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 Hello I hope your spirits are OK and not downcast by my last three blogs. In the last blog or POST as I prefer to name them I wrote about a fast approaching scenario and also a mention regarding the impending 6th extinction of which the Smart Technologies are hastening it on. The 6th extinction is a natural cycle and a part of the natural evolutionary cycle and could be less disastrous without the Smart Technocracy. (Please read in conjunction with last three POSTS these are a quartet so to speak)

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Although the last few POSTS suggest there is no hope it depends on your perspective. You may not have the view of that the Saviour is meditation and I will attempt to explain why this can be. The Smart stuff deals with a grip on our minds and a physical barbaric needle rape by vaccine. Although the Deep Technocracy State may own your DNA  and body and brain wash you, many religious people will say they cannot take my soul, I disagree, albeit in the long run no they cannot.
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What I type now is my view and if it offends any cult, religion, philosophy or atheist and academia please accept my apologies, also if it seems I am copying or being plagiarist then again it is unintentional, also I am not a guru or authority in meditation accept to say I was introduced to it by a mentor some sixty-nine years ago.
To me the soul is an energy and is not placed in any specific place in the body. To me it is felt as a mind emptied of programmed thought, mental chatter and the internal dialogue.
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When one clears the mind whichever one chooses to so and does not suppress, repress, encourage or judge, then, looking without bias, watching without opinion, awareness without motive, merely to sit and observe, then with calm and patience it might come about thinking, wanting expecting automatically and spontaneously can cease without effort or doing anything, one is not in trance, hypnotised or in any state so to speak, the mind is clear and one is merely 'Aware of one Watching Oneself in an Aware Mode' to me this is soul level, awareness or presence of awareness is the energy of the soul which is in the body BUT not of it.
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To me the image above depicts the way I see it as it were; the bubbles are the soul energy which pour into the many layers of the flesh body and kick start the other energies that are needed, it is the life force and fuel of the body like a battery, one can feel recharged in the 'empty mind' mode not a sleepy soporific hide away. 
When you arrive as it were at the empty mind albeit it takes patience to watch and not grab and judge, let thoughts and emotions besiege the mind, cloud the bright awareness, the stiff body, the itching, the urge to drift off to sleep, day dream and fantasise, the mind is not halted or redundant, it feels alive, bright, clear,without thought and the body relaxed you are in touch with your spirit and soul and when the time comes to leave the body, the last exhale carry's the soul energy, like a cork opening the bottle to join the soul energy that pervades the Universe.
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OK so how does help me and be the saviour; with the event of the Smart Stuff we will all be subjected to huge media bombardment, viscous comments and looks in the street I get it because I do not wear a face covering and from my neighbours for my diet, ideas and non pub going, not porn watching and choice of music and so on. The deplatforming of anything about vaccines, 5G, technocracy and so on and it can be very difficult if one is bashed and banged with laws punishment and fines for breaking lock downs social distancing and all related subjects.

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You will know what is your programming or brain washing because they are familiar thoughts, feeling, desires, hates, emotions and all else and these can be re -brainwashed as it were for another set of programmes either by you or another. The above two above means to stop it by will power often this is pushed down and arises like cork in water until the thumb which is the programmed mind tires and up it pops, this is the saboteur and stalker. BY having a sharp awareness not mind fighting its own programming, but by awareness it gradually loses its power BECAUSE fighting the programming merely gives energy and its a back handed compliment.
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Yes they may lock down your body, hurt you with a vaccine, put curfews on you but if you are not in terror and fear and breathe and watch and do not let the mind be clouded, do not shut the mind down, suppress, repress, push away or invite just breathe, relax and when you do this you have won, especially when the joy of the empty mind flows and is free.




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