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The UK government are ignoring 800 judiciary and a few POSTS back literally thousands of scientists, healing professional's and doctors and also about this superflu.
This is a fascist move and dangerous. Yet their cronies Cummings and Ferguson get away with breaking the law yet another arrogant and disrespectful disingenuous and dangerous trait and of course breaking the international law over the EU deal saga. They are part of the New World Order Deep State and they think they have broken the backs of the populace and leading us like sheep to become sheeple.


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Now perhaps one can see the plot unfolding; Gates is tied into Imperial College London and Professor Neil Ferguson who you will have read in last POST back awhile in which in a video modelled it incorrectly and should be held responsible for the mess world wide and SAGE(WHO as well, they are funded by Gates) who are advising the UK government, incidentally Ferguson had two prostitutes visit him during early lockdown and not prosecuted. Then we have Dominic Cummings breaking the law and not prosecuted and he has angered so many top civil servants and caused them to resign and he is self proclaimed eugenics admirer.  Bill Gates has no medical knowledge and he double dealt and swindled in the Microsoft debacle(Paul Allen saga and Gates). Gates poses as a kind philanthropist but people I know who know him say he has a viscous temper and has been assessed by body language as a dangerous and sinister psychopath, I cannot say this for sure, but the vibes I get make me feel nauseous and sick and of course as I have said before I may be mistaken

An extremely brave and courageous doctor

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This has got President Erdogen of Turkey annoyed to say the least. The USA have threatened Turkey with serious consequences and sanctions because Turkey bought the Russian anti ballistic missile defence system. This angered the USA because of trade and profit, threatening NATO and of course the Russian bogey man threat to the USA.  Mind you Turkey have a habit of changing their mind and patching things up. The USA is also threatening Russia over the Nord deep gas line project from Russia to Germany and Europe, it is 90% almost done when the USA decided to impose sanctions on all the contractors building it; the USA will lose their gas extracted fracking shale trade which is expensive to this project, it has been suggested that the alleged poisoning of Navalny  might have been a CIA operation and without proof as it is one sided in so far as Germany and the OPCW who have a sample of an alleged Novichok derivative being used and like the Skirpal's in Salisbury they refused to hand over to Russia any evidence. So we are dealing here with a worldwide fascist elite of technocrats who want this Smart City / world and us the slaves and genetically modelled to some multi trillionaires and multinationals predilection and whims.

Modern technology has its advantages and disadvantages; It can make one lazy and I remember when I was at technical college and later Uni we used slide rules or had to show workings on paper. Then came calculators and then computers. 
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One of the concerns that cause me to write about this is the effect it has on children from almost birth to adulthood. Apart from posture which seems to be stooped and many young ones are having like 'humps' and neck problems and can lead to breathing and thyroid troubles and there are other implications.

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This on its own is serious and in later life and long usage and added to that sitting and hours without activity. Then there is the added danger of EMF radiation and eye and hearing problems with ear buds / headphones especially as the sound is not monitored and listening on the computer and other devices to loud jangling music, very harsh sound and brash video images. Then add to young ones in their bedrooms in stuffy conditions or central heating and non full spectrum lighting. 

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There are men and women marrying their robots, their holograms, and their dolls.  Yes and robots marrying robots, more and more home entertainment, takeaways and deliveries, GMO, additives, preservatives gradually this insidious process takes us into a disconnection with being human. A new norm will come about that interactions between people will become more artificial and we will speak in abbreviated computer type language and in the long term lose the power of speech and just become a few syllable grunt type vocal expression.  

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This long term will turn into AI being the life communicator and humans will be more isolated and so turn more to devices and AI. During lockdown due to Covid people worked from home and this looks like being the new norm. Then communication was by email cell / mobile phone, Skype, and other conferencing facilities, children learning from the internet or remote teachers and robots, then add GMO foods, additives and preservatives, pollution and plastic particles in community water supplies, vaccines with mRNA, thousands of videos online, so called social drugs and medical drugs and in the lockdown a rise in depression and suicides, mass unemployment, poverty all leading to more crime, more police and army, that will be the best jobs and secure for the Governments of the world when these change overs happen they will have to deal with civil uprising, they will need the police and army and they will become violent as they become stressed and see society ebbing away into chaos. 

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Then there are the satellite and the remorseless terrifying 5G and intended 6G EMF and technological inventions and the human body will be pounded to shreds by radiation and pollution as we ingest thousands and thousands of plastic particles in food and water and consumed by more and more gadgets for our comfort and safety and making us more and more couch potatoes.  

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Could this be how we evolve with AI or is there a chance that nature will be given a chance as I have written about with 6th extinction and the new energies of natural evolution due to the cyclical nature of the Universe.

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There  is no doubt in my mind rapid change is happening and is occurring for the well being of humanity or maybe not so, should scientists be allowed to alter our genome because of some mysterious urge or sheer egoistic arrogance and profit, should transhumanism and eugenic and cyborg-ism be the new moral and ethical code. Our children being torn from the SPIRITUAL Universal Divine Creation and its cyclical natural evolution to a mechanical robotic future and did the Divine intend us to be as this seems to be leading us? Maybe I am out of touch and mistaken.

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Perhaps our skulls will be held in the hands of the transhuman / eugenic 
/ cyborg as in the image and it will stare at the skull that it digs up in its archaeological explorations and wonder whoever this was or recognise it as the 'old stone human' of the 21st century. In the interim time we will be racing in incremental steps and communicating less and less face to face so to speak and AI to AI either through technology or speaking more through technology. Could I be a conspiracy person and say the lockdown and warning to wear masks(not needed) social distancing(not needed) and families torn apart are a sinister devised plan in order for robotisation, redundancy, technocracy to slide in and these methods are a 'foot in the door' 'the thin end of the wedge' and the grooming of the new world order by the so called elites.

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Another angle; Many holy books, some scientific and wise persons have intimated that a field of other dimensions that hold the history of the planet in emotional, intellectual and logical world karma is held in magnetised containment fields and matrix's  / matrices and are accessed by psychic, sensitives and some say CERN as in image. There were some strange black magic rituals and scenarios performed near CERN and some say in CERN and certainly they are attempting to open portals into other dimensions by rending the fabric of the Universe apart at the Vacuum zero point potential field and the attempt at Higgs Bosun Particle and if you go past the 'layers' and inter-dimensional energies you can never really know what 'life forms / energy forms and their compatibility, commensurate and concomitant computations and configurations there maybe and are they having side effects and even possible entrainment on our very life forces, even sucking them into an abyss. Are there ET's who are influencing this technocracy and even a kind of evil overshadowing from somewhere else, or just world karma exacting its expiation.  

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Oh! God what can I do to get me out of my frustration and fear? Well my boy pull yourself together. Well I pulled myself together and go so uptight I felt worse. You should get some discipline, join the army in my day we toughed it out. But the army is not the same and I hate war and poverty, torture and poverty. You are a wimp get out and get yourself a job and a haircut. Damned pacifist and yellow to the core a good days work would kill you. Where can I get work these days. Oh f---k off  I'm going down the pub. Imaginary conversation and the generation gap.

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I feel that meditation that is 'pure'can assist in freeing oneself from the vice like grips of technocracy, that is if you have a mind too. Technocracy like all other 'isms' ideas, cultural postulations no matter how laudable they may seem along with religion, political emphasis are all someone else's philosophy and we were taught by inculcation which is brain washing and forms our world of the known and therefore our sense of reality. So the meditation I use is a form of Zen; 1) Relaxing the body and just 'scanning the body and mind' and become aware of tension and stress, then just breathe slowly and let go. 2) If the mind is 'tight' and obsessed with thoughts or depressing feelings, simply just distance yourself from all of the body and mind 'stuff' and become aware of the breath and follow it. 3) Then become aware you are watching yourself, watching yourself, similar to becoming aware that you are watching the TV and become the watcher of your screen of mind.  4) Continue watching, looking without opinion, awareness without bias. 5) You sit not expecting anything, just breathe watch and sit---whatever comes to mind 'let it go' no matter what the nature of the content is, so called good, dirty, spiritual, bad let it go.

At first it may feel awkward, fall asleep, itchy, fighting the thoughts and intrusions, noises are bothersome. One day by relaxed unforced sitting, you may realise or hear or feel thoughts are noisy, not useful and you are not a vegetable and they might suddenly cease as if they magically vanished, beware not to suppress them and push them down or encourage them, if this happens return to watchful breathing, then on realising the nature of thoughts are like clouds in the sky, seemingly coming from nowhere and going to nowhere, then those thoughts and emotions will not dominate your life and what is left when they are quietened naturally without force is a wonderful peace, a bright clear mind, sharp and energetic and more but that you will have to experience. The fact is thoughts were taught to you if born in another culture your thoughts would be different to the ones that inhabit you now. So like clouds they have no real substance that's why when closely watching them they float in from seemingly nowhere and go into nowhere.  

The term is shortened from mushin no shin (無心の心), a Zen expression meaning the mind without mind and is also referred to as the state of "no-mindness". That is, a mind not fixed or occupied by thought or emotion and thus open to everything. It is translated by D.T. Suzuki as "being free from mind-attachment".

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There has always been a generation gap of some sorts however nowadays it is markedly more so. The lures of technology lure and seduce the mind, the ingenuity and the active alert young minds today want more and more and its wonders and colourful graphics of superman, wonder woman, huge monsters in glaring bright monstrous proportions fighting off world battles, Captain America, Spider Man, Superman and so parents are not up to the mark on this and the addiction to the internet seduce young and old, internet junkies and going along with 'recreational drugs' poverty and extreme wealth, celebrity and icons of fashion. So the young to get their 'feast' of addictive-ness feast off of the robotic net, the endless supply of digital glamour and wonderment and relegating nature to the sidelines. Reality becomes a digital organised super video, one lives in perpetual illusion., the tragedy being one is encased in it and trapped, trapped in the magicians magic, seemingly so real and yet so false, just like thoughts seem so tangible and yet on close examination are fleeting fluffy clouds that are full of promise and yet disappointingly such a let down.   
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So where do we go from here; once we awaken to the fact that we are addicted to the technology which is replacing human natural interactions like the picture I saw of a baby grimacing and looking at her mother wearing a mask, depriving parents and grandparents from seeing children, being forced to distance and notice they call it social distancing, one might ask oneself if this is a deliberate attempt in social engineering to get us, especially bright young minds dulled by vaccinations and bad food, to make us sicker and sicker and eventually we kill nature and live in a technocracy of concrete, robots, transgender'd cyborgs who speak metallic- ally, fly with artificial wings and the sounds and smell of nature long extinguished and held in disgust. If you have read my previous POSTS you know I have referred to Hollywood as giving us the precursors, I have named. The Terminator, The Matrix, dozens of films with a world virus, climate change disasters, aliens and two more I would like to mention; HANNAH; Hanna is a 2011 action thriller film directed by Joe Wright. The film stars Saoirse Ronan as the title character, a girl raised in the wilderness of northern Finland by her father, an ex-CIA operative (Eric Bana), who trains her as an assassin. but she is genetically modified.
THE GHOST IN THE SHELL;In this Japanese animation, cyborg federal agent Maj. Motoko Kusanagi (Mimi Woods) trails "The Puppet Master" (Abe Lasser), who illegally hacks into the computerized minds of cyborg-human hybrids. Her pursuit of a man who can modify the identity of strangers leaves Motoko pondering her own makeup and what life might be like if she had more human traits. With her partner (Richard George), she corners the hacker, but her curiosity about her identity sends the case in an unforeseen direction.

Jump to Plot — The film is set in 2029 Japan, and follows Motoko Kusanagi, a cyborg public-security agent, who hunts a mysterious hacker known as the Puppet Master. The narrative incorporates philosophical themes that focus on self-identity in a technologically advanced world.

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I trust that future parents or even some now will not mind cuddling their genetically modified offspring who are more intelligent scientifically, unemotional, highly logical, geniuses, so quick and connected to the 5G / 6G fast net who becomes their parent reality and guide, they become seemingly stern and logical because emotions are a waste of energy and illogical. 
Please read once more; 
POST 'Mon September 21  'Special Update --and Urgent-- 2' 'IS YOUR DNA YOURS'?


  • Technocracy is the tool to bring Eugenics to the fore. The AI robots and computers produce a sameness, algorithms that produce conformity and compliance.
  • Parents in the future and some are doing this in a simplified way now, are having some genetic augmentation to their designer babies which come out of natural childbirth and surgically altered to the specifications of the parents. I am not blaming the parents this is how it is in some places now, the technology is advancing. This then becomes a sort eugenics and with children now wanting to change their sex another aspect of change plus the seventy nine descriptions of peoples sexual preference.
  • Because of my age and predilection this seems unnatural, however maybe this is the way it has to go and I am one of the 'old brigade', grumpy, grumbling old codger going on about 'yesteryear'.


Amazing and yet there are more simple examples of healing and diagnosis if Big Pharma and co allow it.
This is the taken from Peter Gariaev 'founder of the Phantom Wave Technology.

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