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Hey there folks.  Where is the Sun.  Well NASA ask the same question in a different way.

I came across this short video and it brought back a huge lot of reminiscences.   Some spiritual masters say reminiscing is not very good, however, these are fond ones with some history and it makes a break from the world and its hard times that are being brought upon us, and also I can witness these as mere witness and just unfold a story, amusing and not attaching.  A past era and without the emotional attachment I once lived through with it. It a scene and not a programme.

Some years ago I lived at the Findhorn  Community in the early 70's and went to and fro on several occasions to various 'New Age Centres'.  My final visit was in 1987 when I was one of 10 presenters at a workshop named 'The Spirit of Healing'.  

Part of Findhorn. North East Scotland Morayshire.

When I first went there, there were only caravans a few buildings and when leaving the Universal Hall was just completed.

Findhorn atmosphere and vibrations certainly inspired me and spawned me out to go onto the 637 workshops I did round Europe and Canada.  Many Universities, and illustrious places like EU Brussels [ where often I would see the late Eileen Caddy,a co founder of the Findhorn community, either going up or down the escalators, when I was finishing or starting my workshops and she visa versa].

Gill Wells and I got 'married' at Findhorn  and we went onto network at many communities around the UK and some work in power points in the UK and Minorca, Spain. We set up a magazine called Universal Approach in the late Gwen and George Murray's home, and built an attic into a crystal machinery energy device in which many well known new age presenters visited.

Incidentally, every presenter at the 1987 workshop had difficulty in getting there or something befell them.  I had the front of my car ripped off, luckily I was away from it, and my luggage on the way up from London Airport to Inverness, directed to Brussels, and had to buy clothing anew for the week.

Two of the highlights were sharing a room with the late Sir George Trevelyan and making a real connection with Sun Bear, a native American Shaman.
Sir George Trevelyan

This led onto forming the with John Hunt, Barbara Fouladi and others ' The Centre For Attitudinal Healing' with Jerry Jampolsky hosted at St. Jame's Church Piccadilly in its later days and a therapy/healing Centre in the crypt, which was turned into therapy rooms. Here I saw 3000 patients in 13 years.  In the Clock tower we had a group of 60 or more in this famous Christopher Wren Church which in the second World War was used by the BBC to broadcast hope and prayer to the nation.

It was an honour and pleasure to work with Elizabeth Kubler Ross and Jerry.  This work went and several us formed Planetary Initiative with the UN, my visits to FAO UN,Rome and so on.  

St. James Church Piccadilly.
The courtyard of the Church had a market and a caravan for an assessment for advice and help and referrals to the clinic in the crypt which housed, therapists, doctors, healers and a couple of psychiatrists all working together, I was the chairman for four years of the steering committee and meetings of therapists etc.  We all worked reasonably well considering our differing disciplines. 

St.James Church Market Place.

Because Soho and Hay Market is so Central London we had many a character arrive for help, from tramps, prostitutes, drop outs and ins and the like, and of course people just in need.  I could write a book on the many workshops, patients, characters visits to Findhorn, however, there are many such stories in many books and client confidentiality and past stuff suffice it to say this is sufficient, however, yarns and stories do come out amongst trusted friends, not to say you are too dear reader but the internet is too wide spread and naughty media might do a number on us/me/you. 

Elizabeth Kubler Ross

Elizabeth Kubler Ross Ten Best Quotes.

Jerry Jampolsky

The paragraphs below are from David Icke's preview to his News Letter March 2013.  David visited me when I lived in Colindale and again when I visited him in Kent once. David is a brave and courageous man, and although I do not agree with all he says, he is a great AWAKENER.

It was at this point that I accepted an invitation to appear on a prime-time chat show watched by a considerable percentage of the British public – even more so given the revelations about my 'insanity' that people were reading in the papers.
I was said to be having a 'breakdown' by the reams of column inches, but in truth I was having a breakthrough. The waters breaking in my sense of reality were freeing me from the prison-perceptions of this world of illusion and suddenly I could see what most others could not.
When that happens there can be no other scenario than to be ridiculed and condemned and branded as insane when the word they are looking for is 'different'. This has happened to so many others before me, although rarely I suspect on the same at one time incessant and merciless scale.
When I say that I began to see what most others could not this is not meant to be a boast or a claim to some sort of specialness. My point has always been that we are all the same Infinite Awareness and that we are therefore all expressions of the same 'specialness'.
The breaking waters are open to anyone. It is only a choice to cast off the programmed perceptions of a lifetime in this world of illusion and delusion where the prevailing reality is courtesy of Looney Tunes.
So many people worldwide are going through the breakthrough process today and I want to give them encouragement and reassurance from my own extreme experience:
You are not going crazy. You are going sane.

Compare this to blog 6 and I think and feel there is awakening to sanity and from a deep somnambulism  sleep and trance or hypnosis.

Dark and cold we may be, but this
Is no winter now. The frozen misery
Of centuries breaks, cracks, begins to move;
The thunder is the thunder of the floes,
The thaw, the flood, the upstart Spring.
Thank God our time is now when wrong
Comes up to face us everywhere,
Never to leave us till we take
The longest stride of soul we ever took.
Affairs are now soul size.
The enterprise
Is exploration into God.
Where are you making for? It takes
So many thousand years to wake,
But will you wake for pity's sake!

-- Christopher Fry

And of course the now much acclaimed: " We are the People We Have been Waiting For"


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