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Hello and trust the Equinox and Easter bring forth the clean air of change.  A slate cleaning of the Karma of the last few aeons of Life on Earth by the seething mass of human endeavour, its triumphs, beauty and disgraces.  All part of the great tapestry of Life. 

  • For the last 16 years, the United States is one of only two countries that allows drugs to be advertised on TV. A new study assessing the effect of direct-to-consumer drug advertising concluded that TV ads for statins may be a driving factor of overdiagnosis of high cholesterol and overtreatment with the drugs
  • Those who reported seeing statin ads on TV were 16-20 percent more likely to be diagnosed with high cholesterol, and 16-22 percent more likely to be using a statin drug
  • Both the diagnosis of high cholesterol and increased statin use was driven almost exclusively by those who were at LOW risk for future cardiac events. Conversely, those at high risk of heart disease were not more likely to be taking a statin after seeing the commercials
  • A previous study showed that pharmaceutical companies spend nearly TWICE as much on marketing in the US as they do on research and development of new drugs, which helps explain why Americans also pay twice as much as other nations for the identical drugs

Watching TV without awareness makes a subliminal, hypnotic type trance state of mind and an 'implanted' mind seed becomes nurtured, watered and fed by the constant repeats.  Brainwashing ah la entertainment. 

Brain Washing especially dozing off

More about brain washing and mind control.

Dr. Colin Ross MD speaks in 2009 in Los Angeles with Roseanne Barr, Cathy O'Brien and Mark Phillips about CIA mind control, MK-Ultra and the documented history of Project Blue Bird and Project Artichoke.

NDAA Lawsuit Update: Chris Hedges
"We've Just Become a Military Dictatorship."

To reiterate please forgive repeat, I do compose a lot of blogs, may I kindly refresh your memory.  The films the Bourne Trilogy starring Matt Damon :
The screenplay was written by Tony GilroyScott Z. Burns and George NolfiThe Bourne Ultimatumis the third in the Bourne film series, being preceded by The Bourne Identity (2002) and The Bourne Supremacy (2004). The fourth movie, The Bourne Legacy, was released in August 2012.
Matt Damon reprises his role as Ludlum's signature character, former CIA assassin and psychogenic amnesiac Jason Bourne.[4] In the film, he continues his search for information about his past before he was part of Operation Treadstone and becomes a target of a similar assassin program.

 An interesting bit of the above is when the agent begins to get his own identity and memory back and the confrontation with those who 'brain washed' him.  May I also refer you to the interview by Camelot with Duncan O'Finioan:  

There are some actual words used by Matt Damon in the script that could have been taken from the above video, also refer to the video Men who stare at Goats.
The Men Who Stare at Goats (2004) is a book by Jon Ronson about the U.S. Army's exploration of New Age concepts and the potential military applications of the paranormal. The title refers to attempts to kill goats by staring at them. Research was carried out in part by Jon Ronson, but also by documentary filmmaker John Sergeant.[1]
 The book examines connections between military programs and psychological techniques being used for interrogation in the War on Terror. The book traces the evolution of these covert activities over the past three decades, and analyzes how they are alive today within U.S. Homeland Security and the Iraq War. It examines the use of the theme tune to Barney & Friends on Iraqi prisoners-of-war, the smuggling of a hundred de-bleated goats into the Special Forces command center at Fort BraggNorth Carolina, and the connection between the U.S. military and the mass-suicide of members of the Heaven's Gate cult in San Diego
The book accompanies a three-part TV series broadcast on Channel 4 in Britain, Crazy Rulers of the World. The three parts were titled "The Men Who Stare at Goats", "Funny Torture" and "The Psychic Footsoldiers" respectively. The idea of the project was to explore "the apparent madness at the heart of U.S. military intelligence." The series discusses and includes members of Psychological operationsFirst Earth Battalion, and also discusses Project MKULTRA and Frank Olson, including interviews with his son, Eric Olson.
I make no apology for going on and on about brain washing from TV adverts to religious and political ideology, to brain washed archaeologists who deny our past and evolution, to scientists who bury their heads in the sand and the list goes on almost unending.

In back blogs there are diagrams how silent energy frequency manipulation delivered by covert electronics can do the seduction and hypnosis manipulation.  Fear is the tool, and helplessness is encouraged. By encouraging helplessness it can discourage and break the spirit, so the authorities can do what they like without protest, and if there is a protest, squash it swiftly. Because of the economic climate, fit people will be employed as body guards and security forces, many bashing their own citizens because they will be employed and have money for their homes, food and seemingly a pension and security, a toss up between survival and moral fibre. 
   Defiance alone will be a start, however, it is getting to the root of the fear, the early education, the incidents that caused the fear such as the indoctrinations of culture, religion, family screw ups and so forth, which can be 'regurgitated' like cow cud in therapy, however, that's a start to the awakening.  It is when one AWAKENS to the root of fear, that it is mostly a memory wrapped in emotion, imbibed in cellular memory, and that forms an addiction because of the feeling it engenders, for every  thought a cascade of neuropeptides [see Candace Pert]

Molecules of Emotion: Why You Feel the Way You Feel [Paperback]

Deepak Chopra Candace Pert  
and the video 'What the bleep do we Know?'

The realisation dawns, ' I am feeding a habit of fear by my thoughts, up till now my thoughts have been habitual.  If I suppress them I push them down, and like a cork in water, they will bob up when the pressure is off.  Then if I breathe slowly and let the thoughts arise, rage, push me with great emotion, like a chocolate feast, like a drug, a habitual urge, even physical pain, by looking without bias, awareness without bias, observing with judgement, letting them pass.  With practice, the practice of no practice, awareness comes naturally, without having to remind oneself to be aware, present, awake, alert, conscious. [here some will say we are causing another habit, let us surmise and say whilst in a body does this serve you and the greater good?]

One realises one has been an automata, the gradual awakening releases more buried material, and the reasons are not important how or why did this or that, it sometimes is useful, and one releases just because we live in the now and that was the past, in a way one becomes reborn every moment of awareness.

Thoughts become like clouds scurrying by
On close and attentive attention without intention, curiously watching without purpose, the fearful thoughts, apparitions, haunting fleeting memories that seem like a spider seen in one's peripheral vision and gone into a recess, the recess in the mind, the cuby hole or attic, the graphics and neurone cobweb, begin to reveal themselves, they then become less fearful and as we face them full on, we realise, they ARE LIKE CLOUDS, really without substance, just lots of water vapour, locked and held together by a system, an energy, a natural formation of nature.

This process allows the emotional fearful grip to to loosen, to release its grip, which is what addiction is, the grip, the capture of an incident, an event and although it maybe fearful, unpleasant, it is a FAMILIAR landmark, and Better the Devil You know Know, than the one you don't know.  

So maybe the powers to be, the scientists who advise those in power, the mind benders, to get one hooked on fear.  Of course fear of danger in real situations, such as fire, falling from unsafe structures and so on are safeguards and natural, although many a baby has survived a fall because they are relaxed and so forth.  Then what happens when we realise all thoughts are kind of ethereal, floaty things, seemingly random, coming from nowhere to somewhere which is nowhere? Well we become gradually unafraid, we realise the malpractice and injustice and because we are NOT hooked on the adrenalin of FEAR, the buzz, the thrill [many say they feel alive with daring thrill, excitement, yet one can feel the same in another mode in true meditation], we have a clear mind.  Actually an empty mind.  A mind alert, aware and in that 'empty' 'no mind' we allow the Creative Intelligence to work through us, we as an ego disappear so to speak, and we are then allowed access to a greater Intelligence.  Which will afford us the 'action' to be facilitated and NOT  a 'reaction from habit or fear'  

'You didn't create your body, nor are we able to control the body's functions. An intelligence greater than the human mind is at work.   It is the same Intelligence that sustains all Nature.'  Courtesy of Eckhart Tolle. 

When I was in the Zen Mode and with Sensei and much the same with Chan Mode with Sifu, several things about empty mind stuck in my noddle[cockney for brain/head].   The collective beliefs all bunched together, the experiences, which are cross referenced, juxtaposed, garnered and enhanced in the brains neuronal synaptic responses and graphics manipulation, the psychological paraphernalia is a conglomerate called ego, a collective entity, which has a sentinel, a guard, an army with its General and Admiral, a supreme ruler, King and God Fear, and the super glue called anxiety and fear to keep it in check.   Fear is the sheep's pen, the prison bars.  Once this realised the pen gate begins to become ajar.

This sheep's pen is named a forcing-pen.  However it apt to the blog as it shows pen's within pen's and it can feel like this as we begin to open the doors of the mind and others appear with a differing yet familiar theme.

In practice of movement in Shia, contest in Judo or Kung Fu, it was encouraged to go into Muga Mushin, and to look at the Mune Oshi the eye of the chest of one's opponent.  Here the mind was encouraged to be empty, breathing and observing, from the eye of the chest, one could take in the whole of the opponents body, relaxed alert mind, like a cat at a mouse hole, driving down a narrow country lane, alert for the vehicle coming round the corner, an alive expectancy. One felt alive. Keeping cool not by suppression and hyped up but by relaxed watching as above and having the empty 'no mind'.

If the mind is full of ego then there is a blot in the empty space and can be attacked and identified.  In empty mind no one is there and so no attack is forthcoming, because all there is, is space.  In the empty room what is there but space.  Stand in the room and one sees the occupant.  It was remarkable that the opponent was confused when I was in Mushin, and did not attack as they could not sense the attack or move, boring to watch so I was told by those who wanted a good contest. Sensei/Sifu, would often praise this, and also encourage to watch the breath of the opponent, when they breathe in, you breathe out and move with your technique, you breathe out when you make a movement, when they breathe out, you breathe in and hold in Mushin.

The debate could be here if you train you could say one develops a habit, so one is back in conditioning.  However, in free contest or battle there are not set plans at times and one is left to innovative devices, yes again one can say well you've got the training so the mind can compute an emergency tactic, yes that's valid,yet I have known a completely original and spontaneous move, a genius moment. One has to come to one's own understanding here.  You know the feel between original and computed activity.

So where does this fit in today as we seem to flit rapidly from crisis to another on all fronts,  wars, finances, pollution, and every where one seems to turn on a multitude of issues.  First to deal with fear enables us to have a clear mind, not logical necessarily, because we keep going round in ever decreasing circles, trying to find the solution by applying the very things that got  us into the crises in the first place. Trying to cure an ailment by creating another.  This what fear does, we seek safety in the known.  When the known is threatened we shut up shop, attack, defend, or just cave in.  We need to trust the unknown, space is unknown and is hard to define, to say it is the absence of anything are words, definition to truly be awake and alert and experience it, is another, nor is it a dull blank mind. By absence of thought and not asleep, not pressing thought down or encouraging it, out of day dreams, we may experience that realm of no thought empty mind space.

By applying or cultivating Mushin, meditation in action, we invoke the grater Intelligence,  this 'sees' all the possibilities and probabilities that the human local mind does not, it is indeed a non local mind and I suppose a quantum consciousness and so sends through its receptacle in this case the Mushin Meditative Being[oh these confusing terms, really not adequate, but like the Zen saying: 'The finger pointing to the moon is not the moon, one has to experience it to know it'.

To surrender to emptiness is the courage of the spiritual warrior, to throw away logic in crisis where logic is merely causing convolution, emptiness often conjures up a void, a blank boring desert, a crippled blunted mind, an escape pod from reality (yet watching the old fears and thought patterns one can see boredom in them and the illusion of their reality, my god I am merely a bunch of thoughts, I am a set of ideas without a solid foundation, that can put the skids in most people when they realise this, and often get depressed or reach for a safety mechanism, drugs, TV, alcohol, sex, depression, suicide and host of other things] if one could get through  this by facing full on without judgement as above, then there is a possibility of freedom.  The we are already outside the box.  The box is the old past mind behaviours and patterns, outside this all possibilities beckon.   

So part of the new way is the PATH TO GLORIOUS EMPTINESS.   It is not empty it is a dynamic, an alert potential, a spring ready to act, a spring containing the bubbling effervescent waters of life and it is here a new way is found, even if it just to rest in deep peace, and even die with joy in the knowing one is that Space and so death can never be a reality.

A few issues to perhaps ground us to the so called reality we live in at present.
  • Nightmare bacteria called CRE are nearly impossible to kill because they are resistant to virtually every antibiotic in existence; CRE bacteria are on the rise in medical facilities across America, now detected in hospitals in 42 states
  • The most common form of CRE is a superbug form of Klebsiella, normally a harmless bacteria found in your intestinal tract; children, elderly, sick and immunocompromised individuals have the highest risk of infection; if it makes it into blood your odds of surviving an infection are a dismal 50 percent
  • Not only is Klebsiella resistant to nearly all antibiotic drugs, but it can transfer its antibiotic resistance gene to other bacteria, which is why experts are so concerned
  • Today’s alarming rates of antibiotic-resistant “super germs” result from overuse of antibiotics in both medicine and agriculture; you can reduce your risk by avoiding antibiotic drugs and avoiding consumption of meat and poultry products from concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs)
  • Suggestions are given for optimizing your immune system, decreasing your risk of exposure to dangerous pathogens, and being proactive about your medical care.

Published on 14 Feb 2013
A new study using observations from NASA's Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope reveals the first clear-cut evidence that the expanding debris of exploded stars produces some of the fastest-moving matter in the universe. This discovery is a major step toward meeting one of Fermi's primary mission goals.

Cosmic rays are subatomic particles that move through space at nearly the speed of light. About 90 percent of them are protons, with the remainder consisting of electrons and atomic nuclei. In their journey across the galaxy, the electrically charged particles become deflected by magnetic fields. This scrambles their paths and makes it impossible to trace their origins directly.

Through a variety of mechanisms, these speedy particles can lead to the emission of gamma rays, the most powerful form of light and a signal that travels to us directly from its sources.

Two supernova remnants, known as IC 443 and W44, are expanding into cold, dense clouds of interstellar gas. This material emits gamma rays when struck by high-speed particles escaping the remnants.

Scientists have been unable to ascertain which particle is responsible for this emission because cosmic-ray protons and electrons give rise to gamma rays with similar energies. Now, after analyzing four years of data, Fermi scientists see a gamma-ray feature from both remnants that, like a fingerprint, proves the culprits are protons.

When cosmic-ray protons smash into normal protons, they produce a short-lived particle called a neutral pion. The pion quickly decays into a pair of gamma rays. This emission falls within a specific band of energies associated with the rest mass of the neutral pion, and it declines steeply toward lower energies.

Detecting this low-end cutoff is clear proof that the gamma rays arise from decaying pions formed by protons accelerated within the supernova remnants.


"This riveting look at a world of intrigue reads like a spy novel….
Highly recommended…"
Library Journal
In this shocking memoir, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, John Perkins tells of his own inner journey from willing servant of empire to impassioned advocate for the rights of oppressed people. Covertly recruited by the United States National Security Agency and on the payroll of an international consulting firm, he traveled the world—to Indonesia, Panama, Ecuador, Colombia, Saudi Arabia, Iran and other strategically important countries. His job was to implement policies that promoted the interests of the U.S. corporatocracy (a coalition of government, banks, and corporations) while professing to alleviate poverty—policies that alienated many nations and ultimately led to September 11 and growing anti-Americanism. Within a few weeks of its release ,Confessions of an Economic Hit Man landed onThe New YorkTimes Bestseller List, then 19 other bestseller lists including theLos Angeles TimesSan Francisco ChronicleUSA Today,Wall Street Journal, and Washington Post. The author has been interviewed repeatedly on national radio and television shows, including Amy Goodman's Democracy Now, CSPAN's Book TV, and PBS' Now with David Brancaccio. And now the book is being published in 9 languages around the world. According to John Perkins, "It is accomplishing an important objective in inspiring people to think and talk and to know that we can change the world."
“[A] gripping tell-all book….”
--Rocky Mountain News “John Perkins' story is so astonishing it defies belief…. imagine the conceptual love child of James Bond and Milton Friedman.”
--Boston Herald
“…compulsively readable and revealing.… Resisting threats and bribes, Perkins persisted and wrote his well-documented confessional. He has produced an unflinching and forceful insider’s look at how the U.S. government, multinational ‘aid’ organizations and corporations are following a dangerous path in their pursuit of oil
and other resources.”
--Winnipeg Free Press

Dear Geoff,
Before entering the New Jersey courthouse
to face his sentencing on March 18, 2013,
Andrew Auernheimer, a.k.a. "Weev" gave
a short speech to the press and to his friends.

Auernheimer was then sentenced to 41
months in prison and ordered to pay $73,000
in restitution to AT&T, followed by three
years' probation.

Auernheimer's "crime" was that he revealed a
security flaw in AT&T's iPad user database,
allowing him to scrape the data from 114,000
iPad users.

No password or any type of security was ever
hacked, nor was any attempt ever made to
hack any password or bypass any existing
security measures. Moreover, there was no
notice posted anywhere on the site informing
him that he was there illegally.

Auernheimer immediately went to the press
with this information, and emailed some of the
people whose email addresses were obtained.
Neither Auernheimer nor his co-defendant,
Daniel Spitler did anything else with the
information. At trial, there was no evidence
of any harm to anyone - except for the
allegation that AT&T was embarrassed by its
failure to protect what it claimed was
confidential information.

In a January 2013 article that Auernheimer
wrote in the technology news publication,
Tech Crunch, he likened his prosecution to that
of Aaron Swartz, saying:

"...Aaron dealt with his indictment so badly because
he thought he was part of a special class of people
that this didn't happen to. I am from a rundown
shack in Arkansas. I spent many years thinking
people from families like his got better treatment
than me. Now I realize the truth: The beast is so
monstrous it will devour us all."

Auernheimer will be appealing his conviction, with
the help of the Electronic Freedom Foundation and
from anyone reading this who wishes to contribute
directly to his defense fund, here.

This is not the first legal conviction against the
hacktivist known as "Weev" and after his
sentencing last Monday, his lawyer did refer to him
as the "prototypical unpopular client," however
he continued, "the prosecution's interpretation of
the law, in Andrew's case criminalizes normal
computer use, that millions of people engage in."

Do not watch this video if you can't handle listening
to a few f-bombs from the man who is about to
serve three and a half years in jail so that AT&T can
feel less embarrassed about the poor security they
sold to their clients.
Video (about 8 mins): 

"I'm Going to Prison for Arithmetic": 
Andrew Auernheimer a.k.a. Weev    Courtesy Alexandra Bruce of Forbidden Knowledge.

Posted: 20 March 2013
It's hard to believe, but a 15-year-old rape survivor has been sentenced to be whipped 100 times in public! Let's put an end to this lunacy by hitting the Maldives government where it hurts: the tourism industry.

The girl's stepfather is accused of raping her for years and murdering the baby she bore. Now the court says she must be flogged for “sex outside marriage”! President Waheed of the Maldives is already feeling global pressure on this, and we can force him to save this girl and change the law to spare other victims this cruel fate. This is how we can end the War on Women – by standing up every time an outrage like this happens.

Tourism is the big earner for the Maldives elite, including government ministers. Let's build a million-strong petition to President Waheed this week, then threaten the islands' reputation through hard-hitting ads in travel magazines and online until he steps in to save her and abolish this outrageous law. Sign now and share this with everyone to get us to a million!

BE WELL.  Geoff

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