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Hi There and welcome.  Hard Rock mountains can be gradually eroded by constant weather conditions, so can the human condition be worn down, or unlike the hard rock become hard, stubborn and determined for the good of humanity or not. Below can give enormous power to one person and erode the lives of many and so by war, austerity, lack of fresh air and unpolluted air, contaminated food and so on cause many to lose heart.
You might pinch yourself to realise what this is. 3 mins.
The video below may shed some light on this Heart and Mind connection.

Star Wars meant a lot to many people in different ways.  Some a great graphic and technological performance, some the under dog comes through, some a spiritual message. However it is an example of almost losing heart and then a real determination. All starts in the heart / brain and the messages they share and the resulting plans to reinforce the plan. 
In order to become a master of anything there has to be a determination and that process of dedication and application there will be setbacks and one can lose heart and need a friend, idol or inspiration to carry on. So how will we deal with what the new world of robots, mechanical and technological stuff, transhumanism and so forth, even new words to explain and conceptualise the expanding future of robotics and AI and our somewhat bleak outlook at today's war torn worlds.  We need inspiration and that seems lacking in the shut down and narrowing of today's media escapism presentations.
Mystery of Chi 1 hr. A Master Class
Perhaps relaxation and going into deep relaxed meditation as one travels to deeper Alpha, Theta and perhaps Delta and Gamma regions in the depth of ones consciousness may release inspired awakenings and so one's deep heart inspirations surface and one becomes alive and awake.  The below may not be strict meditation but  lead one to it.
Relax to this.  1hr.10 mins
Chill out as they say.
Master Lu Zijian  118 yrs of age. 4 mins is the upper one.
M-36 Prominence from the Sun these are less likely during the Sun's 11 year less active period.
My teachers often referred to the Sun and its aliveness, its heart and its cycles and zest for life and giving life.
Wudan Muntain and Master .  8 mins.
I love these faces and they remind me deep inside, a kind of deep unexplained feeling of a connection to the Universe 'or the way of things' my teachers would say to the mysteries of Life' that's the way of it'  The mystery of Life that is felt and does not have explanations, in fact explanations take away the curiosity and naivety of the 'way'. Be still and know the way is within you, in fact you may well be the way'
Sphere exploring Russian Military Base. 4 Mins.
We have been under surveillance for many a year and I believe for thousands of years.  I have laid out my information in May 2005 with energygrid and many, many, Posts and Blogs. So do not lose heart.
Courtesy Article below
VIA/The whistleblower says he has kept quite for 27 years until the “identical” sighting
The whistleblower, who has not been named amid fears he could be accused of breaching the Official Secrets Act, came forward after a recent sighting of what he described as an identical UFO.
The man, now aged in his 70s, came forward after Vanessa Cloete revealed a picture she took of an alleged UFO hovering over the Charnham Park area of Hungerford in Berkshire.
The ex-officer claimed he and a colleague witnessed the same type of object fly down towards them above Greenham Common nuclear missile silos one night in the late 1980s.
Greenham Common, famous for its anti-nuclear protests, was used by the RAF and US Army Air Force, but it closed in 1993 after the Cold War.
The man claims he was made to sign the Official Secrets Act and told never to discuss the event and a US “Men in Black” suited officer swore them to secrecy. He said: “It looked exactly the same as the photograph in the paper.
“I want the people in Hungerford and Lambourn who saw it to know they’re not alone and that someone believes them.”
Ms Cloete snapped several pictures of the UFO above her home last June. I was on patrol near the missile silos with a colleague when we tried to fill up with fuel from the pumps.
They suddenly failed for no apparent reason and then we saw it – just like the photograph, a big, glowing ballbearing with a halo round it. But the retired officer is the only ex-offoicial to step forward.
He added: “I was on patrol near the missile silos with a colleague when we tried to fill up with fuel from the pumps.
“They suddenly failed for no apparent reason and then we saw it – just like the photograph, a big, glowing ballbearing with a halo round it.
“It swooped down and my colleague said: ‘What the hell is that?’
“I know what aircraft and balloons look like. It was neither.
“It was just floating above the runway.”
He claimed it sped off at an “impossible speed” and they later informed the control room. He said next day he was grilled by top brass in the presence of a black-suited American and warned never to mention it.
He added: “It’s been on my mind ever since and the photograph brought it all back.” regardless of what he saw, the image snapped last year was investigated by the world’s biggest UFO research organisation
Murdered Doctors Update. 20 mins
CHANCE OF STORMS: NOAA forecasters estimate a 50% chance of G1-classgeomagnetic storms on March 6th when a negative-polarity solar wind stream is expected to hit Earth's magnetic field. Arctic sky watchers should be alert for auroras after nightfall. Aurora alertstext or voice
ATMOSPHERIC RADIATION EXPERIMENT IN PROGRESS: Today, the students of Earth to Sky Calculus are flying from Los Angeles to Indonesia to observe the March 9th solar eclipse. Among other things, they are carrying a cosmic ray balloon payload with GPS tracking and 4 radiation sensors. This allows them to measure radiation inside the airplane. Scroll past their flight path to learn more about the experiment:
During the trip, the students will be crossing both the Arctic Circle and the equator in the same 24 hour period, allowing them to gather radiation data rapidly over a wide range of latitude. This will build upon their ongoing study of aviation radiation which, before now, has been limited to latitudes in the continental USA.
Radiation inside airplanes comes from deep space. Galactic cosmic rays are accelerated toward our planet by supernova explosions and other violent events in the cosmos. They penetrate the walls of aircraft with ease and have prompted the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) to classify pilots as occupational radiation workers. Today's experiment will probe how Earth's magnetic field at different latitudes protects pilots and passengers from aviation radiation. Stay tuned for results! ( ONCE AGAIN MY SINCERE THANKS TO  AND THEIR WONDERFUL WORK. MAY I STRESS AGAIN FOR CLARIFICATION, THEIR DATA IS NOT A REFLECTION OR CONNECTION ON MY WORK.  I USE THEIR DATA TO PROVIDE A FRAMEWORK FOR MY RESEARCH AND IDEAS WHICH ARE NOT MAINSTREAM IN SOME INSTANCES.------NOW THAT THE SUN IS APPROACHING ITS LOW OUTPUT IT CAN AFFORD MORE COSMIC RAYS TO ENTER EARTH, ALTHOUGH STILL PROTECTED TO SOME EXTENT BY THE  MAGNETOSPHERE----THIS IN MY OPINION AND AFFORDS MORE UPGRADES------ I FURTHERMORE FEEL SOME IN AUTHORITY KNOW OF THIS AND ARE TRYING TO STOP EVOLUTION IN A NATURAL WAY BECAUSE THEY CANNOT CONTROL IT, AND SO THEREFORE ARE WISHING TO MAKE US SICK AND DUMBED DOWN SO WE DO NOT OR CANNOT RECEIVE OR ACT UPON THESE UPGRADES, THAT WILL BE LESS OPPOSITION TO THEM.
Ten signs of possible time travel. -----mins?  7 mins.
I wonder if there are many more of these? I know of three more that happened to me.
Introducing Spot. Boston Dynamics Dog. 3 mins
Now meet ASIMO Honda's Robot.  4 mins
No! Robotic Football?
Shaolin Monks demonstrating Qi Gong . 6 mins
Memory Hackers  1 min
In Space (Courtesy of link below)
Most of our brains are hacked already.   Please read this as you will see that portals, stargates, wormholes and black holes are vital to reach the outer planets and stars.  My research and views were laughed at in the late 50's and 60's.  Some of  our groupGilly, Dave,  Gwen,George, Howard and Co., friends, group and workshop attendees will have remembered we published a small journal 'Universal Approach' and we spoke and published these facts, myself from 1967 onwards and the group and workshops from the late 70's onwards.  I have photos of the original group and since some are still alive I have promised to keep them out of the limelight as their families would be shocked to know of their involvement and do not want their offspring involved.  I have lost friends and family over these issues.
New Tech rearranges faces on news. 8 mins
 SOLAR CYCLE CRASHING: Anyone wondering why the sun has been so quiet lately? The reason is shown in the graph below. The 11-year sunspot cycle is crashing:
For the past two years, the sunspot number has been dropping as the sun transitions from Solar Max to Solar Min. Fewer sunspots means there are fewer solar flares and coronal mass ejections (CMEs). As the explosions subside, we deem the sun "quiet."
But how quiet is it, really? A widely-held misconception is that space weather stalls and becomes uninteresting during periods of low sunspot number. In fact, by turning the solar cycle sideways, we see that Solar Minimum brings many interesting changes. For instance, the upper atmosphere of Earth collapses, allowing space junk to accumulate around our planet. The heliosphere shrinks, bringing interstellar space closer to Earth. And galactic cosmic rays penetrate the inner solar system with relative ease. Indeed, a cosmic ray surge is already underway. (Goodbye sunspots, hello deep-space radiation.)
Stay tuned for updates as the sunspot number continues to drop.(Courtesy
BY NOW YOU WILL HAVE GUESSED MY RESPONSE TO THE Above and is entirely my own view.  The Cosmic Rays / DNA / Evolution /Ascension. Hope this jogs readers who have been following my work.  If not send me an email and I will reply with a synopsis of what this means.  Thanks.
In Particular in one of the reports it mentions lighting strikes and if one correlates lighting with Schumann resonance then we have a major factor in brain and DNA  impacts. Join this with the various reports I have Posted and you may see a large overview developing from this and in relationship and concomitant with commensurate factors to my '1967' writings. 
33 mins of the BEST CHEMTRAIL INFORMATION. I realise it is scary and I have Posted many of them yet I would kindly urge you to view this, and when you see the qualifications of the participants you may be funded with a wealth of information to present to any sceptics.  The follow up video is great as well as you finish.
I write this on Sunday 03 April 2016 and we have a solar storm of Kp= 6.  by now you will have read many times my Space Weather reports blogs and Posts and will be familiar with them:-  See the scales for yourself.  Not a word about biological effects.  You can see these at:-
This lady in 1954 had a most incredible encounter.  8 mins
Compare these ET's with other encounters, these are not 'greys' I have Posted this video in the past at least four times it is a great example.  The above link shares about seven or eight videos of the best they feel is available. The Roger Moore one is very good.  Compare the ET  in Travis Walton after the 'greys' could not handle him.  You will see the same page boy hair cut and in my reports of the Winchester incident in energygrid.
Dear Geoff Freed,
What are you agreeing to when you sign a mobile phone contract?
Some of the UK's biggest mobile companies including O2 and EE are analysing our location, web and app use, and demographic data like our gender, age, address and employment status. They are creating profiles about our lives: how and where we spend our time, who we are, what we like and don't like. Then they sell these insights about their customers to marketing companies.
But we aren't told up front what data is being collected about us and what it's being used for. What information there is is buried deep inside contracts. It is almost like we're asked whether we want to A) have a phone, engage in modern life and have our data analysed, or B) not have a phone, disengage from modern life and retain our privacy.
This isn't a fair choice.
We have dug up the best information available about how to opt out from your mobile provider tracking you for commercial purposes.
Learn how to opt out with your mobile provider:
Remember to ask to be opted out of location tracking, any web browsing or app logging, and marketing services.
ORG believes that people have the right to control how their data is used. We think mobile companies should ask for our permission before they retain and use our Internet and location data for analytics. This should be on an opt-in basis at the point of sale.
We're calling for changes in the law and in mobile provider's practices. We will be raising this issue with the Information Commissioner's Office - the UK's independent regulator on data protection issues.
For now, you can find out how to opt out with your mobile provider here:
PS. You can read our in-depth report on this issue in PDF and ebook here:
We've already got media coverage on this in the Guardian:

Ed Johnson-Williams
Open Rights Group
Sign Up For Being Well.  Geoff

For years, medicine has told us that we need to raise our ‘good’ HDL cholesterol, while reducing ‘bad’ LDL levels, to avoid heart disease—a theory that gave birth to statin drugs. But the theory has taken a severe knock after a new drug achieved both outcomes with interest and yet still didn’t prevent anyone from getting a heart attack or stroke.

The drug, evacetrapib, has now been pulled by its manufacturer, Eli Lilly, after it failed to prevent one single case of heart attack, stroke, by-pass surgery, or angina—even though it successfully doubled levels of ‘good’ cholesterol and lowered ‘bad’ cholesterol.
“Here we’ve got an agent that more than doubles the levels of good cholesterol and lowers bad cholesterol, and yet has no effect on clinical events. We were disappointed and surprised by the results,” said lead researcher Stephen Nicholls from Australia’s University of Adelaide.
More than 12,000 patients who were at high risk of developing heart disease had been given the drug or a placebo (sugar pill) for 18 months. By the end of the trial, those taking the drug had increased their HDL levels by 137 per cent, and lowered their LDL cholesterol by 37 per cent—and yet there was no difference between the two groups when it came to the rate of heart disease.
It’s not just a blow to the cholesterol theorists—it’s also a knock for the new family of heart drugs, the cholesteryl ester transfer protein (CETP) inhibitors. Evacetrapib is the third CETP failure. The first, torcetrapib, actually increased the rate of cardiovascular deaths and disease despite lowering bad cholesterol levels.
Following the failure of the latest study, Eli Lilly discontinued its development of evacetrapib, and wrote off $90m of research and development costs. (courtesy WDDTY)

Be Well. Geoff

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