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 Dear readers  this maybe the final POST I do for the time being. The Deep State may have appeared to have won the battle; the battle for a free humanity that has the appearance of being shackled and harnessed by technology.

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The shackling is facilitated by censoring by the media and so the only way now appears by email and certain algorithms could even censor those by word association. This unfortunately could lead to civil unrest and worse guerrilla tactics. If you look back at history you can see if you dumb down and suppress people eventually the impossible downtrodden doped up populations rises and the 'Berlin Wall' is breached.
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No I haven't given up or capitulated; In Australia they are at this time considering mandatory vaccinations or those who refuse various kind of lock downs and restrictions similar to China's colour coding and Gate's chip and the UK digital identity cards with your biometrics and of course driving licence health history and vaccine programme is being considered. If you refuse you maybe classed as a social menace.
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The symbol of the Phoenix above is apt; the mystical bird that is consumed in its own flames arises and resurrects itself from its own ashes, from the seeming ashes of defeat there arises victory of the defeated and they are many times stronger than the stale authorities that trod them down and full of new ways of living from the previous same old, same old.
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The so called Deep State,Technocrats, Bilderbergs,Elite, Illuminati or whatever nomenclature one assigns to them my choice is 'maniacal psychopathic inhuman genocidal treacherous monsters'.  They are not fit to be called humans, they are traitors to the human race and nature and Life which is bestowed upon us as a gift and is pure and beautiful has been raped and pillaged beyond the sane and into insanity not even the vilest beast could image or devise. 
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No amount or discussion can persuade a terrorist or psychopathic person or groups to alter or modify their manner or pursuits and see the other side of things as indeed I do in this writing and I maybe classed by the above to have lost myself and blame me and the likes of me for the dilemma we have brought on ourselves. In brain washing and torture the idea is to 'turn the tables' and make you feel remorse and guilty and join them.
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In the times ahead we may all be faced with difficult decisions; for me I maybe forced to have the vaccine and other measures, I maybe restrained as in the last POST or forced into a sort lock down or certain deprivation of privileges, even have an electronic monitor strapped to my wrist or ankle. Because I live in a 'over 55 years of age block of flats with many elderly and people with health problems' I might be told vaccinate or be removed and that removal might be to a totally nasty place where I cannot get my organic food and quiet meditation space'. I could well decide 'I am nearly 82 years of age and can try and detox the vaccine and I am comfortable with death and suffering illness (although would prefer not to be ill from vaccine or other measures) and they might remove my blog although I hope to keep writing and posting so will I have to decide one way or other====definitely.
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I feel that a way out and a crumbling of the atrocities that Deep State Technocrats have in mind for us will come about if not soon then later. I feel there are other powers and forces at work in the background and behind 'the curtain' so to speak.
You dearest reader will know where I get my information from and indeed my whistle blowers have been frightened off and so I am relying on my 'inner sources' and by meditation as long as I am able to be clear as to sit without 'interference' to trust in life with its intuitions, synchronicity and saving grace from elsewhere.
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Be Well Always


I have often written about ET and I have a source still very much 'alive' so to speak who has a message from ET source 'THE COUNTDOWN HAS BEGUN' and 'TIME IS RUNNING OUT' and from me do not be fooled by some holographic 'LIGHT SHOW' in the sky which can be brought about by satellites and laser technology.
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I have been meditating a great deal lately and as you are aware I feel meditation done in what I feel is the correct manner which is; sitting quietly concentrating on the breath and then witnessing / watching  the mind content with a 'awareness without bias', 'looking without opinion', 'non judgemental expectancy' 'Not this, Not this, Not that', 'Not encouraging, Not suppressing or repressing' 'Not grasping or allowing'. It needs just sitting, my Sensei and Sifu just said 'Sit, breathe, back straight and watch'. I have been doing this for over fifty years. What has this done for me?; in worldly terms, absolutely nothing, in fulfilling terms an abundance of something not measurable or accountable.

As the world would judge or see me and going by my many friends and acquaintances and perhaps some of my family I am a failure by the world's academic, materialistic acquisitions, failed in sports, relationships, not ambitious and thrown out of the halls academia, obstinate about the few views I have and not a social person and somewhat awkward in social gatherings and have not much in common with many folk, tending to be reclusive although did many hundreds of lectures, workshops and therapy and counselling sessions with folk. Psychotherapist, psychiatrists, counsellor friends and other professionals see me as 'the wounded healer', 'victim of child abuse (not physical but through rejection, illness, family break up and so on) and I 'egoistically, big headed, arrogantly if you will count these as my successes and achievements'.   
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Sayer ji  This is part of the rat race and its gambits
I had some great times and successes in the 'rat race' and yet something I wrote about in this POST series and which I have done nearly a thousand writings all about the above stuff in depth and three phrases which finally led me to the image above 'perhaps there is more to life'  and these were experiences that caused 'the shift' in me.
1) My NDE 2) The Koan 3) Slaughtered by Silence and Crushed by Quantum Stuff and Meditation.
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Once I tasted that peace through The Koan and meditation took hold
more or less spontaneously and with a few prompts from my mentors I was hooked, the feeling was so 'superior' and not explainable, adjectives , poetry, others explanations could not 'have the feel' as my own feelings, truly the peace that goes beyond understanding.
Then I went into the 'rat race' and was to a certain extent 'satisfied but not fulfilled', everything was a shade of grey as it were.
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In the background was always this tug of the peace against the lure of the rat race. A series of events caused the break and shift back to the peace and meditation and the simple life. Literally a series of illnesses, disasters, rejection, broken heart, and travelling and living in remote countries and venues and the suffering and pain seen in Forensics all came to break this materialistic bond.
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I was deeply immersed in Quantum 'stuff' and in SHACK all of this is explained in many articles regarding my Sensei, my cousin the late Professor Cyril  Wolf, the late Dr Edgar Mitchell and various people like the late Krishnamurti, Eckart Tolle, various Lamas and three 'ET' and two great friends Rina and Roy Morris with our own team of scientists in our own private laboratory. The realisation that atoms were 99.99% empty as it were and that all and everything was particles and atoms finally crushed the fleshly form life and I realised that a saying from my mentors were so significant to me 'Life and grasping life is like holding ice in your hand or sand, it dwindles away no matter how hard you try to hold onto it'. All forms in life are impermanent and the effort and frustration that endeavours to hold it tight and forever is in the end wasted.

And now to the COVID-19 in essence it is like everything else that consists of atoms and particles and will perish as long as it held by THE HUMAN MIND('hand') to be the ultimate threat and as long as the human mind is swayed by the media and the tyrants who feel that being trillionaires and making slaves of the their perceived idea of supremacy and making them look big by the slaves smallness and their ego's that want and seek immortality through flesh and technology, as LONG as this is taught in EDUCATION; that material success hoarding, gamesmanship, winning, superiority, acquisitiveness, religious dogma, political and racial domination, eugenics, transhumanism, pollution of nature, torture and gain is the only way then the human race is doomed and ONE WILL never beat or defeat the vicious dictators, these despotic tyrants, these fiends of the darkness and blight.
THE  Way I feel is to start reeducation, start by example, the media is lost in its ability and moral compass, private explanations, emails, letter writing and to explain meditation, to examine that all form is but a bunch particles, atoms and nay energies which are gathered like the ingredients of a cake and then the mind makes it into a model and it grows into form. IF you go to a blogger, then blog your passions for a beautiful world, my blogger is sponsored by GOOGLE strangely enough and is free so far.

So this is me for now and I am still philosophising and always bear in mind this is just my stuff and meditate and think all things through.

Deepest Love and Affection    

Be Really Well

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This article is a real wake up call. Even if tested positive as you might do in the flu season that everyone tested might have the flu it DOES not mean you are contagious.




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