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Good to Link with you again, and may our smiles light up the Sky.
A little storey: Many years back where I worked we had a large hall with a stage and the BBC used to do a recording of a very popular programme 'Workers Play Time'.
Workers' Playtime was a radio variety programme transmitted by the BBC between 1941 and 1964. Originally intended as a morale-booster for industrial workers in Britain duringWorld War II, the programme was broadcast at lunchtime, three times a week, live from a factory canteen "somewhere in Britain", initially on the BBC Home Service (now Radio 4) and, from 1957, on the Light Programme (now Radio 2). For all its 23 years each show concluded with the words from the show's producer, Bill Gates: "Good luck, all workers!"
The programme had the support of the Government because the shows were seen as supporting the war effort on the Home Front. Workers' Playtime was a touring show, with theMinistry of Labour choosing which factory canteens it would visit.
Throughout World War IIErnest Bevin, the Minister of Labour and National Service, would appear on these shows from time to time to congratulate the workers and exhort them to greater efforts. When the War ended it was realised that the show had worked, which meant that Ernest Bevin wanted Workers' Playtime to continue to raise the morale of the workers, whilst the Government rebuilt Britain and the British economy. The BBC, for their part, were very happy to continue with a show which had proved a national success even if it did mean transporting crew, cable, microphones, two pianos, a producer, two pianists and a bunch of variety artists up and down the country three times a week.
On 1 October 1957 the programme switched to the Light Programme, a move which seemed to recognise that the programme no longer had the national sense of purpose which made it so essential during the war and the post-war peace.
Many famous variety, vocal and comedy artists appeared over the years, such as Charlie ChesterPeter SellersTony HancockFrankie HowerdTerry-ThomasAnne Shelton,Betty DriverEve BoswellDorothy SquiresArthur EnglishJulie AndrewsMorecambe and Wise, Peter Cavanagh, comedian George MartinJanet BrownRoy Hudd, harmonica player Paul Templar, The StargazersBob Monkhouse, impressionist Peter GoodwrightPercy EdwardsKen DoddKen PlattGert and Daisy (Elsie and Doris Waters) and many more. It was one of the very first touring variety shows on the BBC and was scheduled to run for six weeks but went on to become one of the longest running radio shows in history. A selection of original recordings from the show can be heard on the audiobook CD Workers' Playtime published by CD41 in 2008.
A simple stage no décor and just as it was set up
I got to know Bill Gates (not the Bill Gates)
and crew as they came several times and I went to some places in the course of my work where they were. They all said I had a talent as a compare, an impressionist and comedian.  
There was another show that came to a larger hall built to my place of work and this housed many a guest and a programme for Radio BBC in which comedians and impressionists came and the comedians cracked jokes and the impressionists had to mimic them, and a panel judged the best results from the picked audience or an audience vote, a long time back. Through leaving the microphone on, a colleague and friend in the lunch hour decided to skip lunch, he played the piano to a tune called 'she' and I imitated a French singer named Charles Aznavour
Shahnour Vaghenag Aznavourian[1] (ArmenianՇահնուր Վաղինակ Ազնավուրեան), better known by his stage name Charles Aznavour (French pronunciation: ​[ʃaʁ.l'vuʁ]; born 22 May 1924) OC OQ is a French and Armenian singer, songwriter, actor, public activist and diplomat. Besides being one of France's most popular and enduring singers, he is also one of the best-known singers in the world.[2][3] Aznavour is known for his unique tenor[4] voice: clear and ringing in its upper reaches, with gravelly and profound low notes. He has appeared in more than sixty movies, composed about a thousand songs (including at least 150 in English, 100 in Italian, 70 in Spanish, and 50 in German[5]), and sold well over 100 million records.[6]
In 1998, Aznavour was named Entertainer of the Century by CNN and users of Time Online from around the globe. He was recognized as the century's outstanding performer, with nearly 18% of the total vote, edging out Elvis Presley and Bob Dylan.[7] He has sung for presidents, popes and royalty, as well as at humanitarian events, and is the founder of the charitable organization Aznavour for Armenia along with his long-time friend impresario Levon Sayan

Apparently the microphone set off the recording equipment, when the crew came back from lunch, the director said who has been recording, he played it back and looked for my friend and I. We owned up. He took me to a famous impressionist who was there recording and played it to him and he offered to teach me and promote me. I declined.  I got cold feet and it was not for me. I do not regret it.
Thomas Henry Sargent (21 November 1894 – 7 May 1963), better known by the stage name Max Miller – the Cheeky Chappie - was a British front-cloth[1] comedian who was top of the bill in variety in the 1930s, '40s and '50s. He made films, toured in revues andmusic hall, and sang and recorded songs, some of which he wrote. He was known for his flamboyant suits, his wicked charm, and his risqué jokes, which often got him into trouble with the censors.
I remember Max Miller from my childhood days and he was a great friend of my late Father. He wore the most ridiculous outfits and always licked a finger and repeated many words twice.  His 'line was' twenty minutes of non stop variety without any sign of vulgarity'.  He got banned off of the radio for these two jokes ' I was walking on a steep mountain narrow pass and a young lady came towards me, I didn't  know what to do, block her passage or toss me self off' ' 'There was a Chinese Monk who went to sleep on a bunk, he dreamt that Venus was tickling his toes and he woke up covered in perspiration'  (My wife hung her washing on the fruit trees I never knew she had so many pairs/pears).  He used to sing and stop and crack a joke. He used to buy me a drink of lemonade out of the bar in the interval. 
He used to say 'Maurice(my dad) Maurice,  is that your boy, is that your boy. Yes Dad would say. Hello son, Max would say, would you like a lemonade ( I think he said ' Sherbetkali (Northern English), or keli (Scottish)[citation needed] is a fizzy powder sweet, usually eaten by dipping a lollipop orliquorice, or licking it on a finger.)   
I did not like them but for Dads sake I drank them and said 'Thank you Uncle Max'. Your welcome son, your welcome son. Max loved to be the centre of attention, he was a big guy.  When he went out of fashion', he suffered deep depression, I saw him in later years walking down the Brighton Seaside boulevard, lonely and no one going up to him, a broken man, he was extremely rich and was well know for being 'tight' with his money.  I went up to him several times and he looked at me blankly and said in whimpering voice 'no one loves the cheeky chappie any more' a sad and pitiful sight. Dear Max is resting in peace, now I hope.

Max Miller in his hay day.
So is there a point to all this rambling and trip down memory lane?
Yes indeed. How many of us lose ourselves in our fame, our programmes that are not really us.  They become so real and we often get the approval that might have been lacking from childhood, and so build this wall around us. I have met many a show business person in my time and still do know a few of them and footballers, huge successful business people, who glory in their notoriety and celebrity status, and cannot deal with the let down  They begin to believe their own publicity.  They believe they are the advertisement that their agents have put up for them and so we come to the spin doctors of politicians. 
  • a person who gains sexual pleasure from watching others when they are naked or engaged in sexual activity:he stood transfixed, a voyeur feasting on the swell of her buttocks
  •  a person who enjoys seeing the pain or distress of others:a voyeur of deathmurder trials make us
This exactly what the snooping, eavesdropping GCHQ and NSA do only it is legal, or is it?  If you or I did it and we got caught we would be prosecuted.  It is said in England 'an Englishman's home is his castle'.  Now it is snooped by collecting their emails, phone calls, web browsing, also intending smart meters, and into to other countries. It is privacy rape.  And when they say we have all the checks in place, and if you haven't anything to hide you are OK, yes until some voyeur decides he/she needs a thrill, a secret power, a weak person needing the power of a snooping device.  Artificial self confidence.
The above shows the intrusive airport scanner, which not only give out harmful frequencies but are 'ripe' for the voyeur and some operators have already been caught taking photos on their cell/mobile phones and sacked.
I get very suspicious when they say we have all the checks in place, we only target those that are on our lists or intelligence sourced.  I  do not believe it. I worked in this atmosphere and I know of certain things. I am loyal to my country and pledged not to reveal any secrets that could damage our land, people or government. So far anything I have blogged or posted are in the public domain or of my own speculation. I am not a whistle blower, I cannot whistle blow because I have not the information to do so.  I have whistle blowers in many countries and they do not give me details but will say 'yes this correct or that is false'. They never give specifics because I do not want them. I merely want confirmation that what is in the public domain is authentic or not, and then add my own opinion for what it is worth, and I have said many times I can be wrong as well, and will admit it. 
William Shakespeare Shakespeare's Hamlet, Act III, scene II, where it is spoken by Queen Gertrude, Hamlet's mother. ( Some people feel Sir Francis Bacon wrote the plays)

So I feel the GCHQ and NSA  like Bre'r Rabbit Post 20, protest too much. I repeat again 'GCHQ and NSA and all countries who have similar agendas if you've nothing to hide come clean and be transparent'  I throw the gauntlet down to you. Prove it conclusively.  So governments and security agencies approved by them in them private sector can be legal voyeurs but the general public it is illegal. Nice one.

Stalking.  As it says at public meetings by drones, CCTV by cars, by police.
If I stalk I would be prosecuted yet the illegal snoopers do it, I agree if they have due cause and it is in the national / international interest that there may be a case for it.  That video I keep repeating 'The naked Citizen' just shows you the extent. Most people in the UK would not even believe we had drone surveillance or stalking, and the way you cannot film a building. Yes they can film you, you cannot film a building or the mysterious them.  
The Bilderbergs at Watford from the 06-06-13 (adds up to the mark of the beast, what have they got to hide. 666?) The indignity of British Tax Payers having to show their drivers licence's with passports to go in and out of their homes, 'an Englishman's home is his Castle' . Since when? 
So we have illegal stalking, illegal voyeurs yet it is OK for those we voted in to keep us in the dark. Sure some intelligence is necessary but every citizen in the USA AND UK all their private correspondance held, they say for 30 days, I heard it was for some years.
SPREAD THE WORD  I know you've seen it before, I know you maybe hacked off with it.  However, new readers may  have not seen it. 
We are told the world needs role models, impeccable people, someone to look up too, respect. I lost my respect for the UK over Fluoride, the most sinister chemical there is.  I presented scientific in the hundreds and they would not budge. They are thinking of introducing it again while other countries have banned it or are about too.  I lost my respect for the UK over the bee issue, the UK was the only country in Europe to vote for the use of the dangerous chemical, saying there was not enough scientific proof.
Although I lost my respect for this country I would not betray them. I just grin and bear it.  However it is my right to speak out of what I feel is damaging to our environment, politics, and so forth. However
I must categorically state I do not encourage violence.  I do feel we should have the right to peaceful protests without secret undercover police stirring up the crowd in order to break up the meeting and make arrests and charging innocent people as activists.
So if you protest peacefully are you an activist, do your snooping cameras take shots and digitally corrupt them?  No you are smiling assassins.  You are assassins of human rights, you are not fit to govern.  The pity is every other politician is in the same club. Who do you vote for, hey all seem alike?  Rubbish. Yet if you do not vote the mad minority stars in their eyes, flag waving asleep, emotionally drugged people will back up the couch potato people in the cabinet, come to think of it lock them all in a cabinet and lets get money circulating, because in truth there is no shortage of it, it is a giant scam to control and mortify us.  Wake up for goodness sake.  lets have the free energy devices, cures for disease banned by Big Pharma, come on let go, stop being constipated and haemorrhoidal. Tight a----d buttock clenching pasty faced zombies, repeating out worn, out dated rhetorical slogans, what a bore. Wake up. 
Senior Citizens bus passes
Winter Fuel Allowance and cuts to TV licence allowance.
If one of the big corporations paid their tax bills the cuts to pensioners would be well paid for.  The excuse ' well these companies provide the business that is needed to be generated for the economy'. What about the bank bail outs us tax payers laid out, and the bankers still do it wrong. In a private factory or some other business you would be sacked.  These people get sacked and a massive fee to go. Illegal number three its our money let us decide.  
Then these power mad morons join another corporation and do the same mess on the floor, get another hand out, laugh all the way to the bank, millions in their pockets. I KNOW WE WILL CUT THE PENSIONERS FREE BENEFITS, AFTER ALL THEY ARE NON PRODUCTIVE AND A GROWING NUMBER OF THEM LETS GIVE THEM A SCARE AND HOPE THEY DIE.  You think that's harsh, well none of the ministers are poor, when they retire they will not be cold, lonely because I CAN'T GET OUT YOU TOOK MY BUS PASS WAY, you can afford a TV, I can't I cannot get to my club because of the bus pass, I cannot watch TV the licence is too much, I cannot warm myself because food prices go up and there is not much left when you have to pay £5.00 a day on bus fares. SHAME ON YOU JEFFREY GIDEON GEORGE MONSANTO OSBIN(OSBORNE) OR SHOULD YOU  BE PUT IN THE BIN, AND WHAT A LOT OF BALLS, BALLS MONSANTO OF THE DUBIOUS CRINGING LABOUR PARTY.
I feel the UK is the spider in the web.  I used to think that we followed the USA, they used to say that we followed the USA twenty five years later.  Yes technologically in some instances, however I feel we feed the USA and the former British Empire with bullets to fire as it were.  The City of London (Naked Citizens above video) is the Spider, we have Trillionaires, multi Billionaires, millionaires, living in London, whilst clearing out social housing in subtle ways. London is the quiet spider, the City, the Bank of England, UK the home of the financial smiling assassins.
The Spiders and Whore of Europe's Home.
You fat cats living off of the backs of the poor and the elderly. We the elderly built a fairly honest and decent nation and you have corrupted the country and the rest of the Empire that once was.  I am glad they are not tied to your dirty apron strings any more. What are you doing in your new found freedoms. Exactly what your masters taught you. Torture, poverty, having huge amounts of cash in offshore financial havens, all UN and charity handouts greedily put into your pocket.  Take a lesson from Brazil, your time will come. The Spider will be challenged and your Fathers UK lessons are not coming home to roost.
So what sort of role models have our younsters got? Chancellor and student fees and the double message of wanting more scientific and engineering achievements  this means wealthy get the University places whilst others get the hard to find any work. Teaching youngsters its OK to snoop, pry and spy. Its OK to go to war, cheat and be corrupt.  Its OK to have a cloned education system which only espouses 'success' at all costs.
The papers full of phone hacking by the press, corruption with MPs expenses, TV shows like the Apprentice where would be entrepreneurs are pitted against one another like dog eat dog, sexual abuse by Catholic priests, abductions of girls, European migrants running vice and drug cartels.
Doctors handing thousands of pills a week. They must be tired of the same old, same old. They have to toe the line, keep to the medicines they know and the more they prescribe, the greater the monetary reward--- the bonus. 
We are busting at the seams for a creative fresh start. Yet can we plunge into the freedom of the unknown, the emptiness of ourselves, the emptiness of true creativity, that creativity which emerges from the fount, the womb, the matrix which according to the Way of Things and trust in it brings about the solution and so new fresh pristine Life.

These are the laws beyond physics and science.  They are incomprehensible to the local human mind, they are the Way, the Way of Things.  They belong to the Mystery of the Universe.
Keep on Keeping on and as you do Be Well. Geoff
Please help save the Arctic from Shell--- they must be empty like a shell and money mad greedy with it.
When we talk about madness, insanity and just plain ignorance what do you make of this?
  • 25,000 bumblebees were found dead in an Oregon parking lot just as National Pollinator Week recently kicked off
  • The bees were reported falling out of 55 blooming European linden trees near a shopping center over a period of several days; the trees had just been sprayed with Safari, a neonicotinoid insecticide
  • Neonicotinoids are taken up through the plant’s vascular system as it grows, and the chemical is expressed in the pollen and nectar of the plant; neonicotinoids are highly toxic to bees
  • In the US alone, a full one-third of the food supply depends on pollination from bees; if bee colonies continue to be devastated, major food shortages could result
 And the stupid UK politicians were the only ones in Europe to vote to continue using neonicotinoid  type chemicals saying  ' there is not enough scientific evidence', they said the same about fluoride, chlorine and GM.  UK has asked Brussels to slacken the rules on GM products. They are either stupidly insane, or so stubbornly addicted to money or in love with Bilderberg or any other quite psychopathic bewildering incompetence. Words just fail me. 
BIG SOUTHERN SUNSPOTS: One of the biggest sunspot groups of Solar Cycle 24 is emerging near the sun's southeastern limb. AR1785 has a "beta-gamma-delta" magnetic field that harbors energy for powerful X-class solar flares. Another active region trailing behind it, AR1787, is only slightly less potent, with a magnetic field capable of M-class eruptions. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory photographed the sprawling complex during the early hours of July 5th:
These sunspots are a sign that the sun's southern hemisphere is waking up. For most of the current solar cycle, the northern half of the sun has dominated sunspot counts and flare production. The south has been lagging behind--until now. June brought a surge in southern sunspots, and the trend is continuing in July. This "southern awakening" could herald a double-peaked Solar Maximum due in late 2013-early 2014.
The largest dark cores in sunspot complex AR1785-1787 are as wide as Earth, making the ensemble an easy target for backyard solar telescopes. Amateur astronomers are encouraged to monitor developments, as NOAA forecasters estimate a 40% chance of M-flares during the next 24 hours. 
  • A Norwegian researcher has raised serious concerns about high levels of contaminants in farm-raised salmon
  • She claims the type of contaminants detected in farmed salmon have a negative effect on brain development and is associated with autism, ADD / ADHD and reduced IQ. They can also affect your immune system and metabolism
  • The Norwegian Health Department has issued new official recommendations to women of childbearing age or who are pregnant, suggesting they limit farmed salmon to a maximum of two meals per week due to potential toxicity
  • Four major grocery chains in Norway are threatening to ban farmed salmon from their stores unless the farmed salmon industry agrees to change their production to closed pens and guarantees that the fish are safe to eat
  • Wisconsin dairy farmer Vernon Hershberger was charged with four criminal misdemeanors and acquitted of three of them for supplying raw milk to members of a private buying club
  • Hershberger admitted to violating a holding order on his food products, and was convicted on this count, but jurors were angered because they were told to only judge whether he violated the order – NOT whether the holding order was valid
  • Since Hershberger had been acquitted of the charges, it means that the state had no right to be barring Hershberger from accessing his food in the first place; the holding order was not valid
  • Several of the jurors were so moved by the case that they now want to join Hershberger’s buying club to be able to access raw milk for their families, noting that this is an issue of food freedom


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