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Nǐ hǎo: Nǐ zài yīngyǔ fāyīn  

Hello in Chinese, I simply love greetings in all languages.  I have included Hawaii and soon many other countries.  Why so, to greet someone with warm genuine feelings that one is a member of the human family and is a free being and to enjoy the freedom that is our birthright and to smile and feel heartfelt greetings.

This video below well spoken and the interview sincere and well put together with steady voices and points put succinctly.  In my view shocking with what is NOW in vogue and used by and against cars.  Many years back in the Thatcher government in the UK, Mrs Thatcher[1979-1990] wanted a GPS type satellite.  I will continue that under video.   

The idea was that drivers would have a satnav type instrument fitted by the manufactures from new, it would have been compulsory to fit them, and so one could monitored where ever you went, they would be permanently on once the ignition was on.  It also was put forward that zonal monitoring could be enforced should a emergency be in siege.  By the car you could be stopped by police and checked against the satellite.  If you watch the video above, its similar.  Apparently at that time some Japanese firms brought out a navigation device and was not linked to satellites. I heard through the grapevine Mrs T was furious, and in those days there was still some respect for the public and a modicum of human rights. 

The next bit of 'security' was the introduction by old 'evil eyes Tony Blair above.  He brought in a USA wireless/radio for police named TETRA.

Terrestrial Trunked Radio[1] (TETRA) (formerly known as Trans-European Trunked Radio) is a professional mobile radio[2] and two-way transceiver (colloquially known as awalkie talkie) specification. TETRA was specifically designed for use by government agencies, emergency services, (police forces, fire departmentsambulance) for public safety networks, rail transportation staff for train radios, transport services and the military.
TETRA is a European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) standard, first version published 1995; it is mentioned by the European Radiocommunications Committee(ERC).[3]

There was a number of complaints by police officers at the time, that these radios were causing headaches, migraines and so on, and they could only be safe to use them when they STEPPED  outside their vehicle. A great way in an emergency.

 I have been using police TETRA radio system for several years. I have suffered burning hot ears (the ear that I have my radio earpiece in) and hotness to that side of my face. I have also suffered headaches and dizziness and fatigue, usually after a long shift using my radio. I am very concerned, but I have to pay the bills. I fear we are heading to an epidemic of health problem related to TETRA.
Dominic, Bristol
I am a Health & Safety rep. for my Police Force and we are apparently seeing a significant rise in the number of our officers suffering from various forms of cancer. I am obviously concerned about this and would like to know what current information you may have on this subject (maybe contact from other officers?)
H&S rep., Sussex
The following is a very important point for users of digital mobile communications in the course of their jobs. It is made worse through the use of multiple decvices such as PDAs connecting to the commercial networks (introduced because of the abject failure of Airwave to deliver data by itself).
I guess we all know (or should know) that driving a car while using a mobile phone is a hazardous occupation in which your chances of having an accident is increased by a factor of about four. Perhaps fewer people know that using a hands-free kit makes no difference; you are still four times more likely to have an accident (according the the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) and it is certainly more dangerous than talking to a passenger. See and associated links.
This makes me think that it’s not just the distracting effect of using the phone, but perhaps the phone signal itself is a contributory cause. It seems likely that it will promote membrane leakage, boost the non-programmed ingress of calcium ions into neurones and so increase their chances of generating spurious action potentials (programmed calcium ingress is a normal step in the release of neurotransmitters). This would be expected to degrade the signal to noise ratio of the brain and make it less able to respond adequately to complex tasks demanding a high degree of awareness of even minor stimuli; e.g. that needed for driving a car safely. This effect would not be picked up by an ordinary EEG since it would look just like electrode or amplifier noise, but could nevertheless have serious consequences for the unsuspecting car driver.
If this is correct, we might expect a mobile phone used by a passenger to have a similar effect on the driver (analogous to passive smoking). It might therefore be wise to discourage your passengers from using their mobiles when you are driving. It might even be a good idea to make their use on public transport illegal for the same reason. Now that really would be nice...
Dr A G, London

You may ask why do I go back to the past, well Blair for one, used a cheap system and refused to budge when officers complained, and many of these dangerous emissions from the masts were near schools, hospitals and seniors retirement homes, like care homes and where I live there is a TETRA mast on the fire station roof with a stack of mobile phone stuff. I live in sheltered housing and have protected my windows and walls.  Many residents have these headaches and I can measure the emissions at times---- not good.  The second point is you can see the history of the build up to smart meters, drones, and tiny spy flies and so on.  This also increases paranoia, anxiety and is hyped up by the video above about SOLDIERS BECOMING POLICE OFFICERS ON RETIREMENT.

This insidious rise in surveillance is beautifully explained in the video, about the clamp down on home education, and like fanatical religious or cult domination the fear of the 'puppets' being exposed to new ideas, to open their minds, is forbidden, they become free thinkers, to those in charge, be it  a politician, guru cult leader, priests ah la fanatic, this is dangerous, the sheep will stray from the pen, they will be at prey of the sharks and wolves, and yet these false prophets/profits, fear the loss of their power and uncertainty of their own status.  If they were secure in their beliefs they would let their Muppet's explore their own world and see them come to their truths, albeit with gentle guidance of the true educator. 

Now onto food:

Hungry For Change exposes shocking secrets the diet, weight loss and food industry don't want you to know about. You'll discover what's keeping you from having the body and health you deserve and learn how to escape the diet trap forever


Wow,wow, wow, 3 mins of wow.

Fire rainbows are a common sight in the U.S. but are rarer in northern Europe because the sun is not often at the right angle to create the effect.

why is this horizon so colorful? Because, opposite the Sun, it is raining. What is pictured above is actually just a common rainbow. It's uncommon appearance is caused by the Sun being unusually high in the sky during the rainbow's creation. Since every rainbow's center must be exactly opposite the Sun, a high Sun reflecting off of a distant rain will produce a low rainbow where only the very top is visible -- because the rest of the rainbow is below the horizon. Furthermore, no two observers can see exactly the same rainbow -- every person finds themselves exactly between the Sun and rainbow's center, and every observer sees the colorful circular band precisely 42 degrees from rainbow's center. The above image featuring

This is of the Eiffel Tower Paris roughly between  12-16 March 2013

Onto a very, very serious 2 mins. Make up your mind when you see this.  Who do you believe.

This video was created by @JasonSilva and shot and edited with my friends at Bravo Media, and is non-commercial and for educational and inspirational purposes only. Full credits and clip attributions can be found below. This video was inspired by three big ideas:
1) The ideas of psychologist Nicholas Humphrey who has written of "THE BIOLOGICAL ADVANTAGE OF BEING AWESTRUCK". Basically, our ability to awe was biologically selected for by evolution because it imbues our lives with sense of cosmic significance that has resulted in a species that works harder not just to survive but to flourish and thrive...
"Humphrey refers to consciousness as a magic show that you stage for yourself inside your head, which lights up the world and makes you feel special and transcendent... this magical theater provides a reason to live, a love of occupying the present moment, and a desire to sustain it into the future, that over time has proved stronger than anything else, and accounts for humanity’s swift and triumphant success--
Humphrey says “being enchanted by the magic of experience, rather than being just an aid to survival, provides an essential incentive to survive.”
"We relish just being here. We feel “the yen to confirm and renew, in small ways or large, our own occupancy of the present moment, to go deeper, to extend it, to revel in being there, and when we have the skill, to celebrate it in words..”
Our desire to understand brings exquisite pleasure... and feeds our exploratory voyage, our scientific inquiry, our technological development, and even our poetic self-regard..


I love it when I see someone having fun and defying the so called image of what is 'normal'  Good on you Andrew.

Andrew Cassidy a Welsh guy of 20 stone.  Ball control, way to go Mate.

Should one have any sort of compassion this short 6 min video may stir your heart, it makes me weep:

The depleted uranium usage in Iraq 
left lasting effects, on our own troops 
and in babies born with horrifying 
deformities in Fallujah and Basra. 

Is this the legacy of the war, and 
should people be paying more 
attention to these awful consequences? 
published on 22 Mar 2013
"In 2012, European researchers visited a scrap metal site in Al Zubayr, an area near Basrah in southern Iraq. A local police officer told them that the site had at one time held military scrap metal from the bloody battles waged during the American invasion. A local guard told the researchers that children had been seen playing on the scrap during that time, and both adults and children had worked disassembling the military leftovers. At one point, the guard said, members of an international organization with equipment and white suits showed up, told guards that the site was very dangerous and "quickly ran off."*

The depleted uranium usage in Iraq left lasting effects, on our own troops and in babies born with horrifying deformities in Fallujah and Basra. Is this the legacy of the war, and should people be paying more attention to these awful consequences? Ana Kasparian, Steve Oh (COO of The Young Turks), and Desi Doyen (Green News Report) discuss.

*Read more from Truth-Out:

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Please kindly note that the power of the bombs greater than Nagasaki and Hiroshima also what it does to the soldiers who deploy them.  I have spoken to some soldiers in then USA and said why do you fight then or join the military? They said it seemed worthwhile to defend democracy, yet we still feel so, but not the way we do it.  Its a job and pension and we could not get employed.  It seemed glamorous and heroic and so on.  All were deeply affected and ill. 

  • Men and women tend to experience stress differently. Stomach-churning anxiety is far more common in women than men, as is feelings of sadness in response to stress, and not being able to stop thinking about that which worries them
  • When you dwell on negative emotions you internalize the stress, which can prevent you from coming up with constructive ways to address them. Stress can improve once you find more active methods of coping
  • Stress plays a major role in your immune system, and can impact your blood pressure, cholesterol levels, brain chemistry, blood sugar levels, and hormonal balance. It can even “break” your heart, and is increasingly being viewed as a cardiovascular risk marker

  • According to critics, the new edition of the American Psychiatric Association's (APA) diagnostic "bible" – the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders (DSM) -- will label healthy people with a mental condition and make them prime candidates for unnecessary prescriptions of mind-altering antidepressant and antipsychotic drugs
  • Virtually none of the mental disorders described in the DSM can be objectively measured by empirical tests; instead, they're completely subjective
  • By turning normal emotions and difficult life circumstances into “illnesses” the DSM-5 has resulted in the rampant over-medicalization and over-diagnosis of mental illnesses within the psychiatric profession.
Many of the soldiers and victims of the war, apart from the noise of fire, the killing, the deformities there is rape, torture, lack of clean water, food, electricity, children without parents and if you go to Africa, AIDS racial harassment, inter tribal war, stirred up by outside influences.  What a world legacy for future generations.

A little yarn:  Many years back there was or maybe still is a 'New Age' meeting place in Grove Road, St Johns Wood, London, just around the corner to the famous Abbey Road Studios where the Beetles did their early recordings and it is still in use.

On the wall of the Studio.
also not far away the famous Lord's Cricket Ground.

Lords Cricket Ground

The meeting took place in the beautiful home of the Baron and Baroness di Pauli[hope I have the correct spelling].  The speaker that night was a Dr Henry Smolinsky[spelling? was a long way back probably 1979], he was very well respected and it went far over my head.  The audience about twelve and the Di Pauli's with family, say about fifteen in all.  After the lecture and questions, a large huge quartz crystal was brought in, and we stood around it as candles were placed around the crystal.  Baroness then said we should all join hands, I had dear Old Sir George Trevelyan on my left and a well known architect and presenter on my right[name not remembered].  The Baroness had a very shimmery high pitched fluted voice.

The Baroness said in this squeaky voice 'breathe in the light and turn round and blow out the light to the world' we all turned round many shaking with laughter and controlling it, as we all went 'phew'  however as I have mentioned before in blog 17 dear old George was deaf and his hearing aids whistled he remained facing inwards and said in a loud stentorian voice 'WHAT DID SHE SAY?  We turned back and I said to George to turn round and blow out the light, there was a mix up and he turned when we all came back, this happened again next time round and he shouted 'Why are they turning when I am not?  I tried to explain it to him, 
by this time everyone was in hysterics and collapsed into uncontrollable huge guffaws of laughter.
The Baroness was furious, and she could not blame George, after all he was a 'Founding Father' and world famous poet and so on.  So she picked on me, as I was the youngest and least known, and said 'Why are you disrupting my meditation and meeting? I tried to explain, but the laughter was too loud, she ordered me out and to never come back.  George thought the meeting over as I was going out of the door and followed me, only to be brought back by someone.  The Baroness never spoke to me for many a year after that, and again I was branded the 'bad' boy in London scene of the 'New Age' intellectuals and high prestige new age presenters.

First, the good news

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) may currently have no desire to recommend againstapproval of GM crops, but citizens’ and scientists’ concerns about GM remain unabated.  Last week, several groups  – submitted a legal challenge to the European Court of Justice (ECJ) concerning the European Commission’s (EC’s) 2012 approval of Monsanto’s GM soybean, MON 87701 x MON 89788.  The EC’s rubber-stamping was the predictable result of a previous positive scientific opinion by EFSA.
The joint motion challenges EFSA’s dogma of ‘substantial equivalence’ between GM and non-GM crops, along with its inadequate consideration both of immunological concerns and the environmental effects of combinations between Monsanto’s GM soybeans and wild organisms.  The final aspect of the lawsuit concerns EFSA’s decision not to carry out post-marketing surveillance of the GM soybean’s health effects. 
We wish the lawsuit all the luck in the world, and hope that it fares better than a previous complaintby the same group that was rejected by Commissioner Tonio Borg in January 2013.  In the current climate, it will need it.

Toward zero GM regulation

Here’s a case in point: after we first wrote about an EC move to relax the GM approvals process earlier this year, the proposed changes were voted through on 25th February.  Thanks to the EC’s Standing Committee on the Food Chain and Animal Health, long-term feeding trials will not be required before GM crops are approved, and biotech companies will soon be scrambling gratefully through the gaping holes in the system left by the woolly wording.

Monsanto riding roughshod over US democracy

And if that seems bad, spare a thought for citizens of the US.  Not only do they have to cope with a food chain widely contaminated with unlabelled GM material, but their elected representatives feel it appropriate to add a disastrous ‘Monsanto rider’ to important, ‘must-pass’ legislation.  Over and over again.  And then vote it through.  The new legislation will, “Strip federal courts of the authority to halt the sale and planting of illegal, potentially hazardous genetically engineered crops while USDA [US Department of Agriculture] is performing an environmental impact statement”.
It’s actually worse than it sounds: “Since the USDA is totally behind GMO crops, removing court restraints really means that there are no controls on GMO planting at all,” in the US as of this moment.  And, because judges will no longer be able to prevent GM crops from being planted, it’s “bye-bye” to the separation of US government and judiciary enshrined in the US Constitution.  “We will be reviewing this and other questions with legal counsel,” say our colleagues at ANH-USA.
The only light in this GM gloom is the fact that the GM rider runs out when the legislation on which it piggy-backed – known as a continuing resolution (CR) – expires, on 30th September 2013.  Even then, however, because the CR is so crucial, it’s unlikely that the US Congress will allow it to expire without a ready replacement: “If they don’t have a new bill by then, they will simply change the date on the CR and extend it once again...In other words, it’s extremely unlikely that the GMO rider will simply go away”.
Many questions remain in this dreadful situation, not the least of which is: which US Senator(s) was or were responsible for introducing, “One of the most blatant examples of money talking in politics that we have seen,” into the CR wording in the first place?  ANH-USA and ANH-Intl will keep you informed all the way.

Roundup more toxic than we thought

You can’t keep a good man down, so they say.  And, despite receiving a battering from EFSA and some pro-GM colleagues, Professor Gilles-Eric Séralini has bounced back from the canvas brandishing the results of new research into the health effects of glyphosate, contained in Monsanto’s Roundup and other pesticides.
Published in the internationally respected, peer-reviewed journal Toxicology, Prof Séralini’s new research attempted to tease out the relative effects of glyphosate and some of the other chemicals – known as adjuvants – included in glyphosate-containing pesticide formulations.  His group concluded that glyphosate itself isn’t the only poisonous chemical contained in Roundup-like (glyphosate-containing) herbicides, nor is it the most poisonous.  That dubious honour belongs to POE-15, or polyethoxylated tallowamine, an adjuvant added to many herbicides – including Roundup, the world’s most widely used herbicide.  According to Prof Séralini et al, POE-15 has “Now been revealed as actively toxic to human cells, and must be regulated as such”.  The crucial point here is that regulatory assessments of glyphosate-containing pesticides, such as Roundup, only concern themselves with the single ‘active ingredient’, in this case glyphosate.  Yet, Séralini and his team have shown that the toxicity of the formulation, because of the combined action of active ingredient and adjuvants, is greater than the active ingredient (glyphosate) alone.
Coming next: outraged screeches and acres of scientific-looking confetti from EFSA and others, as the pro-GM establishment tries to finish what they started with the ‘upstart’ Séralini.

Vigilance is vital

Every month, if not every week, we learn of new moves on both sides of the GM argument.  The pro-GM labelling movement in the USA is growing all the time, for example, and the biotech industry and its government stooges on both sides of the pond are reacting to this increased awareness by avoiding the democratic process altogether.  The strategy appears to be to allow GM contamination to become so widespread that nothing can be done to reverse it, at which point all protests become redundant.
We must not let this happen, and we’ve stopped them before.  Please get involved using the Call to action suggestions below, and we’ll stop them again.

Call to action

  • Share this article with everyone you know, via Facebook, Twitter and other social media, email or whatever form of communication you prefer
  • Please write to your MEP and ask if s/he is aware of ongoing moves to relax the EU approvals process for GM crops. Also please alert your MEP to the new research from Prof Séralini’s group (link them to this article: and/or the latest CRIIGEN release and ask that s/he demands that EFSA and the European Commission review these findings in an objective and unbiased manner).
  • Hit the GM manufacturers where it hurts by avoiding their products.  In the EU, citizens can simply buy organic or avoid labels that say "This product contains genetically modified organisms". US citizens should use resources like the Institute for Responsible Technology, its Non-GMO Shopping Guide and its GM-Free Schools Campaign to help identify which products contain GMOs so as to avoid them.

 This is a very provocative 8 min video and I would like to share some comments.

The pictures contained in this 
video are a collection from a 
collaborated group of anonymous 
hackers and personal researchers, 
Therefore, the legitimacy of ALL 
of the pictures within cannot be 

However, MANY of the pictures are 
legitimate photos of actual D.U.M.B.s 
and the diggers used to make them. 

The objective of this video is to bring 
this subject into the open and to 
show that the technology exists as do 
the facilities...and we're the ones 
paying for it!   Courtesy Forbidden Knowledge

I know many of these diggers in other parts of the world and the USA WERE IMMIGRANTS AND ELDERLY AND WERE KEPT UNDER SURVEILLANCE AND THREATENED, many were glad of a job and thought it was welcoming. I met many in Berlin, Hamburg and Brussels. They would be anonymous and dead by now. My NATO whistle blower also deceased some five years ago told me of them. 

Many videos are being removed from You Tube in a future blog there will be a mention of Rupert Sheldrake's and Graham Hancock's TED videos being taken off, so no surprise if the above one will. However the one above has been going since 2008, so it in good circulation by now.  Also want to mention  for those of you who have seen the Camelot interview with Patrick Geryl and read David Wilcock's site and Jesse Ventura on FEMA sites, you will realise two or three scenarios are playing out here.  The one in the video as stated, ET and elite planning for the one world government and similar to video scenario, or the end of the world due to massive global crust flip, Sun CME, or a return to natural cycles such as an ice age, asteroid, meteor or even the return of the Sun Gods.  For sure if the planet flips its crust [crustal displacement, I am not sure underground is where you would want to be.  According to David Wilcock a number of these bases were mysteriously destroyed.  Tune into his site for more.

Thank you for reading this blog and best wishes.  Be Well. Geoff

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