Tuesday 20 December 2016


Hi I apologize should I dampen your festive spirits.  This is important in my view.
I have reported chemtrails many times and a whistle blower Pilot before but I really would suggest you read this and watch the video. I am not sure if it is the same Pilot and Video I did way back when.
Detailed text
 12 mins.  
You really have to know how brave this man is and also I ran a Post and Video of NASA involved in Chemtrails. 
NASA admits Chemtrails.  7 mins
Listen to this lady and the conversation when she phoned NASA.
Apart from us ingesting dangerous chemicals and weather distortion, droughts and other monstrosities, we are being deprived of vital Vitamin D and fresh air.  Can this be the reason why so many people are Vit D deprived and in blood tests given here in the UK by GP's show an alarming shortfall and put on supplementation of Vit D tablets. Then some of the establishment are warning against sun exposure.
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Whatever the case sun bathe sensibly.  When your skin goes pinkish stop.  20 mins before midday is advisable.  Build up gradually.
To be very ruthless a lot of skin cancer can come from certain sun blockers and the chemicals they use in it, please check out the sun cream carefully.
Also to be cynical could it be that skin cancer is a big boost to Big Pharma Profits, plus causing droughts or flooding, Earthquakes and huge winds, hot and cold days plays havoc with the bodies thermostats and especially the elderly who are now in the UK costing a lot of care money?  In the UK the government is toying with the idea of cutting benefits to the elderly budget in 2020 or if there is a snap general election.
Let us hope and pray that a sense of decency and respect falls on us and not chemtrail chemicals.
Take care and look after your precious selves, and of course
BE Well.  Geoff

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