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'My My what a carry on', this was a phrase used by old ladies and gents in my teens and another, 'what a carry on', 'well did you ever', all said with a kind of whispering hand over mouth and at the corner came the words, close to the ear of another.  Hello glad you could join me once more.
He didn't did he? Oh my god.
Coming back to that repeated video( oh for god's sake Geoff-- the naked Citizen) you will see the cameras and operators are trained or programmed to look for unusual behaviour, they are saying there is a norm, given in the video by tying a shoe lace and turning your back on a camera you are considered abnormal.
By constant repetition and surveillance they will try and make us uniform, robotical, and take away our individualism, see the French guy in the video.  It is easy to control one if we march, walk, talk like robots, easy to spot a difference.
Uniformity in people.

Housing development in Mexico. Uniformity in buildings.
By the same PH.D, BS.C, priest, doctor, lawyer or whatever, we work within certain parameters, this is acceptable to a point, and within the system, be it science, medical, stock broking, religion, politics and so on, and perhaps there maybe a degree of flexibility and leeway. Of course in driving, flying and those sorts of things you need the rule book.  However, by dumbing us down by celeb culture, fashion, addictive adversing, wanting to look like someone else, we can lose our creativity, or frightening us by surveillance, are they listening,listening to me / us, I must act normally, not give them an opportunity to pin something on me. This makes one subdued or defiant.  You no what I will become a snooper, a snitch, I 'll join them, well paid, not to have the burden of a moral compass, I'll surrender that, after all I am catching the bad guys, so my corrupt, sorry wonderful bosses tell me, after all they are cowards bending their knees to the 'customer' see below.
The insidious way is the clone, the drone, the phone, the camera, the digital manipulation and graphics which will by surveillance and arresting one for 'strange ' behaviour', like the French guy for ever and ever on the list, followed, pried into. It is designed to control us.
I will keep posting this as it is so,so, so vital and important.
Yes, yes Geoff this is now paranoiac of you, you are getting monotonous,  oh dear when is my next appointment with myself? Sit down Geoff and relax, tell me what you feeling, oh dear that is not normal, you must conform or you will be sent to Big Brother indoctrination, you must be like every one else, you must not blog/post, you are expressing things out of the 'box' we are trying to stifle free thought, and there you go again, I really am very disappointed in you, after all I spent all that money on your education to make you 'one of us' and that's how you repay us.
I do apologise Big Brother Surveillance, academic rigidity, constipated tutors, but I feel we have outlived the present day patterns of Living, we need to broaden out. 
The imprisoned brain, stifled now with outdated  stale, rotting  mind patterns of yester(archaic form of yesterday) year

We have advanced sort of polluting technology with minds to run and invent geniuses like school kids, like putting a five year old in a Saturn 5 Rocket and say way to go kid. Scientists with the ethics of  barbarians running amok and shouting look what we have discovered -- fire. Apologies to those scientists who are not into mad cloning, genetic mutation, germ warfare, surveillance freaks , weapons crazy, pharmaceutical commercialism, as in the video above, having orgasms over 'look I can spy even more now, my wet pants show my delight at pinning you bastards down, I 'll show you who is boss, you cannot escape me, applause aren't I clever'.
You know what you are paid voyeurs and stalkers that's all you will ever be, put your minds to free up energy for everyone, release medical cures we know are hidden and shelved, give us GM free food, good wholesome organic food, clean water, fresh pure unadulterated chemtrail free skies . You are slaves to the elite and power mad corrupt masters you serve.
The master elite and the doting slave---what one are you?
Krishnamurti said something like 'they sent me to University and now I am trying to get rid of that  academic nonsense'  I am trying to unlearn as well.
Military Police sit down with protesters in Sao Paulo in Brazil.
Wow.  Very Interesting
This is GET UP an Australian video full of bright ideas for mobilising the public.  Very Powerful.

HOW CAN I FIX THE VOTE?  Many people I speak to do not trust the vote, the way it will be worded and the counting of it.  We know how Bush Junior fiddled the vote.  Private polls I have seen, not the fixed media ones, show a massive majority to quit Europe. I apologise for my seeming scepticism, but from many news programmes and audiences and interviews it shows a massive let' s get out of Europe and quick. I have an uneasy feeling we will be lumbered with this corrupt autocratic devil for sometime yet.
The leaders of Germany and France have rounded angrily on the US for the first time over spying claims, signalling that ambitious EU-US trade talks scheduled to open next week could become an early casualty of the burgeoning transatlantic espionage dispute.
The German chancellor, Angela Merkel, and French president, Fran├žois Hollande, described the disclosures of massive US spying and snooping in Europe as unacceptable, with the Germans suggesting there had to be mutual trust if the trade talks were to go ahead in Washington on Monday.
                              JUST SOME OF THE ARTICLES ON THIS IN THE LINK ABOVE.
This 3 min video is hilarious and not so funny as well.
  • Exposing food industry strategies designed to keep you coming back for more, Hungry for Change reveals why so many are suffering with weight issues and poor health despite their best intentions
  • Ignoring the root causes of obesity, the American Medical Association has declared obesity a disease. Conveniently, two new prescription weight loss drugs have recently been released, and two obesity vaccines are in development
  • One route being investigated is a vaccine that targets the hunger hormone ghrelin. However, recent research shows that knocking out ghrelin leads to an exaggerated anxiety response to stress
  • For the majority of people, severely restricting carbohydrates such as sugars, fructose, and grains in your diet is the key to sustained weight loss. A growing body of evidence also shows intermittent fasting is particularly effective
  • To boost weight loss and get the most out of your exercise routine, make sure to incorporate high-intensity, short-burst-type exercises two to three times per week
  • Grass-fed beef represents a sought-after solution to unsustainable agricultural practices – one that could not only drastically reduce pollution but also produce a nutritionally superior meat
  • While far from the norm at this point, a new appreciation for grass-fed meat, and all that it stands for, is steadily growing and these so-called ‘unconventional’ ranchers are now becoming mainstays in the industry
  • Grass-fed beef is higher in certain vitamins and minerals, lower in total fat, and has a more balanced omega-3 to omega-6 ratio than grain-fed beef
  • Grass-fed beef is now widely available via farmer’s markets, food coops, direct farm-to-consumer sales, and even online
I love roos. 
               The most popular greeting used in Australia is G'day Mate! which means good day friend.

Like the EU and others all our supplements and natural organic foods are being stopped. A good way to make you sick, have to get pharma drugs, make them rich and slowly killing us at the same time.  Also realising it dumb's one down, so no resistance, fatigue, side effects, oh what's the use. When you are full of natural food and energy in a clear environment your natural intuition  kicks in and you know they are evil and wrong.  Evil to me is a crime against nature and her offspring.  
A couple of links to show how much the sun is monitored and for your monitoring as well
Were a very powerful cloud to impact the Earth's magnetosphere, it could be dangerous to Earth-orbiting astronauts and satellites.
Taken from   10th July 2013.  Again nothing about our biological susceptibility to these powerful energies.  Once again see


Six protesters are attempting to scale the tallest building in western Europe, The Shard.
The Met Police said the group accessed the building in central London by climbing on to the roof of nearby London Bridge Station. Officers were called to the scene at 04:25 BST.
Greenpeace said it was protesting against Shell's Arctic drilling, which the oil company said was "not new".
The Shard skyscraper stands at 310m (1,016ft) and has 87 storeys.
BBC London 94.9 reporter Jonathan Savage, who is at the scene, said the women were free-climbing - scaling the building without assistance - the edge of the building as that has a ladder-like structure.
He said they were about a quarter of the way up and that there are police and ambulance teams at the scene looking up at the climbers.
Greenpeace said the location was chosen because it sits in the middle of the oil company's three headquarters and because the building was modelled on a shard of ice.
A spokesman said the climbers were all well trained and that it was not dangerous. If they manage to get to the top of the building, they plan on installing a piece of art.
The demonstrators are live-streaming the climb from helmet cameras, with birds-eye views of their ascent being broadcast.
Greenpeace wants the area around the North Pole to be made a global sanctuary, off limits to industrialisation.
One climber, Victoria Henry, 32, a Canadian living in Hackney, London, said: "We'll try to hang a huge art installation 310m up that will make Shell think twice before sending their rigs into the Arctic.
"It's going to be really hard work, it's going to be nerve-shredding for all of us and we may not succeed, but we're going to do everything we can to pull it off.
"Millions of people have called on Shell to get out of the Arctic but they're still trying to drill there anyway.

"If we reach the top we'll be able to see all three of Shell's London offices below us, meaning they'll be able to see us. Maybe then they'll stop ignoring the movement ranged against them."
In a statement, Shell said: "We respect the right of individuals and organisations to engage in a free and frank exchange of views about our operations.
"Recognising the right of individuals to express their point of view, we only ask that they do so with their safety and the safety of others, including Shell personnel and customers in mind."
On the Arctic, it said oil and gas production from the Arctic "was not new".
"The Arctic region currently produces about 10% of the world's oil and 25% of its gas.
"If responsibly developed, Arctic energy resources can help offset supply constraints and maintain energy security for consumers throughout the world.
"Shell has been operating in the Arctic and sub-Arctic since the early 20th Century, giving us the technical experience and know-how to explore for and produce oil and gas responsibly."
Our correspondent said the Shard had members of its high wire team giving the women a health and safety briefing as they climbed the building.
A Shard spokesman said: "Our primary focus is on the safety of the protestors and the workers and visitors to the building.
"We are working with the relevant authorities to try to ensure the safety of those concerned."
The building, which was opened in February, contains offices, restaurants, a hotel and residential apartments.
Brave women climbers from Greenpeace
The Shard building 'Ice Shard'
The protesters aim to hang an art installation at the top of the building

Dr Edgar Mitchell on ET. -

Wrangel Island is an island in the Arctic Ocean, between the Chukchi Sea and East Siberian Sea. Wrangel Island lies astride the 180° meridian. The International Date ... -  THE SECRET PLACE OF THE BILDERBUGS AND HERE ARE TWO IN SHAPE SHIFTING MODE.

The Illuminati / elite/ bilderbugs thought that Watford on the 06/06/13 was a show of  defiance and now they  need to meet in a more private place and in disguise, these are the two leaders practising. (Apologies to the Musk Oxen who are doing their natural thing whilst the bugs are twisting natural and beautiful events into a distorted perverted horror, which they see as beautiful, beauty is in the eye of the beholder)

Alien Star Map Found In Kupang, Indonesia? 2013 1080p HD

New photographs have emerged which apparently show Alien artifacts. The pictures released show two strange rocks fused together that contain strange symbols and carvings.
What's more extraordinary is that the rocks are engraved with a star map, very similar to the plaque that was designed by Carl Sagan and Frank Drake, and was placed on-board the Pioneer 10 probe, launched in 1972. The rocks also have a magnetic field, which seems to emanate from the rocks when they are near any electric or electronic apparatus, Did an Extraterrestrial explorer leave a calling card behind? As always you decide.
Onto the story...
When NSA recruiters went to the 
University of Wisconsin earlier this 
week to pitch language students on 
working for the agency, they got 
more than they bargained for. 
"Is there anyone you don't consider 
an adversary?"
The informed students turned the 
question and answer session into a 
hearing - and it was recorded - - 
Video (about 15 mins):
The sound is not great, please, please, please.
To be totally big headed and egotistical, I have blogged and Posted about these snoopers, well they got something of the comeuppance they deserved. I hope it pricks the conscience of these recruiters and those who will NOW SNOOP ON THESE STUDENTS AS POTENTIAL WHISTLE BLOWERS AND TARGETS.  OK NSA, GCHQ, you are locking up students, throwing away the keys, putting up students fees so only the wealthy 'already bilderbugs in the making' to carry on your work.
Please remember when I said the snooper gives his/her formation to their boss who then gives it TO their CUSTOMERS.  I suggest the customers are the CIA, MI5 /6 who are merely stooges for the Bilderbugs.  NOTICE IN THE VIDEO LINK ABOVE THEY REFUSED TO COMMENT ON THE FACT SHEETS THAT WERE BURIED IN THE EDWARD SNOWDEN CASE. 
You can now see the complete treachery and deceit, I hope this goes to every University in the USA.  Well done students of Wisconsin I would like to shake you by the hand. I trust that your drones and surveillance tapping will not bring you down.  I hope your University PH.D 's support you and your Dean, Chancellor and administration staff will not buckle under NSA, FBI and CIA  pressure.
I hope that the Obama Monsanto Bilderbugs will not terrorise Universities and students. BECAUSE IF THEY DO THEY WILL TURN THE STUDENTS AWAY AND GET THEM TO RADICALISE, NOT TO BE ISLAMIC OR CHRISTIAN OR ZIONIST TERRORISTS.  BUT will use the urban terrorists law and say you are inciting to riot, to disturb the peace BE PREPARED WISCONSIN FOR A BACKLASH.

Report: Microsoft taught NSA how to crack encrypted emails

By Jennifer Martinez 07/11/13 02:39 PM ET
Microsoft helped American intelligence officials gain easier access to their users' electronic communications, The Guardian reported on Thursday.
Documents leaked by former government contractor Edward Snowden show that Microsoft helped the National Security Agency (NSA) work around the encrypted code on its new Outlook portal after the spy agency expressed concern that it wouldn't be able to intercept Web chats, according to The Guardian
Microsoft also gave the FBI easier access to its cloud storage service SkyDrive and let the NSA have access to email on Outlook and Hotmail before it was encrypted, according to the paper.

The video service Skype, which is owned by Microsoft, also allowed the NSA to cull video and audio conversations, the newspaper reported.
The accusations are just the latest to surface about the NSA working with top tech companies to conduct surveillance. The Guardian and The Washington Post reported last month that Google, Microsoft, Facebook and other tech companies had allegedly given the NSA "direct access" to their servers that store user data. 

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I do not subscribe to Facebook, Twitter or any other social network, this is how the article came out.
Keep Well, Be Well.  Geoff

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