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Greetings and Hi to you all. Slomo below discovers his joie de vivre and below that 'What is Self' underneath.  Is there a connection?  I feel so. Slomo found his joie and felt it was divine. Self is finding one is not alone and there is a Universal connectivity.  When one is alone, a feeling of separation, then a feeling of vulnerability and of attack and so to defend is feasible, like nations like individuals. When is one with the all and all, then attack becomes an attack on oneself. When one feels this interconnectivity, one feels safe and as we are one I do what is best for me which means what is best for the whole.  Go for It. Let go, be yourself at the deep level. At the deep level there is oneness and if it is the true depth, there is only compassion, caring and sharing, all for one and one for all.  A world, a Universe which works for everything everywhere. 
Go for It.  Slomo.  The Man who Skated off of the Grid.  The Grid being a mind set.
What is Self?
In this link you can see a trailer.
Here we see people who are trapped and the net of cell towers, high tension wires, masts in fact things like TV's, computers, lighting, all make this invisible fog a prison and growing world wide, could the answer be meditation and finding the self as above?
Dearest electro sensitive' s and allergy sensitive's I fully appreciate your suffering and know that most of you are not shamming or crazy and have genuine pain and hurt. And what is more you are told in some cases its all in your mind, or you are using it as a way out of a situation, looking for sympathy and approval and so on.  I know because I am going through a similar situation with my GP with a similar symptom.
One of the ways I am dealing with this and is slowly getting 'better' is to realise I am not 'ill' or deluded and that I am sensitive to my symptoms and they are telling me that some 'part of me ' is feeling the onslaught, that if I can identify with the witness and watch and identify that part, I can let it go.
Let us take the video 'What is Self' above.  We see trillions of entities make us a flesh and blood being.  Then this combines with trillions upon trillions of other entities to make the Universe. So there has to be coordinated Intelligent Information System at work to provide all the connections, rhythms, cycles and so on. The best quote is that I have come across that is not scientific or religious is  of Eckhart Tolle 'You didn't create your body, nor are we able to control the bodies functions.  An Intelligence greater than the Human Mind is at work. It is the same Intelligence that sustains all of Nature'.   
Courtesy  Nature at work.  The Honey Bee
It is the same Intelligence that guides this beautiful gorgeous bee. Perhaps if we could seek this Intelligence inside us we could overcome or override or something, all the broken rhythms, cycles and so on, smooth them out and another energy system takes over from the human mechanistic electronic industrial military complex and its side kick Big Pharma and Big Techno.  
The mind set is indoctrinated in the human psyche / collective unconscious, that we deep down believe the GP, the surgeon, the label of illnesses, the government, our bibles, our programming and conditioning, that they lay so deep, so ingrained, so etched that we feel they are us, actually they are not.  LISTEN TO SLOWMO above in the video, he broke the spell, the karma, the stranglehold and he WENT FOR IT. SO can we / I.   
Are we prepared to let go and find something outside our box?
Are we prepared to let go of the tethers that tie us, bind us to outworn concepts, mind patterns, fashions, idioms, fantasies, conventions. Maybe we would feel or think we would go insane or become a mindless vegetable?  Actually we are vegetable if we do not. Most of us live vegetative lives.
One would have to be brave, courageous and bold.  Can you imagine :- The Presidents of the world shaking hands and agreeing peace, the religious leaders shaking hands and agreeing we all worship the one God our own way, can you imagine atheists letting go of their stuff, can you imagine the so called elite helping to green the world and share power, eliminate hunger and poverty.  Can you imagine ET  and UFO landing and smiling at our United effort to join the Universal Confederation of co operation and Universal Space Flight without contamination of our greed and conquest. To be explorers and delight in the beauty of limitless worlds and civilisations and then compare that to daily sludge and grind to earn a living or be like Slomo have everything and be bored before he did his thing. Can we let go and soar into the limitless joy of the Universal Divine Freedom that awaits us and not the petty squabbling over war, oil, gold and territory? CAN WE REALLY GO FOR IT ?
Richard Dolan does a great job of official documents in 11 mins on the UFO cover up. Excellent and factual.
Notice the Chemtrails.
For years, WDDTY has been promoting the importance of sensible sunbathing in order to get health-enhancing rays.  Many chronic diseases are associated with a lack of vitamin D, which we get from sunshine, and this week researchers have confirmed that people deficient in the vitamin are less likely to survive cancer.
High levels of vitamin D play a significant role in determining whether we survive various cancers, including breast and colorectal cancers, and lymphoma.  For every 10nmol/L increase in the body’s vitamin D levels, there was a 4 per cent increased chance of cancer survival.
Researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Shanghai analysed the vitamin D levels and survival rates of 17,332 cancer patients.
Vitamin D is important for a range of bodily functions, such as the promotion of healthy bone, but it becomes especially important once someone has contracted cancer, the researchers say.
(Source: Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, 2014; jc.2013-4320)
Breaking News Underwater UFO base Found.
Amazing 9yr boy and crystals  Another amazing youngster.

Hey Folks there is a lot of Solar 'stuff' going some very heavy Geomagnetic storms. If you are feeling over the top, and notice the escalation of wars, well this might be a contributory cause.
Be Well.  Geoff

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