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Buon Giorno (ciao) Hello in Italian.  Memories of the 8 years of one month a year spent in Rome, the lectures and patients at FAO (food and agricultural organisation) of the UN, and the many houses and venues spent with groups. Grazie Mille( Many Thanks).

The above photo is of the main FAO building diagonally opposite the Colosseum and the one above is the main hall for visitors and reception with all the flags of the nations.   At some time there are some interesting stories to come from these trips.

The Video below is an interview with a police Lieutenant from  Carolina and the next 16 mins be prepared for what many have thought might happen and is in fact happening. 

Whistle blower giving his name and rank, a police Lieutenant in Carolina. 
This video is very strong and I do not approve of the violence from any side and it maybe taken off you tube by the time this is posted.  We need to know we are living in very precarious and volatile times we are at a very dangerous tipping point.

This is a full length movie named Toxic Skies and deals with chemtrails.  It is remarkable that these are now alerting people to these awful chemical pollution being foisted on us and not by consent.  The excuse to manage the weather more efficiently.

  • Some of the media and health “experts” claim that the most common breakfast mistakes include eating too little protein, fiber and fat; not eating enough food; and eating too late in the morning
  • However, compelling emerging research suggests skipping breakfast altogether may be more beneficial for you, and may help reduce your hunger
  • Conventional breakfast foods like waffles, cereal, toast, muffins, bagels and other breakfast sandwiches are among the absolute worst foods you can eat. They make you hungry soon after eating, and fuel excess body fat and obesity-related diseases
  • Fat is far more satiating than carbs, so if you have cut down on sugar yet still feel ravenous, this is a sign that you haven't replaced the carbs with sufficient amounts of high quality fats
  • Eating first thing in the morning coincides with your circadian cortisol peak, which leads to a rapid and large insulin release and a corresponding rapid drop in your blood sugar levels. Omitting breakfast could make it easier for you to control food cravings and hunger throughout the day  
I have tried not eating breakfast and following the times to eat best and 'the fasting' diets.  Please be careful.  It works for me and fits in with my training schedules.

  • A new study revealed levels of the neurotransmitter hypocretin, which helps keep you awake, soared during positive emotions, anger, social interactions and upon awakening.
  • Hypocretin has been previously associated with reward-seeking behaviors, and the new research suggests it may have a very specific role in human arousal and regulating happiness as well.
  • This may explain why people with narcolepsy, who are lacking hypocretin, also commonly suffer from depression.
  • Sleeping pills that block hypocretin may soon be coming to the market, but caution is warranted as they may negatively impact your mood

Monte Perdido.  The North Face of this magnificent mountain in the Spanish Pyrenees.  There is a glacier there and when I visited it was mystical and also foreboding much like the news as it is these days. Yet peering through the mists of illusion and deceit one arrives at the dawn of sunlight inner brightness.

Comet Pan-STARRS is heading for the Andromeda Galaxy (aka M31). On the nights of April 2nd through 5th, the bright comet will pass so close to the pinwheel star system that they will be visible as a tight pair in the fields of view of wide-field telescopes and digital cameras. Amateur astronomer Pavel Smilyk of Syktyvkar, Russia, of the comet's approach on March 30th: This picture is a guided 2-minute exposure consisting of 12 frames from my Canon 5D Mark2 digital camera," says Smilyk.
At closest approach on April 3-4, the comet's dusty fan-shaped tail should "touch" the galaxy's outermost spiral arms. In fact, no physical contact will occur; the comet is still in the solar system while Andromeda is 2.5 million light years away. Deep-exposure astrophotography will, however, reveal an apparent overlap.
Both the comet and the galaxy are visible to the unaided eye as faint fuzzy patches in the western sky after sunset. To find them, scan the sky with binoculars or set your GOTO telescope to "Andromeda."  Thank You Pavel Smilyk. (The tail of Pan-Starrs is unique and worth examining)
GO TO   FOR AN EXPLANATION and Diagrams.  Some beliefs have it that comets are omens, signs from the Gods, and we certainly have and wil have a fair share this year.

Just to remind ourselves about fraud and card cloning, there are many ways fraudsters do this and this is a simple article that may remind us:

A trio of short anecdotes from FAO:
 On the very top of the building as above I used to take some patients around a quiet corner of the Cafe in the wide balcony,  on the top floor, sometimes we would do an imagery and no one seemed to come to this corner. This day there was a massive overhead building crane taking materials to another part, had they looked up or opened their eyes they would have been highly alarmed. I just had to stay with it.

On my first visit I was put into the Service flat on the top of a block of flats and was telephoned by my host a lovely American lady and South African Sponsor and asked my address I leaned out of the window and said 52 Senso Unico, there was silence and then peels of laughter, I had said 52 One Way Street.  The blue plate on the wall was the not the one it was a yellow on black the name of the Strada(street). It was something like Cuoio Conciatore. I think, someone told me it was Leather Tanners Street.

On another visit the food ministers of many countries were attending and the security tight. We had large ID cards normally and surrendered our passports unless a delegate of employee.  We were warned to keep off of roof tops or balconies near to the FAO. I forgot and was watering the plants on the roof balcony more like a large tiled space, when I heard this helicopter and like in James Bond films it slowly rose up, like a giant dragonfly, and through a loud hailer the officer said, put down your weapon, a broom and hosepipe, I was transferring from one hand to another.  I did so hastily.  I was asked for my details and all went well.

On the next day I went into the building through a side door as security was tight and the front grand entrance was for the ministers only.  Having been checked in I went through the  myriad of tiny passageways and tiny lengthy stairs.  I knew the building well. On leaving there were a number of visiting 'attending office staff' and they did not  know the way out so I led them through the labyrinth and maize and came to the one door that one had to cross a major route, a beautifully carpeted wide corridor, and then pick up the labyrinth the other side leading to the side entrance. 
As I opened the door there slowly walking towards us was the Swiss Guard of the late Pope John who was in their midst.  They stopped and froze and looked alarmingly at the eight of us stuck in the doorway.  I was in the front of this startled bunch and we all stared at one another. I said in bad Italian 'Buon Giorno Senor, Como Star bibenay( I make no attempt to write it phonetically as to portray my accent) . The Pope laughed and said 'English' Yes sir I said, he laughed and winked and smiled and said ' I thought so', he said something and they all moved off.  My 'gang' said to me what did you say to Pope I said, 'Good Morning or day and how are you? We went to a cafe outside and laughed and giggled and were so impressed by the Pope's humanity and humour.  It made our day and I hope bless him his day.
Some food scientists I knew jumped to suicide from the top floor as they could see in the 80's that we were heading for calamity, and that year the head of FAO was prosecuted for illegal transactions. The wages were outlandish as in the EU for all staff.
The late Pope John Paul.

When arriving at the airport Fiumicino ( some visitors cruelly called it Fu Manchu Dr. Fu Manchu is a fictional character introduced in a series of novels by British author Sax Rohmer during the first half of the 20th century. The character was also featured extensively in cinema, television, radio, comic strips and comic books for over 90 years, and has become an archetype of the evil criminal genius while lending the name to the Fu Manchu moustache.) I could get a bus run by the FAO a round trip of all their buildings throughout Rome, or the bus straight to the FAO.  This day there was a diversion to another airport because of a police alert. This was Ciampino, a small military airport sometimes used as an overflow as well in the tourist season (again some cruelly called it Chimpanzee) and there were no buses so I decided on a taxi, I had [permission to do so from FAO who I phoned for this] by this time I knew all the guards at FAO and they spoke several languages and remembered me, I turned up in the taxi and the taxi driver wanted an inordinate amount of money and threatened to call the police if I did not pay.  The guard I knew came over and inquired what the shouting was about. The guard looked inside the yellow cab and there followed an altercation in which the guard drew his revolver and I paid an amount which was agreeable to the taxi driver.  The guard said 'inside the taxi there is a plate on the side which gives the ID and licence of the cab.  This one was false and is trick for tourists, lucky for you, you came here, as the police would have come, and the tourist would have to pay, and some unscrupulous police split the money with the driver'. ( I have had this many countries and in the UK with illegal mini cabs, you become world wise after a while, unfortunately it can make one unnervingly aware, also I learnt about the bag snatchers who drive on motorbikes and snatch a bag, so most people on foot in Rome carry the bag non road side, again this is world wise).

Fu Manchu.  

Colosseum Rome. (I think the higher wall looked at the FAO building?)

Sabaudia is one of several towns built on the reclaimed marshland of the Agro Pontino, south to Rome. This marsh was drained under orders from Benito Mussolini, and these towns were built so that the fascist regime could demonstrate the draining of the marshland, as well as provide housing communities for the increasing urban populations of Italy's large cities.
Architects Gino Cancellotti, Eugenio Montuori, Luigi Piccinato, and Alfredo Scalpelli were responsible for the town plan and many of the buildings after winning a competition for the design of Sabaudia, sponsored by Mussolini. Work commenced on the town's construction on 5 August 1933 and was completed 253 days later. The city itself is based a Roman grid road layout and rationalist architecture.
An hour and a half to the south of Rome, Sabaudia is a coastal town built by Mussolini during his massive project to reclaim thePontine Marshes. Vast tracts of malaria-infested swamp were drained by workers transported from poor areas of northern Italy, leaving the coastal area south of Rome with rich farmland and a few newly created beach towns.

Sabaudia Beech

My American charming dear friend and host had this fabulous set of two chalets on the coast and you walked from the main road down to these chalets and then from your garden to this beech.

Walkway to beech.

I would walk down and off the walkway where gates to the various chalets were located, in the snake breeding or at other times you would see them scamper away on your approach. As the chalets were built into the hillside the top chalet was flat roofed and one could step onto it from the path, I did my Tai Chi and Qi gong on it and it was the guest accommodation, and below it my hosts residence, her husband and sometimes their two children.  My hostess was originally American and a table tennis champion and art student, came to Italy fell in love with country and husband.  Her husband was a huge man, fit and strong, very large feet and tall and was called Yeti by some.

  Hostess decided to teach the local kids table tennis at weekends in the summer when they came to Sabaudia from Rome, this was their summer retreat. Hostess ( I am not naming them for privacy) but allowed to tell story, and she told me that there once had been dolphins but have not been seen for twelve years.  I suggested an experiment, hostess to construct a post box out of cardboard  we gather some kids and get them to post a letter and visualise dolphins.

Now I am the world's worst swimmer and sailor, but on a certain day we were going out in three catamarans to an Island just past the headland as above in beech shot, now its gets a bit confusing they say we are going out to the Island where Ulysses(derived from Ulixes and Greek Odysses ) and the local legend is where he landed so to speak. I thought it was more towards Greece, however.

These boats were small and I really did not want to go, however, I was strapped onto the mast so to speak and wore a life jacket. Host and Hostess took two boats between them and the local lifeguard and beautiful young lady captained ours.  They put me there either for security with the life guard or her distracting me with her obvious attributes.  I was terrified and genuinely very fearful and almost sick with it.  Suddenly a cry was heard by the children aboard all boats, all had posted letters and did the imagery which I led and hostess translated, amongst giggles and embarrassment. ' Dolfino, Dolfino',  believe it not there were twelve, jumping, leaping dolphins, many dived in to play with them, and I was the solitary person left alone, the dolphins would not let anyone touch them.
Suddenly my boat leaned to the side and there was a dolphin looking at me, it came to my lap, it was a catamaran boat, and I patted it, I cried and sobbed I was moved, the most amazing astounding beautiful heart encounter.
The dolphin left and joined the pod, they leapt as a unit into the air, they went and as far as I know never have returned.
The question arises how did those dolphins know to come after twelve years and never returned? was it a coincidence, was it synchronicity, was it magic, like the rain maker told elsewhere in blog to be posted, was it magic or the purity of children's less cluttered mind, intentionising ( more on this in a future blog) or does it matter and just accept these precious gifts when they arise? 

Dear reader I wish I could send to you heart the heartfelt love and energy I felt from these beloved cousins jumping and being free to romp, play and enjoy life to the full.

Be Well, Be Joyful, Be your lovely selves.  Geoff

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