes I lectured in what is to follow in the early 60's and was asked to leave certain academic establishments and branded a madman, an eccentric, a maverick and insult and disgrace to science, I was ostracised, and so went into a another discipline instead. (The leaflet appears in enerygygrid  blog )
I told of an incident in energygrid where my Sensei broke a lump of oak by tapping it and there is a book by  William S Lyon 'Spirit Talkers -- North American Indian Medicine Powers'  which will lay out seemingly unbelievable events, bordering on the miraculous.
Courtesy .
Before I get into it, in many a workshop I used to put my ideas in and to many it freaked them out, not so much these days.  Quite often people used to say you hit on the trigger, push the buttons so much that my world is challenged my comfort zones are disturbed and they used to say life was never the same afterwords and the image above often reflected their disturbance. It caused an awakening in some and that was not pleasant, and an often quote, well now I am not prepared to go the whole hog, the whole way, so up yours and I don't give toss or shit anyway.  You may say this is unkind, yet those that want to sleep its OK, the journey to the Moon as above, the quest is not easy because one bucks the world, swims against the main stream.
Let us go on a journey, let us assume that deep in the ocean say at the arrow wave crest / wave trough / orbital path of water molecules, this writing lower line depicts the still ocean, the dynamic quantum field of all possibilities and probabilities.  By ones conditioning, programming and so on one raises a 'bunch' of waves to the surface and these waves represent ones present reality, that is our bodies, thoughts, habits collectively the ego, a package and graphic light hologram show called you / me / us.
Here we get a mind image of many realities making up the top surface of Life, each wave a reality ah la conditioning, brain washing, you know the picture by now. So ingrained as to appear solid and real.  This is the Life on Earth top surface.  The wave gets its 'strength from the depths of the Ocean below it', the deeper to the layers of stillness below, sort of layers or levels, the more the power from the substrate or subconscious.
Here we can see that the Universe could have the same substrate, the Cosmic collective Unconscious stretching away to the horizon to infinity.
Let us return to a illness, a disease, a world situation, more likely in this incidence a local or personal one.  Let us say it is cancer, financial hardship, relationship problem, say others akin to this. These labels, these have been agreed worldwide, they are waves of reality. THESE WAVES are holograms, fields of magnetic mind information, and appear solid and real.  IT IS REINFORCED --illness is real, inevitable, old age, tragedy, god exists, no god, herbs are not as good as drugs and so on, war is a reality.  We have agreed, believed and reinforced this, this is real, even different cultures recognise some of these as fixed and not negotiable.  
Courtesy  Collective Unconscious.  
We have agreed at a deep level from childhood this is basic to the human condition.  No way out, the doctor said so, the priest said so, sometimes God interferes, the politician says so, my parents and their parents said so---change ----dodgy.
Courtesy Ros
I really cannot accept that there are waves at the quantum level or quantum nothingness and there is a kind of pool, after all I cannot even believe the collective. I believe in what I see and touch.
Courtesy Google images.
Are you really telling me there is a car beneath that--no way. So we live on the surface of life, it doesn't change much a few variations on a theme. Boring most of the time.  Thank god for alcohol and the TV, the newspapers and !!!!!!
Are you really telling me there is more to me than that iceberg? A deeper level of myself, where myself disappears as I go down? How do I discover this deeper me?  Well one becomes aware of breathing, letting it be, watching, coming back from itching, intrusive thoughts, fear, sleep, fantasy, just by gently bringing ones attention and awareness back to the breath.
One may then feel they are becoming calmer, some say they feel as if they were going down 'inside' oneself, not so much bodily but mind-wise. A sort of inward gaze.
Now let us say one of the waves(bundle perhaps) constituted an illness we call it yrt, this is the reality, the belief.  What if we could collapse the wave? Is this a possibility, yes because the further 'down' we go as it were we go past the personal unconscious, breaking the belief, collapsing the wave, to the world ethos collective unconscious, here we meet the waves, the frequencies, the 8 billion odd minds which say --- hey man, no can do.  So a miracle is really a collapsing of the wave which is a belief system, a habit, a learned past indoctrination and the power of those 7 billion against yours is a mighty force to deal with. So getting others to reinforce through healing, group meditation, distant healing, or going to a great healer or reputable Shaman can set one free 'Remember Bible and Buddha 'WHAT SO EVER YOU BELIEVE WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT SO SHALL IT BE FOR YOU' 'THE MIND IS EVERYTHING -WHATEVER YOU THINK YOU BECOME' 
The rigid scaffolding of one's belief system crashes, hopefully breakdown producing breakthrough.  Suddenly at a point in so called time, in ones journey to the Moon or nearing the ocean floor, the quantum field, the energy that built that scaffold, that is the years of habit and ingrained hardness of beliefs, begging to dissolve, scary at first, yet when the 'comfort' of the inner knowing(not to be confused with channelling a spirit or deceased being from their body, not psychism, leave that to the shaman if one cannot do it oneself), just begin to see there are alternatives. I guess mainstream institutions will not endorse these ideas, for me they have 'worked', not always, but certainly often.
Word of caution, my suggestion is do not build another SCAFFOLD, another structure.  Why so?
When I say emptiness it puts the skids under some folk.  Here I mean that deep inner joy and peace, a happiness, and if you are really happy in the true sense, time and space seem endless and one is filled with an inner essence. Like the image above one seems to float through life in a vacant head, not a moron or simpleton, more like a playful wise adult who is childlike.
When I was learning the martial arts(many stories in energygrid and the wonders I witnessed with Shamans and Masters) I remember Sensei and Sifu said much the same 'if you have an empty head and you are aware, then you will find that awareness does the work, it is natural, it like a whirlwind, attackers spin off of your vortex' Anyone who has seen a rare video on You Tube of the Grand Master Morihei Ueshiba will see this, he was the founder Aiki do.  The above image was brought home to me when Sifu and I were waiting for a train at a station like this, late at night after we had done a demonstration, and he said 'when there is no train, no mind, there is nothing to attack' it hit me if you are empty your still quietness does not send out vibes.  Krishnamurti gave an example 'He said I was walking in a forest when a mother bear and her cubs came towards me, now she sniffed the air and reared up, I was still and had no fear, not frozen, just quietly calm, she looked around as I stood still, and looked puzzled as if there was no one there, and she just walked away'.  One has to really be in the depths of oneself I feel to do this, and what are the depths, actually THERE ARE NO DEPTHS, IT IS MERELY SEEING THOUGHT AND ITS IMAGES AS ILLUSIONS AND JUST ENERGY THROUGH CONDITIONING. So by just witnessing and realising I am not my thoughts, I am something else.  I AM THE SPACE IN WHICH THOUGHTS ARISE.  OH boy can you label and describe space.
The more one witnesses in an impartial manner the mind in meditation the more it feels that thoughts are just ghosts. Somehow they do not hold so much power, the emotions are not welled up, causing to overwhelm us and more peace comes and we begin to see the illusionary nature not only of thought but all the deep feelings we may have pushed down and stored within our minds and bodies.
Then one begins to understand the Buddhist maxim 'On having no head'. It becomes weird at first, the habit is to be in control, organise, and of course for every day living, making a shopping list, booking a train journey, doing one's work, organising and structuring is needed.  But even that is done without undue stress and not a controlled calm it JUST IS.  The madness of the insanity becomes more obvious as one become more familiar with one's true nature.
Let us say the bridge was the raft, the wave of our illness, the scaffold broke, all examples of our collapsed wave.  We have collapsed our reality xyz situation / illness and so on, and then we can then if healing is required 'intent-ionise' and 'pull out from the Quantum field a possibility or probability' OF A CURE, WE REVERSE THE PROCESS OF THE COLLAPSE. We do not recapture the collapsed structure and rebuild we build the solution. HERE as it were are all the possibilities and probabilities, the observer at the Quantum 'level' as it were 'extracts' the wave form of the cure, the solution.  Of course intention techniques can take a long time to manifest.  The healing comes in proportion to the belief and energy and intensity in the process.
Most Important Video ---A miracle or ?
There is more, however I will go into this another time and Post.
Until the Next Post. Go Well and Be Well.

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