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Hello and may your life be full, refreshing and fulfilled. 
I feel this Post should be titled speculation, contemplation and searching.
One of the many staggering awesome and stunning mind blockers came to me when I was in Forensics and as a therapist / healer, and of course the many, many sharing's in workshops.
In the magnificence of the galaxy and contemplating the Universe, it seems so remote as to personal and intimate affairs.
 Then looking at a dead dismembered body of a young savagely raped women in a blood stained room of an apartment, then the pathologist taking her body apart in the morgue, the mind and sanity of the beholder is severely challenged.  Many of my colleagues sought refuge in distraction, went weird, had strange coping strategies, for me meditation, Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Judo, Kendo, workouts, presenting workshops and being a therapist, having dear friends and partners all assisted and shared the load as it were.  It is hard to sometimes reconcile the immensity of the Universe with the mundane.
Billions of stars, teeming Life.  Stars born, dying, reborn.
It is seen as above so below.  The actions, cycles and rhythms of the Universe in seemingly non ending enormity, vastness. Millennia, aeons of timeless comings and goings, maybe even teeming with Life Forms unbeknown to us.
Then I gaze at the frightened abused hungry child beaten and scolded by his parents. Scarred for life. The child who is orphaned,  abandoned, rejected, unwanted and lonely. Some recovered by loving foster parents, others let down in Institutions that often abuse them, priests who commit heinous crimes against younsters, and the list goes on and on.   
Billions and billions of stars, billions of galaxies. I used to sing  as a child:
Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are.
Up above the world so high,
Like a diamond in the 
Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are!
When the blazing sun is gone,
When there's nothing he shines upon,
Then you show your little light,
Twinkle, twinkle, through the night.
Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are!
In the dark blue sky so deep
Through my curtains often peep
For you never 
close your eyes
Til the morning sun does rise
Twinkle, twinkle, little star
How I wonder what you are
Twinkle, twinkle, little star
How I wonder what you are 
Although my childhood was difficult to say the least, I had a loving although sadly depressed Mother, I had Sensei and Sifu, with an amazing couple of friends Rina and Roy Morris, who really were worldly wise and deeply into meditation. The above were my worldly anchors and mentors.
I then when growing up from a child into puberty began to see pictures at the cinema and I remembered another star song from a Walt Disney film:
When you wish upon a star
Makes no difference who you are
Anything your heart desires
Will come to you
If your heart is in your dream
No request is too extreme
When you wish upon a star
As dreamers do
Fate is kind
She brings to those to love
The sweet fulfillment of
Their secret longing
Like a bolt out of the blue
Fate steps in and sees you through
When you wish upon a star
Your dreams come true
When In had my NDE I was telepathic and sensitive to the age of 9 when it faded somewhat (see post 11) and often said to my parents 'why is that grown ups think one thing and say another'
NDE.  Mine was  Friday November 25 1942. I was 4 years of age.
I used to sit in trees in our upper garden orchard, watch birds, little animals, I did this from the age of 3 to 5. I was a very sensitive child and maligned with illness.
One of the things Sensei / Sifu / Dr Costello taught me was that sensitivity is fantastic as long as one is not destroyed, traumatised or afraid of it.
When one's sensitivity is blunted, repressed, suppressed, one can blame oneself and say ' I'm so sensitive it hurts me' ' I wish I never had it'.  I also found out that many people used their sensitivity to get attention, and the love they never had or thought they never had. It can lead to all sorts of defence mechanisms. Introversion, extroversion, defence mechanisms, even brutal dictatorship and killing. Shyness, exhibitionism and so on.

Shyness and sensitivity often go hand in hand
Often sensitive people can have loss of image,lack confidence and feel unsafe to relate.  There is a lot of difference between psychological image of the ego and 'no image ' of the long term meditater.   One is ego built and is OK if managed well and in proportion to one's life style, the later comes out of realisation of impermanence and transiency of all life.

 Even our Milky Way will eventually disappear, die, dissolve, for this is the way of all things, only Life is Eternal.  Eternity is Life and Life is eternity.  
There comes a point in some lives where the above becomes abundantly clear, and if in one's musings and contemplation one seeks the mystery and explanation, to some, life can become meaningless and sterile 'what's the use of living, I will die inevitably'  Some become suicidal, some go and binge have a good time, run away from the daunting frightening prospect, I will die, I will be no more, I shall cease to exist, total annihilation.  
Those who go through and just resign themselves to the ultimate wipe out, can remain in a steady acceptance of the inevitable, a wearing and tedious, boring life, distracting oneself in indulgence whenever.
Then there are those who seek relentlessly the mystery to impermanence, transience and what is there after death of the body. Some seek solace in religion, faith ' after all surely this cannot be for nothing, there must be a plan, a god, an afterlife?'

EH. What's on the tele?
So by running away from the 'finale' we seek medical assurance, look for manipulating genetics, cloning, cryonic preservation, building a belief system in the after life, mediumship, trance, seances or just plain alcoholism.  We might become a Bilderberg, a world dictatorship, experiment with producing the perfect human and race with an eternal flesh body.

Ah now your talking, this is what I will do with my after life.
Many faiths have their welcoming place and rituals about afterlife, like the Christian one of St. Peter standing at the Pearly Gates, others have your relatives come to meet you, Moses judges you in the book of Life, a welcoming committee of elders and so on.
A vicar fell over a cliff, he managed to hold onto a tree branch on his way down and looked anxiously at the hundred foot drop below. He prayed fervently, then a loud voice thundered out of the sky 'IF YOU HAVE FAITH MY SON JUMP' the vicar looked down and up and said 'Is there anyone else there to help me'?
The starkness of life, the bare bones of living are offset by those who listen and hear birdsong, smell sweet nature in woods, see the beauty of flowers and in some quiet moment a joy breaks through, like the sun peeping through the clouds, and one knows, beyond words that there is something indescribably beautiful, amazing, a down pouring of grace, one feels clean, uplifted in quiet simplicity, one feels one with the all in all.  
Then there are those who sit, breathe, or slowly move and gaze with awareness into the mystery of their own minds, they plummet or slowly descend /ascend as it were, to a place, a level, a consciousness which matches the experience of the grace described above.  This felt to be the Kingdom of Heaven Within, the secret place of the most high, the perfumed garden, it is experienced, however the description defies the adjectives which are showered upon it, for words cannot convey the quiet, ecstatic ecstasy which at that experience feels as one is an eternal being without form or blight. 

A jolt back to Earth
For those who get their grace from Nature and see nature provides all our needs and beauty. They feel that madmen are destroying our forests, waterways, skies and environment. Why kill the hand that feeds us?  They protest, get locked up, become whistle blowers and get locked up, not even with a legal representation. It is just greed and power lust, that these crazy people really believe they can create a better world by having their chosen few to live with them? Like the bible and the saving of the 144 thousand.
Is it the wrath of god causing climate change or carbon emissions?  Is there a New era or Age arriving and this is a clear out of the old 'new wine for new wine skins'?  Is there a Divine Plan shown by ice drilling's, crust displacement, wavering magnetic north, all planets in solar system getting climate change, scientists saying there are cycles and this has happened before, or is this just a chaotic random self evolving, self fulfilling prophesy?
There is another view that maybe the elite so called are in the know, they have their scientific advisor's who tell them that the 'end is nigh' and that there will be a calamity of enormous magnitude, (see POST 20) and put forward in this interview with Camelot.  The Governments are in your face now, they have thrown away decency by introducing draconian laws in the name of keeping one safe from terrorists, in some cases they are just westernised dictators. Either they think the end is nigh for this battered shattered polluted Earth because of a natural disaster cycle, irretrievable man made disasters, or they have the technology, arms power, electronic bugging, remember if they can bug every phone, computer, TV, smart meter, they can also send 'messages to you' and so can have the one world government, poisonous foods through GM, take away natural products and compromise our immune systems, make us sick with chemtrails, you know the score.
Some even say they have secret bases on Mars and the moon and the 'black ops' can go anywhere in the Universe.  So what the heck we become a commodity, cattle fodder, a number, blip on or in the surveillance system, made to feel helpless and a waste of space.
Thereby the grace of god go I
   To me this world can be flooded by the grace of that special gift that comes in sometimes a spontaneous fleeting moment, like the waft of scent carried by the wind of a flower, or sitting quietly or slow movement in a meditative mode.  In meditation as in contrast to imagery, speculation, visualisationhypnosis  auto suggestion, mantras, yantras, positive thinking, we create an opening, an invitation, from thought, a brief cessation of thought by relaxing and being aware, and as the clouds of thought ease away, maybe the rays of grace can fill us. It is an invitation from source to us and us to source.

The more minds that 'seek' the grace through opening the mind in deep meditation, the more the collective archetypes can be changed, NOT BY ANOTHER SYSTEM, but by grace.  This will flood the collective and so gradually erase the uniformity ( Post 6 and 47) where we are being pushed to be uniformed so one can easily spot the 'odd ball ' or something out of place, see the Naked Citizen 

Naked Citizens
So we see this sameness.  Nature has sameness but in that there is variation.
Houses in Mexico
Lavenham  in Suffolk UK
The same old
It is well known that many empires have come and gone.  When nature gets stale, variations appear, just before the death throes, the empires get decadent, bored, seek more hedonism, get power lusts, get barbarically civilised, torture, rape, domineering, ego so swollen it competes with god.  This is the decay the gradual break down of law, in nature trees crash, vegetation gets burnt and regrows, it follows my Inverted V and Ilya Prigogine Chaos and Dissipative Structures ( see ) when the system gets to top, to capacity, it gets to tipping point, in a healthy system there is an exchange and when it reaches tipping point, it can expand into chaos and reforms into a higher form. A caterpillar goes into the chrysalis and is transformed into the butterfly. The system we are in is not exchanging with the Earth and  its population, it is take, take , the outcome is not too promising. 
We must lead the way, not by force, yes protest, we have a right too. The pen is mightier than the sword, passive endurance and most of all cultivating the quiet mind to allow, to facilitate the cloud of despair to open up and the rays of sunshine of grace to shine through.  Grace is often accompanied by miracles. 

May miracles bless your life and grace visit you often.
We are miracles.  Be Well, Be a Miracle. Geoff
Depression affects millions of people, but they don’t need antidepressant drugs—any of the ‘talking therapies’ work better, say researchers.
Seven therapies that have been assessed by researchers from Bern University in Switzerland all produced results that were at least as good as powerful antidepressants—and some outperformed the drugs.
The seven therapies—interpersonal psychotherapy, behavioural activation, cognitive behavioural therapy, problem-solving therapy, psychodynamic therapy, social skills and training and supportive counselling—have been assessed in 198 trials, involving more than 15,000 patients with depression.
The researchers found there was very little difference between any of the therapies in terms of results, and all achieved “moderate to large” benefits that were mainly on a par with drugs.
(Source: PLOS Medicine, 2013; 10: e1001454).

Please read the MOST important information.
LONDON (Reuters) - Britain will review the operations of a cyber security centre in southern England run by China's Huawei to ensure the country's telecommunications are protected, the government said on Thursday.
The government said it had agreed to a recommendation made by parliament's intelligence committee in June to conduct a review of the Huawei site in order to maintain "confidence in the security of UK telecommunications networks".
(Reporting by Peter Griffiths; Editing by)  (Talk about pot calling the kettle!!! what a laugh get GCHQ on it)
Good on yer mate.  Australia and renewable energy.  Great . 2 mins.

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