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Hello trust you are well and am back from my break.

In the media lately it said that 'such and such a celebrity had found love again'.  My view is that one has to love oneself, not in an egoistic way, but that beautiful grace inside as it were. I feel that if one is finding that love in another, and I see this many times, then there is devastation when they break up, one gets senile and the personality is lost, and of course death.
I feel there is a love that does not depend on another.  Yes we all need help and support and compassion that can be felt, and I feel compassion is love that is 'wide spread, almost unconditionally or indeed in rare examples is unconditional'  
Then there are those who make union and partnership who have found this love au naturale and they are more like companions in that, they are independent beings and yet feel their alliance and love as a 'shared role' in their lives. They are drawn together in a kind of spiritual love, a soul link. 

Graham Hancock with Abby Martin (Ted Banned this talk)
Graham describes the ancient history in a beautiful and succinct way. Abby Martin really allows the interview to take shape, a great presentation.

One year to Pluto
This is about NASA's craft that will, hopefully, arrive at Pluto and send back information. It is my view that when these Planets are 'viewed' we pick up the esoteric auric information, and fills our collective subconscious.  This is a kind of  'upgrade' to greater awareness and part of the evolutionary drive.  Some of us get it through meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, study and contemplation, and many other means, providing they are not restrictive and the 'only way' and held tenaciously and imprisoning the mind and leading it to straight and narrow paths, neither allowing it to wander into too much fantasy and speculation, moderation through reflection and keeping to the middle way of balance.
In a balancing act there is not a rigid stance but slight constant adjustments. Walking is balance, off balance, balance. So this is the climate change, constant movement, this is life. The flow of Life, the way of Nature, its seasons, our moods, are a scenario and cameo of change, adjustment, and behind it all the witness, the still centre. 
Here the Tao and 'the way of things' come into play, the surfer of Life and its undulations. 
When one stands still and the train passes by we can feel and see its speed, we witness the phenomena of the train. Should one be a passenger on this train, then the experience of the speed and the witness to the train becomes different. One sees the whole train as it were as a passing phenomena and the other is part of the phenomena.  Both are OK it depends on the 'need' of the moment.
Courtesy   (Willow Tree)
It was explained to me that Dr Jigoro Kano was standing in a cave, sheltering from the snow and storm on his way back from China, and he observed the snow on the thick branches of the Cherry tree of which some snapped under the weight of the snow and wind. Whilst a nearby Willow tree and its slender branches, bent and then the snow slipped off and resumed back to their original form.  
In my days at Judo there were no weight groups and we spent hours on 'feeling the opponent through the arms', looking at the 'eye of the chest', then taking the advantage of the off balance in foot movement.
Courtesy (Cherry Tree)
In my view Judo has gone the way of the West in the Olympic Games, to me it is a modified form of wrestling.  I do not recognise it as I was taught. I mean no offence to any Judo ka, however things have changed and do change, I suppose I am sounding like my generation when they say 'it's not like this in my day'.  We did keep to the sayings as in the link above, and if we used too much  force the Sensei would say 'Chikara( Mura)  ni waza'. It was a way of Life, the way of the Cosmos, a more meditative approach. I gave up when the Olympic style came in.
It is also why now I prefer Tai chi---now Qi Gong. 
Trying to keep the world, the experiences static, rigid, too controlling, does not allow the flow of Life to flow, and can deny us of experiences of value and beauty.
Caught in the act---video speaks for itself.
If you have a daughter you should DEFINITELY SEE THIS.
Grounding maybe a help to the above. video in some ways.
I apologise for bringing up the video below.  I have been advised by a number of my contacts urged me to do so because of its authenticity.
24 minutes of utter proof and science over 9 / 11
You will not believe this short video.  Proof of the video above.
This is the most outrageous and heinous law.  Ruminate on this and see what you come up with and act on it the way you feel to do so. Does this make you feel unsafe?  The new internet laws and the way your innocent messages can get 'digitally' altered could make you a innocent so called mistaken 'activist or terrorist'. 
Courtesy google images.
Please kindly take a few minutes to ruminate on the word 'Activist' which so many take to be law breaking, rebellious louts who smoke 'pot' or take illegal substances, live in dirty tents or unkempt vacant houses.
This is the propaganda that fuels most of the 'media thinking' and portrays to the average person the vigilante hostile vile speaking mob handed bunch of hooligans, not really interested in political corruptness or dirty dealing, or unfair social injustice. What do you think?
My view is this.  Yes some of the above maybe valid. There are some who are hooligans and just want a fight and get off on that. There are some who are stirred up by paid employees of the security forces egged on by corrupt government who want to hide their dirty washing, there are some from other countries who wish to add their bit to the downfall of their enemies, and there are the genuine people who know of the devious going's on and like genuine journalists feel it is their business to bring it to light for the general public to know. Just lately the dirty laundry in the UK is surfacing again with the sexual exploits of the MPs in the Thatcher government and in which the PM Mrs Thatcher chose to ignore it.
So does this mean that you should be submissive and if you are not are you an 'activist'.  What is the definition of  'an activist' a 'terrorist' or a 'campaigner'? Where do the authorities draw the line or demarcation in order to arrest, detain, bar, or any other charge.
There are so many laws now, that they can seek them out with slick governmental lawyers and get you.
In the UK we have the NSA, GCHQ, telecom and servers, rolling out smart meters, your NHS records, Bank Records and other means, six ways of cross referencing and snooping. This is much the same throughout Europe, Canada, USA, Russia, China, and fast catching on elsewhere.
This is why the USA in particular has large concentration type detention centres, where rendition can and does occur and when one is snatched 'out of thin air' so to speak, one disappears, gone missing, and never be seen again.

The seed of fear is planted and unless the roots are outed, or the seed squashed, it will grow in the fertile soil of the populace, spread its roots through the collective unconscious.  What is insidious is the fact the more one suppresses fear the more it grows, fear feeds on fear, the media are its outlets and fuels the ever growing imagination. They who advertise and propagate fear are those who become the Masters and make others slaves.
It is relationships with wife beaters, ambitious and nagging mothers, bosses who hold one to the job with the threat of the sack, bullying  terrifying Fathers, and so on.
How do we conquer fear? There  are many ways, I suggest watching the fear grow in the mind, breathing as you feel tight and tense, facing the raging inferno of fear, letting it rage, endeavour by gentle breathing to let it burn itself out. Breathe into the tenseness, the tight intensity and like clouds in the sky let them drift away, let judgement and opinion cease, just breathe, watch, listen, look, hear, focus and just relax with the breath. 
THEN if patient and impassive enough, you might find the storm calm down, an extraordinary peace comes and fear has been eradicated.
There is a scene where Buddha sits under the tree and Mara(the devil, temptation) comes to him and there are monsters, beasts, storms, armies, and amazing graphics, and the Buddha sits throughout these torrents of  TSUNAMI like proportions, watching and so on,until the storm abates.
Although I was born Jewish, from an early age I realised that all was one, and that I was not of any religion, faith cult, or creed, not an agnostic or atheist, I was deeply 'in love' with God, whatever that means. My journey IS to put the world behind me, not by force or denial.  My NDE in 1942 was the start of this.  So this is my journey so far:- (I will be cremated when I leave this body, probably a Jewish affair, as my family, although somewhat estranged to say the least would not do this for me any other way, nor would I want to obligate them with a 'home made affair'. I believe in honouring my family even if we do not see eye to eye on certain matters), any way my journey so far:-
This sums me up adequately, make of me what you want, me about me too.
I haven't a clue, just looking and realising this is a dream, impermanent and transient, realising through many aspects the unreal nature of that which is supposed to be solid and how fear makes solid and seek protection and insurance. A letting go process until-----?
I am not really doing anything here, yes I do a blog, that's fun and allows me to spread and share my thoughts and feelings, one day that will end, I am more being than doing. A few weeks ago this question arose a lot, and now I seem to have realised in a more profound way, I am here to learn and release in order to let go. To let go of this world's supposedly permanence and realise all is transient, ships that pass in the night, impermanence, dreamlike, fantasy, the conjurers trick, here today, gone tomorrow, the King is Dead, Long Live the King.
Where is the fear now?
There is no fear only what we believe is the outcome of the imagination about fear and this the power mongers know well. 
Dear Readers may the peace of deep meditation fill your heart and soul. In these rare moment I feel tears and a oneness that is beyond all words.
Be Still.  Be Well.  Geoff

THIS is the most important video.  PLEASE REALLY SPREAD THIS.
This WAS THE INFORMATION  I was waiting for a few Posts back, I will do a more specific write up next Post.
My deepest and sincerest condolences to the Dutch families who have lost their beloveds and other nationalities. 
If the above video has deepened your grief, I do sincerely apologise. However, this was the information I was waiting for and alluded too some Posts back and why I took a a break to meet with my whistle blowers, who assure me this video is genuine.
I merely report and comment with what I feel is authentic. 
My fondest compassion to all who have lost their beloved  ones through the manipulation of evil people in secret high places. 

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