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Hi Folks.  Madness is not only defined or diagnosed for some psychiatric patients but have a look at this, unfortunately all our herbs and supplements will be targeted by the ruthless money grabbers:

Milk thistle: the archetypal case in point?

Take milk thistle (Silybum marianum), for example.  It’s a remarkable herb, the benefits of which have been experienced by hundreds of thousands of Europeans and, without doubt, many millions worldwide.  Like broccoli, the humble cabbage and other members of the Brassica family, milk thistle originates from the Mediterranean.  Its use as a liver tonic has been known and documented for hundreds of years.  Its unique mode of action makes it work, among other things, as a selective antioxidant in liver cells, conferring protection from the damaging effects of free radicals.  UK-based magazine The Ecologist states that“Milk thistle is another weed that can prove a tasty addition to your supper...raw shoots eaten as crudités”.  Elsewhere, the National Toxicology Programof the Department of Health and Human Services in the USA, citing an article by Awang published in a 1993 edition of the Canadian Pharmacists Journal,  declares that, “Milk thistle has a long history of European cultivation for food”.
Milk thistle (Silybum marianum)
So let’s be clear: it’s been historically used in food, food supplements and as an herbal medicine.  Now, however, does the full implementation of the Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive (THMPD) mean that we should not be allowed to use milk thistle as a food herb or as a food supplement?
Despite milk thistle’s remarkable safety record and proven benefits, many EU Member States are in the process of trying to wipe it off the shelves of health food stores, remove it from sale on the Internet and from prescription by practitioners.  Its two main crimes, it seems, are its effectiveness and the competition that food supplement products containing milk thistle represent to drug versions of milk thistle.  Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the world of EU protectionism, dressed up as consumer protectionism!

Swedish lament

I heard many practitioners and herbalists lamenting the demise of milk thistle as a food supplement at a practitioner conference in Sweden, from which I have just returned.  Most repeated what we’ve heard in Germany, Belgium, the UK and Ireland, sentiments commonly along the lines of: “We don’t want to use the products licensed as ‘drugs’ under the EU herbal directive, they don’t or they won’t work.  The formulations are inferior because they only contain isolated fractions of actives from the herb and they generally include nasties other than the herb itself.”  Others indicated the dose was too low or the price too high for an appropriate dose.
In the nearly 2 years since the THMPD became fully implemented, the difference between formulations found in many food supplements and their registered herbal medicine ‘equivalents’ has been very apparent.

Swedish clean-sweep? Not quite

Milk thistle has been forced off the market by the Swedish Food Agency (Livsmedelsverket); the Swedish Medical Products Agency (Läkemedelsverket) considers that any product containing the herbs milk thistle, hoodia, Ginkgo biloba or Echinacea, among others, is, “Normally deemed to be a medicinal product”.
A 2011 report by the Swedish Food Agency on food supplements sold via the Internet makes clear that food supplement products have been forced off the market owing to the inclusion of milk thistle.  What’s more, the Swedish trade association Svensk Egenvård seems to have accepted this; in a2009 report it lists milk thistle as one of a slew of herbs the inclusion of which will likely lead to a medicinal classification.  It uses the Swedish list of plants considered inappropriate for use in food (växtdelar som är olämpliga i livsmedel or VOLM) as the justification.
One of my first tasks on Monday morning, following my return from Sweden the previous night, was to examine the latest copy of the VOLM list I could find.  In a quirk of typical regulatory contradiction, milk thistle (Silybum marianum) appears to be missing from the list.
Does this mean that food supplements containing milk thistle can be sold again?  Have the Swedish authorities responded to the European Food Safety Authority’s (EFSA's) advice to EU Member States, as given in its botanicals compendium, and listed it in Annex B?  For the uninitiated, Annex B is described as, “Botanicals appearing on a negative list or subject to restricted use in at least one European Member State but for which the Scientific Committee, through the analysis of the data found, could not identify substances of concern, or other data for the inclusion in the compendium”.
In layperson’s speak, this almost amounts to saying, “We’ve noted that these herbs are banned in one or more EU Member States.  Because we don’t see any safety concerns, we assume the bans are protectionist in nature and are intended to protect drugs which compete with these herbal food supplements.”
So, what now?  Will the Swedish authorities actually allow milk thistle to be sold in Sweden as a food supplement?  Is the trade association advice now out of date?  Is milk thistle’s omission from the Swedish VOLM list an error? Or is it just a case of inconsistency between the medicines and food authorities of an EU Member State; because EU medicines law has supremacy over food law, and because the Swedish Medical Products Agency (Läkemedelsverket) lists milk thistle in their "normally deemed a medicine" (negative) list, is it irrelevant that the Swedish Food Authority omits milk thistle from its own negative list for food supplements? While the latter probably applies, what’s for sure: doing nothing is not an option. And it's very worthwhile remembering that that the Swedish Medical Products Agency's negative list is not an absolute negative list, given that products are "normally", rather than always, considered medicines. {COURTESY FROM ANH Please read more from article. DO WE WANT JUST GM OR SOMETHING SIMILAR?}

Just 4 per cent enjoy healthy old age, and processed food is to blame

The diet is a major cause of heart disease and premature death, say researchers who tracked the health of more than 5,000 people for 16 years and until they reached their sixties.
The good news, say researchers from Inserm in France, is that the worst effects of the diet can be reversed by switching to a healthier diet that includes less processed foods and more fruits and vegetables.
Just 4 per cent of the people tracked were free of chronic disease and remained physically, mentally and cognitively sharp into their sixties; 12 per cent had suffered a non-fatal heart attack or stroke, 2 per cent had died from heart disease, and 7 per cent had died from another condition.  The rest—73 per cent of the participants—were ageing ‘normally’, which meant they had chronic health problems, or were suffering some mental decline.
(Source: American Journal of Medicine, 2013; 126: doi: 10.1016/j.amjmed.2012.10.028).

Bio engineered kidney makes Urine.  

Onto the ET, UFO underground base scenarios:

This 10 min video of four underground bases in California, USA confirms an incident and another anecdote.

About 25 years back I was contacted by a UFO research group and they had heard of my UFO workshops and they wanted to report three incidents to me.  You might think me crazy, all I can say is I am reporting what they found out or witnessed.

Incident 1.  Some lady cleaners at a then private airfield at Manston Airport in Kent, UK, in those days  it was more or less just a private airport for commercial flights in light aircraft doing short hops.  They had their cleaning tools in a locker in the underground car park.  Apparently there was or is a large iron door by the side with considerable locks and so forth.
On this particular day this door was open, they were chatting away and walked quite innocently into the open  door and found themselves in a lift going down a long way with blue strange lights and hieroglyphics on the walls at each floor, the lift came to a stop and sped to the surface.
There confronting them was an American air force officer, fuming, shouting, swearing and saying he was going to lock them up for ever and kill their families. Then a British officer came in Army Uniform and pacified the USA guy and said it was a mistake and so on. They were told it was a storage facility for armed forces and the letters were codes for certain types of equipment. The ladies told their husbands one of which was in the UFO group.{by the way Volkswagen used to ship their cars to the airport for storage and dispersal in the UK}
This is not the officer, but he had lots of medals, was big and red faced, so the ladies said.

Incident 2.  About a two weeks later one of the ladies reported to the group via her husband the following incident.  Her children were playing in the front garden, and their house was by a small wood to the left of the house, when two strange men, and from their description were like the men in black, coming towards the kids.  The dog and the children ran in doors, when her husband drew up in his car the men just vanished into thin air.  The husband contacted the UFO contact who knew me and asked me if I had heard of this before, I said yes, and told him to check the wood for truck tires. He was at the house trying to pacify the startled family.  He said yes, and I said what are they like and he described them, and I said certain 'private and secret 'organisations frighten people with a holographic projection. I felt it was to frighten the ladies because of the Manston deep underground complex.

I had heard of several incidents similar to the above, some not to do with bases, but to scare off some investigators.

Incident 3. Some local people and UFO spotters had seen an eerie green light apparently coming out of the runway at Manston.  Three retired SAS soldiers who missed the life, were seconded to stay for a few nights in the bushes to wait and see if anything like this occurred. On the fifth night, a bright moonlit night, the moon was shut out and above these three was a massive dark silent disc. The disc sent a green light to the runway, the runway responded, a sliding door opened in the runway and the disc went in. The runway trap door closed and left three shaken soldiers numb and shocked and they do not shock easily.

Incident 4. The main UFO researcher, my contact, he would not give me his name ,  I had to phone him at certain time from a phone box, he was always cagey, all he said was he was a builder, lived in Kent near Whitstable Bay and that was what to call him---Whitstable. He found out I worked for the police and was convinced I was a 'double agent'.  He phoned me this particular day and said he had heard a strange ticking and telephone noise, he took the house apart and could not find the source. He tried all sorts of de bugging gear and was convinced he was being 'targeted'. One day he and his wife went out and the baby sitter came in, and as they were going out the ticking noise started and when they looked they found it was a timer in the baby sitters bag, and she had left it there, it happened to be faulty and come on spontaneously now and then. We all had a good laugh at that one.

Incident 5. Dear Readers I thought hard and long whether to share this,I decided to give it a go.  I am only reporting these as a researcher. Again in this area of Kent and the same contact man reported the strange footprint. The one below is not accurate and is of an Astronaut on the moon print.
The incident took place in a house somewhere in Kent near Whitstable Bay, where a pilot who was involved in the first Gulf War or maybe some other war. Anyway he kept getting dreams of the 11' to 13' foot aliens I describe in my UFO story which by now you know the link but new readers it is:
The pilot knew my contact as above and asked him if he knew anything about this, the contact asked me and I said yes, and had heard this from my investigations and Russian Newspaper clippings, by the way the pilot confided to my contact about his colleagues and his many UFO type encounters and was told to keep quiet about it. I have since given all my data away as I now firmly know this and do not lecture on this any more.  I suggested to the pilot who phoned me and said his name was 'pilot' and on the same phone box in case our phones were tapped, I do not mind phone tapping me, I have nothing to hide and have never broken my service security as I am only reporting what is in public domain and my anecdotes are personal and given to me, I cannot verify if the people who report to me are genuine, my gut feeling is yes. I have had many I felt were imagining or 'having me on' or not well.

OK, I suggested to the pilot to go along with the dream and see what happens. He reported to me that the beings told him to look at his outside fence in the morning, and in his dream he saw them on a floating platform, three of them in blue suits with buttons like a Chinese uniform, and one had his foot on the ground.

In the morning he forgot about this and when the milkman arrived he said you have a strange footprint or something by your fence.  When he rushed out there was this print. It was longer than the astronaut one, say 15" long, the toe part had an arrow head facing frontwards, the sole had parallel lines like train lines, the heel had a large star on it. I described it to the pilot as he excitedly told me about the print and he said, yes, yes, that's it. I told him to put a box around and get some crownstone plaster and cast it.   He did and I never heard from him or Whitstable again.

Astronaut Boot print

Incident 6 This is one I had, one of many.  I was called to an incident at a cricket ground in Essex.  In the corner was a Electricity Pylon. 

A courting couple in a car reported that a saucer like craft came and put some sort of 'arms' and took power from the network and as it went off it dragged the pylon over to one side, they also said they saw long feet steady the craft. When investigating these pod marks , they were about 3 feet in diameter, and as they were about to be caste, a big Jeep pulled up and two American Men showed the officer in charge who was British their ID, and we all had to leave as they took over, and that was approximately 40 years back. 

This is a similar cricket ground and the pylon would have been to the right where the man is preparing the pitch.

It is difficult to believe such anecdotes.  One remark at one of my UFO workshops by a great friend was' Geoff you are a great story teller, I do not believe a word you say, but it is a great afternoon and weekend entertainment, you should have been on the stage'  So dear reader I know I report as factually as possible. It is up to you to make of it what you want. 

So Be Well. Geoff

I first bogged about this in 2012 and another movement of young musicians from Palestine and Israel  getting together.
Dear Reader when we make an effort tom reach out you see the amazing results in this most fantastic and important video.  So dear readers I send lots of love to you and you have my email. [email protected] wherever you are we are human, flesh and bones, have feelings, I honour you as a person of dignity, grace and compassion and know we all share a common home, this beautiful Earth.  The only issue that may separate us is culture, politics, attitudes and brain washing we are different.  We live and Die, make this life a legacy by being caring, sharing and perhaps this  quote' one world, one humanity, one Life.
Love in your heart, Love in your Mind from my heart to your heart.
Be Loving and Be Well. Geoff


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