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Hola.  I like to greet in as many languages as possible, I've done a few so far, and this Spanish greeting is to my wonderful year I spent in Spain and its wonderful people. 

To go into a provocative idea:

  • The conversion of large amounts of fertile land to desert has long been thought to be caused by livestock, such as sheep and cattle overgrazing and giving off methane. This has now been shown to be incorrect, as removing animals to protect land speeds up desertification
  • Rising population, land turning into desert at a steady clip, and climate change, converge to create a “perfect storm” that threatens life on earth. According to an African ecologist, dramatically increasing the number of grazing livestock is the only thing that can reverse both desertification and climate change
  • Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs), play a key role in this impending disaster, as large-scale factory farms also directly contribute to environmental pollution
  • According to estimates, grazing large herds of livestock on half of the world’s barren or semi-barren grasslands could take enough carbon from the atmosphere to bring us back to preindustrial levels
  • A holistic management and planned grazing system has already been implemented in select areas on five continents, with dramatically positive results.

TED is a company that produces amazing videos and educative material.

Published on 4 Mar 2013
"Desertification is a fancy word for land that is turning to desert," begins Allan Savory in this quietly powerful talk. And terrifyingly, it's happening to about two-thirds of the world's grasslands, accelerating climate change and causing traditional grazing societies to descend into social chaos. Savory has devoted his life to stopping it. He now believes -- and his work so far shows -- that a surprising factor can protect grasslands and even reclaim degraded land that was once desert.

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Now this above raises all sorts of discussions.  Whilst I totally and absolutely agree with the above video,and it is the way in my view to a home Planet Earth being restored, there is also the compelling evidence that climate change is also cyclical and from ice sheets and drilling's, discussed in back blogs 2,and 7, Fjords and their preserved fossils, Magnetic pole shifts and the like, the planets are also experiencing climate change, carbon emissions are but a part of the jigsaw, however, a vital part.  

There is one more option which many a friend and scientist have taken issue with me over. I feel we live in a Universe that is not a dead material inorganic bunch of particles and atoms randomly evolved over time.  If the atoms are devoid of intelligence how did they evolve, and as to the big bang well?  Did the chicken arrive before the egg and so on?  I subscribe to Sir James Hopwood Jeans: 

Born in OrmskirkLancashire, Jeans was educated at Merchant Taylors' School, NorthwoodWilson's Grammar School,[4] Camberwelland Trinity College, Cambridge,[5] he finished Second Wrangler in the university in the Mathematical Tripos of 1898. He taught at Cambridge, but went to Princeton University in 1904 as a professor of applied mathematics. He returned to Cambridge in 1910.

For an overview see Idealism.
The stream of knowledge is heading towards a non-mechanical reality; the Universe begins to look more like a great thought than like a great machine. Mind no longer appears to be an accidental intruder into the realm of matter... we ought rather hail it as the creator and governor of the realm of matter. The Mysterious Universe, page 137.
In an interview published in The Observer (London), when asked the question "Do you believe that life on this planet is the result of some sort of accident, or do you believe that it is a part of some great scheme?", he replied:
I incline to the idealistic theory that consciousness is fundamental, and that the material universe is derivative from consciousness, not consciousness from the material universe... In general the universe seems to me to be nearer to a great thought than to a great machine. It may well be, it seems to me, that each individual consciousness ought to be compared to a brain-cell in a universal mind.
What remains is in any case very different from the full-blooded matter and the forbidding materialism of the Victorian scientist. His objective and material universe is proved to consist of little more than constructs of our own minds. To this extent, then, modern physics has moved in the direction of philosophic idealism. Mind and matter, if not proved to be of similar nature, are at least found to be ingredients of one single system. There is no longer room for the kind of dualism which has haunted philosophy since the days of Descartes. —Addressing the British Association in 1934.
Finite picture whose dimensions are a certain amount of space and a certain amount of time; the protons and electrons are the streaks of paint which define the picture against its space-time background. Traveling as far back in time as we can, brings us not to the creation of the picture, but to its edge; the creation of the picture lies as much outside the picture as the artist is outside his canvas. On this view, discussing the creation of the universe in terms of time and space is like trying to discover the artist and the action of painting, by going to the edge of the canvas. This brings us very near to those philosophical systems which regard the universe as a thought in the mind of its Creator, thereby reducing all discussion of material creation to futility. The Universe Around Us, page 317.
Then there was James Lovelock and the Gaia Hypotheses and a quote from GCI commentaries: 

Another area to be explored in a future GCI commentaries will be whether we are not only affected by the sun and earth’s geomagnetic activity, but if we as human beings, with our consciousness, might actually cause or influence the sun’s activity? 

Edgar Cayce, the famous of the 20th century clairvoyant, once gave a reading about sun spots in which he said: 

Sunspots, as well as earth changes, are reflections of our own state of consciousness, a result of our own actions, the boomerang of divine law. Sunspots are reflections of the "turmoil and strife" that we ourselves have created, and our own mind is "the builder." The responsibility for earth changes lies squarely on our shoulders, and how we conduct our relationships with others has everything to do with the changing face of the earth. Earth changes are "adjustments" that have to be made because something is out of alignment. Just as we create chaotic conditions by our own out-of-alignment behavior, so we can create positive transformation by our loving attitudes and actions." (Reading #5757-1) 

Having witnessed rain dances and similar rituals I firmly believe in the fact that consciousness is non local and is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent, and there are a plethora of other proofs that consciousness is intelligence which is awareness and is Cosmically Universal.  That the entire Universe is in an interrelated, interdependent, co operative ecological totality and as such is a balanced unit working on the principles of science or rather metaphysics, which work as Prigogine, Einstein-Bose condensate, Tipping point and my Inverted V as in blog 10.  It was also explained that when the atom was split and further on my late cousin Prof. Cyril Wolf and further in a book by Fritjof  Capra  'The Tao of Physics'  The Tao of Physics: An Exploration of the Parallels Between Modern Physics and Eastern Mysticism is a book by physicist Fritjof Capra, published in 1975 [please see original smaller version].

On the left is my late dear brother Wolf a brilliant mathematician, in the middle my late dear cousin Prof. Cyril Wolf and myself.  I was a big lad in those days and had a body builders type physique.

Cyril was present when the late Isaac Asimov, the late President Reagan made the famous remark about ET, Cyril assured me the remark was true:

On June 27, 1982, a year after Reagan entered the White House, Ronald Reagan made one of his most famous alien remarks when he hosted Steven Spielberg in the White House. Spielberg was at the White House to present a private screening of his soon to be released movie called  "ET: The Extraterrestrial." The movie dealt with a young extraterrestrial who becomes stranded on earth and struggles to return, while U.S. government agents try to capture him.
Movies were a big part of Reagan’s life before he became President, and he spent a lot of time while President watching movies either in the White House theater, or on the weekends at Camp David. White House records list 377 movies that Ron and Nancy Reagan had been shown. These included most of the Star Trek movies, and most of Steven Spielberg movies. In fact, two days before Spielberg arrived in Washington for the special screening of "E.T." The Reagans watched Spielberg’s fictional ghost movie "Poltergeist."
Along with the Reagans and Spielberg, 35 people were invited to the special screening. Included in the list of distinguished guests was Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor. The event started with a reception in the Blue Room where the Reagans met with the invited guests. From there the group moved to the Red Room where the Presidential party had dinner. At 8:22 p.m., in the White House Theater the movie E.T. began.
The movie was one that moved the Reagans. "Nancy Reagan was crying towards the end, Spielberg recalled, "and the President looked like a ten-year-old-kid."
Following the screening the President leaned over, clapped Spielberg on the shoulder, and quietly commented, "You know, there aren’t six people in this room who know how true this really is." Unfortunately, the sudden press of people approaching Spielberg and the President, prevented Spielberg from pursuing the strange comment made by Reagan.
Spielberg stated that he had written the E.T. story as fiction based upon facts drawn from various UFO stories that had been told over the years. He must have been very shocked to hear from the President that it was all very true.

There were also rumors around that the government had some input into "E.T." such as in how the alien was to be portrayed. In Spielberg’s 1977 "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" the aliens had been  presented as thin childlike beings with large heads. (similar to accounts given by abductees)  In "E.T." the alien had changed. It was now portrayed like a creature unheard of in any UFO account, even though it was built by the same person who had built the Close Encounteraliens. No explanation was given as to why the alien image was being changed.

Cyril went onto to work with Oppenheimer and the atom bomb and realised how dangerous this was, he resigned and work with Von Braun, Blumrich and others, Cyril also worked closely with Rutherford's assistants in atom splitting. 
Isaac Asimov
Asimov in 1965
BornIsaak Yudovich Ozimov
Between October 4, 1919 and January 2, 1920[1]
PetrovichiRussian SFSR
DiedApril 6, 1992 (aged 72)
New York CityNew York, USA
OccupationWriter, Professor of biochemistry
EthnicityRussian Jewish
EducationColumbia University, PhD.Biochemistry, 1948
GenresScience fiction (hard SF,social SF), mystery
SubjectsPopular science, sciencetextbooks, essays, literary criticism
Literary movementGolden Age of Science Fiction
Notable work(s)The Foundation Series, the Robot seriesNightfallThe Intelligent Man's Guide to ScienceI, Robot,Planets for Man
Spouse(s)Gertrude Blugerman (1942-1973; divorced; 2 children)
Janet Opal Jeppson (1973-1992; his death)

 Cyril did yoga and meditation, and firmly believed in consciousness and the Intelligent Universe, and he and I did meditation together albeit only a few times, as he went to live in the USA and I did not see him very often. Like my brother, two people I held and hold dearly in my life and shaped it accordingly.

I firmly hold that should we realise and change our fundamental 'taught' beliefs and conditioning, we would lessen the affects and effects of these natural cycles, and the Universe and its concomitant and commensurate life forms, will respond in a less drastic way in order to undo the damage by our vile  intentions and rape of its virgin beauty.  We are a one Universe, seamless, organic and interdependent.  We exist because of Divine Intention and trespassing the natural laws brings havoc to the disrespectful and uncaring. 

I feel that when the atom was split and was shown by Capra and his colleagues that 'thinking differently' the so called 'observer effect' altered the experiment.  I know that when Capra said many scientists just could not believe their own eyes and freaked out and then went onto shun consciousness and use mathematics to solve everything and also reductionism.  Cyril suffered this awesome exposure and like 9/11 it is so huge, it can send people into denial, shock, distraction and escape.  It rocks the very foundation of conditioning and brainwashing.  The illusionary ROAD MAP of our education, culture and base is shattered.

Many a scientist, priest in fact anyone, patients who have been told they have three months to live, post traumatic experiences, the more incomprehensible and shocking the experience the more the shattering breakdown and denial.  The real lesson from this is that breakdown can become breakthrough, we often try to deaden the pain, or become numb, yet if we were a spiritual warrior we might be able to open up, expand the local mind to the possibility of a vaster Intelligence and a Cosmic Scheme of great Love and Unity.  Unity in diversity, the links in the chain that are co operative and enhance and support themselves into ever greater evolution and conscious appreciation of it. 

Sometimes we have mental overload, too much study, too much or too little of anything.

When I was with Sensei and Sifu, many times especially with Sensei's koan, it drove me to the end of reasoning and as such baulked at it, hit a dead end and felt to run, as the pressure pushed me out of my comfort thinking zone.  When I let go and just sat quietly, or did the washing up or something routine and mindless so to speak, it sometimes opened up into this vast space, a freedom, NOT an escape, an alert dynamic awareness, there was no thought, just joy, everything was pristine, primordial, clean and original and in the now.

Two days ago[ 28 -03-13] after a afternoon at the 'flicks, cockney for pictures, cinema], the film 'The Life of Pye' was shown it was supposed to be another film, [now and again a kind organisation lets us OAP's have free tickets, I am not a cinema goer, yet it is nice to go with my neighbours occasionally]  it turned out to very apt, synchronous,  something of the natural beauty, the animals and the way the camera panned brought a curious feeling to me.

That night I could not sleep and wanted to run, distract, I watched a horror movie on TV which is not my custom, I realised I was escaping the feeling, a feeling of dread, a kind of heightened, anticipation, a dawning of the unexpected, a tense waiting, then later I realised that I was viewing all these animals and the ecological knitwear, the weave and wove of the tapestry of Life, the stars and planets, all coming out like eggs being laid by a turtle, coming out of the void, the womb of space, emptiness.

The womb of Space.  That's where all this emanates from.  The form to no form, the invisible to visible  the mystery of Life.

Suddenly all the forms moving as if in slow motion, gently bobbing and wobbling like objects floating in weightlessness, began to disappear. The observer, me was being drawn back to where these forms were being manifested.  I was being sucked down a vast whirlwind, a black hole a star gate, slowly gently rotating then just drifting, silently, effortlessly, into this vast nothingness, immense, powerful, all knowing mighty, colossal, enormous, magnificent, total emptiness, It is vast, all consuming, dynamic, intelligence Itself, the All Knowing, All consuming, All Manifesting, tremendous Everything and Yet non definable Nothingness that is Everythingness,  I cannot put this into words. IT SHATTERED WHAT I PERCEIVED AS ME. The small I was annihilated, swallowed up, gobbled up like a devouring monster, and yet it was pleasantly alarming, and then letting go, it was as it should be.

The next day after restless sleep, I whoever that is, felt cold, shattered, tired, disorientated, confused. Talking was difficult because the words I used to express myself no longer 'fitted' the old road map of the then reality, my road map, my sign posts had changed and then I slowly started to get words into the map that linked me to this world and the shift in the reality it brought to me. I had to adjust to a new reality in the illusion of there in no such thing as reality.

I realised again that reality shifts with ones beliefs and experiences. Stuck in beliefs means an old world, possibly safe, the same old, same old, and that's OK, because it maybe one's only choice and capability.  Here there were no beliefs, no reality but an awareness of being aware, a reality of no reality.  I had caught glimpses of this before, small openings in the veil, the net, the fog of conditioning, concepts, culture religion, we are taught that is reality, truth, we solidify it and we say it is solid, our reality.  

It also meant the sun, the Earth and all manifestation knew this and we all share at our fundamental level this knowledge, wisdom and understanding, and dearest Mother Earth and Moon, and Sun and all, will know what we feel and respond accordingly. Contemplate the Collective Unconscious and what do we find? By and large, war, rape, non caring and so on or just a sleeping population drowned in mortgage concern,  eager for the TV, alcohol, fretting over the austerity measures, angry at the rich or the sponging poor hungry homeless people, asylum seekers, refugees, and the list is endless so it would seem a minority realising the consciousness behind form and the release it could bring.

I realised how near to madness one could get from experiencing this 'mad  nonsensical'  to the logic and how frightening a prospect this was to a learned academic, priest or anyone.  How fearful to the logic, to the fixed intellect, to those stuck in the box. Run away, bury one's head in the sand, denial, escape from the doom of one's beliefs of reality, to have the rug pulled from under one's feet, the mind shattering realisation of having no head, no identity, the fear of becoming a vegetable, a no one, in fact one becomes a no one who is an everyone.  One is free and bound all at once. It is a nonsense, utterly absurd and yet the experience is not euphoric, but an easement, a pleasant nothingness, a smile, and what am I smiling at, God alone knows?

Dear Greg Braden[ do read up on him] tells a story:  Greg was in Maya country I think, and he had heard about a man who could make rain, and as there was drought in that area, they invited the rain maker.  Greg went with this man into the mountains after a laborious walk.  They came to a stone circle, not high just scattered stones.   The man took of his shoes entered the circle and began a type of slow march on the spot and kneading his feet into the ground at the same time, sort of chanting or praying.

They returned to village and it started to rain.  Greg was astonished, he asked the man was the stone circle a spiritually powerful place, not he said,   was this a high energy point, no, did you pray, no, did you chant, no. Well what did you do.

The man replied we went to the circle to get my concentration and passion going, it could have been anywhere, but this is where I have done it before.  I was feeling, feeling, the rain on my face and thanking it, grateful, and feeling the mud that the rain caused as it fell and my toes and feet were marching and feeling it.  The secret is to feel it, taste it, be it and the more you actually feel it, you make it. Passion and feeling, you really believe it. [These are not the actual words and I do not remember the book Greg wrote them in, maybe a reader would have read this and let me know, Greg has written many]. Jesus said something on these lines 'Whatsoever you believe, believe with all your might and so shall  it be for you and you really believe, you could say to yonder mountain, begone and it would'.  This was also in the book 'The Secret'.  However most people wanted a million bucks, a large house, a big car.  Polluting the Earth and materialism. However, one can do this for peace on Earth, Love, Sharing, blessing the Sun and Earth and so on.

Dear friends be aware of what you intent ionise, you may get it and remember all those dark things going in the mind which are making our reality, the unconscious worries and fears and the more we repress them we give them an energy, we fear them, this makes them important and they feed on this, the more we fear and suppress, the stronger they become, the more we work them out on others, the more they become victims, sadly we may not even recognise them, some unconsciously work them out in violence, war, relationships.  So this means looking within, being brave, exploring one's reality and be willing to let go and search for the the truth of 'WHO AM I', if my beliefs and education with what I have been taught are gone, stripped. You may find a surprise and a rebirth, and with spring about to be sprung, well you never know.

Be Well.  Geoff


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