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 A wonderful message from a 109 year young holocaust survivor:

Some more mysteries and a lovely rhetoric of the UFO scenario. 

The Big foot mystery rears its head

Please take the time to listen to bias that exists in scientific circles.  Rather than the truth they protect their reputations.  True some might lose their credibility as I did, and yet it holds back the tide of many things that can benefit our health and well being.

The map references from Google Earth and a massive phenomena here.

14 miles of it?  A previous reference in  link

An underground city well presented. A city that could support 20,000 people and the technology again will astound you.

Once again we are faced with an archaeological mystery.  It again begs for us to re examine our history.  What about those 'survivalists' and might it not happen again?

There is talk about the declining Magnetosphere, the magnetic poles  veering eastward, I am not going into the details as this was discussed in full in energygrid blogs.  Just to mention the so called 'elite' purchased property at first underground now in heights. Details again given elsewhere. There is a very disturbing interview by Camelot with Patrick Geryl below, it is tough talk.

To carry on the ancient mysteries and saga merely because a good mystery challenges us and keeps the brain alive.  Have a gander at this.

This is a favourite subject championed by David Icke. 
I have seen air brushed photos and put them into blogs elsewhere of the moon bases and astronaut whistle blowers have confirmed this to be authentic. I apologise for keep mentioning elsewhere meaning energygrid, but it does have a search bar and you can type in to get videos or Google and you will find a plethora of information.  My view is the moon is part of the planetary system and maybe the moon is inhabited, I have heard at  NASA and ESA meetings I was invited to, a well known astronaut say' the moon is crawling with aliens'.   As we are on this mystery tour I conclude this section with, uh aghast, horror ABDDDUCCCTION, erh and arh.

Mind you I investigated in my work and UFO and crop circle investigations and found some very real looking implants---they may have not been alien, as we discovered there are strange anomalies that crop up to suggest they maybe nearer to home.

It could be a means of early 'surveillance and monitoring', the forerunner of the pill mentioned recently on the net to send back information to doctors.  Monitoring offenders, and abducting people for the human genome experiment, human trafficking and also I believe monitoring in some cases by ET.  In my past UFO workshops, I gave several cases I investigated and the strange consequences.  By the way I only do local workshops and I do not intend to open up the UFO one. It does not in my view contribute to self growth and gets people 'hooked' and clutters the mind, however, as an amusing pastime its fun to give the 'brain' a workout, and tussle those sleepy neurons.  As a friend of mine said 'Well at least its different from Coronation Street, already my life so soon'.[said with a thick kosher chicken soup accent, remember I am a non religious kosher Buddhist already]. 

In one's life there maybe many seemingly unconnected random events which suddenly blossom into a series of ongoing synchronised full on scenarios, seemingly unconnected and then realising the invisible hand behind them.

I was introduced to a remarkable lady named Kate Beeching who ran a group at the Polish Centre in Chiswick, this would have been in the mid 80's.  She lived in Balfern Road or Gardens in Chiswick, London.  I also did a clinic round the corner.  At this same time I was doing workshops and clinic in Heathfield in East Sussex.  There were two patients who had experienced a UFO incidents on the South Downs and were disturbed by them and so came for sessions to explore and understand the phenomena.

Southdowns  Sussex

Both have allowed me to tell their story in brief: the first a gentleman we shall name X was a architect and used to go out onto the rolling hills of the Southdowns away from his cottage where he lived with his wife children and their faithful dog.  He used to sit in solitude and write poetry. On this particular day he observed a bright light in the sky and it seemed to 'contact' him, at first he was very sceptical, then he realised it was observing him.  He asked 'are you a UFO, if yes blink twice'  to his shock it did.  A conversation then ensued.  The light came towards him and he passed out.  He then came to and ran home about a mile away, and found his wife and children and the dog in huge panic and huddled together in the kitchen. They said a strange light came overhead and it was like a huge craft of some sort and the dogs hackles went up and they felt scared.  The incident had a strange impact on X and he eventually left home and went in search of the 'truth' about UFO's. He built an antenna which he said would enable him to pick up craft.  I reassured him that I had interviewed a friend of mine who had a similar incident in Folkstone the light was on the sea.  We had several sessions and he felt a little more at ease and we lost touch.

The lady I shall name Y had a UFO incident around the Sussex area and she felt disturbed, she never really came out with the incident in detail, however, our sessions revealed some very disturbing childhood events, and I suggested she attended psychotherapy in that area as my clinic in Heathfield was monthly and felt she needed weekly appointments, we spoke on the phone for support until she fixed this up. She felt I was  abandoning her and said she would try and get help for me.

One Monday evening Y phoned me and said she had found a Messiah who helped her and she had booked an appointment with on a Wednesday[cannot remember the date] at 14.00 hours at an address in Chiswick.  She had paid a lot for the interview for me. I was curious. 

On the day of the appointment I realised that the address was over the pedestrian bridge by the Cromwell Road, which was near Kate's house, so I phoned Kate and I arranged to leave my car at her house and walk across the bridge.  She said who was I going to see I said a Polish gentleman who the Messiah and his name is Edward Melnick.

This is not Edward, this is another story with another messiah.

Immediately I said his name, Kate burst into laughter. Oh Lord, he is well known at the Polish Centre, do you really want to see him? I told her Y had paid a lot and I was curious. Kate then took a folder and took a sheet of paper and drew something on it and asked me to seal it.  I did this not knowing what she had drawn on the paper and hidden in the folder.

Came the hour, came the man as it were and I walked with some trepidation over the bridge to an enclave of very well appointed blocks of flats.  I went up two flights of stairs and knocked on the door, it opened and there was a blond bombshell of a lady, my word she was a Marilyn Monroe double, she said she was the hand maiden to the Messiah [lucky him], I was led into a room and there was throne of a sort and a couch opposite.

On the couch sat a gentleman slouched over, glasses awry, tongue out to one side, and breathing erratically, I looked aghast at Marilyn as I shall call her, said 'he is channelling the Messiah.  I sat down a awaited with now anticipation the arrival of the Messiah.  By the way when I looked at the man next to me on my right, he looked remarkably like a comedian I met, the late Benny Hill and a character from his skits Fred Scuttle. 

Imagine his tongue out, one side of glasses on face away from ear, and the above of  is Benny Hill, the character next to me was apparently a Headmaster from a school up North.

The arrival of the Messiah, a huge man very muscular like a work out guy with weights, a black T-shirt and trousers, and black shoes. He shook hands with me and left about two fingers not crushed, massive pectorals a real Arnold Schwarzenegger build.  He had a beak nose like an eagle and two black eyes as it were, and they seemed close together and black wavy hair.

Marilyn translated for him and he rapidly spoke for 15 minutes.  He said he was the Commander in Chief of the UFO fleet and he was to rescue Earth and he alone will be the saviour.  This is a précis , believe me there was a whole lot more.  He asked me if I knew anything UFO's I related my UFO story as in energygrid which is also a précis, he cut me short and said I was wrong.

He then gave me an ultimatum.  I MUST join his organisation, the  fee £200.00[ a lot of money in the 80's, mind you I had the dosh{colloquialism}in those days] or by Wednesday next at Midnight I would be taken from Earth and I would die. He got up and left, Fred Scuttle awoke dazed and bewildered and I left hoping for consolation from Marilyn and was ushered quickly to the door.

When I was looking at Edward a large upright as it were was a  dark wave, with two piercing dark eyes staring intensely at me. I do see auras or energy manifestations. I went shaking back to Kate, she was in hysterics, she said they all come back like this, she gave me brandy and coffee.  I told her of the interview and she said it was similar to many, and some were traumatised by it.  Kate took the folder and in it was the wave with eyes.  Some had seen the overlighting of this shadow behind Mr Melnick. I felt it was a very hostile not too pleasant entity.  The wave was very much like a popular series which my family watched, two representations are below.

The wave I saw was darker than this but more oblong, I don't want to in for cropping and snipping. By the way the actor who took the main part had to have treatment as he got into his role so intensely he used actually arrest people and many believed him to be a real chief cop.  This happens a lot with actors and people,where reality shifts from a soap to 'real life'.   

On the Tuesday after the interview Y rang me excitedly and said' are you cured of your delusions ?  I relayed the incidents and she warned me not to be flippant and join otherwise he will take you away.

Dear folks the next part is synchronism as its most potent.  I used to present workshops at a funeral parlour in Portsmouth.  


Barrells Funeral Directors Limited - Portsmouth & Waterlooville in ...

Funeral directors in Portsmouth and Waterlooville in Hampshire. ... 'Lawnswood', 245 Fratton RoadPortsmouth, Hampshire, PO1 5PA - T..

Lawnswood front door.  I parked my car to the left under a tree opposite the door.

I relayed this Melnick incident to the group because it was the Wednesday of my demise.  The group were concerned, and I  retorted well I am in the right place if I were to pop my clog's.

Came the bewitching hour of midnight[sometimes I slept overnight and sometimes I slept in the car in a motorway stopover on the M3 or in my office in the West End [Marylebone Police Station, moved to adjacent behind Cumberland Hotel, Marble Arch]this night I slept at Joan Barrel's over the Chapel of Rest.  Joan was a lovely soul, full of light and compassion.  I then went to an anti room where there was a spare coffin and jumped in, jokingly saying saves you the trouble of lifting me in. I waited with a cup of tea for company and Joan looking on.  Well midnight came and went and I survived and went to bed and drove home at midday. Sometimes I took leave from work and went to a football match at Portsmouth and had a day walking by the sands and parks there.

 The Official Site of Portsmouth FC

When a soccer apprentice I played as a junior on Pompey's ground and was a reminder of days yore. 

Any road, arriving home Thursday night, Y phoned me as did many from the group at Lawnswood to see if I survived. Y was disappointed and I never heard from her again.  Then Marilyn phoned and said I was alive because the Messiah felt I was a nice man and he would let me live on for a reduced fee.  I said I would take my chances, and I never heard from them again.

Around that area I presented workshops Burwash, Hawkhurst, Seaford, Rye, Brighton, Eastbourne, Hastings, Seddlescombe, Battle, Crowborough and another story connected to Samye Ling at the The charity model was established in 1946, after the Second World War, to accommodate and educate children from both sides of the war.[2] The concept soon spread to other Countries, in the UK, Pestalozzi Children Village was opened. The charity is named after a Swiss educationalist called Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi who believed in educating the heart, hands and head as a complete educational system. Pestalozzi Village initially offered children vocational courses to equip them with skills from agriculture to carpentry
The monk in charge was Geyshe La and we had a connection years back at Samye Ling.  There was many refugee children there when I attended.

Some of the grown up children from Pestalozzi.

Now it appears that Geshe La was a very high Lama, yet I met him at Samye Ling and at Seddlescombe, maybe I have the spelling wrong. Anyway there is brief story here.  In Post 9 I recount my interview  with Trungpa and as I was seeing auras and Trungpa remark of not having heard of them, I remembered my teachers Sensei and Sifu saying do not get involved in them they are 'tricks' on the way and in the future someone would assist in this.  I saw them but did not know what they meant or represented.  Jamdra a young Lama introduced me to a new arrived Lama named Geshe La or maybe Gasha La anyway Jamdra said he would teach me the interpretation of the colours and organs and so on they represent.  Though Gasha La could not speak English well, we somehow came to an understanding.  Later when I visited a very special place the Bedgebury Pinetum.  A slight detour and I would be at Seddlescombe. 

I would make several trips a year and take dear friends to this place. I married myself there.  A kind of personal ritual by the lake and it took me to a new era in my life.

The Lake. I stood between the two trees.  Found a ring on the floor and said I would be true to myself as possible and to cherish and love myself in spirituality and seek the truth of myself no matter what.

So dear friends this is the end of another story and I hope you enjoyed it.

Lots of Love and Be Well.  Geoff

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