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A few weeks back I had an interior vision, brief and startling.  I know as many do about programming, conditioning, belief systems, in fact nearly every blog I did have this theme.

Figure 1.  Our beliefs mask who we really are. The many masks of humanity.

When a systematic repetition of words, pictures and sounds are so instilled into one’s neuronal network, that one believes in that reality, can be war as above and violence, or academic, scientific religious, philosophic [the Earth is Flat, My religion and God is the only true one, there is no god, I am useless, I am powerful and above everyone, nearly everything I get hooked on, obsessive behaviour, you name it and nearly everyone is hooked and believes that to be reality, there is no reality, money and power].  What comes out of this is we are all joined into a network.  The next step is to encourage the groups to give up their identity, become ‘Universal’.  The EU would like ultimately to be a unified politically and one country, a mini world government.
Figure 2. Social, cultural networks. Each ball containing a group of people identified with either a uniform, flag, religious texts, politics, football team, family and so on.
We can become confused, demoralised as not having a group to identify with.  This then leads the way for authorities to step into the psychological gap, where the witness should be and create a one uniformed, and one flag one world government, run by a few hedonistic power mad bullies acting as benign dictators and keeping people dumbed down by technology or electronically as in post February 2013 post 5, electronic diagrams.

Figure 3. Much the same as figure 2. 

Every person in that group has a slight variation on a theme, and feels safe within the group.  Unrest arrives when break away’s occur and new comers arrive.  All is well when the newcomer becomes one of the gang and is indoctrinated.
Soporific TV, child violence through cartoons, super heroes as in first depiction at top of blog.  Junk food, fluoride, medical procedures and drug side effects.  So many now on anti depressants.
My experience went beyond the descriptions above and the pictures, many of us know this and know the facts intellectually and may have even felt this on a deeper level, somewhat akin to instinct.  It is hard to describe inner ah ha’s at a fundamental level.
In a flash I ‘saw, felt knew’ that each one of the people as in figure 2 and 3 had an aerial so to speak out of the top of their heads, and like a TV broadcast they were all tuned into the same PROGRAMME [conditioning, the only variation was their education and background, which modified the programme, as we would if watching the same play, but still agreeing to the programmes principles and ethos].
The difference here is that I perceived the indoctrination as energy waves, frequencies, and that the human body is a river of frequencies, it is in itself a programme run and facilitated by the Universal Creative Intelligence.  In fact we are endeavouring to do the same, a human body template that we all have, so that we are named humans and recognise this.  If we alter the Universal Blueprint our bodies go out of synch. 
The one world government is breaking down the ‘individual’ matrix’s so like the human body we are one, uniform and easily governed.

In the figures above, I saw as it were the entire matrix’s, networks, as broadcast waves and that the human so called solidness of form was in fact waves of energy, electronic impulses which the brain decodes. Like the TV decodes the wavelengths from the air, space.
Figure 4. Brain decoding wavelengths. Might be a shock that we are really frequencies and only are reality as such when the brain converts wavelengths into a 'mental' pictures, we are in fact virtual reality.
.  Courtesy of and apologies for not affirming link.  I do wish though when I import images whoever imported before myself would acknowledge the link. 
Figure 5. Shows the complexity of the neural network and the many 'justifications' through the graphics held in the mausoleum of the past and we can juxtapose anything and 'digitally' alter our perceived reality. 
Brain decoding all the wavelengths to make a seemingly solid form of energy waves, frequencies.
In fact all one could see metaphorically speaking would be like ruffles in space, or water, waves, interacting, interrelating and nothing tangible or solid at all.
This I perceived, felt, knew deeply intuitively, taking from science which I new already the above, to understanding, to believing and then for me knowing in a fundamental level.
It went on [all this in a flash of perception on a level not of the mind rationale], then I knew how the manipulation is done, of course I knew this before, but not this fundamental.  Others know of this of course, and electronically as in the diagrams post 5 one alters the perception by altering the frequency, and I saw a master circle encircling the whole of Figures 2,3. That this diagram is called social networking, which all circles have in common to their own and yet interface with others in Life and yet being separate.
The Master VIBE, FREQUENCY was in fact a ‘bringer together   to break ‘down all circles’ gradually making the circle one big circle and all corralled or packed into the one world ethos, one philosophy and probably no religion and totally surrendered.  The Centre depiction of a person in figure 3 is the overall circle that is trying to entrain all circles into a one world ethos, destorying diversity and genetic gene pools.
The use of the snooping laws, surveillance, cutting up the internet, WIFI, smart phones and meters all would be used with media censorship, fear and intimidation, electronic fog and powerful frequencies would eventually breakdown all resistance and make us plastic and one dimensional.
In fact I perceived the wavelength that is the master destroyer. 
Now here is the strange part.  In a way The Universal Creative Intelligence is endeavouring to make us a one human being so to speak, however it, like nature which is the expression of the UCI [UNIVERSAL CREATIVE INTELLIGENCE] as we are, all part of the circles and interfacing, the difference being that the UCI created a self perpetuating, symbiotic, eco system, supportive, sharing, co operative and in tune with itself.
The matrix’s dominated by a one world government would be selfish, power ego consciousness, tyranny[as we are seeing various countries with imprisonment without trial, banning protests, violent military and police action, not shown on BBC, ITV and the like in other countries state run broadcasting, but can be seen on RT, Aljazeera,  and others I suspect to be shut down, usual excuse, incites people to riot, feeds extremists and activists, so you will get your adulterated food ration, medical drugs to dumb one, staring zombie like people racing home to the high of explicit TV and computer games, drug dealers the new dispensation of a governmental ruse.
Yet maybe, out of this may come the realisation of the above in depth and awaken people to the way to go through this without too much trauma.  The main trauma will be withdrawal symptoms and shock, which I am feeling; it really threw me out of kilter.
I know now just seeing and perceiving in depth fundamental energy wavelength that one realises this is not reality.  Yes I can still see the TV and all, yet I watch it sparingly, and does it matter if I do not have a computer, mobile phone etc?  Yes you can have these; the difference being there is not attachment to it.  THIS THEN TAKES AWAY THE AERIAL, THE ANTENNA ON THE TOP OF THE HEAD so to speak. One has turned off the incoming programme, signal.  Then the control by the forces of control have lost a victim and one has gained back one’s own inner space. The Zen Buddhist ‘on having no head’.  One can be aware of the human rights abuse, conspiracy stuff’ but does not get angry, fearful and the rest.
One can easily fall into a relapse, as the signals push into the body to bring back ’the long lost son’’
A quote from the bible [don’t often do that; Verily, verily I say unto you, Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit’
From a Calendar: ‘The world does not need super-men, but supernatural men.  Men who will persistently turn self out of their lives and let Divine Power work through them’  By deleting the programmes of the world government matrix, we turn out the ego and so as above we die to ego, the corn of wheat and become the witness or an aware being without bias.
By being the witness and just letting all go through like a person sitting on the river bank and observing the passing traffic and not being partial, breathing, relaxing and letting all go and feeling the inner chat lessen and being left with an easy calm and rhythm and all systems return to the makers default settings.

Figure 6.  Staring through the matrix, the thought forms, one comes to a calm place, silent and yet dynamic, and one is free of the matrix and is the witness of it not identified with it as reality.
Figue 7.  Who am I?
Onto a slightly different tack:

Dave Smith, a sports psychologist in England, is a former strength training coach who has used visualization to improve his clients’ strength gains.
This is not new; top athletes all over the world use visualization. But Dave wanted to prove the value of this practice, so he conducted an experiment to determine whether “mental workouts” — i.e., sitting still and visualizing oneself lifting weights — truly build strength. He gave each of three groups of men a different training regime: actual strength training, mental workouts (only), or nothing at all.
After four weeks, the first group showed a 33% strength increase, the second showed a 16% increase, and the third group showed no change. That’s right: mental workouts are half as effective as physical workouts!
Keys to Visualization
Dr. Smith’s prescription for how to do a mental workout is instructive. To be effective, he says, mental workouts must (a) be regular, and (b) take a particular approach to visualization.
A mental workout shouldn’t be like watching a home movie of yourself: “There’s me, on my mental movie screen, lifting a 300-pound barbell.” Instead, he emphasizes engaging all the senses: “Recreate the entire experience in your mind. Make it as much like actual weightlifting as possible: imagine your muscles straining and getting ‘pumped up,’ heart pounding, sweat dripping. In every way, feel yourself doing it right now!” He even encourages clients to wear their workout clothes during mental workouts, and to imagine the smell of the gym (how lovely!).
One reason that this approach works is that the motor parts of the brain (i.e., those concerned with moving your body) can’t tell the difference between visualization and actuality. Their job is to get neurons to fire in the brain; they have no way of knowing whether the firing actually causes any physical movement. (Other parts of the brain do know whether there is movement, however.) If we do a convincing job of visualization, the motor parts of the brain will believe that the workout is really happening.
As a result, the nervous system changes: Dr. Smith has found that strength gains from mental workouts are primarily due to improvements in neural pathways in the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nervous system that control the movements involved. Yes, it takes physical strength training to increase muscle size, but mental workouts can rewire us for more efficient application of our muscle power.
In addition to demonstrating brain plasticity, this makes a strong argument for controlling our mental processes. Anything we do, even mentally, is literally reshaping our brains so we can do that better, more easily, and more naturally — whether it leads us to happiness or not. So let’s not leave our minds unchaperoned!
A Note on Energization
The Energization Exercises (EE's) take it a step farther: they employ both physical exertion and visualization. So it seems safe to extrapolate from Dr. Smith’s research and say that the EE’s are an effective strength training regime if — and this is a big “if” — they are done correctly: with great will power and concentration. (Anyone who’s ever tried the Charles Atlas Dynamic Tension System of bodybuilding will concur. It’s very much like Energization. In fact, Charles Atlas was a student of Yogananda’s teachings.)
Of course, strength is not the goal of the EE’s. And the visualization technique is different: instead of visualizing muscles contracting, heart pounding, sweat dripping, etc., we visualize sending and withdrawing energy. But I’ll wager that those elements of Dr. Smith’s prescription are simply indirect ways to foster concentration and engage the will and feeling capacity.
In Energization, we focus directly on using will and feeling — “Tense with will, relax and feel.” Seems to me that such a direct focus might produce better results, even just at the level of physical strength. Maybe this will inspire you in your Energization practice. Or maybe (and I hope) you’re looking for more than just strength from the EE’s. So let’s go a bit deeper.
How about a Plastic Heart?
Recent research has shown that the heart is not just a specialized muscle. Neurocardiologists have found that 60 – 65% of the heart’s cells are neural cells — exactly like brain cells, with the same types of connections and neurotransmitters.
That’s right: your heart is mostly brain, and it constantly converses with the “emotional brain” (i.e., the limbic system and its attendant structures, such as the amygdala and hippocampus). The emotional brain tells the heart about your experience of the world, from a “how do I feel about this?” perspective. The heart responds by telling the emotional brain what to do about it — e.g., fight or flee. In fact, the heart’s responses generate a powerful electromagnetic field that influences the entire body, and in particular, the brain.
This may be an outward manifestation of an important inner truth that Paramhansa Yogananda often cited: “Reason follows feeling.” That is, the intellect tends to look for — and find — ways to justify what we are feeling emotionally.
Next time you find yourself justifying some behavior of yours, check to see if you might simply be defending an emotional response. Perhaps your heart’s magnetic field is lending physiological bias to your brain function, swaying the brain to align with the emotional response. That’s mere speculation on my part, but it certainly seems possible.
So science already knows that when the mind expresses in a particular way, the brain grows and reshapes itself to facilitate that particular expression. Well, if the heart is largely a brain itself, might not the same thing happen with the heart? And if our feeling capacity expresses outwardly through the physical “heart brain” and emotional brain, might our exercise of feeling rewire the heart and brain to be better instruments to express feeling?
I wouldn’t be surprised, even though it’s not been proven physiologically. The yoga teachings back it up in this sense: when we do something regularly with the mind or feeling capacity, it becomes easier and more natural to do it. And the more feeling we put into it, the easier and more natural it becomes — whether it leads us to happiness or not! “I joyfully manifest the power of God!”,
Thanks to
Gyandev McCord, Director of Ananda Yoga® Worldwide and Co-Founder of Yoga Alliance

Then a reference to a book by Dr Norman Doidge ‘The Brain That Changes Itself’  ‘Stories of Personal Triumph from the Frontiers of Brain Science’. This now referred to as neuroplasticity.
This then brought me to another shattering experience and physical and emotional upheaval and overwhelms, a real Prigogine tipping point, inverted V stuff [back blogs], in energygrid and search bar. If the brain cannot tell the difference between exercise in the Gym and on the couch, providing it is done with intensity and feeling [also video ‘What The Bleep Do We Know?’], then how do I know I exist, as someone said ‘Your only an idea’.  How do I know that all this stuff about awareness, the witness is just another dream? Do I really exist as separate person, yes in one way as a body, yet is this body only an illusion because we know nothing is solid and held together by thought?  Am I a thought in a mind that is not my mind I am merely a programme, a conditioned thought of electronic brain circuits as the book mentioned above can prove, and that these circuits can be rerouted.
Then what is reality? Certainly if one believes in any of the programmes with deep conviction then they become passionate, intense about it and intentionise into being.  Being form that is.  So reality is a set of thought processes bundled together in a package called the ego, and from it we defend or allow our life to flow. ‘Whatsoever you believe with all your might and heart, so will it be, and you really believed you could say to yonder mountain be gone and it would’ [Jesus-Bible].  Be careful what you believe it may happen.
So who put these thought waves into space, the sound waves of creation?  In the beginning was the void----In the beginning was the word---In the beginning from the void came the first ripple on the ocean. 
When we were babies, nay even foetuses, nay even a sperm,  
   Where we see the sperm and ovum interacting, and then back to conception in intercourse and then pre life agreements and then --- who knows?
In terms of reality we are an intentioned being, in fact the whole Universe is, this void is the consciousness of the Primal Being, the Eternal Source in no form, the no mind that has to prove its existence by being form.  Enlightenment should there be such a thing, is merely a mind aligned with original primal intention.  Who the individual is who is not so aligned is the intention of their personal individual mind based on their education, propaganda, culture, religion, customs, political affiliations, exposure to pleasure and pleasant childhood, traumatic upbringing, world conditions, environmental factors and so forth. This may mean a distancing or severance with the primal intention.
However, one can be whatever one wishes with deep conviction and justify this with conviction or empty oneself out as above calendar quote.  The choice remains yours.  Or does it?  
Whatever your choice or not, we are merely a thought process which ever way we see it or feel it.
I wrestled with this above and my shattered my mind[what do I mean by my?] also shattered my lovely body, it brought about a great purging, a detox in every way. The trick is not to reassemble the old box of tricks in the attic, and let the flow be and surrender to what is and ‘that all this will pass------and then?
“The universe looks more and more like a great thought rather than a great machine.”
Sir James Jeans, The Mysterious Universe
 'The stream of knowledge is heading towards a non-mechanical reality; the Universe begins to look more like a great thought than like a great machine. Mind no longer appears to be an accidental intruder into the realm of matter... we ought rather hail it as the creator and governor of the realm of matter.' As the philosophers would put it, mind might be the phenomenon, matter an epiphenomenon’. This is from a book aptly called The Mysterious Universe by Sir James Hopwood Jeans.
‘This kind of thinking I find very attractive, not least because it comes so much closer to the way it feels to be a living being in the world than more mechanistic models of the universe do. And, essentially, it lets the mystery be.’ Quote from author Nigeness. Many thanks.
‘Always remember that whatever you dislike, face it’
And whatever you would like to avoid, never avoid.
 Whatsoever you are afraid of –go into it.
That’s the only way to finish it; otherwise, it will haunt you like a shadow.
Courtesy of OSHO.
You didn’t create your body, nor are we able to control the body’s functions. An Intelligence greater than the human mind is at work.
It is the same Intelligence that sustains all of Nature.
You cannot get any closer to that Intelligence than by being aware of your own energy field---by feeling the aliveness, the animating presence within your body.
Courtesy of Eckhart Tolle. 
Figures 8 and 9 just to cement that we are 'only and idea' in a conscious mind.              

When I spent a few years as a lay Zen Buddhist Monk and I taught meditation, Budo[Judo, Kendo, Aiki Do, then Tai chi and Qigong as kind of Taoist, with a Sensei and Sifu, many back blogs in energrygrid and in search bar.  Perhaps I shall relay again some of them for new readers or refresh them for others.  However here is one I was kind of brought up on:

As it came over to me and now in particular I began to search for 'reality' this started with my NDE in 1942 and being taught meditation from that year for a few years and Jujutsu by an American Second war superfortress pilot and then later on in the 50's by Sensei from Japan, and Sifu from China. Also when studying physics and saw my finger was not solid under a scanning electron microscope and earlier demonstrations by the masters, my whole perception of the world began to radically shift.  All became like the above.  Looking for the Ox to me was looking for enlightenment.
When the ox appeared as in circle 3 I experienced my first 'breakthrough' this was a solving of a Koan given to me by Sensei. His words to me as I tried in vain with words, like the matrix above, failed and I gasped and felt weak and had no concrete or foundations and I said repeatedly 'I know' I know' but could not explain. Sensei then said 'Now your troubles really begin, you will never fit into the world until you get O Satori, enlightenment in full, there will be many ko satori, minor ones'
The ox is now the ego which fights to master me and does not like me going into the circle of stillness, calm, non anxiousness. Yes I have experienced all the circles, and yet the ox still is wanting to break away.  I see this as my belief systems have a life of their own, they know they are and illusion and transient and battle for domination.  One can see this in the world.  We murder for our beliefs, power, money and so many countless crazy non sensible reasons.
All of this is the matrix and the struggle mass humanity has with the few dominating destructive forces bent on power and total control.  However there is a shift, this is a shift in consciousness as humanity wakes up.  At the moment many are wiping the sleep from their eyes, yawning and wanting to duck down into the warmth of their duvet and fear the changes. Yet it will change.  Which way will it go? That is our choice. A well know cliche 'WE ARE THE PEOPLE WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR'.
Be Well.  Geoff