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Hej,hur mardu ' Legat'  Hello in Swedish  Trusting you are  well and thriving. When I was a footballer and some 58 years back, a UK team of juniors went to Stockholm, lovely people and great game. A draw.  I had some great friends who lived in Sweden, I apologise if I get the spelling and name incorrect. The name of the place was Yurvik could be Jervik, it was by a large lake and my friends were the late Sir Anthony Brooke and Gita Keller(Brigitte we called her Gita) Anthony passed over in New Zealand:

Sir Anthony was connected to Findhorn and the Seekers Trust and I met Gita and himself at Findhorn.  Both of them visited Gill and I in Hendon where we ran a small group and printed a magazine named Universal Approach. 

The Rajah Muda of Sarawak whilst at Eton.
SpouseKathleen Mary Hudden (div.1965)
Brigitte Keller (m.1982–2011)
James Brooke
Angela Brooke
Celia Brooke
FatherBertram Brooke
Born10 December 1912
Died2 March 2011 (aged 98)

Anthony Brooke lived for various periods in LondonSussex and at Findhorn community in Scotland. In 1982 he married secondly a fellow peace activist; Brigitte (Gita) Keller (born in 1931 in Copenhagen to the Reverend Paul H. Lange) founded Operation Peace Through Unity (OPTU) in Sweden in 1975.[2] From 1987 until Brooke's death in 2011 they lived together in WanganuiNew Zealand. Brooke was a traveller and lecturer, supporting various movements for peace and universal understanding.
Brooke died at his home in Wanganui on 2 March 2011, at the age of 98.[5] 

Jiddu Krishnamurti, the Indian speaker and writer, came to mind many times: 'It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society'

If you do not like spiders miss this video

Have you noticed when a spider is seen out of the corner of your eyes it seems to stop and you can almost feel it it is sensing you, it has eight eyes, and is a very aware and sensitive.  It feels the movements on it's web, its net.  Some female spiders eat their male sperm providers. Gives a whole new meaning to relationships!!! Some psychics and sensitive's have this 'awareness' bordering on anxiety and becoming a victim. The trick is to be aware without becoming involved and taking it personally. To be detached not by suppression and repression, but by breathing gently and evenly through the abdominal type breath which calms the excited and aggravated nervous arousal.   Awareness without bias, watching without opinion, observing without judgement, attention without intention.

The net of paranoia now is acting out as diminishing human rights, drones, keeping all e-mails, browsing the internet,  phone calls, and in some case letters, reading every blog by specially trained 'spies' sitting in comfortable chairs, earning good money and feeling smug and superior. They and the security forces have their 'spiders' net/web, ready to pounce or note the prey that fall into their sticky net.  The net is sticky with the blood of its innocent hapless victims.
The poison, the venom, the bite, trial without representation, internment in a holding centre, arrested for no reason other than a legal quiet protest, taxed and insulted and so on.  Abuse after abuse, amazing laws like tax reduction for the super rich, tax hikes for the less well off.  The net is tightening and the fear escalating.  The bubble may burst soon. A cankerous wound seeping its ulcerated puss and polluting the mental climate as is the chemtrails, the poisoned air, seas and water, a human race debauched, weary and crying out for freedom and to breathe the clean air of decency, honour, care and transparency. 
Some of the definitions of cankerous :a malign and corrupting influence that is difficult to eradicate:  racism remains a canker at the heart of the nation

Attention without intention.  Let every passing cloud, every thought, pass through the screen of mind and eventually with patient gentle mindfulness, a deep serenity will arrive, and there will be no cloud in the mind, yet there will be that which is outside carrying on in it's own  way without interference.

  • The vast majority of the food produced in the United States comes from factory farms or CAFOs (concentrated animal feeding operations) that put profits above all else
  • Massive rivers of waste that pollute surrounding waterways with toxic bacteria and release noxious gasses into the air commonly stem from CAFOs’ “waste lagoons”
  • CAFOs serve as ideal breeding grounds for diseases ranging from influenza viruses to antibiotic-resistant superbugs, which can infect the animals, farm workers and the general public
  • Like many other industries, agribusiness uses intensive lobbying, strong-arm tactics and other abuses of power to keep regulations well in their favor
  • The "bigger is better" food system has reached a point where its fundamental weaknesses are becoming apparent, and it’s time for each of us to make a decision about what type of food system we’re willing to support

I shop in supermarkets, and thanks to my freedom pass(travel pass for bus or train) as a pensioner I can 'shop around' and in the supermarkets near me they have only 'farmed fish', there is a farmers market on Wednesday and Saturday and the fresh fish from river or sea is so expensive, its prohibitive for me. 

Many consumers are unaware that around 80% of the seafood available in the USA now comes from developing countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Costa Rica, and others where the farming practices are frequently suspect and, in many cases, downright unsafe.   For example, fisheries in Asia sometimes even raise their fish in sewage!    Antibiotics and other carcinogenic chemicals are nearly always added to the water to reduce the chance of infection in fish raised in crowded, unsanitary conditions.  
If you choose to eat seafood as I do, make sure you always get wild caught seafood from cold, northern waters, or at the very least, seafood farmed in the USA, where these unsafe practices and chemicals are banned.    The short video below provides a chilling overview of the farmed fish problems throughout the developing world and why you must be savvy in your seafood buying habits in order to protect your family and your health.  IT IS MOSTLY THE SAME IN EUROPE.

Toxic fish. The other problem is that the genetic pool is stunted so inbred mutations can take place.  We need in all forms of life a genetic variants that is in the species but a larger selection of mates, this is not encouraging promiscuousness. Animals know by scent and display a healthy partner and also breed where there is a healthy nutritious foods supply..

 video shows what happened on March 17 when an CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) hit Earths magnetic field. Two days earlier, sunspot AR1692 had produced a M1-class solar flare that resulted in the CME that hit Earth.

This time lapse shows what happened during four hours over Östersund here in Sweden, between 19:20 and 23:35 UT. 
 Research has proven that changes in solar/geomagnetic activity can affect our emotions and collective behavior.
Every cell in your body is bathed in an environment of magnetic forces which are invisible to the human eye. Numerous rhythms within your body can synchronize with solar and geomagnetic activity.
The more we understand the people-planet connection, the more we can achieve mental and emotional stability and well-being.
  • The earth’s magnetic resonances vibrate at the same frequency as human heart rhythms and brainwaves.
  • The earth’s constantly changing electromagnetic fields may be affecting your day-to-day health, feelings and behavior.
  • When the sun’s emission of a 2.8-gigahertz radiowave frequency is increased we tend to feel better.
  • Geomagnetic field disturbance is associated with lowered heart rate variability, indicating our nervous system is not functioning as well.
Help Us Adopt A Scientist Who Will...
Develop new procedures for identifying interactions between solar, geomagnetic and human events.
Analyze data from Global Coherence Initiatives’s network of magnetic field detectors.
Conduct studies investigating correlations between human health and behaviors and geomagnetic activity.
Develop algorithms for detecting interconnections, between humanity and Earth’s energetic environment.
  • New York Lit Up!
Solar storms from March 8-10,
dumped enough energy
in Earth’s upper atmosphere
to power every residence
New York city for two
  • Did You Know ...
Solar activity began to increase in
2010 and is expected to steadily
increase and peak in late
2013 or early 2014.
  • Invisible Influences
It has become increasingly clear
that invisible magnetic influences
emanating from the sun and
Earth profoundly affect
life on Earth from birth
to death.
  • Earth’s magnetic fields can affect your health and daily life.
  • Heart coherence helps reduce emotional reactions during solar flares.
  • Solar flares can disrupt your sleep.
  • There may be a connection between your migraines and geomagnetic disturbances.
  • You can feel more mentally fogged during solar flares.
  • We are more intuitive during full-moon periods.
Solar Revolution is an enlightening and award-winning movie that explores the remarkable correlation between escalations in solar activity and human achievements.
  • The Global Coherence Initiative: Creating a Coherent Planetary Standing Wave research paper:
  • Coherence: Bridging Personal, Social, and Global Health research paper:
  • Coherence: Bridging Personal, Social, and Global Health article:
  • HRV Study in Saudi Arabia Produces Exciting Results article:
  • Data analyst job description:
  • About the Global Coherence Monitoring System:
  • NASA news March 23, 2012:
  • NASA:
  • New study further supports intuition:
  • Adopt a Scientist:

See also:  for more details how it affects us. 

Onto a different subject now and is gaining popularity:

Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy

Orofacial Exercises. My Sifu always said, breathe through your nose, tongue on roof of mouth, head aligned as if suspended from string, light and easy, smile on mouth, lower abdomen aligned as if coccyx was pulled to ground and weighty and sphincter muscle tightened briefly and knees slightly bent.  He also gave some facial and head massage and so on.  I have heard of splendid results from this therapy.

Buddha's smile.  This is not an attempt to convert anyone to Buddhism, it is merely a representation of an inner most experience.

In deep meditation there can be an experience of deep inner peace and a joy that seems to me to start from the dantien / hara / deep gut feeling and spread throughout the entire body.  It to me is not a rapturous hilarity, but a gentle simmering emanation of deep relaxation and peace. It makes me spontaneously smile as above.  Sifu talked about the lips and said press them together and gently keep them closed and  relaxed, teeth touching gently, smile softly and when you can 'Smile from then Heart' do not force it, it will come when invited and in its own time.  When it did I felt at peace with the world, joined to the all in all, compassionate and caring. Some pupils kept on Sifu Wong how can we smile from the heart after looking exasperated he would smile and put his foot down, so to speak and say pointedly 'just do it'.!
This is EFT another therapy that does have a huge following and is easy to do, the video is self explanatory. I have used it and found it very useful.

Scientist find a treatment to kill every kind of cancer tumour. Shocked ?  Take a look and decide for yourselves. The resistance to embrace such an idea will deny us the chance for it to succeed. A well known quote by Deepak  ' The diagnosis kills' The rebellion in the mind 'I don't believe there is a cure, 9/11 could not be a home job, there are no ET or UFO's I'd like to believe, but I'm afraid it is not possible.  What we are really saying is, I am so set in my ways even though I pride myself in being open, there is a deep part of me, a subconscious block, I can feel it in my mind at the back somewhere that says 'NO WAY'.  What will people say about me, I'm way out, I am progressive, I am a libertarian, I mean I am a real cool dude. Nice words, can we walk our talk.

Deepak Chopra
Deepak Chopra is an Indian-born American physician, a holistic health/New Age guru, and perhaps the wealthiest and most famous of America's alternative medicine practitioners.Wikipedia

In one of Deepak's book's he describes how many Americans have their annual health check and includes some X-rays, he found shadows on lungs and some tumours and as their GP did not tell them. They lived many years, when a new GP arrived and he looked through their files, he told them and most of them died within months. quotes from Deepak:

Once again longevity comes up and this is YET ANOTHER place in the world where longevity is abundant. (in back blogs I have blogged where there are many places, such as the ones in Russia, Tibet, Pakistan, South America, Africa) and I am told many more.  However, you will see from the video that technology wants to take over, whereas I have been informed by other scientists it's all in the mind'. See above, 'Can we truly and utterly believe' are we the real cool dude?  One of the things that seem to come about in this longevity is life style, clean air, simple life close to nature, free from serious stress, exercise by work, locally grown food that is organic, and a mind that is not cluttered up with worry and proving oneself as a successful, motivated go getter, a communal spirit, like large extended family.

In one of the South American longevens, a factory was built and some of the community went to work in a modern factory, over the years the longevity fell as the workers were exposed to canteen food, industrial pollutants, wages, vehicles to and from workplace to home. Those who remained in the fields, walked to the fields and so on carried on the lengthy years.

Many of the medical tests carried out showed many 'diseases' in those in the fields who were not told and just went on and on and on, and those in the factory who were told and they died of shock and worry!!!  The diagnosis can kill.  Many of the older folk just went on working, close to nature and just had a simple trust and mind.  Those who became more 'advanced' in the factory, began to look at TV, buy things, want this and that, eat fast food, get a telephone, not exercise, they got entrained into the commensurate and concomitant adjuncts of worry, not having, jealousy, hoarding and acquisitiveness with the attendant 'illnesses of mind and body that went with it'.  They started to believe in illness, drugs to cure this illness, to look like the people on the TV, the cinema, to hate because people did not think or believe like them, war films, religious indoctrination and the lists go on.  Disease is always there in an organic form, yet it does not have to be enlarged or inflated by anxious deliberations and a racing high speed trauma, slow down the fearful mind, become simple about it, relax into the pain and yes it maybe the demise of one, but it is a victory over the fear and one passes with dignity and a measure of tranquillity to the next phase of one's natural Life.

Dear Reader may your years be filled with health, longevity and a peaceful and fulfilling outcome. Be Well.  Geoff


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