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In the spirit of the last blog, I would like to finish off the Messiah episode with one more I came across.  David Icke was at one time named this as was Krishnamurti, SaiBaba, and a few more however, they renounced this, albeit in some cases after a while.

This gentleman is Rael

Rael.  Ra Egyptian Deity and El like a prefix.

Raëlism, or the Raëlian Movement, is a UFO religion that was founded in 1974 by Claude Vorilhon, now known as Raël. It is numerically the world's second largest UFO religion, after Scientology.[2] An adherent of Raelism is a Raelian.
The Raëlian Movement teaches that life on Earth was scientifically created by a species of extraterrestrials, which they call theElohim. Members of this species appeared human and when having personal contacts with the descendants of the humans they made, they previously misinformed (on purpose) early humanity that they were angelscherubim or gods. Raëlians believe messengers, or prophets, of the Elohim include BuddhaJesus, and others[3][4][5] who informed humans of each era.[6] The founder of Raëlism, members claim, received the final message of the Elohim and that its purpose is to inform the world about Elohim and that if humans become aware and peaceful enough, they wish to be welcomed by them.
The Raëlian Church has a quasi-clerical structure of seven levels. Joining the movement requires an official apostasy from other religions.
Raelian ethics include striving for world peace, sharing, democracy and nonviolence.[7] Sexuality is also an important part of the Raëlian doctrine. The Raëlian Church has attracted some of its priests and bishops from other religions despite having liberal views of sexuality.[8]
Raël founded Clonaid (originally Valiant Venture Ltd Corporation) in 1997, but then handed it over to a Raëlian bishop, Brigitte Boisselier in 2000.[9] In 2002 the company claimed that an American woman underwent a standard cloning procedure that led to the birth of a daughter, Eve (b. 26 December 2002). Although few believe the claim, it nonetheless attracted national authorities, mainstream media, and young adults to look further into the Raëlians' cult status.
The Raëlians frequently use the swastika as a symbol of peace, which halted Raëlian requests for territory in Israel, and laterLebanon, for establishing an embassy for extraterrestrials. The religion also uses the swastika embedded on the Star of David.[10]Starting around 1991, this symbol was often replaced by a variant star and swirl symbol as a public relations move, particularly toward Israel. However, the Raelians have readopted the original version as their official symbol.
How I came to be involved was short swift and a great humorous event.
At the time [late 80's] I had an American girlfriend, a beautiful, lovely and yet exotic and highly strung. She was a good healer and therapist and we helped each other over some traumas and when we had accomplished this we both moved on.

One day Samantha said she had heard on the radio and seen a poster about Rael and the movement and there was to be a meeting at the Friends House Quaker' s meeting Centre in Euston, London a very well appointed and large meeting place.

Interior of friends house seating, it has a surrounding gallery.

Sam taped the radio interview and it would appear that Rael real name was Claude Vorilhon [Vorilhon made one more failed attempt at a career before becoming Rael. While he lived with his wife and children in Clermont-Ferrant, the main city of Massif Central, he put together a little auto-racing magazine called Auto Pop] and it said on his way home after reporting on the Le Mans 24 hour motor race, he was stopped by a UFO and he saw small beings like the 'grey s' say to him he was to be the saviour the Messiah and build a temple for the ELOHIM the grey s' in Jerusalem.

A grey ?

A mouth watering prospect of a meeting and Sam and I couldn't wait for it to start.  When we arrived there was a foyer full of Rael books and the bookstalls were occupied by young maidens in so short a dress you see what they had for breakfast, and the young guys going to the meeting had an ogling feast of no mean proportions.  Needless to say many joined and bought books.

Sam and I sat if you look above at the seating arrangement six rows or so from the front and in the isle at left.  The stage had a full length and height screen.  Many new age dignitaries were present eager like us to be redeemed by the Messiah!!!.  A young girl came out all coy and shy, the place was packed, knees together, embarrassed and shy, and I could see  her knickers, and Sam was not a shy American and said aloud 'Christ what ------!!! everyone laughed, Sir George Trevelyan sat in front and those who knew him, as I did well, he had hearing aids in each ear and they would whistle, and he heard Sam's remark and said 'What did she say'  he said loudly, this was hysterical before it began.  

Looked like this girl to open meeting did have a top on, and this a Realian lady.

The the comely maiden announced that the deputy Messiah would address the meeting first. He was a short thin angry pasty looking German Doctor or Professor of micro biology, and he came out wearing jack boots and telling us that the ELOHIM[the grey' s]took our souls and put them into cloning jars and if we joined we would be saved and reincarnated into a wonderful cloned future.


To be encouraged we now see a huge video of a field somewhere in France with a load of people around it, in the middle of the field are Chrochet hoops and suddenly young athletic sun tanned men, naked all but their beards start running and jumping over these hoops and their well endowed appendages flying hither and thither.  Sam said loudly 'Well get a handful of this' and George said 'What did she say' 'What's this all about'? and he got up and left. The place was in uproar and laughter and cheering.  Jack boots screams 'You Vill be Quiet'[in a German accent] and a voice shouts out 'otherwise you will be shot'.  There was a lot more spiel and Jackboots says the Messiah will be present after the interval.  Half the hall had emptied and not returned for the second half.  I could not wait for the Messiah, by the way I understand his hair is cut back now.
Rael in later years with hair gone.

Raelian ladies.

Chrochet hoops

Now jackboots voice summons us back to the hall.  A huge deafening music blasts out to the music of 'Also sprach Zarathustra, Op. 30 (Thus Spoke Zarathustra or Thus Spake Zarathustra)[1] is a tone poem by Richard Strauss, composed in 1896 and inspired by Friedrich Nietzsche's philosophical treatise of the same name.[2] The composer conducted its first performance on 27 November 1896 in Frankfurt. A typical performance lasts half an hour.  ALSO PRELUDE TO THE MOON LANDING WITH LATE NEIL ARMSTRONG ON TV AND A WORLD CUP SERIES ONCE.

A thunderous voice yells out ' STAND FOR THE MESSIAH', where is he, after five minutes a dishevelled figure with what appeared to be nicotine fingers drags himself past us from the back of the hall. Sam yells out 'he looks shagged out to me' laughter all round.  Eventually he drags himself up to the right of the stage and jackboots on the left, we now have the deputy and chief Messiah on the stage, what more could we ask for!!??.  Messiah mumbles and fumbles and no one can hear him, Jack boots has to reiterate. 

Then comes questions and answers, the Messiah can hardly keep his eyes open so Jackboots does the answering. I get up and Jackboots says make it quick. 'I ask if the ELOHIM made us and then reincarnate us if we join your movement or the rest of us are discarded, who then made the ELOHIM'?  Jackboots goes ballistic ' What sort of an imbecile are You?  ' If you cannot reason that out then you are lost and finished'  He refuses to let me go on.

The finale.  Sitting in the front row to the right, right under the Messiahs covetous gaze is Jenny Agutter, I am pretty sure it was her or another actress of her day, she certainly was famous, lets say it was Jenny, if I am wrong I sincerely apologise.  She is very beautiful.  Jenny asks the Messiah a question 'why are all Messiahs Male?  Jackboots and the Rael are stuck, long pause no answer.  Jenny gets up and says 'I think the next Messiah will be 'f-------g female', and she gets up and leaves with her companions.  The hall is nearly empty accept for a few young men who are scoffing up the free cakes and tea which are brought in relays.  Sam then yells out 'good for you girly, that's my girl and b------s to you Jackboots and Rael' and with a big middle finger gesture, and falling over me to get out we beat a hasty retreat.  In a cafe afterwards we drink tea and laugh ourselves stupid.  We drive home and didn't sleep a wink, and discussed the serious ins and outs of our encounter.

At this episode in my life there was a man who had a mini cab business and he used to take Eckhart Tolle around a bit, this was before he had his breakthrough, and Sam and I knew him vaguely, I must say before he had his breakthrough which you  can read in his book 'The Power of Now'  and the one I recommend to many people'Stillness Speaks', for me this is a defining book and a great one to carry around', I felt he would top himself {another colloquialism for suicide, remember I was born a cockney and lived around that area later on in life, after the war and other sojourns}.  After his breakthrough he was amazing and in my view 'the man on the block now', the top banana, he is so clear, so precise and although many of the truth's are known, they impact because of the clarity and they come from his being and not just rhetoric and head stuff. 

Eckhart Tolle is a German-born Canadian resident, best known as the author of the The Power of Now and A New Earth, which were written in English. In 2011, he was listed by the Watkins Review as the most spiritually influential person in the world. Wikipedia

The mini cab man was a transcendental meditation follower and a really lovely open fresh person, a great heart and wise.  I parted from Sam after we healed one another and later on the mini man, not mini at all, got together, eventually moved to the USA and married.  The cab man became and is like a brother and Rick and I are in touch today, he now lives in Savannah and Sam as far as I know is in France and is doing her healing I guess. 

Near where I was conceived and born was and is I presume,  still open Victoria Park, Bow

We are blessed in England to have lovely parks, many are in shambles because of lack of funds and austerity measures.  This is part of Victoria Park.

There are some football pitches there and a man came up to me and said he was 'scout' for Arsenal football team.  I told my dad and were a bit dubious.  He came again and dad found out he was genuine. Later on I was playing against a youth Arsenal team at Finsbury Park,

Another beautiful place, Finsbury Park, about a mile from the old Arsenal Stadium, Highbury.

The scout and my dad discussed a date for me to appear at the Arsenal stadium with about 40 other lads.  Dad was not to sure about this. 

I went to the stadium and my hero was there Joe Mercer.
Mercer moved in late 1946 for £9,000 (2010: £277,000) to Arsenal, commuting from Liverpool; Theo Kelly brought Mercer's boots to the transfer negotiations to prevent Mercer having a reason to go back to say goodbye to the other players at Everton.[3] He made his Arsenal debut against Bolton Wanderers on 30 November 1946 and soon after joining Arsenal, Mercer became club captain. As captain, he led Arsenal through their period of success in the late 1940s and early 1950s, helping to haul his side from the lower end of the table to win a League Championship title in 1947–48.
Mercer went on to win an FA Cup winner's medal in 1950 and was voted FWA Footballer of the Year the same year. He led Arsenal to Cup final in 1952, which they lost 1–0 toNewcastle United, but the following year bounced back to win his third League title with Arsenal winning the 1952–53 League Championship on goal average. Mercer initially decided to retire in May 1953, but soon recanted and returned to Arsenal for the 1953–54 season. However, he broke his leg in two places after a collision with team-mate Joe Wade in a match against Liverpool on 10 April 1954, and finally called time on his footballing career the year after. Mercer played 275 times for Arsenal in all, scoring two goals.
Joe had really bandy legs. Us boys were playing in sets of five's across the pitch.  The stadium was awesome. Joe came over and I stood to attention and he said ' Hey lad why are you playing left back? I replied 'well sir, I am the only boy inn the school to kick with both feet and no one is left footed' '  Joe replied ' Look lad I am putting you at inside right[midfield now]'.  Joe said 'look lads relax, call me Uncle Joe, your'e too tight'. Joe said you can a 73 bus through them legs but nowt a ball'  [Northern accent] and I couldn't 
get a ball through his legs!!!

Old Highbury Arsenal Stadium

At this time I was at the religious school learning Hebrew and if the Rabbi's caught me without a hat and playing on the Sabbath there would have been big, big trouble.  Bye the bye the maximum wage for footballers was about £5.00 to £9.00 between 1950 and 1952 when my football career came to an end professionally so to speak. I was offered a trial and they did not have the junior teams of today and the set up.  I used to clean boot and dubbin [ a grease to water proof ball and boots] them, do the studs [were nailed into boots] and we kids were just an aside really, and we went to day school to learn a trade if anything happened,  the day school was at night after ordinary school.  I injured my left knee and never played again seriously, that was an end to a I was told a promising career. Arsenal gave me half a crown[about 25p now] and I was rich, 2 bob[shillings to Mum] and 6 pence for me, wow, cock of the north I felt.

I was so down, grieved and bitterly disappointed I burnt all photos, gear and memorabilia. I got very depressed and only my meditation and meeting Sensei pulled me through.  Judo, Aikido, Kendo and the Zendo filled my Life then.  Later on Sifu with Qi Gong and Tai Chi.
Emirates, New Arsenal Stadium.  Players now on £80,000 to £90,000 a week.

When I met Krishnamurti [later blog] he said that 'people are precarious, you know when you deal with a car sales man he wants a deal and he may cheat you, but the worst are the spiritual sharks, who should know better, and there ego is filthy as it hides behind the curtain of conditioning, like the gutter we put disinfectant to hide the smell'.

I presented a work shop in Malvern, Worcestershire and got over 250 people at a UFO workshop. The organisers, who were very well known and I agreed a fee and percentage over any cassettes sold, as the whole thing was filmed and recorded. The organiser cut my fee and the percentage because he said he had given bursaries, I found out that a well known presenter was following me next week, and he wanted a first class airfare return from the USA, clean sheets and bedding every two days and limousine to take him around and to and from the airport, plus the finest food.  The money taken from me was I found out to subsidise the presenter and many had not taken up the three day workshop.   It seems Krishnamurti was right.

The following year the organisers asked me if I would do another UFO one, and I said I think it is played out.  Never the less they insisted and said they would make it up over the misunderstanding.
I went and only a handful of people turned up and again a small fee that hardly cowered the petrol. I didn't mind too much as I was earning good money and employed, and got up many presenters noses and I was called 'a cheap Jack', and made remarks like ' you get monkey's when you get peanuts or the other way round, and these were 'highly spiritual people'.   I was actually ganged up on and a cartel in London stitched me up so I could not do a workshop in any of the famous venues.

Back to Malvern and an Arsenal Connection.

The Path so many walk in Malvern.

Part of Malvern Hills and famous walk.

Because of the low numbers we shared our restaurant with the walkers. [ The Wrekin Trust rented rooms for walkers and so on and also had workshop facilities], during the course at lunch a man kept staring at me and I had a recognition of him.  He introduced himself as John [sorry surname has gone] and he had been an apprentice at Chelsea FC and he remembered me, because we trained together at various times when were picked to play for London against other cities.  He was a guide to the walkers over them there hills.

Now the snake in the grass. During the workshop a rather brusque man kept saying all this is non scientific, its against God, I am a religious person and it offends me. I offered his money back and it turns out he was a physicist brought in by another lady who had a grudge against me. He was ear wigging John and I's conversation. John said to me who is that guy.  I said he was a workshop member and probably interested in our soccer chat.

Some weeks later the phone went and it was this lady who did not like me[heaven knows why they pay for a workshop, travel a distance to get there, suffer a boring interlude and go away with vengeance, I know other presenters who had similar experiences].

The lady says, John the physicist has contacted Arsenal and they have never heard of you.[I was with Arsenal from 1950 to 1952/3]  I said what name did you give them? She said my name and I said well you know I have changed my name by deed of poll three times. She tried to say I was lying, well what name did you play under and I said let me speak to your husband, he is a solicitor.  I told him what I told her and I said why this checking up and trying to put me down.  His reply was he will speak to her as I said I will take legal action.  No more was heard, but through the grapevine I heard the scientist was out to get me because I was blasphemous and non scientific and a disgrace to science, and the lady was jealous of my therapy, workshop and clinical apparent success.  Jealousy and competitiveness was rife when doing multiple presentations with others, the jockeying for the best room, chatting up people, literally canvassing for sign ups.  KM was right again.

When we look in the mirror of our minds we may not always like what we see there, so we might try and disown it and project onto someone else and blame them for our stuff.  When we are jealous or in envy it is easy to not own it because we do not like the feeling of it and it makes us squirm.  Like the image above, we can camouflage the body, a make over, make up, surgery, however, we do the same psychologically. Excuses, blame, guilt, repression, suppression, anger, hate, greed, lust, bullying, contriving, conniving  they are some the makeovers and of course reasoning, logic and justification. 

I met this lady on various occasions and she snipped me where ever 
possible with no one around.  She presented a pious humble love and light stance, and I regard her as one of my great teachers, because I could see this in me and I am glad she revealed to me a lesson, and the scientist too, he taught me to honour my degree and not put my credentials in workshop situations and to see how offensive it can be to a person when their beliefs and commitments are challenged.

I thank all of my teachers and that includes everyone I know and meet for in you I find a mirror of what is in me, the beauty as well as the ugly, not in appearances but inside, behind the façade of the body and mental mask.

                                 Be Well.  Geoff 

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