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Merhaba (Hello in Turkish). Around where I live there are many Turkish restaurants and I have many a good friend amongst the restaurant owners and staff.  Thank you for your warmth and friendship.  There are some Kurdish ones as well ' Roj Bash', very lovely and generous folk. 

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3

Figure 4

Dear reader I attempt to make each blog post different and there is a saying 'you can please some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time', so forgive me if you just switch off the ones not of your choice and come back and you will be most welcome.

The above figures were the framework which Michael (Mark) Balenovski, a physicists with a panache that was charming and extremely dexterous with building experimental equipment with simplicity, small in content and inexpensive relatively speaking.  He had been reading my blogs in energygrid and liked my out of the box ideas.  He got funding for a small private laboratory in Cambridge. I was the ideas person, he built and provided the physics as far as my ideas would allow him to do so.  Between the two of us and the mutual respect and often against the laws of known physics as in mainstream, we innovated and produced a successful stargate, worm hole, black hole, mechanically and transported a pea across the lab.  We could not do it a second or third time. However, we were advised to close down as certain other vested interests gave us a none too friendly advice to close down or else.    Mark decided to leave and go back to Russia, I have not been able to contact him and he is scared that certain pressures will be brought to bear on him, not by Russia.  I cannot go any further here.  As I have no money to speak of, and am 74 years of age, and live in sheltered housing, and merely now blog about these things, I am now attempting to stargate in another way and will say it is with consciousness.  Hopefully I am no longer a threat to the Industrial Military Complex. Since these ideas are out of mainstream science and acceptance I feel they would look upon me as crank and eccentric old gentleman, perhaps a dreamer and idealistic head case. We shall see.

Day Dreamer

What I shall attempt is to apply consciousness to the figures 1-4 above. This way hopefully I will not tread on any ones toes and just be left to you dear reader to see whether it is possible, if its day dreaming, science fiction or fiction.  So here goes as I plunge into the sea of mysticism and fabric of beyond consciousness.

The Milky Way over Pudong  in China, over the 470 meter tall Pear Tower  Courtesy Thierry Cohen Danziger Gallery  New  York.  Many a person feel the Milky Way black hole is a portal into other locations, such as our solar system and back posts will elude to this. Mayan's and  other ethnic races believe so as well as Sirius and so on. Me too.

The plunge into the mystery and consciousness began with my NDE in 1942, when I went into space, and subsequent experiences with Sensei and Sifu back in the 50's and 60's as posted. It was a meeting with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi described in Post 13, that he explained the mantra and spinning it and when it reached the point of emptiness to drop it off into the void(my word).  I had felt this many times in meditation, however, with the Zen way as it were, I never had a mantra or used such facilities. I merely watched the breath and just watched without bias and eventually with gentle yet alert watching came to this inner space so to speak, and remained in the bliss.  ( I never joined transcendental meditation nor did Mahesh  ask me, we had mutual exchanges)

I liken this to figure 1 above, the event horizon is the world of form and every day life as it were.  Spinning the mantra or the breathing alert watchfulness was and is the tool employed to enable one to travel down the wormhole/stargate/ black hole[ABBREVIATED to WSB], then to arrive figuratively speaking at the singularity, which I feel is the quantum source, where every possibility and probability is possible.  

I also understood from Mahesh that if one had a wish, one spun that and dropped it off into that emptiness using the mantra to get you to a point where the wish could be dropped, a kind of intentionising, and as such the matrix, the womb of creation, which is the quantum energy of zero potential, would correspond and assemble the particles to begin to form one's desired outcomes. Repetition was required with patience to get the request firmly established.   In the Zen way one just emptied oneself and allowed nature to 'blow the leaf ', let oneself be at the hand of destiny. Not to be confused with impulse, slovenly care free laziness.

Now I would like to stress that I correlate Space, Emptiness, Consciousness, Intelligence(primal or the original intelligence) as one and the same, and that which the quanta of particles arise from in either wave or apparent particle expression as from the Emptiness.  Emptiness beyond the vacuum which according to science is full of 'something'.

So on reaching this 'Source' the mind of God if you like, the creative intelligence that is where one manifests the form from no form.
From the Emptiness to form.  Now you see it now you don't 

To me the big bang of which I feel is happening many times in different galaxies or dimensions, is a Creative Mind formulating in itself the explosion of an AH HA, a spontaneous eruption of  creative ideas, the potter that has  an idea for a pot, and then forms into 'concrete' tangible substance, proof of one's idea that came from mind, consciousness, the sticking point here we take the pot for reality and not the source beyond the idea. 

So now having reached the source and its formation of the form it needs to take shape and it arises in the bottom spiral in figure 1. Let us assume for all this is theoretical if you so wish to think so, that in the event horizon in Fig.1 we spin down say clockwise, and as we do the magnetic fields begin to 'hold' retain the 'the memory signatures' of the atomic form breaking up as the spinning begins to accelerate and throw off the particles which are captured in the fields and held together by mutual charges and form an energy matrix or pattern of 'events' such as that which are going down the spiralling, spinning vortex.  Here it eventual reaches the speed of light and disappears or dematerialises into the 'Source' and the possibilities and probabilities are matched and then with anti clockwise spin begin to form into and are spewed out into form.  

'So this makes the event horizon of Clockwise spin that which 'sucks' the form down from event horizon to singularity and dematerialises it to transfer to the anti clockwise singularity to the event horizon and materialises it.  Spinning by the way produces magnetic fields'.  The singularities cannot be separated, there is one singularity throughout the entire universe, it is the thought forms that divide it into compartments.  Space is compartmentalised by thought and intention, no form to form and vice versa.'

If we now make a comparison with in imagery, we go down  or up , it is really a sensation, then we maybe creating the same thing in consciousness rather than using a mechanical vortex which can be done and creating a mechanical device.

Now let us examine the idea, that we in fact can create a WSB in consciousness and how big is a mind, only as large as the thoughts that limit it and suppose a mind, consciousness is space, Intelligence, we might ask how big is the dreamer of the dream? So mind, intelligence by human standards is measured or accessed by form, NOT INTELLIGENCE ITSELF. So the Universe can be measured by its manifestation.  A massive Universe emanating in form from a Invisible Unquantifiable Source. In my NDE I did not have a  body, nor in a dream, you may say you need a brain to have this experience and it is the mind which is encapsulated in the brain  which produces the media of graphics to manufacture this. Then where is the brain in or of the Universe?  One cannot measure the source of Intelligence only its manifestation.

It is my contention that we are evolving to a point, a time in our vernacular where we do not or will not need use mechanical form means at all. We will do it as conscious energy beings, in a lighter less dense energetic formation.  Such as in Post 10 and the description of the next step of our human body, and suggest we will eventually reach finer states until we ill merge with the Ocean of Being, the Source, where individuality, the wave merges in the Ocean. There will be no I.   

Let us now examine Fig.4. all of the dots on the net are symbolically singularities. Of course with the double diablo as in Fig.1

mechanically Mark and I did this in Cambridge, however we did not or could not see the singularity, however, let us say in consciousness we reach source 'space' and we have a signature or wish in strong imaginative energy of say Jupiter, we could arrive there in consciousness. It is in Nassim Haramein's  science as in:

a similar idea is postulated I believe he talks about wormholes, round craft needed with engines in the middle of the craft and the various portals as volcanoes, sunspots and so on.  It is here I feel we can do this in consciousness by 'dialling'  by intent, before this crystal energy, and lastly by the 'map' as in Fig.4

It is my view that crystals can be programmed to contain the energy signature of the mass, atmosphere and relationship to constellations and galaxies, a kind of super holographic map as in very approximate Fig.4 representation, so that such a craft would have this and merely putting in the coordinates and transmitting them into the singularity, in which all singularities are in energetic form, one navigates through the appropriate WSB, also contained in a Cosmic readout Map ( see hangar 18 crystallised layout of craft).

However, since consciousness covers all and everything, and is the repository of all data from all and everything in IT'S Eternal Memory ( A reference to this is the Akashvic  Records---from the Sanskrit--- Akash, sky vic, records, memory, facts)itheosophy and anthroposophy, the akashic records (from akasha, the Sanskrit word for 'sky' 'space' or 'aether') are a compendium of mystical knowledge supposedly encoded in a non-physical plane of existence.  Some people claim to be able to access them.  However, I feel that all data is held at source and can be the realm of all possibilities and probabilities.

'So I feel that UFO craft may have computers of a crystalline nature able to record signatures and data, be able to guide the craft by such means and so appear and disappear to whatever, whenever, and since WSB is light speed and at singularity timeless, instantaneous, like the electron experiment experiencing immediate dual functions.'
This fascinating experiment showed that one electron could be in two  places at once and when was stimulated the other responded with opposite spin, this would account for the idea of the WSB and the clockwise and counter clockwise above.  Into no form out into form, through the singularity, this would also explain why UFO blink in and out of existence to the human eye.
Quantum entanglement occurs when particles such as photonselectronsmolecules as large as buckyballs,[1][2] and even small diamonds[3][4] interact physically and then become separated; the type of interaction is such that each resulting member of a pair is properly described by the same quantum mechanical description (state), which is indefinite in terms of important factors such as position,[5]momentumspinpolarization, etc.
Quantum entanglement is a form of quantum superposition. When a measurement is made and it causes one member of such a pair to take on a definite value (e.g., clockwise spin), the other member of this entangled pair will at any subsequent time[6] be found to have taken the appropriately correlated value (e.g., counterclockwise spin). Thus, there is a correlation between the results of measurements performed on entangled pairs, and this correlation is observed even though the entangled pair may have been separated by arbitrarily large distances.[7] In quantum entanglement, part of the transfer happens instantaneously.[8] Repeated experiments have verified that this works even when the measurements are performed more quickly than light could travel between the sites of measurement: there is no slower-than-light influence that can pass between the entangled particles.[9] Recent experiments have shown that this transfer occurs at least 10,000 times faster than the speed of light,[10] which does not remove the possibility of it being an instantaneous phenomenon, but only sets a lower limit.[11]
This behavior is consistent with quantum-mechanical theory, has been demonstrated experimentally, and it is accepted by the physics community.[citation needed] However there is some debate[12] about whether a possible classical underlying mechanism could explain why this correlation occurs instantaneously even when the separation distance is large. The difference in opinion derives from espousal of variousinterpretations of quantum mechanics.
Research into quantum entanglement was initiated by a 1935 paper by Albert EinsteinBoris Podolsky, and Nathan Rosen describing theEPR paradox[13] and several papers by Erwin Schrödinger shortly thereafter.[14][15] Although these first studies focused on the counterintuitive properties of entanglement, with the aim of criticizing quantum mechanics, eventually entanglement was verified experimentally,[16] and recognized as a valid, fundamental feature of quantum mechanics. The focus of the research has now changed to its utilization as a resource for communication and computation
So here we find corroboration of my thesis, however, this is explained with my WSB, I feel we are moving towards an area if there is such a tangible thing in space, which I see is the form in space, such as travelling from Earth to the Moon. I feel the next step is the 'Tele' frequencies for instance: telephones to telepathy, mediumship /clairaudience to teleaudience, trance to sensitivity, psychic gifts, healing raised higher into sensitivity and deep sense of feeling and knowing.  Another way of going consciously down the Inner WSB as below we alter our breathing, sleep and so on we have this innate ability to do everything in consciousness that can be done mechanically. It is a question of reality. If we need algorithm's, solid evidence (is anything solid at the fundamental level?), then we can just do it without scientific proof and personally experience it. In space, there is no limit, it is not mensurable, quantifiable, tangible, and yet it is where all and everything comes from and goes back too.  A good Koan 'what is it then?'  If you have a word answer Sensei would say 'Mind logic game'  Sifu say 'You must be kidding' and I would say 'your back must sweat, you know you know why, it is a feeling you cannot explain, you feel liberated and you haven't a clue why or how or to when'.

The first five Schumann resonances overlap with the brain frequency bands. Note: Brain waves are grouped according to their frequencies and are labeled with Greek letters. Their most common frequencies include alpha, beta, delta and theta.

Frequency Range
State of Mind
0.5Hz - 4Hz
This occurs in a deep dreamless sleep or unconsciousness.
4Hz - 7Hz
This is associated with drowsiness. It also occurs at first stage of sleep and during deep meditation, when we are awake but open to mental imagery. It has been associated with creativity, intuition daydreaming and fantasizing. Believed to reflect activity from the limbic system and increased activity is observed in anxiety, behavioral activation and inhibition.
8Hz - 12Hz
This is the major rhythm seen in a normal, relaxed adult. It is present during most of life. It is considered a common state during alertness but not actively processing information. Alpha has been linked to creativity (creative people show alpha when listening and coming to a solution) and mental work. Alpha activity is also associated with overall mental and body/mind coordination, calmness, alertness and learning.
12Hz - 30Hz
Beta reflects highly active processing. Occurs during normal waking consciousness and outward attention. Slow beta: 12-17 is normal information processing and mental activity; Fast beta: 17-30 is heightened alertness and fight or flight, or anxiety.
30Hz - 100Hz
This is associated with waking states and can occur when we are simultaneously processing information in both brain hemispheres. Whales and dolphins also operate in these frequencies.

Since this first discovery, more scientific research has posited that Schumann resonances are very important electromagnetic standing waves, acting as background frequencies and influencing biological oscillators within the mammalian brain. 

Published on 1 Apr 2013
Blossom is a rare species of Australian bat who recently came into care following a suspected cat attack. During her time with bat carer Louise Saunders from Bat Conservation & Rescue Qld, little Blossom recovered and was eventually released back into the wild.

Blossom was still a baby when she came into care and was fed a nectar mix recipe and the occasional milk formula which is fed to other baby flying foxes. Over time she gradually gained weight and began to practice flying during the night. Often Blossom would dart in and out of rooms and even hover above Louise as she slept before retiring to her little brown bag at dawn.

In over 18 years of bat rescues, Louise has never come across a Blossom bat. They are the smallest flying fox in the world and lead very secret lives.

When asked about Blossom, Louise stated:

'It was the best bat experience of my life without a doubt and the decision to release her was a terrible one for me, but it was the right decision for Blossom. With banana, banksia, melaleuca and eucalypt flowers, and a whole new family to catch up with I'm sure she won't be missing me like I miss her.'

Blossom bats are nectar specialists which feed and groom themselves with the aid of their long tongues. Blossom bats are known to hover in front of flowers as they forage and are important pollinators of many rainforest plants.

Blossom bats are currently under threat due to loss of feeding and roosting habitat from clearing of forests for agriculture and housing estates

Blossom was released on Macleay Island in Qld, Australia.

MEDIA: Images of Blossom are available for download here:
Credit: Adam Cox

To see more of Louise's work with bats go to
Email [email protected]
Louise is based in Brisbane, Australia.

Special thanks to Bat Conservation & Rescue Qld Inc
Music: 'Forest of Faeries' by Gareth Coker
Created by Adam Cox (Creatura Channel)
A wonderful 5 minutes of real fun.

  • Ninety-nine percent of fluoridated water ends up on your lawn and in your toilet, where it’s really an environmental pollutant. According EPA, it’s illegal to release hexafluorosilicic acid (fluoride) into rivers and lakes or release the parent gases into the atmosphere, but if the public water utilities buy it and purposely pour it in your drinking water, it's no longer classified as a pollutant
  • Fluoridation provides an uncontrolled fluoride dose to everyone who drinks it, without regard for age, weight, or health status. Young children and the elderly are disproportionately affected by its adverse effects
  • According to the CDC, 41 percent of American adolescents have dental fluorosis due to overexposure to fluoride. Swallowing fluoride can also cause weakened bones, bone cancer, hyperactivity and/or lethargy, lowered thyroid function, lowered IQ, dementia, kidney issue, arthritis and more
  • After more than a year of secretive planning, fluoride lobbyists convinced the Portland city council to add fluoride to their water supply. Luckily, the citizens of Portland gathered enough signatures to force the decision to a vote on May 21, 2013. Please take action to support this measure.  AND THEY WANT TO PUT IT TO UK WATER, MAKE NO MISTAKE THEY ARE GOING TO TRY IT ON.

  • A classification system called the Resin Identification Code, which is the number printed on the bottom of most plastic bottles and food containers, describes what kind of plastic resin the product is made out of.
  • The most toxic plastics are #7, #3 and #6, while those that may be somewhat safer include #1, #2, #4 and #5.
  • Ninety-five percent of all plastic products tested were positive for estrogenic activity, meaning they contain chemicals that can potentially disrupt your hormones and cause other adverse health effects.
  • If at all possible, seek to purchase products that are not made from or packaged in plastic.

ANH-Intl e-Alert: Warning: the EU is infected

The EU struggles to escape the cloud of corruption, whether because of conflicts of interest in the pharmaceutical industry or within EU institutions, or its scandals to do with EU finances or Commissioners themselves.  The reason is that these issues are endemic within the system of the EU, and the unelected people who run it.  These nasty traits can be likened to a virus, and no one has yet had the will or the capacity to develop an effective anti-virus program for the EU.

But it's worse than that.  This infected EU machine is releasing an ever-more complex array of regulations that are more often than not protectionist in nature, masquerading behind a stated objective of protecting public health or the environment.

The main drivers of the regulatory regime that is now assaulting the freedom of European citizens to choose natural health products that actually work can be seen among the members of the International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI).  That includes the likes of Monsanto, Nestlé, PepsiCo, BASF, Pfizer, Schwabe and Unilever.  Buy their products if you like what these companies do – don’t if you think otherwise.

The desire of a small group of companies to dominate every possible aspect of our food supply and healthcare systems is unprecedented.  This domination goes to the heart of why our healthcare systems are broken, the subject of this week’s Feature.  Our work at ANH involves using four main weapons to maintain our fundamental rights and freedoms: science, law, advocacy and public awareness.  We also work and link with anyone else whose concerns overlap with ours.  Launched only yesterday, Avaaz’s petition to stop Monsanto and other biotech companies using loopholes in EU law to patent traditionally propagated fruit and veg has already attracted nearly 400,000 signatories.  Please do what you can to get the word out about this petition, and let’s show ‘em what people power is about.

Keep up to speed with what’s going on, educate others – and please share our eAlert and stories, along with the Avaaz petition mentioned above, as widely as you possibly can.

In health, naturally

Rob Verkerk PhD
Founder, executive and scientific director

Hey folks thank you for ploughing through the above. I guess I get a bit heavy at times. Any road I trust you will enjoy the differences in the blogs and also some ideas. Feel free to throw them out , if I have dared to trespass into the holy grail of science or trodden on any sensitive's toes, please forgive my tantrums and random ramblings, after all dear readers Its All In The Mind'

Be Well. Geoff


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