Friday 30 December 2016


Hello and Welcome.  Perhaps 2017 will set free new cures, or rather old ones that  have not  been allowed because of the challenge to mainstream medicine and science and lets hope they do not commence killing the new energy inventors or threatening them. 
It just hows how running scared those that suppress and cause war are. If you are really confident you do not have to go to such measures.  Bullies are more scared than their victims at a fundamental level. Have A GREAT NEW YEAR AND BEYOND.
Cure cancer in 24 hrs.
When you read story of Essiac the Canadian Authorities did the same thing there they substituted one ingredient and it does not work or when to harvest the main ingredient. 
Essiac, given its name by Rene Caisse ("caisse" spelt backwards), consists of four main herbs that grow in the wilderness of Ontario, Canada. The original formula is believed to have its roots from the native Canadian Ojibway Indians.
The four main herbs that make up Essiac are Burdock RootSlippery Elm Inner BarkSheep Sorrel and Indian Rhubarb Root. You may click on each herb for a more detailed description.
If you want to know more about Rene Caisse's Immune System Theory in her own words.
As I understand it (I used it in my cancer symptoms) they substituted Curly Dock for Sheep's Sorrel and gave the wrong harvesting and preparation details.( I got mine from a place in Wales which I found is authentic).  If they are still there the name is Wellspring Herbal. With the Medical people in such a paranoid hostile mood I hesitate to give addresses and names, especially with the 'snooping laws' and what you have seen in previous blogs about Google, Facebook and so on,. 

Bananas ---The Most Dangerous Fruit in the World?  10 mins
This most maligned fruit like coconut was supposed to be  a heart cruncher and obesity stalker.  Now low fat and low carbs seem on there way out---maybe research into these fruits and healthy fat and look at protein research with cholesterol---its all about change.  
They are the biggest questions that science can possibly ask: where did everything in our universe come from? How did it all begin? For nearly a hundred years, we thought we had the answer: a big bang some 14 billion years ago.
What happened before the Big Bang 1hr.14 mins
But now some scientists believe that was not really the beginning. Our universe may have had a life before this violent moment of creation.
Horizon takes the ultimate trip into the unknown, to explore a dizzying world of cosmic bounces, rips and multiple universes, and finds out what happened before the big bang.
Neil Turok, Director of Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Canada, working with Paul Steinhardt at Princeton, has proposed a radical new answer to cosmology’s deepest question: What banged?
Answer: Instead of the universe inexplicably springing into existence from a mysterious initial singularity, the Big Bang was a collision between two universes like ours existing as parallel membranes floating in a higher-dimensional space that we’re not aware of.
One bang is followed by another, in a potentially endless series of cosmic cycles, each one spelling the end of a universe and the beginning of a new one. Not one bang, but many.
Sir Roger Penrose has changed his mind about the Big Bang. He now imagines an eternal cycle of expanding universes where matter becomes energy and back again in the birth of new universes and so on and so on.  Another set of theories?
Excuse me and apologies if I wax cynical but I think the voice at the beginning of the rather laborious lengthy video  much ado about nothing plods on. 
Whilst I admire scientists endeavoring to pierce and discover the origins of the Universe, I as a Metaphysicist, feel the origin is to  be found in consciousness and I repeatedly studied Quantum Physics and try to link Quantum physics to Metaphysics.  The voice of the lady in the beginning saying she tries not think about what happened before the big bang sums it all up.    
Courtesy thephysicsoftheuniverse
Scientists do not like singularities because it suspends  all the laws of Science and the programmes of the ego and so the PH.D has no meaning and one is left with oneself and the Self with just being, no one of importance or status.  I came across a writing by a person called Shack( writing 2 'Bare Life' and find it meaningful.(turns out Shack is an acquaintance). 
You see if Sir Roger Penrose is right and I like his theory a lot but feel the missing bit is; who started or created the eternal loop of these universes, where did the energy come from to cause the continuation to continue.
Very much like Sir Roger's; getting one tails up one's rear maybe the impetus to continue to find out, that keeps life going the mystery, maybe the Universe is itself curious to where its tail began or ends, so it self repeats.  A self perpetuating hierarchy. Immortality. eternity,a beginning with no end and an end with no beginning -----where is the start and end line?
So even if I say consciousness  came first, it still begs the question where did consciousness come from?  I guess it is a mystery and possibly it will never be solved because then it would lead us all to a singularity and maybe all thought ceases to be at profound levels, collapses and we reach an emptiness which is experienced as a deep peace and we know without the need for explanation. 
Ancient Aliens in India.  15 mins
A very informative video----the commentator uses a plethora of profane language which is not to my taste but in certain clips very apt and amusing, however the info is first class. 
In the grid I did a whole lot of research into Radio active sites in India and research into ancient documents.  It seems there was a war and certain descriptions found in the Twelfth Planet by Zachariah Sitchin and his translations of the Sumerian Hieroglyphics and the Old Testament re Moses and the Ark and those who touched it had their skin peel, bones weak and flesh putrefy and the Story of Sodham and Gemorrah  Genesis 12  
Aztec Chinampas  6 mins 
Aztec Tenochtitlan ( Impossible City). 6 mins
Hugh Laurie's 'TomorrowLands Speech'  2 mins.   Amazing.
Roswell revisited.  20 mins..
I have invited an acquaintance of mine to share my blogs and Posts Space and have allocated a separate site.

Be Well.  Geoff
Francis Crick.  Nobel Prize winner. 7 mins
Read Post 171 
Post 2  (scroll down)

The Transcripts
  1. Chapter - Reading Lessons
  2. Chapter - My Interrogation
  3. Chapter - Airl Departs

Matilda O'Donnell MacElroy. ost 206
Just as a lot of Hi Tech has been back engineered from crashed or agreed contact ET then so has AI and it is directly  connected to Matilda and her interviews in the transcripts.  Here come the shouts and cries of derision because I stated I know these are genuine. I have gone over this so many times I will leave it at that. Make up your mind and its OK to call me a sensation seeker or as our dear friend the skeptic will say ---who is this man----and send me down, by the way he even got my age and facts wrong---Fake News Mr Skeptic.  Its good to get called out because it makes or should make people research and find out themselves.  I had many people at workshops say 'Geoff you are good entertainer and raconteur , it's as good as going to theater and cheaper, your voice imitations are great, you should gone into show business'. There you go.
You will see from Matilda's transcripts why AI Robots and our future maybe possible, maybe we are an artificial intelligence living in a flesh body, after all who are you when you leave the body on death and from NDE survivors one still is an intelligent awareness. 
From Shack and I, Have a wonderful 2017.
Be ever so Well.  Geoff

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