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Hey there starting off with some juicy bits which you may feel are conspiracy or ?

Truck driver confirms underground cities and road networks in the USA.

In the first and second Iraq wars, Saddam Hussein had a series of escape tunnels. USA military were astounded at the vastness and intricacies of the network. He employed doubles who would drive away, and he would go from palace to palace or other locations mainly through tunnels.

A lot of people do not like or believe David Wilcock, however my whistle blowers confirm everything he says, and the fact his life has been threatened and the usual harassment and so on convinces me even more, and his Astounding, Amazing, Terrific book 'The Source Field Investigations'  was trying to be blocked, shows something is afoot.  His likeness and that of his family to the late Edgar Cacye is astounding.

Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce was an American psychic who allegedly possessed the ability to answer questions on subjects such as healing and wars, and had visions of the world ending. He also gave a reading about Atlantis while in a hypnotic trance. Wikipedia In Iraq.  I have interviewed in Brussels and Berlin workers who had built these tunnels and were scared out of their life to go openly with it, this was back in the 80's.  I kept their secret till now, because I cannot remember who they were by name, it was in the 80's, many were older than I, and I met them in the immigrant ghettos, and introduced to them by a now deceased NATO official whistle blower and having signed the Official Secrets Act, I checked to see when I could expose this, and I was given the OK in 2003, however it never came up till now.  Amazing Photos.
This is one of my favourite subjects. If you have never watched Nassim Haramein's Rogue Valley long 7 hrs long video, and if you would kindly watch it in sections, you will find fascinating things verified by NASA and their cover up's and about Cone Heads which Nassim claimed have been genetically verified as ET. 

Nassim Haramein 

Another one of my tales of yore. When my stay in Findhorn, see Post 8, I met many psychics, sensitive's, world famous presenters and had a couple of interesting personal events.  The first was I had a tea group, this was like in Scotland a traditional afternoon tea.

Scottish high tea in its old-fashioned or traditional sense can be elusive to track down - but is still offered in a few hotels and restaurants. It is a kind of afternoon tea bulked with a simply cooked hot dish, perhaps fish or steak pie. Basically it's the refined-carbohydrate Olympics of Scottish food and is served from late afternoon into the early evening.
I was assured it simply consisted in that part of Scotland as oat cakes[oaty's]and Tea with Milk.  Anyway's my group consisted of Eileen [forgotten her surname, not Eileen Caddy], a beautiful lady in her late 70's and a terrific sensitive and Hans Poulson a singer from Australia.

Hans Sven Poulsen (born Bruce Gordon Poulsen, 7 March 1945, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia) is an Australian singer-songwriterpopular in the late 1960s and early 1970s.[1][2][3] Poulsen had hits with "Boom Sha La La Lo" and "Light Across the Valley" (both in 1970) and had success as a songwriter with "Rose Coloured Glasses" for John Farnham and "Monty and Me" for Zoot.
Hans went onto do therapy work with children when he went back to Australia.  Eileen and Hans were well into UFO and ET, dear old Geoff here was not.  We used to meditate and then have tea and afterwards Eileen would give a reading of what she felt.   Hans would play on his guitar and sing softly perhaps.   They kept telling me I would be contacted, however, the scientist in me baulked.

One day I was walking on the beach and I saw a bright light, now there are two large military airfields near Findhorn then, so I did not really pay much attention.

On the consequent walks I saw them again, I did mention this to E and H in the group and they said they were UFO. [ See Post 8  again please], on a subsequent walk I saw the lights and heard the words 'Space Brothers', repeated several times.  I ran towards the sand dunes thinking it was a ruse, and found no one, no loud speakers or such like, I also was given a name Eletron.  I was bemused and confused.  When I got back to the group, I found there had been a kitchen problem and Eileen and Hans had been there all afternoon, we had tea as soon as they came back. As soon as we sat down to meditate, Eileen said 'oh gosh they called you and gave you a name, you see, you see'.  See also in back post of UFO and Lamas with David Bowie on way back from Langholm to Samye Ling.

The second involved the late Marcel Vogel:
   Marcel Joseph Vogel (1917 - 1991) was a research scientist for IBM’s San Jose facility for 27 years. He received numerous patents for his inventions during this time. Among these was the magnetic coating for the 24” hard disc drive systems still in use. His areas of expertise were phosphor technology, liquid crystal systems, luminescence, and magnetics.
   In the 1970’s Marcel did pioneering work in man-plant communication experiments. This led him to the study of quartz crystals and the creation of a faceted crystal that is now known as the Vogel-cut® crystal. The Vogel-cut®  crystal is an instrument that serves to store, amplify, convert, and cohere subtle energies.
   Marcel’s research into the therapeutic application of quartz crystals led him to the investigation of the relationship between crystals and water. He discovered that he could structure water by spinning it around a tuned crystal, altering many of the characteristics of the water and converting it into an information storage system. 
Marcel came to Findhorn and he and I had many fascinating chats.  He sat with the 'group' once and Eileen and Marcel felt I should go to South America and retrieve the HIC's [ High Intelligence Crystals], apparently they have stored information in their lattices and can be psychometrised [Psychometry (paranormal), a form of extrasensory perception by holding object in hand and getting information from it] 

I did hear from a whistle blower and Lama that the Dalai Lama had been back to Tibet or one of his entourage to retrieve such a crystal as it had embedded in it information and was 'called the golden seal of 'The New Age'. 

I used to have this gift, now I have to turn it on and it is a pain in the proverbial. Another person was to go and she went and could not find them. Ah well enough of this,  wait a mo there are a few more.

In those early days there were strange energies and lots of visitors and Findhorn could be a difficult place to live, there were a lot of long haired hippy type mainly American visitors  and dear Peter Caddy loved them, and it was rumoured he was the Father of the new Age, sometimes literally, if you get my gist, yet a great pioneer and courageous man.

One of the incidents was that the local Park[Findhorn was and is a caravan park] and it had a small shop. 

Peter had this idea to knock it down and build a media centre there.  OK, now caravan electricity were wires overhead and the most a few heaters and stove, would energise them otherwise over load  and your fuse or circuit breaker would drop out. What Peter was proposing was PUPS[stage lighting and stands. This would have meant a three phase supply and huge cable installation]. He asked another member at the time a civil engineer, Raymond Ackhurst and I and we both said it would have to have this installation. Peter said the 'boys' said it was not needed and the supply was adequate.  Raymond knew better than I he had been there longer than I. He walked away. Peter turned to me and said will you sanction this? I said yes only if you notify the fire brigade. He went ballistic and called me a negative and old world fart.  He then consulted Raymond again. 
When he came back the 'boys' and he did a huddle, an attunement.

There was a large amount of huffing and puffing and Peter feeling very embarrassed and red faced said 'Well you see these lads have the New Age inspiration and overview and it is useful to have old age ideas to kind of ground them'.  I shrugged and walked away. I do not know what happened to the shop, a similar story with the Unversal Hal, however, I had enough and left when that came up, I did attend the opening blessing of the foundation stone.

The Universal Hall Findhorn:

What finally go my goat so to speak, was the saga of the direction of the Hall. Eileen had one sense of it, Peter was not happy, so he brought in a number of psychics, mediums, sensitive' at great expense, we the plebs had to serve them, tip toe about to give them cordial quietness and build up the required spiritual energy for such an important monumental decision. The expense nearly broke us because visitors were suspended, air fares, fess and so on, and some of us gave up our accommodation to house these illustrious and holy people, I remember one couple in particular a Jewish couple named Manny and Zelda[My third cousins had the same name,--- oh my gawd they must have been shape shifters!!!].

Came the great day and we were assembled [ we had a community meeting every Saturday Night in the Dinning hall which acted as  a stage, art, group stuff, actually no stage, but stage like performances]


Part of the Dinning Room.  The energy of Findhorn is superb and the buildings absolutely lovely. I still regard  it as my place on Earth. Maybe changed since I was last there in 1987. Maybe I will be blessed with another visit and perhaps pass away there if and when.

We waited with baited breath, it seemed timeless,eventually Eileen, Peter and all the holy dignitaries were assembled before as were the personal, work, arts and all focalisers [new age name for bossy foremen or leaders---Findhorn 'we have no, leaders each person is responsible for their own karma and decision making', more on this another time, they were the early pioneering times].
Peter rose soberly and slowly and with much huffing  puffing, red faced and dithering, unusual for him, delivered the following ' Apparently there has been no decision as to the direction and we thank the assembled and they will be leaving tomorrow, in the meantime we will follow Eileen s attunement'.  We heard through a whistle blower all the guests had disagreed in their findings. This convinced and still has that psychic work has it pitfalls and one should be very, very, cautious and wary, there are great ones, they are not too easy to find, I find meditation in its true sense gives one at times the best sense of action and direction. Time for me to go travelling and eventually back to work.  I left Findhorn and toured  various Centres before returning to work, in the meantime I was studying for my social networking and communities.
I visited Black Dyke, Jedburgh,  Folkstone, Cornwall, Glastonbury, Box Hill and many London and Brighton Communes, got into the various popular things at the time, such as Bristol Cancer Center and Maxwell Cade Mind Mirror and early Bio feedback, Osho, and so many others, of course this laid the foundation for my degree. Still at the back ground were Zen, Ta Chi, Qi Gong.  
Later this work gave birth to the massive workshops and patients as I had taken a counselling course and psychotherapy training and with attitudinal Healing set me on my way until 2005 when I felt to quit travelling. I had two life threatening illnesses  in 1999 and 200 and recovered. Many of these were a clearing house and the transformation symptoms as described elsewhere.

The Life and Work of C.Maxwell Cade

MaxwellPhoto6.jpg (6319 bytes)

“Biofeedback is a new way of learning, a way of relearning, or realising for the first time, what the body already knows.” - Maxwell Cade
C Maxwell Cade (“Max”) was a highly qualified British scientist who as a child began training in eastern techniques such as meditation. After a career in radiation physics for the government, then in industry, he undertook pioneering research, with Dr Ann Woolley-Hart, a medical specialist, into consciousness and the meaning of brainwave patterns, bringing together the insights of Zen Buddhism and the methods of western science.
Working in partnership with Geoffrey Blundell, an electronics engineer, Max went on to develop biofeedback machines, such as the Mind Mirror, that enabled those who attended his courses to learn from their own physiological responses.
Max’s investigations into creativity, how mind influences health, how healers aid their clients, and his measurement of the brain rhythms of some remarkable Indian swamis, remain among the most enlightening work yet done into the mind/body relationship. This account describes his life and research in detail for the first time.

See also above link more specific technical information'

From Time to time more anecdotes will appear, these are fond memories of the struggles we all went through in our pioneering days and are still abounding, fraught and yet humorous and full of incite.

Be Well.  Geoff

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