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Hey Folks. When I was at Findhorn one of the founders the late Peter Caddy had a saying 'persistence, perseverance and patience'. It seems the so called Bilderbergs / elite / illuminati have the same energy to fulfil their dysfunctional sick agenda.
This about the USA punishing countries who refuse to take GMO's if that isn't sick then what is?  Yes they are at it again.
This gives away Monsanto's undermining plan.  They are training representatives to lecture to kids in school about GMO and its benefits. You see the agenda---multiple vaccines, GMO, chemtrails, radiation, electronic fog, smart meters, stifle the internet to stop this kind of information coming out, new laws to make bloggers 'urban terrorists' and more in the pipe line.
You see if they keep on and keep on, drubbing into peoples minds and yelling 'It's all lies I tell you, they are all conspiracy merchants' and the gullible say ' surely not our Governments, bankers, civil servants would never be handmaids to corrupt cartels and cabals'? Meanwhile the cabal is killing us off slowly, so it goes mainly unnoticed until it is too late, we get sicker and they make a fortune out of the drugs which are supposed to make us well.  Slow death and with alzheimer's / senility / alcoholism / drug abuse and drug side effects, stupefying media graphics on TV and Video, kids games, gadgets, this is slowly eroding the population or at the least making us zombies and robotically inclined wanting the couch and distract out, on chocolate, candy and fast food whilst watching the TV  or being painfully aware of the problems and saying 'It's too big for me, I can't do anything, so I'll just get fatter or thinner, put my head between my legs and kiss my arse and let the world go and fuck itself'.
Just give me Wimbledon Tennis, Soccer matches galore(now available), snooker, cricket, athletics, porn, documentaries(not too challenging) popcorn and just drift into sickness and old age and-----no way I can't even say the words canceeeeer and god forbid deaaaath.  
Its OK if you are strong enough to be selective, the trouble sets in when it is addictive.  That's what the agenda is encouraging addiction  and lethargy.  Wake up ----god forbid I'm too comfortable. 
What are US biowar researchers doing in the Ebola zone? -
These researchers are working with other institutions, one of which is USAMRIID, the US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, a well-known center for biowar research, located at Fort Detrick, Maryland.

The Creator of the AID'S VIRUS.
I ran this story way back in 2001 and my whistle blowers confirmed this in 1999, I ran this story for a magazine then called 'Universal Approach'. I ran this magazine with my partner Gilly Wells, when we parted I carried on until 2000. I got very ill and stopped everything until 2005.
Admiral Richard A Byrd
I ran this story and published his flight log in energygrid oh way back, he claims there is a world in the Arctic and ET are there and shepherded his plane down to meet them.
Bullet Holes in MH 317
Kiev holds back tapes.
Ebola Quarantine Camps.
FEMA camps are being built and are already established long time back
Very interesting ----a real reason for Ukraine and China and Russia speak out.
Jesse Ventura ------ a must watch.  Again I ran this way back in the grid.  When I looked for the original You Tube videos they have all been removed.
Remedies that help Ebola infection and increase immune function.  Vitamin C is the main remedy.  So now you know why the Institutions want to ban Vit c and say its dangerous.
Some Other Things You're Not Being Told 
About Ebola, e.g. that it is an airborne virus 
that is transmissible by droplets in the air,
etc...and also, some things you may need to 
do, to be prepared for anything in this crazy 
mixed-up world we're living in.( Courtesy Alexandra Bruce.  Forbidden Knowledge). 
This was done in 2008. There are many parts to this, however, some of it is coming true.  No trial, arrest and detention without explanation. The videos are a bit raucous.  So far they have not been taken off like my energygrid ones.
Roswell again.  Good one.  MI19?
Yes there are as many as 25 as my research indicates, many small ones.  Here is a synopsis I found.  His name checks out.
 At which time we the british empire have been called upon to defend itself, its allies and dependancies it became nessacery to form a number of departments and agencies. Over the years these dapartments have served a number of different roles and purposes. in answer to the above question: MI1 Code breaking, MI2 Russia and Scandinavia, MI3 Easton Europe, MI4 Aerial Reconnaissance, MI5 Domestic Intelligence, now The Security Service, MI6 Foreign Intelligence, now the Secret Intelligence service, MI7 Propoganda and censorship, MI8 Signals Intelligence, MI9 Undercover operations supporting POW, MI10 Weapons and technical Analysis, MI11 Field Intelligence, MI12 Military Censorship, MI13 Remains Classified, MI14 German Intelligence, MI15 Aerial Photography, MI16 Scientific Intelligence, MI17 Secretarial section, MI18 Remains Classifed, MI19 Extraction of information from foreign POWs MI20 - MI25 remain Classified. It is important to also remember that most of these where small departments and at the end of world war 2 they were mostly all merged into MI5, MI6, GCHQ and other agencies. most british intelligence agencies still remain classified to the general public x the only reason this information has been released is that these agencies have all now terminated activity and new agencies have replaced them. Captain S.S DG of MI section 25
How to orbit a comet
This NASA does so well----thanks NASA.
Boston Law enforcers that are confiscating guns.
There is a conspiracy theory that the confiscation of guns is not so much because of gun crime and incidents although a mega crisis, especially in Campuses in Universities, drug crazed gun totting maniacs--- yes extremely distressing and and dangerous.  However some are saying that due to the impending financial meltdown in the USA which will effect and affect the world, and martial law preparations are being tested now.  FEMA  camps, no trials, arrest without reason, weakening the resolve of citizens by vaccines, GMO foods, chemtrails, banning the growing of organic  foods and even collecting rain water, medical drugs which are being foisted on people at the expense of natural cures.  All this undermines the immune system and so the energy and will for survival and just gets people to sleep and fatigue ----apathy learned helplessness.
So you see if it came to a shoot out, basically a civil war with martial law being imposed, people starving, handouts by military as in Africa and droughts, people pilfering, raiding shops, rape, murder, robbery, the military would be out-gunned if the image above is correct. So the video above 'Boston' is likely to become more apparent. Then the use of drones and super mini drones as reported by many
so these could be at or many houses.
NOW THE CRUNCH--- will soldiers, police, special forces all over the world and especially in the USA be prepared to kill, maim, lock up their fellow citizens.  I have said in the past that many will bury their moral compass to get their families safe, have food and relative safety and a pension.     Excellent pictures and video. (Theories of ET landing sites and so on are not in this article, never the less it is an excellent source of photos and information).


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 Dear reader I trust you enjoyed the different subjects and intrigues so until next Post.
                                      Be Well. Geoff
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