Wednesday 26 March 2014

POST 145 Unbelievable

Hi Folks.  Unbelievable and incredible.  I Post this despite what I have said in the past few Posts to just show you how mad and insane the Geo Politics have got.
These two ladies caused me to make a remark,perhaps unfairly, yet I expressed this and stand by this.  I feel that Mr Putin only did what the USA  and others have done, and it is a world chess game. As usual the general public suffer with sanctions, cuts, threats of war and so on. DEAREST friends and People in Ukraine, living in the EU is not great. The EU is wanting GM crops, taking away all natural remedies, herbs, supplements, anything natural is banned and slowly they are killing us off with chemtrails and all other mad laws. They make millions of laws a year.  The bankers ride rough shod over the peoples, mass unemployment and countries like Greece, Italy, Northern Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Italy and the UK having massive food banks and always in debt to the EU, who show no mercy to the huge homelessness, people living in the streets, eventually forced vaccination and unhealthy junk food. Their Guru is the USA and the GCHQ is just as snooping as the NSA. Maybe Russia is the same or could be.  All I know is be as independent as you can.
This is Donald Trump accusing Mr Obama of not being an American and if it is true it is unbelievable.  It would be like 9/11. Princess Diane, Dr Kelly and 7/9, serious unbelievable cons and what's more the more unbelievable, the more people go into denial.
This is about a private legal injunction against President Obama. It maybe the tip of the iceberg, because people are waking up to 9 / 11, in the UK Dr Kelly and 7 / 9, they are realising the bigger the conspiracy the more people go into denial, what our government doing 9 / 11, 7 / 9, Princess Diane, no way?  Really.
Post 56 for Bhutto and Frost

So how many times can you kill Osama Bin Laden.  At least four times. Unbelievable. Well see for your self. You see most people either cannot believe the above, or are in denial, or are so believing of the biased media.  What does it take for people en mass to wake up?
An interview on TED with Edward Snowden on  a very nifty piece of high tec bit of machinery from Russia.  A good listen.
Julian Assange.  Wikileakes. A real live dinosaur.
Not unbelievable.
About Aluminium. Mercola.  Chemtrails
This is also getting into the food. See Posts 135 / 136 about what is in the chemtrails, interesting much the same in vaccinations.  Unbelievable or do you think this is the evolution?
What is your take on all this, think it over.  I do not know whether Russia, Ukraine or any other countries are having Chemtrails, however, if you are not the EU  and the USA they have them lined up for you. 

The Power struggles globally are enormous. Certain fanatical terrorists want to rule the world and claim it is written in their holy writings, as do other holy writings, the USA and the West want to rule the world, the Elite and Bilderbergs who feel they want to rule the world, these are from all countries and have no religious, or national alliance. Then there are those who rape the natural world for profit causing the 'squeezing of populations' into smaller areas causing congestion and ill health.  Food companies killing the nations with junk food, a few of these are getting the message to change. The drug companies and so forth.  Where does it end? Lets reverse it and say it STARTS with me, you, us at the grass roots, looking for ways to better our lives, not by a larger house, more clothes, bigger and more cars, possessions to make us feel safe. This breeds envy. Keeping away from celebrity desires and being simple. Unbelievable. Yo may be surprised at the simple lean life. It feels clean and natural.
So until next we meet.  
Be Well.  Geoff

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