Sunday 17 March 2013


How are you folks?  It's been quiet a winter and the changeable weather can affect one's health dramatically.  Below is just one change:
AMPLIFIED GREENHOUSE EFFECT SHIFTS GROWING SEASONS: Vegetation growth at Earth's northern latitudes increasingly resembles lusher latitudes to the south, according to a NASA-funded study. "It's like Winnipeg, Manitoba, moving to Minneapolis-Saint Paul in only 30 years," says one of the lead researchers..  The Full story can be found at
Would you kindly go to the link for the physical affects of the weather on biology, it is important so with future weather changes you maybe able to enhance your health and prevent a lot of suffering:

Here is a heartening story and lift :

Amazing people come from all walks of Life.  

In endeavouring to free ourselves of the past mind restrictive patterns, some of which still stand such as decency which comes from compassion, not by duty, respect, natural care and manners, sharing and caring, and a natural feel for nature and the Universe, many experiments were set up in the early 50's, 60's and 70's, such as the Genesis Project where single persons, couples, and all sexual preferences lived together. The ins and outs were intriguing  and in my days where I was studying Social Stuff for the degree, I visited many of these places.  Findhorn was similar in the early days. What was noticeable was the fact that ego reared its head and the more one 'tried' to be a loving responsible member or unit as some called it, there arose the strong leader, not always benign. There are a lot of science fiction films about 'who rules the world when the wheel drops off so to speak' 'When the s--t hits the Fan'.  A couple of stories to follow, not to judge or criticize because as I was there I am rersponsible for the mix and share the energy and contributed to it, BECAUSE I am in all my stories I am responsible for the outcome as do all members present.

There is a study we did and is acknowledged that in every group, household and so on there are undercurrents, atmospheres that pervade and can be 'catching'.  In psychic and homoeopathic experiments one sceptical or negative person can interrupt and corrupt a meeting or experiment. This is not an excuse for failed psychic or homoeopathic tests.  Feeling the atmosphere of old building and churches is an example. To truly be as far as possible unbiased or fare, one may have to meditate to find the pure witness of awareness without bias.  One then can ' Catch  the underlying tension and bias' and by allowing it to flow through one without reaction, perhaps moderate without interference.

The Print Room before it was to be so designated was a kind of small warehouse type, at first it was a temporary dormitory.  Peter Caddy turfed us out and we were rehoused. He had a sense of urgency about everything, the new age had to be built in a hurry.

We worked from 06.00 in the morning till early evening with just short breaks for meals.  On this particular morning at the usual 0.6.00 start and it was cold and damp, by 08.00 I was tired and needed a hot drink. I sat down, people were scared of Peter, he had that 'air' about him and had been in the Royal Air Force, the young lads jumped up and starting working, many of these lads had not been in working Life. I had been.  Peter huffed and slowly looked at his watch by extending his arm, stared at it and glared at me sitting down. He said very deliberately 'The new Age will not be built by lazing about'  'I carried on quietly and said ' I am sure the New Age will be built in its own timing'.  He turned and walked out.  Later that day he said that I was a disruptive influence and did not fit in and should go and get counselling.  I did not reply.  The lads came to me and said, Peter is the Father of New Age and is attuned to the overlighting energies and you should respect this and they went away shunning me. The older members of the community supported me.  The ethos of Findhorn was to honour and respect each person as a spiritual and equal being.

The next episode took place at The Maltings Fareham where my dear friends Alexi and Arvid Willen kindly invited me to present workshops either singularly or with other presenters.

The Maltings a beautiful renovated building from an historic old site.

On one of these presentations an extremely well known presenter was attending with five others and I. There was a kind of 'new age' market downstairs selling incense, crystals, books and also a cafe.  The workshop venues were aloft.  This presenter and I knew one another from elsewhere.  He had a return ticket to London and as we got on so well, he asked me if we could chat in my car on the way back. I was delighted for the company and his wisdom.

Some months later I got a letter and leaflet inviting me to Findhorn where the presenter was holding a meeting over a week, free of charge, and you had to pay your fares up there and so on.  The leaflet said that the reason for the meeting was to gather the elite cutting edge new age presenters and kind of pool their wisdom and knowledge, so as to give the new age a 'push'.  

There were to be NO RULES, we were to share without being judged, to be respected as wise souls, each born with Divine Wisdom as we were the 'cutting Edge of Spirituality'.  This did not sit comfortably with me. Then in small print at the bottom ' These are the rules.  What time breakfast, meditation which you  are compelled not to miss, there would be a chairperson[the top of the letter said no moderator, chairperson or facilitation, and so on, one should be suitably attired]. 

I wrote back thanking the presenter for the invitation and that the top of  the letter contradicted the bottom bit, I did not feel elite and this was not in keeping with spirituality and that in my view it was 'Old Age' and that is exactly what we trying to change, the hierarchical, patriarchal, in house breeding as it were. His reply 'suit yourself, you know damn well what I mean'. We have never spoken again. In fact he has slagged me off to people and I did lose a few workshops and clients over this.   

You see I was struggling to be free of the above hierarchies in myself, I found that in workshops I could be a 'guru' type and I am aware of my tendencies to be overbearing, all that I see in others is in me. A story for a future blog is my meeting with Krishnamurti in a country lane. For now a quote to sum up the above ' It is in the mirror of relationships we find ourselves'.

Krishnamurti  Incredible, one could start one's own country there. The photographs are incredible.  More drilling, as if fracking isn't terror enough, it wouldn't surprise me if the Mother Earth had enough, my old friend   Sunbear said once 'When Mother Earth has enough then one cough and we're off ' 

Bradley Manning in Court

It turns out that Bradley Manning is not a weak and cowardly person. This report by the Lawyer of Julian Assange who was at the hearing is very revealing.  Nothing of Julian for some time bye the way.
Bradley Manning
Manning is a US Army soldier who has been held in captivity in America without a trial since July 2010 because he had the courage to pass on evidence of US war crimes to Wikileaks. He is currently facing twenty years to life if convicted by a military court. When the exposure of war crimes is criminalized in this way, war crimes are encouraged, which is why it is important that true justice be done and Manning released. For more info, visit:www.bradleymanning.or

Aaron Swartz(1986-2013)
Thank you to Aaron Swartz for protecting internet freedom and social justice. He was one of the brightest stars of a new generation of web activists, a genius who gave real hope for the future of the net. For more info on this brilliant and ethical man, please visit his wiki page or watch one of his videos. Aaron, know that you were loved, respected, and made a huge difference.

Aaron Swartz

Aaron SwartzHugo Chavez(1954-2013)
Chavez was one of the few presidents to actually champion the interests poor people, not only in his home country of Venezuela, but also across the world where he would offer free or low-cost oil to the poorest. As a consequence of his stubborn resistance to US corporate control and social inequality, and the fact that Venezuela sits on top of the biggest oil reserves in the world, he became the greatest threat to US world dominance. Chavez had faults — some accused him of becoming increasingly autocratic — but his legacy will be the extraordinary example he has set to political leaders worldwide for putting the interests of ordinary people above those of the elite and the corporate sector.

It is interesting to say the least of those trying to suppress the peoples of the world, there are many reasons given among them are: not enough food to feed the rising world population, rubbish there are vast amounts of food, thrown away food, NOT GM crap.  Oil and other mineral extraction taking over arable land, true.  The population is getting too large for the planet.  Not true it is the  corporate mega giants taking up the room and causing poverty and when there is poverty people tend to breed more strangely enough, wealthy oilfields, military bases and airfields, pollution causing ill health and so causing huge health bills, which in turn cause poverty. Wealth being hoarded. It has been calculated that if every military pay, arms, munitions and transport budget per month world wide,  were distributed in cash, then every person on the planet would be a multi millionaire.

If  we were allowed the free energy devices, air and water quality restored, health transformers, a peaceful planet, the population birth rate would fall.  Love would replace lust and contentment breeds health and like nature if left to natural means it self regulates itself.  The planet is intelligent and like one's body self regulatory and healing if left to natural selection and needs.

This short Video above depicts a very unusual but in my view apt on the mark about control and economy.  It says a lot in a few words. 

These are a few of the courageous souls who have stood up for peace, freedom and fairness, invariably at great risk to their careers and even their lives. They are the real heros of today, leading lights in an insane world that has temporarily forgotten integrity and responsibility.
Eating Animals by Jonathan FoerGwenyth Todd / Feb 2013Not many can say that they averted a war single-handedly, but that is a claim that Gwenyth Todd can make  Todd was a White House Middle East policy adviser — a job that took her to many Arab-speaking countries and which opened her eyes to American foreign policy. Although originally asked by Clinton to open communication with Iran, subsequent Presidents, especially George Bush, have been under pressure from pro-war lobbyists such as AIPAC (The American Israel Public Affairs Committee) to start a war with Iran. This came to a head in 2007 towards the end of Bush's presidency when a false flag operation to spark conflict was defused by a report Todd sent back to Washington, a report her administrators and handlers tried to block her from sending by revoking all her security passes. Because of her report, war was averted that time, but Todd lost her job as a consequence and has been struggling to get work ever since. This is how Washington repays those who display integrity, the sort of integrity that is in the interest of ordinary people around the world, including the American public. (This is the same sort of response to those who expose US war crimes.) War only serves to enrich and empower the elite, and further extreme and immoral political agendas that have no other way to be realized. You can watch an interview with Todd here.
 Thank you energygrid for article and allowing freedom to reproduce it.

Dear folks hopefully when we keep a journal as I did with all the stories, I can see from this my journey of searching for a sanity that is beyond the above conspiracies, suppressions, dominations, it takes two to tango as the old saying goes, and thereby by fate, destiny, chance I could have been someone else and have been very close to some of the above.  There by the grace of god go I.

At one time in my life I had lots of money, I became very arrogant, and a lot more. Not saying that is wrong or right, however, I became unhappy with myself, and caused a lot of suffering to others and most of all to me.  I understand the power lust, the heady glamour of celebrity mind set, and one can see examples of the drug addiction and the like of those with abundance and those without.

I realised it was not the money, power, control,[I never did drugs or alcohol, I would not be ashamed to admit it, mine was money, women and cars, cars, cars, position and the money to buy and get hooked on gadgets, trinkets, food, watches were a thing, shnazie clothes].  The addiction to my stuff as in brackets, made a monster for these commodities and the more I had, so the addiction grew it became a voracious roller coaster, a snowball that gathered more as it rolled on.  A greedy out of control entity.  Fortunately for me it lasted only a few years and illnesses, running into debt, a broken heart over a relationship, broke the spell.  INCIDENTALLY I was meditating all the while and could see the mayhem, and it was a kind of film I could not stop, I knew deep down it was not the real me. The same as when in forensics and the total horror and somehow a quietness in me while the storm raged, saved me from the bitterness and craziness some of my colleagues got into to 'blot' out the smell, sight, and sheer gut wrenching we experienced at times. I do emphasise with police officers, soldiers and so on when they get bitter, suspicious, cynical and would often hear 'this is a mad world' oh for one genuine person', so often they are called for emergencies, and usually horrific. [Also heard the agony and pain in patients and workshops, I had patients say to me 'I am addicted to nothing, there is no addiction' in the end it was found they were addicted to denial].

I learnt what it is to be addicted and now hopefully setting free, not by suppression, but being the witness, allowing the pain, the emotion to be seen and understanding by releasing this is not of me, but an event, a memory, and I have to thank meditation for delivering me through these years.  For me meditation eventually took or allowed me to view dispassionately, a kind of inner realisation, the emotionality, the emotional triggers as below diagram shows, and so the cycle get broken.  For many there are cycles within cycles.  

To end on another tack and see what you feel about this stupendous new technology and a surprise at the end.  The Technology starts off the sequence, leads onto the UFO and the surprise. 

Comet Pan Starrs causing much speculation 

This was Posted by NASA on March 7 2013. Some points once again they do not refer to the biological affects of this impact.  Neither do they alert us to the fact that Nuclear power stations could lose their electricity vital for cooling the rods, although they have diesel back up generators it would be a hassle for the constant supply, and cables have been known to overload and burn out.  NASA  are getting into this more and more and I tussled with them for years because I feel they are holding back, however, this maybe to not panic the populace.  I do think we could take measures to offer some protection from these frequencies as is in links.  But is their the agenda there are too many on Earth anyway?

Note the importance in the video of cold Northern winters and lack of sun spots.  According to NASA this is Cycle 24 and should be this year a full on sunspot and CME, HSS active time, hopefully it is not the calm before the storm.  Once again may I refer you to this link:

A vital article although long, and good for brain power, remember neuroplasticity is and in my view so apt and brilliant and updates automatically:

There is much more to this such as the Schumann Resonance, Drifting Magnetic North Pole,  Declining Magnetosphere, Earth's Core anomalies, all these interfere with the 7.87 hertz brain and heart biorhythms and cause arrhythmias and other evidence of fossils buried and preserved in mud and deep Fjords, bacteria which come up with change to magnetic fluctuations, Ice drilling's at North Pole. [ I have discussed this with medical doctors and say 'some obesity, sperm counts, heart attacks,strange viruses maybe partially due to 'Space Weather', like with Full and New Moon, I was mainly given the cold shoulder, however my Russian contacts have other views and are pursuing this very intensely.  One of them is although I do not know him personally but admire him greatly and do watch his YOU TUBE ones and series of CD's by the WDDTY, is :

Prof. Konstantin  Korotkov.  I have not been in touch with  Prof Korotkov , however I have with an associate  of his Mikhail  Balenovski, and Mikhail and I worked in a privately funded lab in Cambridge UK, for a while on Star Gates, I was the unpaid (I just do voluntary work now, only fares and food are collected), I was the ideas person, Mikhail the physicist and engineer,  due to unfortunate circumstances we were advised to close down.  We were successful in our endeavours

Dr Paul LaViolette a brilliant and incredible series.

A humorous yet serious angle: Space craft with humans aboard need a Schumann Resonance Simulator on board otherwise they get dozy.  Seems wee need them in parliament.    

The physical condition of early Astronauts deteriorated severely whilst in Outer Space, away from the Schumann Resonance. The problem was solved by introducing the "Schumann Simulator" into all space shuttles, a magnetic pulse generator mimicking the Earth's frequency. This demonstrates the simple fact that we cannot be healthy if disconnected from the "natural biological frequency"

In a paper I have seen at a meeting of Astronauts, the eyes of some went slightly to the side and made the chin look deformed, I joked are we turning into 'grey s' ? A retired Astronaut and whistle blower said you might not be kidding!!!

At the end of my UFO workshops I used to start packing up, and then said by the way, pausing to look toward the participants ' Have you heard of the time dilation theory?'

Time dilation explains why two working clocks will report different times after different accelerations. For example, ISS astronauts return from missions having aged slightly less than they would have been if they had remained on Earth, and GPS satellites work because they adjust for similar bending of spacetime to coordinate with systems on earth.  I explained it in more detail to the workshop participants.

 'Suppose Astronauts went to Jupiter and it took a number of years and say those years were 10 years to get there and 10 years back, maybe the years on Earth would  have gone by to say 100 years, and if no one kept records, and their physiology would have changed, ET might be our future selves come back before we left'[tongue in cheek,  looking round at some perplexed and bemused faces.  I do have I am told a wry sense of humour.  There you go.

           Finally the Birth rate in graphs

                  Thanks for your support and BE WELL.  GEOFF


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